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Chapter 946:The Highest Under the Heavens

    Chapter 946:The Highest Under the Heavens




    With the Magic Cube’s fluctuations, Lin Ming became aware of something. That was that the day of the Magic Cube’s awakening was approaching. If the woman’s soul within the Magic Cube could awaken, then perhaps he might be able to learn the Magic Cube’s secrets and find out just what it was.

    "I have no idea whether that woman will be an enemy or friend. For someone at her level, even a wisp of her soul will have terrifying power. I have to strengthen myself as soon as possible; strength is the most fundamental truth of all."

    As Lin Ming thought this, he looked up and saw the 50 some Divine Sea powerhouses flying towards him.

    There were currently around 90 Divine Sea powerhouses remaining in the entire Sky Spill Continent. These 50 some individuals accounted for the majority of them!

    In peaceful times, if these 50 some individuals gathered together, that would truly be an awe inspiring scene. That was equivalent to the greatest strength of the Sky Spill Continent gathering together; just what sort of influence wouldn’t they be able to flatten and raze to the ground? If they attacked the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, even Yang Laotian would have been frightened out of his wits, withdrawing into the Nine Furnace Divine Palace with only the great array to resist them.

    But now, these 50 some people didn’t even dare to take a deep breath in front of Lin Ming. They felt an enormous pressure just being in his presence.

    Lin Ming was simply far too strong. Now that he killed Yang Yun, he officially earned the title of highest under the heavens. He was someone with the status equal to the Demon Emperor of 70,000-80,000 years ago.

    This was absolute domination!

    Moreover, he was only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction. Breaking through another two stages of Life Destruction in 3-4 years would be as simple as eating a meal to him. He would then be able to massacre swathes of Divine Sea masters with just a thought.

    Of the 90 some Divine Sea powerhouses remaining in the Sky Spill Continent, nearly half of them had relied on lucky chances to break into the Divine Sea. That was over 40 people!

    Of the remaining 50, although a majority of them broke into the Divine Sea with their own strength and will, they had neither divine bodies or variation bloodlines and they weren’t even at the seventh stage of Life Destruction, but the most ordinary and common sixth stage of Life Destruction. Although they were stronger than those that relied on lucky chances to break into the Divine Sea, it would be extremely difficult for them to step foot into the middle Divine Sea realm.

    Considering all factors, there were 20 people in the Sky Spill Continent that managed to break into the middle Divine Sea, and only a single person that was at the late Divine Sea realm. That was Old Man Good Fortune. All other late Divine Sea masters were slain by Yang Yun.

    The Divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent, in terms of cultivation, strength, and foundation, could only be considered a ragtag group of martial artists in front of Lin Ming.

    "Sage Lin."

    Many Divine Sea powerhouses saluted Lin Ming. As for calling him Little Brother Lin, no one dared to refer to him by that name again. This was the honor and status conferred by absolute suppression of strength. If the current Lin Ming wanted to form his own sect, he could even take his time to annex the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom and build a sixth-grade sect.

    "Yang Yun, is he really dead?" Fairy Snow Gale saw Yang Yun’s corpse on the ground. His body was covered with blood and all of his blood essence was sucked out. She found this incredible. A cruel demon of his era who had managed to enslave nearly all Divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent for four years, the sinister and powerful Yang Yun had finally died.

    It wasn’t just Fairy Snow Gale, but everyone else let out a sigh of relief. Some of them used to have a tracing mark planted within them, and those Divine Sea powerhouses with a variation bloodline felt an even greater sense of relief.

    The woman called Yu’er deeply bowed to Lin Ming. "Sage Lin, killing Yang Yun is a life saving graciousness to me. I’ll carve that graciousness in my mind."

    Followed by Yu’er, a tall and robustly built middle-aged man bowed to Lin Ming. "My life and death blood brother Luo Mo died under Yang Yun’s hands. I thank Sage Lin for killing Yang Yun and completing this hatred and blood debt for me."

    With the death of Yang Yun, everyone was happy and overjoyed, finally being able to be at ease of mind.

