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Chapter 1001:Smelting Trial Rewards

    Chapter 1001:Smelting Trial Rewards




    The truth was that comprehending the Blue Lotus Domain wasn’t much at all.

    When a heroic young elite comprehended the third level Concept of Fire Laws to the peak, and also had great potential and a great destiny upon them, anyone could successfully form the Blue Lotus Domain. As long as they didn’t perish on their road, their future achievements wouldn’t be low. Thus, the Blue Lotus Domain was considered a type of phenomenon that symbolized someone with the life of an Emperor.

    But as things stood, there were countless geniuses within the Ancient Phoenix Clan that had comprehended the Blue Lotus Domain. With a hundred billion clansmen, the base number was simply too great!

    The Ruby Sovereign had guarded Fire Spirit Star for many years now and it was difficult to measure how many geniuses had comprehended the Blue Lotus Domain. But, no one had managed to comprehend the Blue Lotus Domain in such a way that left the Ruby Sovereign so surprised!

    When Lin Ming first arrived at Fire Spirit Star, the Ruby Sovereign could see that Lin Ming had just traced upon the threshold of the Concept of Creation:he was far from reaching large success. It was inferior to a normal genius disciple, much less those like Yan Littlemoon or Huo Yanguang.

    In ordinary circumstances, one had to slowly accumulate understandings for years or even decades to comprehend each level of the Fire Law. Lin Ming’s perception was extremely high. With the support of Fire Spirit Star’s atmosphere, it would already be good if he could comprehend the Blue Lotus Domain in a year and a half. But now, in his first trip into the Hells of Flame, he had undergone a single period of sudden enlightenment to walk the same distance that should have taken him a year and a half!

    How could the Ruby Sovereign not be stupefied by this!

    Moreover, the quality of the Blue Lotus Domain that Lin Ming condensed was at the peak of all peaks!

    The Ruby Sovereign had impeccable judgment. He had seen countless talents form the Blue Lotus Domain over the years, but there were very few that could compare to Lin Ming’s degree.

    "The reason that the Blue Lotus Domain was condensed to such a degree should be because of Lin Ming’s solid foundation. Once he entered sudden enlightenment, he managed to achieve this. Another reason should be because of that strange and mystical power within his body. After absorbing so many Law fragments, it would be strange if his Blue Lotus Domain didn’t reach such a high caliber."

    The Ruby Sovereign thought out loud. A state of sudden enlightenment could only be found through a stroke of fate. A single period of sudden enlightenment that lasted for one or two quarter hours of time was the same as a long period of seclusion. But even so, for Lin Ming to produce such an impeccable Blue Lotus Domain after a single period of sudden enlightenment, the Ruby Sovereign thought this was simply incredulous.

    As the Ruby Sovereign was wrapped up in his imagination, he saw that Lin Ming’s scorched skin, and even the parts where the oil was baked out of his body, began to peel away, revealing new and tender skin beneath. Some places were severely burned with even the meridians and flesh scorched black, but a blue-green energy wrapped around those wounds. The flesh underneath slowly wriggled, glowing with vitality as it regenerated at a speed visible to the eye.

    This was the most important aspect of the Blue Lotus Domain:healing. Especially with the Heretical God Sprout supporting him, the healing effect of the Blue Lotus Domain was even better! At this time, within Lin Ming’s dantian, the blue lotus-shaped leaf on the Heretical God Sprout began to glow with a misty light. The speed at which his wounds regenerated was actually faster than the healing from the Gate of Healing!

    If the Blue Lotus Domain and the Gate of Healing combined together, the effects could be imagined!

    Moreover, the Blue Lotus Domain could heal more than just Lin Ming’s own injuries:it had a healing effect on anyone within the range of the domain. As long as Lin Ming desired it, he could expend some of his true essence to shroud others in his Blue Lotus Domain, saving them from injury and harm.

