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Chapter 1003:100 Foot Royal Skyseal

    Chapter 1003:100 Foot Royal Skyseal




    The Totem Tower contained a collection of chaos stones and totem stones. The chaos stones were a kind of natural totem stone that were formed within the primordial chaos as the universe formed; they contained the inherent source Laws of the universe.

    But the totem stones were carved by senior supreme elders who had spent a great deal of effort to do so. They contained the understandings that these supreme elders had towards the Great Dao Laws.

    For the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the totem stones they meditated on only concerned the Fire Laws. The Fire Laws had a total of nine levels of Concepts. If one could understand these Concepts to the limit then they could even burn down the world.

    Although the totem stones from Totem Tower were mostly carved by past Patriarchs, they were also separated into those that were better and those that were worse. The poorer totem stones might be casually carved by a Patriarch, and the Laws and Concepts they contained might be lacking. But for those excellent totem stones, they might be masterworks of an Ancient Phoenix Clan Patriarch that took painstaking effort and hundreds of years to complete. They might be several tens of feet or even a hundred feet large. That was a size and quality that ordinary totem stones could not compare with.

    However, only one trial challenger could be meditating on a totem stone at any given time. This was because when a trial challenger was meditating on the totem stones, they had to fuse their own senses into it and combine their consciousness with the Law fragments within. If two people were to simultaneously do this, they would interfere with each other and it would result in a great deal of wasted effort.

    Thus, the priority in choosing a totem stone was extremely important. The higher quality totem stone someone could select, the more beneficial it would be for the speed of their cultivation.

    "So it really is Yan Littlemoon who chooses first."

    "Of course. Priority in choosing totem stones only looks at talent and the results of the smelting trial. Yan Littlemoon has a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, and her results were much better than ours, so it’s only natural that she goes first. I bet that she will choose the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal; that is Totem Tower’s best totem stone!"

    The so-called 100 Foot Royal Skyseal was a totem stone that the 18th Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan had carved after spending an entire 360 years to do so. The totem stone was 100 foot wide and tall, and it was an earth-shaking treasure of Fire Spirit Star’s Totem Tower! Although this was the first time that many disciples had attended this Fire Spirit Star smelting trial, they had already heard of the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. It was something that all of these disciples longed for in their dreams, even if they knew it was impossible for them to have the chance to perceive it.

    "Yan Littlemoon, you have one hour to select either a totem stone or a chaos stone. You may start now."

    "No need, I will choose the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal!" Yan Littlemoon faintly smiled as she spoke clearly for all to hear. In fact, like some other disciples, she had already studied the data on the different totem stones that were at Totem Tower before she arrived here. Since she had already made her choice, there simply wasn’t any need for her to look. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal was at least 30% superior to the next best totem stone in terms of meditative effects. Since this was the case, why wouldn’t she choose it?

    "She really chose the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal!"

    "The best totem stone was chosen by Yan Littlemoon. Others can only choose the ones that haven’t been chosen. Compared to the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal, the other heaven-step totem stones are far inferior. I wonder which ones Lin Ming and Xiao Whitesnow will choose. Lin Ming has yet again been cast away by Yan Littlemoon!"

    "Yeah, this Yan Littlemoon’s foundation was originally much more solid than Lin Ming’s, moreover, she also has the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. It was impossible for him to compare to her in training speed, but now she even chose the best totem stone, the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. How could Lin Ming possibly have any hope of winning?"

    "There wasn’t any hope to begin with. This is how the Ancient Phoenix Clan raises talents; the best resources are focused on the best disciples. If they can manage to raise someone on the level of a Palace Master, that is far more valuable than raising 100 ordinary Divine Lord realm powerhouses! Thus in every Ancient Phoenix smelting trial, they only have a single totem stone that rises above all others. The rest are simply too inferior! Now Yan Littlemoon is the greatest focus target for raising in this smelting trial, and we are only collateral thoughts…" A disciple sighed. Even under the same circumstances he would be cast insurmountably away by Yan Littlemoon, let alone in a situation where their circumstances were so different.

    "The 100 Foot Royal Skyseal, are you sure?" The black-robed messenger wasn’t surprised, but he asked again in accordance with tradition.

    "I’m sure!" Yan Littlemoon said, glancing at Lin Ming with a bragging light in her eyes.

    But Lin Ming didn’t look back at her. At this time, his head was lowered. It was unknown just what he was thinking.

    "Alright. Then, Xiao Whitesnow, Lin Ming, you two may go and choose." The black-robed messenger looked towards Lin Ming and Xiao Whitesnow.

    Xiao Whitesnow was standing beside Lin Ming. He glanced at Lin Ming and wryly smiled, shaking his head. "Brother Lin, if you will. Let’s go and have a look. Although I don’t want to say it, I must admit that we might have lost in this round of the smelting trial. Among Totem Tower’s totem stones, besides the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal, the other totem stones are far worse. Thus we have no need to struggle with each other; we can slowly choose whichever one we want."

    Xiao Whitesnow slowly said. Then, he walked towards the main hall. Lin Ming remained calm and followed him.

    The ancient and solemn totem hall had a gilded bronze door directly in the front. When this door was opened, the aura of the Great Dao Laws came surging outwards!

