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Chapter 991:Origin Energy Impact

    Chapter 991:Origin Energy Impact




    "Lin Ming doesn’t want to use his protective true essence to defend himself. He wants to use his body to absorb that strong fire origin energy heavenly wind!"

    "He’s too reckless! The reason that Senior-apprentice Brother White Daohong can achieve this is not just because of his comprehension of Laws, but moreover because of his extraordinary cultivation. Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is only at the sixth stage of Life Destruction; it’ll be far too difficult for him at this level. If he can’t accomplish it, then the heavenly winds can easily severely wound him. Moreover, Junior-apprentice Brother Lin’s comprehension of Laws is far too lacking. In that regard he can’t even compare with Huo Yanguang!" a Phoenix Hall Divine Sea disciple said. He could feel that Lin Ming’s understanding into the Concept of Creation wasn’t particularly deep.

    "Of course he can’t. Huo Yanguang’s Concept of Creation was able to form the Blue Lotus Domain; that is the manifestation of having reached large success in the Concept of Creation. Lin Ming can’t do this. He should’ve just barely caught a hint of the Concept of Creation. If he continues on his current path, he is simply seeking death." The one who spoke was Zhou Fei. Although it was impossible for him to do the same as White Daohong, he still partly understood how White Daohong was capable of such a feat. In his opinion, with Lin Ming’s cultivation and current comprehension of Concepts, wanting to do the same was nothing but a fanciful dream.

    In truth, Lin Ming’s Concept of Creation truly was far inferior to Huo Yanguang. This was also a matter of course. Lin Ming only touched upon the Concept of Creation for half a year now, and even though he opened the Gate of Opening, his perception was greatly enhanced, and he also had the Heretical God Sprout supporting him, half a year’s worth of comprehension was just far too little. There was just no way for him to compare with Huo Yanguang who had begun perceiving the Concept of Fire since birth.

    Lin Ming had the jade slip left behind by Fairy Feng, but the jade slips that Huo Yanguang used were even better. The Huo Family Clan already existed for countless tens of thousands of years and Huo Yanguang’s talent wasn’t poor to begin with.

    As for comprehending the Blue Lotus Domain, it required one to accumulate an even greater comprehension before there was the possibility of doing so. A domain class ability was not some cabbage lying around waiting to be picked up by just anyone. Even an unrivalled genius wouldn’t be able to comprehend it just because they wanted to.

    "This little fellow has some guts." Elder Sun chuckled. He didn’t believe Lin Ming could succeed. His cultivation was at Life Destruction whereas White Daohong was a Divine Transformation realm master. For White Daohong to be able to directly absorb the fire origin energy heavenly winds, it was unknown just how long he had to learn and comprehend in order to reach this step. No matter how talented Lin Ming was, it was impossible for him to do the same at his age. "Hehe, this little fellow dual cultivates in body and energy. He won’t die if he’s struck by the heavenly wind. At most he’ll have some minor wounds. Having him eat a small loss will be beneficial to his future."

    Elder Sun thought this and decided not to step in. In the skies, White Daohong also stopped to turn toward Lin Ming, a faint smile playing on his lips.

    "This Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is quite interesting. I’ve come to Fire Spirit Star many times now but I’ve only seen one other junior disciple attempt this. That person was Charming Phoenix Palace’s Lu Xiaoyun, and her talent is even greater than mine. Even then, Lu Xiaoyun was barely able to reach this step. She couldn’t last for long, and she was also 32 years old at the time, nearly surpassing the limits for being a junior disciple. At the time, her cultivation reached the peak of the Early Divine Sea and she had nearly stepped into the middle Divine Sea realm. That sort of cultivation is absolutely not what Lin Ming can compare with. When she crossed the ninth stage of Life Destruction she gathered a seven layered heavens 21 mile origin energy cloud. Compared to her, I can only be ashamed at my own inferiority."

    "Haha, Senior-apprentice Brother White is too humble. Senior-apprentice Brother White’s great lucky chance was encountered within the Divine Sea realm. If you had managed to do so during Life Destruction, perhaps Senior-apprentice Brother might’ve been able to cross Ninefall with an eight layered heavens 24 mile origin energy cloud. On this point alone, fate was truly unfair to Senior-apprentice Brother White!" The several Divine Transformation realm disciples said from next to White Daohong.

