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Chapter 992:Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron

    Chapter 992:Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron





    Lin Ming harshly coughed as he stood up on the spirit ship’s hull, his complexion was pale. He used his senses to quickly investigate his body and discovered that he didn’t have any serious wounds. With his regenerative power and some pills, he would be able to restore himself to normal condition in a quarter hour.

    Although he had failed in his attempt a moment ago, Lin Ming actually gained a great deal of harvests. His comprehension of the Concept of Creation had deepened, and he could faintly feel that converting the destructive fire energy into blue energy was the elementary form of the Blue Lotus Domain.

    In the end, he would have to understand Laws on his own in order to form the most solid foundation. Although the Heretical God Sprout was able to swallow the fragments of Fire Laws, Lin Ming was only able to passively use what it absorbed; he wasn’t able to perceive the truths behind it. This was just like giving Li Ming a good crossbow. Although he could use it, he wouldn’t be able to create his own. In the future, if he needed a more formidable crossbow, it would be impossible for him to make his own. This was because he never understood the principles behind it from the beginning.

    On the road of martial arts, he had to lay down the most stable foundation he could. Otherwise, more and more weaknesses would appear the further he went.

    Lin Ming took out a pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it. He sat down and began to control his breathing.

    In the skies, White Daohong and Elder Sun glanced at each other, surprise in their eyes.

    "With a sixth stage Life Destruction cultivation, he was actually able to persist in the heavenly winds of Fire Spirit Star for six breaths of time!"

    White Daohong recalled Lu Xiaoyun’s strength when she was at the sixth and seventh stage of Life Destruction. She absolutely could not achieve this point. "Strange. This Junior-apprentice Brother Lin’s comprehension of Fire Laws is far inferior to Lu Xiaoyun’s when she was at the same boundary, so how was he able to accomplish what she couldn’t?"

    When Lu Xiaoyun was at the sixth stage of Life Destruction, her comprehension of the Creation Laws had reached perfection and she had already been able to form a Blue Lotus Domain. She even began to trace upon the fourth level Concept of the Fire Laws. That was an accomplishment Lin Ming could not compare with at all.

    White Daohong originally thought that Lin Ming would be miserably battered and knocked around by the heavenly winds, but he never imagined that he would actually persist for six breaths of time. That greatly exceeded all of his expectations.

    Elder Sun said with a true essence sound transmission, "This child should’ve had some great lucky chance, but his comprehension of the Laws is too weak. The higher one’s boundary, the more important comprehension of the Laws become. As for what degree Lin Ming will grow to in the future, I still have no idea."

    White Daohong nodded. "If he cannot increase his comprehension of Laws, it’ll be difficult to break through realms in the future. But in terms of combat power on the same level, Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is invincible within Phoenix Cry Palace."

    As Elder Sun and White Daohong were exchanging sound transmissions, the other disciples were also whispering with each other.

    "Senior-apprentice Brother Lin really failed but he did last for six breaths of time. That should be a good result, right?"

    "Why would you think I know? This is my first time on Fire Spirit Star. How about you remove your own protective true essence and test if you want to see what six breaths of time means."

    "What a joke." The previous disciple stiffened, clutching himself. He didn’t have the courage to remove his protective true essence and let that violent heavenly wind do with him as it wished.

    These disciples simply didn’t know what it meant to last for six breaths of time in the strong heavenly wind and whether it was fierce or weak. However, some confident disciples were eager to test their own mettle and wanted to confirm their strength in comparison with Lin Ming.

    At this moment, in the skies, a clarion phoenix cry echoed out.

    Everyone looked up to see that in the highest heavens, a massive seven colored divine bird dived down. This seven colored divine bird had a wingspan of 100 miles and Fire Spirit Star’s strong heavenly wind was split apart by this divine bird’s wings like a fast boat through water. The terrifying aura and pressure immediately created a disturbance among all of the disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace.

    "What kind of bird is that!?" A Firebird Hall disciple cried out in shock.

