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Chapter 978:Overpower

    Chapter 978:Overpower




    The first level of the Fire Laws was Burning Heat; that was the foundation of all Fire Laws and also the most basic attribute of fire.

    The second Concept was Annihilation; that was the manifestation of fire’s strength. The ability to destroy all and to burn away all of existence!

    However, when things reached the extreme, they would return to the opposite. Once annihilation reached the extreme, it would actually become creation!

    From flames flaring from nothing, that was creation.

    From flames starting out weak and becoming a raging inferno, that was creation.

    When a spark touched upon the grasslands and set the entire world ablaze, that was also creation.

    When fields of rice grew from the ruins made by flames, producing a greater, more abundant harvest, that was similarly creation.

    A star itself was a massive burning fireball. Underneath the shining light of the sun, all lives thrived; that was creation.

    Even in human history, because fire saved men from ignorance, mankind finally became prosperous and gave birth to a glorious martial arts civilization.

    Fire could destroy all life but it could also breed all life. When a wildfire blew through a forest, it gave birth to new growth in spring. After annihilation there was creation!

    Hua Yanguang’s comprehension of Fire Laws already reached the third level. After crossing the ninth stage of Life Destruction and withstanding the baptism of the Heavenly Dao, his understanding of Fire Laws had increased even further; he even managed to form the Blue Lotus Domain. The Blue Lotus Domain was a phenomenon that would occur when one’s understanding of the third level Fire Laws reached the peak. Moreover, not everyone was able to do this.

    Within the Blue Lotus, all life was created. It rapidly grew from several hundred feet to 10 miles in size, enveloping Lin Ming within.

    "Haha, once you’ve entered my Blue Lotus Domain, you’ll definitely lose. Do you know what a domain is? In this domain, I control everything. The Blue Lotus Domain is a true phenomenon! Only a martial artist that has the life of an Emperor can accomplish this after practicing the Fire Laws to the extreme of the third level. This sort of person is beyond rare, but I am actually someone capable of doing so! I am destined to become a new king of the Divine Realm!" Huo Yanguang wildly laughed. Before crossing the ninth stage of Life Destruction his Blue Lotus Truefire was still unable to form a domain. His uncle speculated that he would be able to do so after reaching Ninefall, and his predictions came true!

    "Go die! Blue Lotus Truefire, black flames, combine!"

    Huo Yanguang slashed out his sword. As the Blue Lotus Truefire burst outward, he also poured in the black flames from the Blackfire Blade!

    The billowing black flames were filled with a thick demonic energy. As the flames swept out, it seemed as if countless pained souls were being burnt within the flames, filling them with the power of death and destruction.

    However, the deathly black flames sent out by the Blackfire Blade joined with the Blue Lotus Truefire that symbolized the power of life, fused into one!

    As the surrounding disciples saw this, all of their eyes turned wide. Even the four Divine Transformation Hall Protectors had a change in expression. There were the Blue Lotus Truefire that wielded the power of creation as well as the black flames that wielded the power of death! This was fusing life and death together, creating a new might that approached the source of the Great Dao! This sort of attack was the highest manifestation of Huo Yanguang’s understanding of the Laws of the heavens and earth. Even if someone on the level of Song Baifeng were standing here, the power behind this attack would instantly kill them.

    "Incredible. This attack is too fierce."

    "After reaching Ninefall, Huo Yanguang’s understanding towards the Heavenly Dao has greatly strengthened. He’s actually able to use such a move. Life and death are originally two polar opposites, wanting to fuse them is easier said than done!"

    "Prepare yourselves. When Lin Ming is defeated, we must instantly save him. Do not let his life be in danger or we won’t be able to deal with the consequences."

    The four Divine Transformation realm Hall Protectors gathered their potential, preparing to rescue Lin Ming. This was their duty as the arbiters and witnesses of this battle.

    As Lin Ming faced this monstrous flame, his complexion slightly changed. Without having crossed the ninth stage of Life Destruction and withstanding the baptism of the Heavenly Dao, it was impossible for him to compare with such a mysterious comprehension of Laws. A Ninefall genius of the Divine Realm was no simple matter!

    Since he couldn’t compare with comprehension of Laws, he could only break through with absolute strength!

    Lin Ming started to recite a string of strange syllables. Except for himself, no one was able to understand what he was saying.

    "The world originates from grandmist. You are the source of all creation. When fire creates life, that is also you creating life. You are the home to which all returns after destruction. When all life is destroyed, everything shall return to grandmist. The annihilation of fire is also your annihilation! The space you form shatters all Laws! Fire belongs to the five elements. The five elements cannot exist. Life and death belong to essence energy. Essence energy cannot exist!"

    In that moment, Lin Ming’s eyes bloomed with a black-gray light. A faint mist formed in Lin Ming’s eyes; that was the elementary form of grandmist energy!

    After hiding the dazzling Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, the grandmist space was compressed to an area of 50 feet around Lin Ming. However, this sort of compression actually caused the grandmist space around Lin Ming to be even more solid and realistic!

    What could the Blue Lotus Domain even be considered as? In this world, grandmist was the origin of all things. Grandmist space was the most source domain! The Blue Lotus Domain could only be considered a tiny branch of the Concept of Fire; it was simply unable to compare!


    The atmosphere trembled. A tearing sound filled the air. The dual flames released by Huo Yanguang were actually constantly annihilated by some invisible strength!

    Lin Ming was like a divine dragon leaping through the sea, crashing through the winds and waves, unstoppable and indomitable! All the fire was completely broken by the Phoenix Blood Spear!