    "The lucky chance I encountered during the Divine Sea realm might not be something that Lu Xiaoyun could find. Usually, once you are cast behind by an extreme talent, it will be far too difficult to ever hope of overtaking them again, even if you put forth ten times the effort." White Daohong took a deep breath, his words very modest.

    The higher his realm of experience at cultivation, the more he came into contact with the other extreme geniuses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s 72 palaces and 3 great family clans. He had to compete with them and he even had to compete with the direct disciples of other Holy Lands. Because of this, a feeling of awe and respect was born in his heart. The Divine Realm was simply too vast. In this universe there was no limit–there was always a higher mountain and a stronger person.

    As White Daohong spoke, Lin Ming had already rushed into the fire origin energy heavenly winds. He didn’t rely on his protective true essence nor his defensive vestments, instead directly resisting the impact of the heavenly winds.


    Lin Ming could feel a shaking at his chest as if he had struck a large mountain. The supersonic air current wasn’t able to damage him, but this was not an air current but a violently raging fire origin energy!

    In that moment, a gargantuan amount of wild and brutal fire origin energy recklessly flushed into Lin Ming’s meridians like a stampede of beasts, wantonly destroying whatever they could touch.

    Lin Ming vigilantly guarded his spiritual sea. At that time, the nearly gold grandmist battle spirit shot out, turning into a flow of silver gray energy that fused together with his soul force and flooded into the tyrannical fire origin energy. His soul force began utilizing the Concept of Creation to change the composition of the fire origin energy.

    After Annihilation was Creation.

    The strong fire origin energy heavenly winds was the ultimate representation of the Laws of Annihilation. Under the effects of Lin Ming’s thoughts, threads of this wild energy began turning into plumes of blue energy, the same color as a blue lotus.

    Unfortunately, before Lin Ming was even able to transform 10% of the tyrannical fire origin energy that broke into his body, an amount of fire origin energy several times greater than before flushed into his meridians. It was like a flood erupted within him, unstoppable!

    With Lin Ming’s rate of conversion, it was simply impossible for him to transform all this fire origin energy; the amount he managed was only a drop in the bucket. As he saw his meridians about to be ruined by the violet fire origin energy, Lin Ming’s soul force suddenly condensed.

    Heretical God Sprout!


    Within Lin Ming’s dantian, the energy hidden within the Heretical God Sprout burst out. The two fire leaves stretched out as far as they could. In particular the second fire leaf that was shaped like an imperial jade seal. That was the fire leaf Lin Ming had formed during the test within Saint Artifact Pavilion, after he had swallowed the condensed Law fragments left behind in the stone tablet by the 26th Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Xiao Daoji.

    What sort of boundary had Xiao Daoji reached? He was not the Palace Master of Phoenix Cry Palace, but the Patriarch of the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan. Even amongst the past Patriarchs, he managed to stand out! Although he had only left behind fragments of the Great Dao Laws, those fragments were not something ordinary disciples could comprehend.

    By using the Heretical God Sprout, Lin Ming had been able to swallow them.

    With the suppressive absorbing power of the Heretical God Sprout, the power behind the incomparably wild fire origin energy was reduced by half.

    "Mm? Three breaths of time." Elder Sun was shocked. He didn’t think Lin Ming would be able to last for even a single breath of time. But now, not only had Lin Ming lasted for three breaths of time but the only consequence was that his face had flushed red a little.

    Four breaths of time!

    Even White Daohong’s complexion changed now.

    Five breaths of time, six breaths of time…

    White Daohong became more and more bewildered. At the seventh breath, Lin Ming was finally unable to withstand the strong heavenly winds. His body was struck backward by the crazy and powerful fire origin energy and he smashed against the hull of the spirit ship at supersonic speed.

    But to Lin Ming who trained in the body transformation system, an impact of such a degree wasn’t anything at all. Parts of his meridians were scorched a bit by the fire origin energy. After all, the Law fragments swallowed by the Heretical God Sprout weren’t Lin Ming’s own comprehensions; his own comprehension of the Concept of Creation was still far too lacking.

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