    "Sage Lin, if you have any requests for us, please speak. I shall wait until my dying breath for them!" A martial artist said.

    Lin Ming calmly replied, "Yang Yun is my enemy and we were destined to have a life and death battle. Although it incidentally helped you, it isn’t a great kindness or anything like that. Whether there’s something I would like done, there is indeed something."

    "Sage Lin, please be frank. I’ll wade through water and fire to accomplish it!" The martial artists straightened themselves. So many Divine Sea powerhouses had gathered here today, and each one of them were overlords of the Sky Spill Continent that ruled over powerful influences. Just what wouldn’t they be able to do?

    Lin Ming smiled. "It’s not that serious. Everyone, you’re all basically part of the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom, Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom, Seven Star Divine Kingdom, or one of their subordinate influences right?"

    "Yes. There’s also some freely wandering martial artists that have no sect; around 7-8 of them are here. As for the Asura Divine Kingdom, they have a grudge with Sage Lin so they completely backed Yang Yun. We didn’t find any of them trustworthy so we didn’t contact them." The Seven Star Divine Emperor Li Yuxiao quickly said.

    "Mm." Lin Ming nodded. "Then, I have two requests. First, I hope that in the future, there’ll only be three Divine Kingdoms around the Sea of Miracles. From this point onwards, the Asura Divine Kingdom shall no longer exist!"

    Lin Ming’s request was amazing. With just several words, he directly sentenced a Divine Kingdom to obliteration. He indeed had the qualifications to say this.

    Li Yuxiao sucked in a deep breath as he heard Lin Ming’s words, but he wasn’t surprised. The Asura Divine Kingdom was already as incompatible with Lin Ming as fire was to water. If Lin Ming planned to ascend into the Divine Realm in the future, he would surely leave behind his family and inheritance in the Sky Spill Continent. If there was some hostile influence greedily eyeing them, how could he possibly be at peace?

    The four Divine Kingdoms had existed for over 10,000 years. Now, because of just a few words from Lin Ming, there would be one less. There would only be three great pillars remaining!

    "How about it?" Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up.

    "No problem!" Not only did Li Yuxiao agree, but the other important figures from the three Divine Kingdoms also concurred. In truth, the reason the four Divine Kingdoms could co-exist with each other in a stable state for over 10,000 years was entirely because they mutually suppressed each other. The price of waging war was simply too great. As for joining forces with another Divine Kingdom to conquer another, if they could do it then others could also. The interests and subterfuge between the four Divine Kingdoms were far too complex and intricate; wanting to start a war wasn’t simple at all.

    But now, because of Lin Ming, none of this was a problem!

    Lin Ming said, "Exterminate the Asura Divine Kingdom. The territory, resource, and benefits will all be divided by your three Divine Kingdoms. I won’t intervene and I don’t want any of it. I only have one demand. When you do this, do not recklessly kill. Try to use peaceful means to solve conflict if possible instead. As for the inheritance and descendants of the Asura Divine Kingdom, do not slaughter them all. You may absorb them into your three Divine Kingdoms and allow them to continue to exist."

    The leaders of the three Divine Kingdoms were delighted to hear Lin Ming say this. This was equal to handing them a giant cake. With the deterrence of Lin Ming and the three Divine Kingdoms joining forces, the Asura Divine Kingdom was doomed to destruction. There likely wouldn’t be many people that would resist this. In this war, they would be able to gain the greatest harvests in exchange for the smallest losses.

    As for the Asura Divine Kingdom, they had existed for over 10,000 years and the resources they accumulated were abundant beyond imagination. If the three Divine Kingdoms could equally divide in the spoils, then the many Holy Land family clans and even many fifth-grade sects would be able to take a cup of this soup.

    Where could anyone find such a marvelous matter?

    Lin Ming continued, "There is also another matter. The Asura Divine Kingdom has a subordinate influence called the Northwest Great Desert. There’s someone amongst them named Wang Yichan. I don’t want him to continue living on in this world."

    The reason that Lin Ming’s real identity had been exposed was because Wang Yichan had told Yang Yun. This caused the Lin Family to suffer a great catastrophe.

