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Chapter 943:Heaven Punishment Divine Thunder

    Chapter 943:Heaven Punishment Divine Thunder




    Yang Yun had never been planning on using the Coiling Martial Divine Furnace to grievously wound Lin Ming. It would’ve been enough as long as he could use it to catch a glimmer of an opportunity.

    Although Yang Yun originated from the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, what he truly excelled at was the demonic cultivation methods obtained from the Ancient Devil. To Yang Yun, the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s cultivation methods were far inferior in power to those of the Ancient Devil. The demonic cultivation methods that Yang Yun studied were not too useful in maximizing the movement and strength of the Coiling Martial Divine Furnace. Instead, what he specialized in was the demon blood sword in his hand that was refined from the Divine Realm’s devil arts.

    In just the blink of an eye, Yang Yun stabbed out a thousand times!

    These one thousand sword strikes each seemed as if they cut through space and time. In that moment, endless waves of blood filled the sky. One thousand crimson beams of light cut through the horizon like an army of blood dragons!

    The mountain range in a radius of 100 miles, as well as the array formations of the Nine Furnace Divine palace and everywhere else were completely sliced apart by the sword strikes, reduced to smithereens!

    Although Fairy Snow Gale and the others had begun evacuating the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s disciples, there was still a massive number of Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s disciples that died a horrible death under the terrifying sword lights! Even some weaker Divine Sea powerhouses had their protective true essence sliced apart by the sword light, causing their blood to tumble and surge in their bodies.

    As everyone saw this, they had no choice but to rapidly withdraw. Their minds filled with shock and alarm. The Nine Furnace Divine Palace’s strongest array formation was the grand protective array, but there were also numerous array formations within. And now, the majority of them were split apart by Yang Yun. Aside from some specialized protective array formations within the palace, nearly everything had been turned to fine powder.

    One thousand sword strikes blocked all paths for Lin Ming to dodge. They pointed inwards and thrust towards him!

    "I know that you have some strange movement technique that has Space Laws fused in, nearly allowing you to teleport and giving you unparalleled speed. But my thousand swords can cut apart the power of space. Without the power of space under your control, I want to see how you’ll step your way out of there!"

    Yang Yun rabidly shouted out. Lin Ming had already thrown away the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. He didn’t choose to retrieve it, instead taking two spears from the Extreme Violet Ring, one red and one purple. The red spear was the service weapon he obtained from Timeworn Phoenix City. Although the rank wasn’t too high, it was a solid weapon. As for the purple spear, that was the weapon of the Electric Violet Kirin Clan, part of Jiang Ziji’s collection.

    Lin Ming grabbed the two spears. Behind him, a red and a purple dao diagram appeared. Highly compressed thunder and fire energy violently surged out from the Heretical God Sprout!

    "Penetrating Rainbow!"

    Thunder and fire twisted together. All sound between the heavens and earth was swallowed up. The glory of this thunderfire welcomed the one thousand sword lights.

    An intense collision occurred. Thousands of massive fissures appeared in the ground, each of them hundreds or even thousands of feet long.

    After the range of the grandmist space was suppressed by the slaughter demon blood rain, the power of Yang Yun’s cultivation method was actually overshadowed by Lin Ming’s.

    Nearly all of the sword lights shattered. But the remnants began to slice through Lin Ming’s curtain of thunderfire, falling down onto him.

    At this moment, several gentle glowing balls of light appeared. They were white, purple, gold, and other colors; some as large as a walnut, and some as large as a fist. Underneath the camouflage of the endless curtain of thunderfire, they silently maneuvered through the sword lights and appeared in front of Yang Yun.

    "Mm? What’s this?"

    Yang Yun was startled. These balls of light in front of him had their energies restrained, he couldn’t feel how powerful they were. But if they were able to break through the net of his sword light and arrive in front of him, they certainly weren’t ordinary. Moreover, in Yang Yun’s eyes, Lin Ming was an extremely tricking and cunning young man. There was no way he would use any useless supernatural abilities.

    Without even thinking about it, Yang Yun drew back. He didn’t want to touch these seven balls of light.