    Whether it was the Blue Lotus Truefire that wielded the power of creation or the black flames that wielded the power of death, both were suppressed by the grandmist space.

    Concept of Creation? Concept of Death? If all fire was extinguished, what Laws could there still be?


    Huo Yanguang never imagined that this could happen. Lin Ming had been struck by his black flames with the power of death within them and should have been struggling to suppress his energy. Against this all-out attack of his, Lin Ming shouldn’t have had the strength to resist. He should’ve been defeated and severely wounded, but the result ran contrary to all his expectations. Lin Ming actually broke through his finishing blow!

    As Huo Yanguang saw Lin Ming barreling towards him, he felt as if he were facing some ancient god. It was like some ancient god had resurrected and arrived in this world.

    The aura Lin Ming exuded was the boundless vigor and atmosphere of grandmist energy. It was not a strength that a mortal should have.

    The pressure of this energy left everyone stricken!

    Many of the disciples present thought Lin Ming was bound to lose. But Lin Ming managed to use some move that was so potent that Huo Yanguang’s fused flames of death and creation were completely annihilated!

    "What kind of strength is that? Even my heart is racing from it. That incomparably mystical energy has an aura of an unrivalled powerhouse from the Divine Realm, but it just doesn’t have the power behind it!" The four Hall Protectors were stunned. They were planning on saving Lin Ming, but now they might have to save Huo Yanguang instead!

    "My domain, my Blue Lotus Domain was broken!?" Huo Yanguang could clearly feel that the Blue Lotus Domain he was so proud of, the Blue Lotus Domain that he had declared that only a peerless Emperor level talent could have, was actually ruthlessly torn apart by some invisible power coming from Lin Ming, as if it were nothing but paper!

    "How can this be!? What kind of strength is this!? Is this also a domain? Damn it all! You are ferocious enough, but do you think you’ve won just by breaking it once!?"

    Huo Yanguang’s pride was torn apart just like his Blue Lotus Domain. That Blue Lotus Domain had actually collapsed at the first strike.

    He stepped on the Ghostly Firefade Steps and drew back while he repeatedly slashed out with the Blackfire Blade. A bronze flow of energy shot out from between his eyebrows, condensing into a small sword that fused into his domain.

    "Bronze perfection, divine sword battle spirit, reinforce my domain!"

    A battle spirit was invisible and intangible. It could be added to anything to strengthen its power and tenacity.

    At this moment, Huo Yanguang used his greatest strength, utilizing every ability he had. Domain, Laws, true essence, and battle spirit, he used everything to win this fight and his consumption was equally great.

    As Huo Yanguang’s battle spirit fused into the Blue Lotus Domain, the domain was immediately augmented, causing Lin Ming’s speed to be greatly hindered.

    Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a smile.

    "Silver perfection, grandmist battle spirit, break this domain for me!"

    A silver gray battle spirit shot out from between Lin Ming’s eyebrows and fused into the Phoenix Blood Spear. The saint spear’s edge became far sharper than before!

    This battle spirit was only a step away from reaching the gold level. After reaching the gold battle spirit boundary, he could use the battle spirit to directly kill others; he wouldn’t even need to attach it to anything. There were even those that could project the battle spirit world into the real world, causing a martial artist to be lost within it. Against a battle spirit that was just a single step away from reaching the gold level, how could Huo Yanguang’s battle spirit compare? Not to mention, Lin Ming’s battle spirit was tempered in grandmist energy and had taken in the grandmist attribute.

    Peng, peng, peng!

    The Blue Lotus Domain was ripped open. The Blue Lotus Truefire and burning black flames were all swept away by Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear. They melted away like snow underneath the blazing sun, fading into nihility!

    This was overpowering, completely overpowering!

    "Perfect silver battle spirit? Is that a perfect silver battle spirit? Am I imagining things!?"

    A Divine Transformation realm Hall Protector’s eyes widened like two full moons. Because Lin Ming’s battle spirit had a special attribute, he wasn’t able to confirm at first. But after seeing the shape and power of the battle spirit, he could tell that it was undoubtedly a perfect silver battle spirit!

    "What kind of joke is this? He’s only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction and I am at the late Divine Transformation realm, we’re separated by the entire Divine Sea realm as well as four stages of Life Destruction and three boundaries of Divine Transformation, but even so, his battle spirit is only a level worse than mine?"

    Of the four Hall Protectors, besides the leader of the four who had a small success gold level battle spirit, the other three had elementary gold battle spirits. That was only a single level better than Lin Ming’s perfect silver battle spirit.

    From the fifth stage of Life Destruction to late Divine Transformation, that was a difference of a ridiculous number of boundaries and yet their battle spirits were only a single level apart!

    As for the other disciples, their battle spirit mostly paused at the bronze level. There were only some outstanding middle and late Divine Sea disciples that were able to achieve an elementary silver level battle spirit. As for silver perfection? Not even an early Divine Transformation realm martial artist might be able to accomplish that!

    More importantly, They could see that Lin Ming’s battle spirit was of an extremely high quality and even had a special attribute to it! When Lin Ming’s battle spirit broke into the gold level, his comprehensive strength would rise by a massive amount!

    A perfect silver grandmist battle spirit combined with the strongest grandmist space domain collided against the perfect bronze ordinary battle spirit combined with the third level Concept of Fire’s Blue Lotus Domain. What kind of result would that produce?

    Not even utterly overpowering was enough to describe it!

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