    Lin Ming had formed a grudge with Wang Yichan during his great banquet wedding, creating a viper. After Lin Ming ascended into the Divine Realm, he didn’t want such a viper aiming at his family. If this person died, he would feel much more at ease.

    "This is a minor matter. Please allow me to handle it." Li Yuxiao volunteered. Wang Yichan was only a Life Destruction martial artist, killing him was no different from killing a chicken. As for the Northwest Great Desert, they certainly wouldn’t dare to shelter Wang Yichan. That was the same as seeking death.

    From the age of 15 when Lin Ming first officially stepped onto the road of martial arts, 11 years had passed. 11 years ago, he was only an unimportant and minor character not worth remembering, but now, with just a few words, he was able to change the status quo of the Sky Spill Continent!

    In the next three years the Asura Divine Kingdom would be carved up and annexed, completely vanishing from the world. As for Situ Haotian, that proud ruler of his era would be forced into a dead end and die on the road of regret. On this continent, the Asura Divine Kingdom would no longer exist and the name would fade into obscurity.

    Of course, that was a story for another time.


    Lin Ming crossed several dozen million miles to arrive at the Giant Leviathan in the South Sea.

    Within a minor dimension of the Giant Leviathan, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, Demonshine, Lin Fu, and Lin Mu were gathered together.

    Even Lan Yunyue had shown up. After so many years, she finally saw Lin Fu and Lin Mu again. She was filled with guilt and embarrassment upon seeing them and deeply bowed to them.

    Lin Fu and Lin Mu could’ve been said to have helped raise Lan Yunyue from childhood. As they saw her again, they were filled with emotion.

    Lin Ming stood at the side, not saying anything. Mu Qianyu walked to Lin Ming’s side and asked him in a soft voice, "When do you plan on leaving?"

    Lin Ming’s heart quivered. He knew this so-called ‘leaving’ was in truth ascending to the Divine Realm. When he left, it was unknown just when they would meet again. Towards Mu Qianyu, Lin Ming felt a great deal of guilt. After their great wedding, they only enjoyed a few months of tenderness and love before he had gone to the four Divine Kingdoms. During that adventure he left for several years. And now that they met each other again, he would have to ascend into the Divine realm soon.

    "I haven’t really thought about it yet." Lin Ming didn’t know what to say.

    Mu Qianyu softly smiled. "You don’t have to feel guilty about anything. In truth, from the day that I gave you my heart, I knew that I might not be able to continue walking down the same path as you. I just didn’t think that day would come so soon."

    "No matter what the future brings, that is the choice I made completely of my own will and desire. You know, if you didn’t exist, I would’ve probably perished in the South Sea war. I’m also someone that walks down the road of martial arts. All of us martial cultivators take martial arts as our central focus with things like feelings and sentiment as mere distant details. When you go to the Divine Realm, do so with confidence. I’ll stay in the lower realm and handle everything here."

    Mu Qianyu whispered into Lin Ming’s ear. To a true martial artist, unless they were a martial artist that specialized in emotions, they would cultivate martial arts wholeheartedly with no time for things like feelings or sentiment. To cultivate martial arts was the struggle against the heavens. Only when a martial artist determined that there wasn’t much hope for further advancement would they settle down, taking a wife and concubines and wildly enjoying their time. Otherwise, most of them would bitterly and diligently cultivate, chasing after the Great Dao with their complete heart and will. As for feelings and sentiments, they would become somewhat indifferent to them.

    Mu Qianyu was also a martial arts genius. Although she couldn’t compare to those peak Emperor level talents, she had the support of a massive amount of resources brought by Lin Ming as well a drop of the Ancient Phoenix bloodline fused into her body. It wouldn’t be too difficult for her to break into the Divine Sea in the future.

    She was not the type of woman that would vacantly live her life once her man left; she also had her own road of martial arts that she desired to walk down and she was also fiercely independent. If she hadn’t met someone like Lin Ming, then not marrying for her entire life was also an acceptable matter to her.

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