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Chapter 997:Dare

    Chapter 997:Dare




    Bet Yan Littlemoon?

    All the Phoenix Cry Palace disciples felt their jaws drop as they heard Sun Cyprestar say this. They were all left staring dumbfounded. Just who was Yan Littlemoon? She was someone with a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. She was a proud daughter of heaven that stood out amongst all proud daughters of heaven!

    If one could make love to Yan Littlemoon, then that truly would be a wonderful event!

    Without discussing Yan Littlemoon’s top class appearance and figure, just her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline would be a massive lucky chance to the man who took her primordial yin!

    In the Ancient Phoenix Clan, if a man and woman had sex then their bloodlines would supplement each other. When Lin Ming was at Divine Phoenix Island, this was also the case. Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun were both Saintesses of Divine Phoenix Island, and they possessed pure vermillion bird and blue luan bloodlines. The person who took their primordial yin could strengthen their own bloodlines. However, Lin Ming was an exception at the time. With his 100 drops of Ancient Phoenix blood, his bloodline was far purer and richer than Mu Qianyu’s vermillion bird bloodline by countless times.

    When Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu made love, she had actually been the one to pick up all the advantages from his body.

    When a male and female had sex, the one with the thinner bloodline would obtain advantages from the one with the richer bloodline. If Lin Ming had the chance to have sex with someone with a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, the immense advantages could be imagined!

    In particular the virginity of a woman. If one could obtain a woman’s primordial yin energy, the advantages would be even greater!

    Lin Ming was indeed talented, but the bloodline within his body was far too pale. This was because he had never been a true legitimate Ancient Phoenix Clan clansman from the start; he was far from being able to compare with Huo Yanguang, let alone someone like Yan Littlemoon. If he could make love with Yan Littlemoon then the benefits couldn’t be outweighed by even several drops of phoenix heart blood!

    It was exactly because of this reason that the Phoenix Cry Palace disciples were stirred up. They began to shout out loud.

    "Bet Yan Littlemoon? Elder Sun is far too ruthless, Yan Littlemoon is a fairy-like figure, like an immortal celestial of heaven. When she grows in the future there will be countless handsome heroic young elites who will chase her hand for marriage. These people will likely include the future family head successors for the three great family clans, or even someone like the son of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Patriarch. Their status surpasses Senior-apprentice Brother White Daohong by countless times, to a point that we cannot imagine. Lin Ming is talented, but that is only in relation to our Phoenix Cry Palace. If he is compared to geniuses like them, he is far from being qualified. If Yan Littlemoon marries Lin Ming, that is something beyond his status!"

    "That’s right. Lin Ming is a martial artist who ascended from the lower realms. In terms of background he is no better than a common mortal disciple of Phoenix Cry Palace or Charming Phoenix Palace. His bloodline density is extremely limited. If he dual cultivates with Yan Littlemoon, then she will be the one to suffer a loss. If they have children in the future, their bloodline will be lacking too. How could her family possibly agree to this?"

    "Yan Littlemoon will suffer a loss but that punk Lin Ming’s gains will be far too great and for far too little! Those benefits, it makes one crazy just thinking about them!"

    The disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace were drooling just talking about it. Which one of the male disciples didn’t wish to marry such a magnificent woman like Yan Littlemoon? If they had to exchange 20,000 years of their life in exchange for a single night with her, at least 90% of the male disciples might be willing to do that.

    However, someone poured water over everyone’s parade. "You make it sound as if Yan Littlemoon is already married to Lin Ming. For Lin Ming to win against Yan Littlemoon in the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial, that is just far too difficult!"

    "Yeah, it does seem impossible… in the entire junior generation of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there are only a few people with perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodlines. It won’t be easy to win."

    Sun Cyprestar’s words had caused a heated discussion throughout the disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace. Men were always enthusiastic to discuss beautiful women to begin with. Moreover, this was a topic that Elder Sun had raised himself. Even if they couldn’t obtain Yan Littlemoon, they could still drool over their imaginations.

