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Chapter 958:Obtaining Treasures

    Chapter 958:Obtaining Treasures




    Lin Ming looked as far as he could. He was able to vaguely make out a crimson long spear within the center of the blazing sun. Countless runes shined on its body and a vast and boundless atmosphere surged out from it.

    Even though the nine suns hanging in the skies were the brightest of the many stars, they all had minor differences between then; some had a weaker light and others had a stronger light. The light of the Phoenix Blood Spear was one of the brightest; it was one of the most brilliant saint treasures. This proved that even though the Phoenix Blood Spear was a top grade treasure, it was still positioned at the top of its rank!

    Besides the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Sunpierce Sword’s light wasn’t any dimmer. The sword was clearly a top saint artifact amongst all top grade saint artifacts. This was also within reason. Although the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s inheritances varied with all sorts of weapons in use, the most common weapons were swords and spears.

    There were many female disciples in the Ancient Phoenix Clan and the vast majority of them preferred to use swords. As for spears, because the Ancient Phoenix Clan waged war against many other sects in ancient times, they had to ride colossal firebirds and golden crows. During those dire times, a spear would be far more convenient than a sword.

    "It’s a wonderful spear." Lin Ming couldn’t help but praise.

    "Naturally, if we could obtain such a top grade saint artifact, that’d be awesome; I have no idea just how much our strength would increase. Moreover, the top grade saint artifacts all have the Laws of the Great Dao inscribed into them. If you can perceive them through meditation, it will be greatly beneficial." A disciple standing next to Lin Ming said, a besotted look on his face.

    "Dream on! You’re far from being qualified to obtain a top grade saint artifact. Only Senior-apprentice Brother Huang has such a chance." Another male disciple ruthlessly poked apart the disciple’s daydreams.

    "Oh, that’s right, Senior-apprentice Brother Huang, did you come this time to take a top grade saint artifact?" A female disciple echoed.

    Huang Yuegong chuckled as he heard this question. He swung his fan and said, "That’s right, this time I indeed came for the several top grade saint artifacts. As for those high-grade saint artifacts, although they are precious, I do not lack them."

    "It’s just that, the top grade saint artifacts are far too difficult to obtain. Whether it’s the Sunpierce Sword or the Phoenix Blood Spear, both are extraordinary specimens of top grade saint artifacts, nearing the existence of transcendent saint artifacts. Even for me, I only have a 30% chance of success."

    "Even Senior-apprentice Brother Huang has just a 30% chance of success?" A disciple said with a wide open mouth.

    Song Baifeng humphed, "What do you know? I have guarded the Saint Artifact Pavilion for so many years and no one has managed to take the Sunpierce Sword or the Phoenix Blood Spear. They are true top grade saint artifacts! You must know that even most disciples of Phoenix Hall use medium-grade saint artifacts, not high-grade saint artifacts. Those that can use high-grade saint artifacts are truly outstanding individuals within the Phoenix Hall!"

    Song Baifeng’s flattery had reached perfection. Every word he spoke aimed to bring up Huang Yuegong, making him enjoy it very much.

    However, what Song Baifeng said was also the truth. Most Phoenix Hall disciples used medium-grade saint artifacts. The disciples managed to enter Phoenix Hall after breaking into the Divine Transformation realm and then undergoing a strict test. As for those that directly entered Phoenix Hall by crossing through nine stages of Life Destruction, that was a minority.

    "Senior-apprentice Brother Huang, show us your prodigious skills!" A female disciple said.

    "Yeah, let us open our eyes!" Several disciples quickly repeated. Huang Yuegong swung his fan, thinking for a moment before snapping it shut. "I suppose I will try again this time. Although I made sufficient preparations this time, the truth is my chances aren’t too great. A top grade saint artifact really is too hard to obtain."

    "Junior-apprentice Sister Jun. how about we try taking a treasure together?"

    Huang Yuegong said to Jun Yunrue.

    "Mm, alright."

    At this time, Jun Yunrue had also found a saint artifact she liked; it was a sword, a medium-grade saint artifact. In fact, it was at the peak of medium-grade saint artifacts.

    Jun Yunrue and Huang Yuegong flew up at the same time. Jun Yunrue flew toward the sword saint artifact while Huang Yuegong approached the top grade Sunpierce Sword.

    The Sunpierce Sword’s light was in no way inferior to the Phoenix Blood Spear. Compared to the top grade saint artifact ring or saint artifact vestment, it was much more brilliant! As the several disciples saw Huang Yuegong fly toward the Sunpierce Sword, all of their eyes turned wide, including Song Baifeng’s. They steadily locked their eyes on the sky lest they miss a single moment of glory.


    Like a fish jumping into the sea, Huang Yuegong was directly sucked into the scorching sun that was the Sunpierce Sword, disappearing without a trace.

    As for Jun Yunrue, she flew into the medium-grade sword’s light to start the test of Saint Artifact Pavilion.

    The other disciples eagerly waited. They looked at that blazing sun in the air, awe and expectation etched on their faces.

    "Junior-apprentice Sister Lin, what did you encounter when you took that low-grade saint artifact?" A fellow disciple, Zhang, asked. He never attempted taking a treasure before.

    Lin Junzhi said, "It was a complex test. Those saint artifact stars seem to have their own world within them. Senior-apprentice Sister Jun and Senior-apprentice Brother Huang are both attempting to take saint artifacts at a much higher grade, so the difficulty of their test should be far more difficult than mine."

    As Lin Junzhi spoke her eyes never left the star that Jun Yunrue vanished into. She hoped with all of her heart that Jun Yunrue would be able to pass the test and obtain the saint artifact.