    "A seven colored divine bird with a 100 mile wingspan. Heavens! That is the first time I’ve ever seen such a massive divine bird. The deadly heavenly winds of Fire Spirit Star are nothing but ordinary wind to that bird. Could that bird be a phoenix!?" Another disciple cried out in alarm.

    For the disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace with a common mortal background, when had they ever seen such a massive divine bird before?

    "Shut up you fool! You’re making a big deal out of nothing and shaming all of us! A phoenix is a God Beast, how could it possibly be tamed by humans? That is only a seven colored vermillion bird that was tamed by Charming Phoenix Palace. It’s nothing but a normal bird that was transformed with a single drop of phoenix coronet blood. Look at yourself, you really are a disgrace!"

    Elder Sun’s complexion darkened as he saw the Firebird Hall disciples panicking.

    He certainly was unhappy. The one time that he decided to lead the junior disciples to the Ancient Phoenix Smelting Trial, Charming Phoenix Palace actually brought out a seven colored vermillion bird to show off. The 100 mile wide seven colored vermillion bird was able to block out the skies with its wings. Compared to this overly large bird, the spirit ship they arrived on looked like a tiny little toy.

    "It must be that old woman Chu Redcloud. She loves making big scenes like this."

    Elder Sun calmly looked up and saw the seven colored vermillion bird land not too far away in front of the Phoenix Cry Palace disciples. After it folded its wings together, its form shrank by a great deal; it only looked like a massive mountain peak that directly blocked the strong heavenly winds. This immediately caused the pressure of the heavenly wind that was pushing down on the disciples to weaken by half. The junior disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace felt their imposing aura suddenly weaken because of this.

    A rainbow shot out from the back of the seven colored vermillion bird, forming an iridescent arc in the sky as it landed in front of the Phoenix Cry Palace disciples. Unexpectedly, a group of female disciples appeared, without a single male disciple among them.

    Of these several hundred women, any one of them would be a beauty that could bring the downfall of nations. Charming Phoenix Palace was a palace that only took female disciples. The martial artists of the Ancient Phoenix Clan had outstanding talent, and these women all had rich bloodlines and their appearances and temperaments were both top class. Charming Phoenix Palace was a gathering land of beauties.

    There were women with full and busty figures, women with slender figures, women that were cute, women that were graceful, women that were bewitching, and women that were as pure as snow. There were women of all sorts of flavors, but they were all beautiful. As these hundreds of women stood together chattering, the sounds of the voices were like spring bells. The visual impact of this scene was immense.

    Even some male disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace where astonished. Phoenix Cry Palace was a palace where 80% of the disciples were male, so where would these disciples have ever seen such a scene?

    As the female disciples of Charming Phoenix Palace saw the eyes of the male disciples widen, they were briefly startled before clicking their tongues and smiling. Their voices were pleasant on the ears, but this sound actually caused Elder Sun’s complexion to turn increasingly ugly.

    This was far too shameful!

    "Oh, so the one leading the group was Vice Hall Master Sun Cyprestar?" A woman’s voice drifted out. A beautiful woman dressed in red floated down in front of Elder Sun with a smile on her face.

    "Humph, an old man like me doesn’t have any status in Phoenix Cry Palace. All I can manage is to become the Vice Hall Master of Phoenix Hall; there’s no chance of me advancing any further, so taking on these sorts of tasks is part of my duty. Chu Redcloud, I heard that you are about to enter the late Divine Lord realm, how come you’re here messing around instead of being deep in seclusion? This Ancient Phoenix smelting trial will last for a year or two." From Sun Cyprestar’s words, this Chu Redcloud woman seemed to be stronger than he was. But even so, Sun Cyprestar’s words were actually filled with a mocking tone.

    "Hohoho, isn’t Vice Hall Master Sun being a bit to grumpy? When you wanted to buy the pentatic metal essence from me, I did raise the price a bit but we both agreed on it, right? You shouldn’t have taken that to heart and still be brooding over it after all this time."