    Sun Cyprestar normally managed his disciples in a strict and severe manner. But today, as he saw the disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace heatedly discussing Yan Littlemoon, not only did he not admonish them, but he even smiled. After seeing Chu Redcloud and suffering repeated losses to her, he had finally been able to retaliate. Seeing Chu Redcloud’s flustered expression really caused his thoughts to flow much more smoothly.

    "What about it Fairy Chu? Wasn’t victory already in your hands? Weren’t you sure that Yan Littlemoon could win? Didn’t you say that someone who agrees to a bet must accept their losses? Since you’re so confident, you might as well agree as you’re winning anyway."

    "Hohoho!" Chu Redcloud gingerly laughed. She shook her head, saying, "Vice Hall Master Sun doesn’t need to try and shock me. This child Littlemoon is not my daughter and I cannot take responsibility for her. Lin Ming is still a handsome and talented young man. Although he is slightly inferior in the aspect of bloodlines and Laws, those can be increased by paying a steep enough price. Unfortunately, only my big brother can take responsibility for Littlemoon’s marriage matters. However, what I can guarantee is that if Lin Ming truly does defeat Littlemoon, then I shall serve as a matchmaker and raise the issue with my big brother. As for whether or not he agrees, I can make no guarantees!"

    Chu Redcloud impishly smiled. Sun Cyprestar was not satisfied with this reply. He said, "Chu Redcloud, is everything you say always a bunch of nonsense? When Lin Ming defeats Yan Littlemoon and then your big brother does not agree, then what? Is that interesting at all?"

    "Elder Sun, I already said I cannot take responsibility for this matter. If Apprentice Nephew Lin has a liking for a little girl from my Chu Family, then I can take responsibility for that. However, she is only 14 years old so you’ll have to wait several more years for her."

    Chu Redcloud laughed. But at this time, a red beam of light shot out from deep within the Hells of Flame at an extremely quick speed. It was Yan Littlemoon, who had returned from the third level of the Hells of Flame.

    Yan Littlemoon was very popular in Charming Phoenix Palace. When Sun Cyprestar had stirred up Chu Redcloud with his suggestions just now, Yan Littlemoon’s close confidant had quietly used a special sound transmitting talisman to send a message to Yan Littlemoon.

    As soon as Yan Littlemoon heard the message, she became incensed with anger. She didn’t bother impacting into the third level and returned at full speed instead.

    "Aunty, you are betting my marriage? You make a bet and you want me as part of the stakes now? Did this old man say that?" Yan Littlemoon glared at Sun Cyprestar, her small chest heaving up and down in rage. Any girl would be angry after hearing that they were made into some betting stake. Moreover, Yan Littlemoon was extremely arrogant to begin with. In these past years, there had been so many handsome heroic young elites chasing after her that she couldn’t lose them even if she tried, and yet today someone was turning her into a betting stake? How ridiculous! How preposterous! How dare they!

    But unfortunately, Yan Littlemoon’s angry expression was not fierce or vicious at all. Instead, she appeared quite lovable and cute. As the male disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace looked at the angry Yan Littlemoon, they revealed happy expressions in their eyes.

    Yan Littlemoon was in her twenties but her outer appearance was that of a 16 year old girl. Really, her angry expression was simply too adorable.

    "What a cute and lovable girl. If Junior-apprentice Brother Lin can marry Yan Littlemoon, that will be a good fortune he can enjoy for several lifetimes."

    "Indeed. She’s a wild and playful girl, but she’s so beautiful even when she’s angry. If I could marry her I’d even be willing to give up 10,000 years of my life."

    The comments from the Phoenix Cry Palace disciples only added fuel to the fire.

    "You people!!" Yan Littlemoon was furious. These people simply didn’t take her anger seriously. She felt as if she was being disregarded by them.

    Sun Cyprestar smiled. He stroked his beard and said, "Yes, I am the old man who suggested this. How about it, do you dare to agree to this bet?"

    "Humph, if you want to defeat me then keep on dreaming! Yan Littlemoon’s lips curved up in a charming smiled. At this time, she was fully displaying all of the arrogance and disdain in her heart.

    As Chu Redcloud saw this, she felt her heart gripped. She said with a sound transmission, "Littlemoon, don’t be tricked. This old man is only trying to provoke you. You absolutely must not be impulsive and agree."

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