    "His restorative ability is too extraordinary. However, that should also be because there is the Gate of Healing added on that such an effect is produced. This boy’s Blue Lotus Domain can likely even compare with Yan Littlemoon’s! And Yan Littlemoon has already begun to touch upon the fourth level Concept of Fire. In this Fire Spirit Star’s smelting trial, she should be able to comprehend the fourth level of the Fire Concepts. If Lin Ming wants to catch up to her, he’ll have to work hard for it." The Ruby Sovereign thought out loud.

    And at this time, Yan Littlemoon had already penetrated 33,000 miles deep into the Hells of Flame!

    In fact, this wasn’t Yan Littlemoon’s limit. The only problem was that if she passed down to the deepest depths she could, she would only be able to stay at that limit for an incense stick of time before she would be forced back. If she stayed at the 33,000 mile area, she would be able to reluctantly absorb the fire origin energy here and comprehend the Fire Laws. In other words, this was the depth limit at which she could reasonably train.

    Within the third level, the fire origin energy was no longer lifeless, but had a mind of its own.

    Endless fire origin energy turned into vicious beasts and saint beasts that charged towards Yan Littlemoon. But at this time, Yan Littlemoon was similar to a descended goddess. Her entire body was wrapped in flaming golden light. This flaming golden light was similar to the golden light that appeared between Lin Ming’s eyebrows when he burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.

    But when Lin Ming burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, only a wisp of golden light shot out. As for Yan Littlemoon, her entire body was shining in radiant glory!

    When the beasts formed by fire origin energy met this golden light, they immediately melted away, turning into pure energy that was absorbed by Yan Littlemoon.

    Compared to Lin Ming, Yan Littlemoon may not have entered the state of sudden enlightenment, but the speed at which she absorbed fire origin energy was a rate Lin Ming could not hold a candle to! The perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline was well known for its strength; how could it be empty talk?

    If Lin Ming wanted to reach Yan Littlemoon’s speed of absorption, he would have to use the Heretical God Sprout. But, the fire origin energy that the Heretical God Sprout absorbed wasn’t his own.

    In the 8000 Mile Black Swamp’s Nine Heavens Thunder Dominion, The Heretical God Sprout had even absorbed the heavenly retribution divine thunder left behind by Empyrean Thunder Punishment. Afterwards when Lin Ming fought Yan Yun in the final battle, he has used that divine thunder to break through Yan Yun’s master move and cause him to suffer deep losses. It had a miraculous effect on the battle. However, this heavenly retribution divine thunder was in the end not part of Lin Ming’s own strength. Once he used it up it was impossible to use again.

    Thus, the Heretical God Sprout was only a cultivation method in the end. No matter how powerful it was, it could only play a supporting role. It was impossible for him to rely on a single set of cultivation methods to comprehend the source Laws of the universe.

    Time passed minute by minute, second by second. Yan Littlemoon training at the 33,000 mile distance was still extremely difficult for her. She quickly reached her limit as fragrant sweat dripped down her body.

    This training state continued for two incense sticks of time. Then, with an explosive shattering sound, Yan Littlemoon’s protective true essence broke apart. Wild and turbulent fire energy crazily impacted towards her.

    However, Yan Littlemoon did not need the Ruby Sovereign to rescue her. An invisible layer of energy emitted from the surface of her body, shielding her from the fire origin energy.

    This was Yan Littlemoon’s top grade saint artifact vestment. This vestment was also a peak top grade saint artifact; its value was no worse than the Phoenix Blood Spear. With this vestment on, any non-Ninefall Divine Sea master could forget about breaking through this defense. Even if Yan Littlemoon stood still and allowed others to freely strike her, they wouldn’t be able to harm a single hair on her body, until both Yan Littlemoon and the top grade vestment’s energy was depleted!

    "Good, Littlemoon, you have done well!" Chu Redcloud freely sprinkled praise on Yan Littlemoon. "In this smelting trial of junior disciples, whether it was your foundation from the start or your training speed, you are far and ahead number one!"

