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Chapter 976:Glory of the Phoenix Blood Spear

    Chapter 976:Glory of the Phoenix Blood Spear




    Lin Ming looked at the solemn and sanctified Nirvana Altar that exuded a thick killing intent as a feeling of respect was born in his heart.

    The so-called nirvana was to break past the shackles of life and death and achieve true liberation. However, true nirvana was nothing but a legend. A Divine Lord realm powerhouse was a god to an ordinary person, but they too would die.

    All of these buried weapons had already lost their spirits and were in states of decay. These saint artifact weapons had once cut down powerhouses, but they inevitably weren’t able to resist the decay of the years. Saint artifacts had a lifespan, and artifact spirits also had a lifespan. In the legends, the phoenix was able to bathe in the fires of nirvana and be reborn, immortal and inextinguishable. However, a phoenix was in truth unable to exist in perpetuity within this world. This was because all life had to eventually come to an end. Even the boundless universe would one day collapse.

    If one reached the end of the road of martial arts, just what would be awaiting them?

    "Lin Ming, what are you standing around there in a daze for? Hurry to the Nirvana Altar to meet your defeat!"

    Huo Yanguang’s words broke through Lin Ming’s thoughts. At this time, Huo Yanguang was floating in the air, proud and tall. He flicked his fingers and a small jade vial flew out. This jade vial was filled with 20 drops of phoenix plume blood.

    "Lord Protectors, please take care of that for me. As for the other two high-grade saint artifacts, the Sun Melting Furnace and the Nine Feathered Heaven Robe, I will use them in this battle. If I lose, I will hand them over as the price."

    "Naturally. On the Nirvana Altar, no one can renege on their promises. Once the parties have agreed to something, it must be carried out no matter what. The four Hall Protectors moved to the four corners of the altar. They were here to ensure that all conditions of the duel were fairly carried out and also to ensure that the disciples wouldn’t resort to extreme measures and kill each other.

    "Haha, very good!" Huo Yanguang wildly laughed. "Lin Ming, once you stand on this Nirvana Altar there will be no more path of retreat. If you lose, the Phoenix Blood Spear will be mine!"

    "I won’t take back the words I’ve said."

    Lin Ming stepped on the Nirvana Altar. The Nirvana Altar was covered by an invisible array formation. Its power was not something that someone like Lin Ming could hope to shake.

    "Good! Great! Haha, I’ll teach you today what it means to bring about your own destruction!"

    As Huo Yanguang spoke he extracted an extremely long sword from his spatial ring. The sword blade was six feet long and the hilt was a foot long itself. Combined together, this sword was as tall as a man.

    This is…

    Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. A top grade saint artifact?

    "It’s a top grade saint artifact! Huo Yanguang actually has a top grade saint artifact!"

    "He clearly has a top grade saint artifact, so why didn’t he use that as the gambling stake? I see, he was probably afraid that he would scare Lin Ming away from accepting the challenge, so he intentionally hid the top grade saint artifact. He wanted to trick Lin Ming into this battle, then reveal this top grade saint artifact and completely push him into despair. This move is ruthless enough. Lin Ming really fell for it this time!"

    "Huo Yanguang is too despicable. It was already cheap of him to fight a fifth stage Life Destruction with his ninth stage Life Destruction. Lin Ming had the Phoenix Blood Spear to make up for the difference, but now Huo Yanguang also has a top grade saint artifact. This is just unfair!"

    "Humph, what do you know? Everything is fair in love and war. He should have borrowed the top grade saint artifact from his uncle. His uncle really is ridiculously wealthy."

    It wasn’t strange for a first level figure like Huo Yanguang’s uncle to have a top grade saint artifact. But for a martial artist to form their life’s saint artifact, they had to leave behind a spirit mark and also imbue their own energy into it. It was impossible to casually lend it to others. Otherwise, if others left their spirit mark and their energy within the saint artifact, it would affect the power of the saint artifact and one would have to waste time further refining it.

    What Huo Yanguang borrowed was likely his uncle’s spare weapon. Even this spare weapon was a top grade saint artifact. Although it was slightly inferior to the main weapon, it was still enough to prove just how ridiculously wealthy Huo Yanguang’s uncle was. That uncle was once a disciple of Phoenix Hall and he was in no way inferior to White Daohong in talent. It was said that he had also once taken the number one saint artifact from Saint Artifact Pavilion.

    "Hahaha, Lin Ming, even if I don’t use this Blackfire Blade, I still have the confidence to defeat you. But even a lion must use its full strength to capture a rabbit. I won’t give you the slightest chance of victory. I’ll use my greatest strength and roll over you. I’ll show you what despair is so that you’ll never dare to struggle with me ever again!"

    Huo Yanguang took out this top grade saint artifact from the start so that Lin Ming wouldn’t have the slightest chance of victory. This was a battle with his entire life’s wealth on the line! He absolutely could not lose. Huo Yanguang also wanted to bowl over Lin Ming with absolute strength and form his own glory!

    A four layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction combined with absolute strength and with the support of his family clan, in the future, just who would dare to provoke him in Phoenix Hall?

    Lin Ming narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Blackfire Blade. He could see its keen and cruel edge. That cold gleam seemed as though it were pointed at his forehead, making one suffocate.

    He swiped the Extreme Violet Ring and a deep blood red light flashed out. The nine feet nine inch crimson Phoenix Blood Spear flew into Lin Ming’s hand as if though had a will of its own. A scarlet pillar of light directly shot toward the heavens, breaking through the skies as a vast and endless strength surged outward, dying the heavens a thick blood red.

    "Good! What a wonderful Phoenix Blood Spear! That is truly a magnificent weapon that nears becoming a transcendent saint artifact! If it weren’t for that saint spear, I wouldn’t have fought you. Since you have obtained the approval of Saint Artifact Pavilion’s artifact spirit, that is enough proof to lay claim to being the most splendid new talent Phoenix Hall has seen in 30 years. However, not every talent can grow. There are all sorts of reasons for them to exhaust their potential, fading to nothing or even perishing. If you wish to become the strongest disciple of Phoenix Hall and become a Divine Lord in the future, you must first pass the trial known as me. But too bad for you, today you’re destined to lose!"

    "You sure spout a lot of crap. Make your move!" Lin Ming stepped forward and the 12 thunder escape symbols in his body bloomed with a dazzling purple radiance. The Gate of Wonder opened as his velocity reached the limit!


    The endless blood red light in the skies gathered, all of it condensing onto the tip of the Phoenix Blood Spear. This spear caused a scarlet tornado to form as it thrust straight toward Huo Yanguang’s chest!

    This was the first time since Lin Ming obtained the Phoenix Blood Spear that he attacked with his full strength. The scarlet storm whipped up a vortex all around, causing even the surrounding space to slightly tremble. This was the Divine Realm’s space! With Lin Ming’s understanding of Space Laws it was impossible for him to move the Divine Realm’s space. But this strike with the Phoenix Blood Spear actually caused the most minute distortions in space. This was the power of a top grade saint artifact. They themselves were equal to a peerless master!

    If a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse were to galvanize this spear, the power would be even greater.

    Facing this strike, Huo Yanguang rapidly drew backward. He slashed out with the Blackfire Blade in his hands, causing waves of endless black fire to sweep upward, causing black and red surges of energy to collide in the sky. He also activated the power inherent within the Blackfire Blade.

    Black flames smashed against the scarlet storm created by the Phoenix Blood Spear. The roiling black flames were swallowed up by the scarlet storm, but the scarlet storm was also burnt away by the black flames.

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