    However, as Yang Yun was retreating, the seven balls of light struck together!

    Even the massive explosion of light from Penetrating Rainbow striking the sword lights was swallowed up. In the surrounding space, everything turned utterly black, making it impossible to even see your own fingers. All light was completely swallowed up without anything remaining. A purple light flickered. A purple sun suddenly appeared in the world. Every single ray of divine light that this purple sun emitted were like heavenly swords that were thousands of miles long, piercing through the world!

    These balls of light were the divine thunder that Lin Ming obtained from the 1000 mile Thunder Dominion in the skies above the 8000 Mile Black Swamp. The 100 mile Thunder Dominion was a true absolute life forbidden zone. Even after Lin Ming had broken into the fifth stage of Life Destruction and swallowed up the Purple Lion Thunder Source, and even with his thunder spirit body and even with the support of the Heretical God Sprout, there was just no way for him to truly enter the 100 mile Thunder Dominion. The lightning and magnetic god trees there could easily reduce him to ashes.

    The entire 100 mile Thunder Dominion was a massive array formation laid down by an Empyrean level character from the Divine Realm and used to seal away an ancient existence that seemed to be a God Beast. The reason there was infinite thunder in the skies above the 8000 mile Black Swamp, and the reason the Sea of Miracles was called the Ocean of Endless Storms, was because of this massive thunder-attribute array formation!

    As for these thunderballs, they were obtained from that thunder-attribute array formation. Even if the power of that entire array formation was nothing more than a drop in the ocean, it was still the power of an Empyrean level character. The might of these thunderballs was boundless.

    As that purple sun erupted, the entire world shivered. It was like the planet that the Sky Spill Continent was on wasn’t able to withstand such a divine might.

    "You! How’s this possible!? This. This. This is Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s heaven punishment divine thunder! How could you possibly have obtained this strength!?"

    Yang Yun shouted out in panic. 100,000 years ago, in that great divine war, Empyrean Thunder Punishment had been one of the participants and also an opponent of Empyrean Primordius. The Ancient Devil had been part of the army that stood on Empyrean Thunder Punishment’s side, he was naturally clear as to what power Empyrean Thunder Punishment held.

    Of course, compared to an existence on the level of Empyrean Thunder Punishment, the Ancient Devil was only a tiny ant. But he had once clearly seen the heaven punishment divine thunder that blanketed the entire world. In his life, how could he ever forget such an apocalyptic scene?

    Yang Yun had swallowed the Ancient Devil’s soul so he naturally remembered what the true power of the heaven punishment divine thunder was like. Even the tiniest insignificant speck of heaven punishment divine thunder would have an incomparably terrifying explosive power. The current Yang Yun was far weaker than the Ancient Devil of the past.

    Facing this terrifying thunder light, the layers upon layers of blood fog that Yang Yun used to protect himself was burned away to nothingness. He even felt as if his own fires of life were pierced by the thunder light.


    Yang Yun violently vomited a mouthful of blood, his injuries worsening. Although he managed to avoid 70% of the heaven punishment divine thunder’s strength, he was still injured by the remaining explosive shockwaves of the heaven punishment divine thunder detonating.

    "You obtained heaven punishment divine thunder from the Sea of Miracles!? That’s impossible! Although there really is a massive amount of heaven punishment divine thunder in the skies above the Sea of Miracles, it’s impossible for the likes of you to control it. How could you possible control this strength!?"

    Yang Yun found this impossible to accept. He had inherited the Ancient Devil’s memories, he was well aware of the situation above the skies in the Sea of Miracles.

    But no matter how much heaven punishment divine thunder there was, no matter how many magnetic god trees there were, or even if there were several thousand dragon trapping cables there, it was impossible for him to ever take any of these treasures. He would be exterminated by the divine thunder.

    But now, this strength was controlled by Lin Ming. And Lin Ming’s boundary was even lower than his own!

    "I already said that I have more than one transcendent divine might. My second transcendent divine might can control the power of thunder and fire. You can die in peace now!"