    Those with a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline had a monstrous compatibility with Fire Laws. If others took several years to comprehend the Fire Laws, it would only take Yan Littlemoon several months, if not less. Not just that, but Yan Littlemoon’s perception was also exceedingly high. With these two conditions combined together, Chu Redcloud really couldn’t imagine how anyone could surpass her in training speed. Moreover, Yan Littlemoon’s starting point was higher than the others’ to begin with. While most disciples were diligently training in the second level, Yan Littlemoon had already penetrated 33,000 miles deep into the Hells of Flame. If she didn’t care about training, she could even reach a depth of 35,000 miles!

    "Aunty, in another month I should be able to reach the 36,000 mile depth. After that is the 39,000 mile depth and then after that is the fourth level!

    "Aunty, please rest assured. I will definitely win that Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron for you. That smelly nincompoop Lin Ming is still stuck in the second level! Hehe, I want to see just how he’ll compete with me! With the Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron’s help, Aunty will easily break into the late Divine Lord realm, and you might even reach perfection of the late Divine Lord realm.There may even be a chance that you will break into the Holy Lord realm and truly control the Heavenly Dao!"

    Yan Littlemoon blithely said. Even so, Chu Redcloud was all smiles as she listened.

    "Haha, you little girl, you still want to trick me with your flattery? Breaking through to the late Divine Lord realm isn’t a problem, but reaching the peak late Divine Lord realm is extremely difficult. As for breaking past the Divine Lord realm, the chances of that are too faint for someone like me. There are countless Divine Lord realm powerhouses that cannot pass that moat. Compared to that mountain, even the ninth stage of Life Destruction seems weak.

    "However, I am confident in you, Littlemoon. You really have potential to break through the limit of the Divine Lord realm! However, I have to remind you again, do not look down on that Lin Ming boy. If he was able to defeat the ninth stage Life Destruction Huo Yanguang with a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation, then he definitely has his strengths. Even if Lin Ming loses in this smelting trial to you, that may only be in the aspect of Fire Laws. In terms of comprehensive combat strength, I fear he is no weaker than you are! Do not forget, your cultivation is higher than his by a single stage of Life Destruction."

    "Of course I know that. Humph, you also shouldn’t forget that I am younger than he is! The reason my cultivation is one stage of Life Destruction higher than his is all because of my diligent and torturous training. If I reached the seventh stage of Life Destruction two years faster than him, then I can reach the Divine Sea realm three years ahead of him. Then, when I reach Divine Transformation or the Divine Lord realm, my lead against him will become greater and greater! I do not believe that with my perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline my cultivation speed will be lower than his!

    Yan Littlemoon pursed her lips. She acknowledged Lin Ming’s talent in combat, but in terms of cultivation speed, there was no way for Lin Ming to defeat her.

    "Mm, what you said is right Littlemoon. Very well, this round of the Hells of Flame smelting trial will continue for a few more days. We should leave soon. That’s right, as a junior disciple there will be rewards for you breaking into the third level. Although they aren’t worthy of mentioning to you."

    "Rewards? What rewards?" As Yan Littlemoon heard the word ‘rewards’, she suddenly perked up.

    "Haha, just a single drop of phoenix plume blood sent down from the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters. It is intended as a reward for those junior disciples with excellent results."

    "What! That’s too cheap!" Yan Littlemoon already had a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Why would she still care about a single drop of phoenix plume blood now?

    "You certainly wouldn’t care about the rewards for entering the third level. But if a junior disciple can enter the fourth, fifth, or even sixth level, the rewards will become exponentially greater, to the point where it can make others go crazy. Not just you, but even I would be tempted by them. You must rush ahead with all your strength. The further you can go, the better your rewards will be. And after your first smelting trial is over, you will not be able to experience such treatment again!"

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