    "What do you mean raising the price a bit? The price was over double what it should have been. And that pentatic metal essence should have been assigned to my Phoenix Cry Palace to begin with, but your Charming Phoenix Palace actually used some devious methods to obtain it. Don’t think I don’t know about it," Sun Cyprestar said with a true essence sound transmission.

    After being retorted by Sun Cyprestar, Chu Redcloud wasn’t annoyed at all. Instead, her flowery smile became even brighter and more dazzling. "Yes, there’s no point in not admitting it. But you should know that when resources are divided downward, those who have the ability to struggle for it will obtain them. If you failed to struggle for it, who else can you blame but yourself? Alas, I, Chu Redcloud, am not a stingy woman. The last time I gained some minor advantages from Vice Hall Master Sun, so this time I’ll actually give you a chance. As long as you can grasp it, then not only will you recover your losses but you’ll even make a fortune."

    "Stop with the act. How could someone like you have any good intentions? All you want to do is trick me and make me suffer." Sun Cyprestar directly declined her offer, seemingly disinclined to even banter with her.

    "Oh? Could it be that Vice Hall Master Sun isn’t interested in an arctic ice immortal stamen? I heard some rumors that you’ve been gathering materials to create a Phoenix Heart Pill, in order to create an opportunity to break through to the late Divine Lord realm. This arctic ice immortal stamen is one of the main medicinal ingredients for the Phoenix Heart Pill. Has Vice Hall Master Sun managed to obtain one yet?"

    Chu Redcloud spoke in a casual manner but her tone contained a victorious feeling. The arctic ice immortal stamen was the most precious ingredient in refining the Phoenix Heart Pill and also the most difficult to obtain. She didn’t believe that her offer wouldn’t tempt Sun Cyprestar.

    "What did you say? Arctic ice immortal stamen?" Sun Cyprestar’s eyes widened and his expression changed. He hadn’t been young for a long time and his chances of breaking into the late Divine Lord realm were near zero. This Phoenix Heart Pill was extremely important to him. Even if he knew Chu Redcloud was plotting against him, he had no choice but to jump into the pit and hope for the best. The temptation was simply far too great. To the current Sun Cyprestar, besides his life, everything else was inferior to refining the Phoenix Heart Pill.

    "What do you want? Just say it!"

    "Haha, simple. I want to bet with Vice Hall Master Sun about the results of this smelting trial. If your Phoenix Cry Palace’s disciples have better results than my Charming Phoenix Palace’s disciples, I shall offer you my arctic ice immortal stamen with both hands!"

    "A bet on results!" Sun Cyprestar’s mind raced. Although he desperately needed the arctic ice immortal stamen, he wouldn’t easily agree to this sort of bet. He already suffered multiple losses to this women and was somewhat leery of her.

    "Speak honestly. What do you want from an old man like me."

    "Hehe, Vice Hall Master Sun is indeed intelligent. If your Phoenix Cry Palace’s disciples lose, I want your pill furnace–the Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron!"

    "What!?" Sun Cyprestar’s complexion immediately changed. The Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron was his life’s greatest lucky chance. He had managed to accidently obtain it on a treasure hunt within a mystic realm. Without this Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron, he would’ve never managed to reach the boundary he was at today. This Chu Redcloud actually wanted to take his lifeblood!

    "Chu Redcloud, you are indeed the same as you’ve always been. A wolf will never stop eating meat! You are ruthless enough! As soon as you open your mouth, you actually want to take my life’s greatest wealth. Your plan is well played indeed!"

    "Haha, I thank Vice Hall Master Sun for the great praise. But if I had to make a guess, I think that Vice Hall Master Sun hasn’t managed to obtain the arctic ice immortal stamen yet. And if so, then keeping the Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron around isn’t important anyways. I wonder, is Vice Hall Master Sun willing to make this bet with me or not?"

    Chu Redcloud slyly smiled, a look in her eyes as if she were ready to eat up Sun Cyprestar.

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