    Time slowly passed. Fifteen minutes flew by. The light of the two saint artifact stars in the sky began to shine increasingly bright. Lin Ming silently looked, carefully branching out his sensation and remembering the faint changes within the characteristics of the light. He could faintly feel that the every saint artifact star that floated in the sky was in truth part of a great array formation, and each saint artifact served as the eye of that array. This array formation was incomparably mysterious; Lin Ming could only speculate.

    He suddenly thought of something and asked Song Baifeng, "Could there be 9999 treasures within Saint Artifact Pavilion?"

    Song Baifeng glanced at Lin Ming with some shock. He said, "That’s right, there’s exactly 9999 saint artifacts. 9000 low-grade saint artifacts, 900 medium-grade saint artifacts, 90 high-grade saint artifacts, and 9 top grade saint artifacts."

    The Ancient Phoenix Clan worshipped and revered the number nine. Nine divided by nine was one and to pass nine was to return to one; this was a symbol of a phoenix being reborn through nirvana.

    Nine was the extreme numeral; it in itself contained the principles of the Great Dao.

    Saint Artifact Pavilion was in truth a low-grade spirit artifact. At its core, these 9999 saint artifacts composed a great array formation. Once a saint artifact was taken by a disciple, Phoenix Cry Palace would add in a new one to ensure that the total number of saint artifacts in the Saint Artifact Pavilion would always be the same.

    Lin Ming understood more and more of this great array formation’s mysteries as he watched. He unconsciously sunk his thoughts into comprehending it. At this time, he suddenly heard a light sound in the air. He looked up and saw that Jun Yunrue was ejected from the star in the sky that shimmered like a moon. Her complexion was flushed red as she landed on the ground.

    "Senior-apprentice Sister Jun, how was it?"

    Several disciples quickly circled her.

    Although Jun Yunrue’s breath was a bit rapid and she consumed a great deal of energy, her eyes were actually filled with excitement. She didn’t reply to everyone’s questions, instead looking up at the sky. After several breaths of time, the star in the sky began to gradually dim down, converging in on itself until it became a coldly shining treasure sword that fell down.

    Zing –

    As the treasure sword fell into Jun Yunrue’s hand, it released a clarion cry.

    Jun Yunrue successfully obtained the saint artifact!

    "Congratulations senior-apprentice sister, congratulations!" Several disciples shouted out, overcome with happiness but also envy. This was a medium-grade saint artifact! Besides the elite disciples of Phoenix Hall, the others usually only had low-grade saint artifacts.

    Jun Yunrue was currently only in Golden Crow Hall, soon to rise to Vermillion Bird Hall, but she managed to obtain a medium-grade saint artifact already. Once she entered Phoenix Hall, there was a high chance she would be able to obtain a high-grade saint artifact!

    "Senior-apprentice Sister is fierce, you actually managed to obtain a medium-grade saint artifact sword. Senior-apprentice Sister’s strength will surely rise a great deal in the future!"

    "That’s right, haha, with senior-apprentice sister supporting us in the future, we can surely move undaunted!"

    As several disciples gleefully rejoiced, Jun Yunrue also couldn’t conceal the euphoria on her face. "Alright, alright, that’s enough flattery. If you all can display enough talent that Honorable Master Fairy Feng will admire your ability, she will surely reward you. At that time, what would a mere medium-grade saint artifact be worth?"

    Jun Yunrue glanced at everyone. At this time, the burning sun that was the Sunpierce Sword began to violently tremble.

    Everyone was startled. They looked up and heard an explosive sound as that sun burst out with a light ten times brighter than before. In that moment, someone was thrown out from the blazing sun; it was Huang Yuegong.

    After Huang Yuegong was ejected, the blazing sun’s light gradually weakened down before returning to normal several breaths later.

    "Senior-apprentice Brother Huang!"

    "Senior-apprentice Brother Huang are you okay!?"

    Several disciples quickly went over to help him as they saw him being tossed onto the ground. In particular, Song Baifeng was the most attentive. He faithfully rushed over to give him mouth to mouth.

    "Young Master! Young Master!" Huang Yuegong’s two lackeys arrived at his side like a bolt of lightning. They quickly took out all sorts of pills from their spatial ring, prepared to force feed him.

    "What are you all freaking out for, I haven’t died yet!"

    HuangYuegong was enraged with shame. He shoved away the two lackeys that were trying to push pills in his mouth and looked at the Sunpierce Sword star in the air, his face darkening. It still hung there as before, continuing to dazzle like a sun with heavenly light, like a proud divine godthat was looking down at the world, mocking all the mortals that presumptuously bit off more than they could chew.

    "This damned sword!" Huang Yue indignantly spouted out. His eyes flashed with an ominous light. He came here today with great hopes of obtaining this treasure, but now he failed to obtain the sword and also lost face, especially since it was in front of Jun Yunrue. He wanted to use this chance to impress and conquer Jun Yunrue, but now his face swept the floor.

    As he looked at Jun Yunrue, he could see that she managed to obtain the sword she tried for. This caused Huang Yuegong to be even more ashamed. Today, three people tried to obtain a saint artifact and only he failed.

    Song Baifeng was looking at the situation and saw Huang Yuegong’s dilemma. He quickly said, "Sir Huang is fierce to face the Sunpierce Sword for half an hour. I’ve guarded Saint Artifact Pavilion for 30 years and the number of people that could withstand half an hour within the light of the Sunpierce Sword can be counted on two hands!"

    Song Baifeng could be considered as restoring a bit of Huang Yuegong’s face. Although Huang Yuegong knew that Song Baifeng was clearly spouting drivel, he tacitly allowed him to do so.

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