    Lin Ming’s voice directly reached Yang Yun’s ears. He didn’t fear telling Yang Yun this, because in his eyes, Yang Yun was already a dead man standing. He took advantage of the moment when Yang Yun was severely wounded to start his attack, and he even used the power of the heaven punishment divine thunder. Moreover, Lin Ming had a complete understanding into all of Yang Yun’s weaknesses.

    In this situation, how could Yang Yun ever escape Lin Ming?

    "Heavenly Demon martial intent, exterminate!"

    Lin Ming cried out, revolving his true essence to the limit. The Prime Emperor Lotus Flower began to bloom behind him once again. The lotus petals rose like liquid flames. The grandmist space expanded out once again!

    Without the suppression of the slaughter demon blood rain, Lin Ming was able to display the full strength of the grandmist space. If Yang Yun wanted to resist Lin Ming’s grandmist space again, he would have to expend several hundred more years of his life. Even if Yang Yun had a eighth stage Life Destruction Divine Sea realm cultivation, he didn’t have the capital to burn away so much of his life, otherwise he would flicker out like a lamp without oil!


    Yang Yun was enveloped in the grandmist space. His strength, his true essence, everything began to rapidly melt and diminish due to the power of chaos. With a hissing sound, 30% of Yang Yun’s protective true essence was already consumed, and his energy was quickly weakening.

    "Primordius martial intent, heaven punishment divine thunder, you actually managed to obtain the strength of two Empyreans at the same time. I refuse this! I am unwilling!" Yang Yun cried out. He bit on his tongue once again, causing a rain of blood to fall down!

    "Slaughter demon blood rain!"

    Yang Yun’s eyes had already turned blood red! It had to be known that Yang Yun’s fires of life had already reached the point of decline. He had even been severely wounded and was only able to suppress it with an arcane technique. Even so, he had no choice but to use the slaughter demon blood rain once more. He overdrew his life, seeming as if he would die at any moment!


    Endless blood clouds formed in the skies and a rain of blood flooded the world. The slaughter demon blood rain suppressed the grandmist space once again. However, Lin Ming only coldly smiled. "Yang Yun, a middle Divine Sea powerhouse only has 4000-7000 years of life. Your cultivation had approached the middle Divine Sea realm, and your background is also extremely deep, so you should have been able to live for more than 4000 years, perhaps even 5000 years. But now you have freely wasted away your life force and weakened your fires of life, cutting off your martial arts potential. You should know that when a martial artist is young, that is when their martial arts progress is the fastest and usually when they make any progress at all. Once they reach middle age or old age, their cultivation begins to decline, not to mention making any further breakthroughs. Even if you somehow manage to escape this battle, it’s no longer possible for you to break through into the Divine Transformation. You’re destined to die within the Divine Sea realm!"

    Lin Ming’s words stabbed at Yang Yun’s heart, antagonizing him. Yang Yun had great ambitions. He dreamed of cultivating to a Divine Realm World King, Empyrean, and even reach the peak of all martial arts.

    However, his talent was ordinary. Although he had lucky chances, his lucky chances couldn’t compare to martial artists that had truly great lucky chances. By consuming so much of his life, it would cause his potential to come under massive influence. This was a sore spot in his heart. And Lin Ming repeatedly poked at this sore spot, causing him to turn unhinged with rage.

    "Cut the shit! Why would I escape!? I’ll kill you and claw out every secret and lucky chance from your body! Even if I have consumed some of my potential, I’ll still be able to make up for it!" As Yang Yun spoke, his eyes flashed with a bloody light. He looked ferocious like a rabid beast.

    As Lin Ming saw the light in Yang Yun’s eyes, a thought popped up in his mind. "I finally understand. I thought it was strange. From the very start I was able to sense the Ancient Devil’s aura from your body. But it seems as if that Ancient Devil no longer exists in your body, and you understand what happened 100,000 years ago all too well, as if you were the Ancient Devil himself. I know what happened now. You fused together with that Ancient Devil’s soul, losing yourself in the process!"

    "You have lost the prudence and wisdom you once had. Today, you are destined to die!"

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