    Behind this door was a separate dimension of time and space. Within this dimension, there were countless large and small totem stones floating in the air, both close and far away. There were ones that were dozens of feet large and ones that were only a few feet small.

    These totem stones were mostly carved from extremely exotic and bizarre materials. Some were made from an unknown type of spirit jade, filled with fire origin energy. Some were carved from metal that was rarely found between the heavens and earth, able to be forged into spirit artifacts. There were even some carved from divine stone, and this stone originally had the mysteries of the world represented in the stone’s texture.

    All kinds of rare materials were carved with the Great Dao Fire Laws. They resonated with each other, bathing and enhancing each other’s light and beauty, causing all who saw them to be shocked!

    Normally, the larger a totem stone was, the more Laws it would contain. And in this separate dimension of space and time, the most obvious totem stone was a square one located in the dead center of the space. It was 100 feet tall and wide, and it stood upright with sharp and defined corners. This was the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal!

    The 100 Foot Royal Skyseal contained the complete first seven Concepts of the Fire Laws, part of the eighth level Concept, and even slightly traced upon the ninth level Concept.

    This totem stone still wasn’t able to completely manifest the eighth and ninth level Concepts. This was because the one who carved the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal hadn’t been able to completely understand the mysteries of the last two Concepts.

    Although the junior disciples present couldn’t even perceive the fourth level Concept, that didn’t mean it was completely impossible or useless. The effect of the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal was far superior to the other totem stones’. This was just like gathering spirit essence stones from different spirit essence stone mines. Although it was impossible to fully excavate these mines, digging through a top grade spirit essence stone mine was still much better than digging through an ordinary spirit essence stone mine.

    Xiao Whitesnow looked at the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal floating in the air, his face filling with envy and desire. As for Lin Ming, he glanced at it once before no longer bothering with it. His eyes slowly swept over the totem stones left behind by these Ancient Phoenix Clan seniors. Finally, his gaze fell upon the chaos stones.

    Chaos stones were totems naturally formed in the chaos of the forming universe. The natural evolution of source energy had been left behind in the traces of the chaos stones. They were considered objects that directly peered into the source of the Great Dao.

    Chaos stones carried with them the history from the formation of the universe. They were considered history books of the universe!

    If one could fully comprehend these chaos stones, they would be able to see the history of the forming universe and the evolution of Laws. By completely comprehending these chaos stones, one could become someone with one of the deepest comprehensions of Laws in the entire Divine Realm!

    However, it was far too difficult to meditate on these chaos stones. As natural objects, they hadn’t been processed by human hands, and they remained prohibitively obscure and difficult to understand. In addition, countless billions of years had passed since the forming of the universe. Grandmist energy had more or less disappeared from the world, and there was nowhere to find it. Wasn’t wanting to meditate on the source Laws of the forming universe easier said than done?

    So, even though chaos stones were incomparably precious, the truth was that most chaos stones were only gathered for a collection display. Some Divine Realm supreme elders who encountered a bottleneck in their comprehension of Laws would meditate on these chaos stones, hoping to encounter some inspiration and be suddenly enlightened.

    As for these disciples of lower boundaries, they would generally not choose to meditate on the chaos stones. As disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, they excelled and focused on Fire Laws. But, these chaos stones served as the basis for all Laws. They were etched with the rules of revolution that preceded the five elements. If they tried to meditate on them, just how much would they actually be able to learn?

    Thus for all these years, of the 12 chaos stones stored in Totem Tower, only those Divine Transformation realm disciples like White Daohong would choose to occasionally look over these chaos stones. However, it was only looking at them for a month or two; they would never choose to do so for an extended period of time.

    Xiao Whitesnow followed Lin Ming’s line of sight and was startled for a moment. He was a bit surprised as he asked, "Brother Lin, you aren’t interested in these chaos stones, right? These things might be known as objects that contain the source of the Great Dao, but the truth is that it is just far too difficult to comprehend them. To the likes of us, their level is far too high. There were genius disciples that tried to perceive something about them before, but in the end they all failed."

    As the saying said, the Great Dao was the simplest concept. But in truth, all the complex variations and diverse wonders of the universe could be reduced to the simplest attributes. Those things that seemed simple might not be simple at all.

    "I’m only taking a casual look. I thank Brother Xiao for the advice." Lin Ming’s impression towards Xiao Whitesnow was quite good. This person was relatively low key, and the advice he gave him came from a good heart with no dark intentions behind them.

    Lin Ming slowly approached the chaos stones. Totem Tower had a total of 12 chaos stones, the largest of which were ten feet in size. Compared to the countless shining totem stones that were carved from all sorts of heavenly materials, these chaos stones seemed very plain. One could even call them rough!

    The ash gray chaos stones looked like ordinary stone. The depths of the patterns and lines within the chaos stones varied; there were even some parts with deep cracks. They looked as if they had been slowly eroded by wind and frost over a long time.

    But in these rough traces, Lin Ming could actually feel an inexplicably familiar feeling. This feeling seemed to be close to him, as if it were a profound and majestic memory that had been engraved into his very bones.

    "This is grandmist aura…"

    Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. He slowly closed his eyes and entered an ethereal state…

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