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Chapter 1006:Lotus Blooming Step By Step

    Chapter 1006:Lotus Blooming Step By Step




    "Freely cultivate? That’s great, too great! I just chose a totem stone so I’ll have to focus on perceiving it. If I can close up for a year or so before returning to the 18 Hells of Flame, I’ll be able to go even deeper. And the deeper I go, the more benefits there will be!"

    "That’s right. When I was at Praying Phoenix Palace I had the chance to meditate over a totem stone, but that was only for several days. These totem stones are also of a much greater quality than the ones I saw."

    As the black-robed messenger said that they could freely cultivate as they wished and decide how to arrange their own time, all of the junior disciples were extremely excited.

    "Close up for a year? Yah, keep on dreaming. The reason that the totem stones allow people to perceive the Laws within them is that they have Law fragments condensed within them. These totem stones are in essence a sort of array formation. Only someone with an extremely deep understanding of Laws can carve them down and gather the truths of the Heavenly Dao within them. As long as you touch your mind to them, you will be able to slowly absorb the Law fragments within. But as that continues as, less and less Law fragments are there, the effect will become increasingly worse. Once there are about 70% of the Law fragments left, you normally have to stop training and let the totem stones recover and gather more Law fragments before you can use them again. Otherwise, why did you think that only a single disciple was able to choose a stone tablet and no one else was able to choose it afterwards?"

    Some Divine Transformation realm disciples said that had already participated in the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial several times. They immediately shattered the dreams of the junior disciples.

    This was also the first time the junior disciples had heard of such a thing. But as they thought of it, it made much more sense. No wonder the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial was only held once every four years; this was obviously to give the totem stones time to recondense Law fragments. Otherwise, the Ancient Phoenix Clan would have made full use of their resources and sent new disciples to Fire Spirit Star every year.

    As for the reason a totem stone was assigned to only one person, this was because the Law fragments within them were difficult to divide. If it wasn’t for this, several people could meditate on a stone tablet together, or they could even take turns.

    "Let’s meditate on the totem stones first and absorb some of the Law fragments before we head back to the 18 Hells of Flame."

    A disciple suggested.

    "Mm, that sounds like a good idea. We can go to the 18 Hells of Flame whenever we want, but the Law fragments within the totem stones are limited. We have to make full use of them."

    The disciples all flew towards Totem Tower, Lin Ming included.

    In Totem Tower, all the totem stones were already separated and sealed in different spaces by the black-robed messenger according to what he wrote down on the jade slip. Every space corresponded to a totem stone, each with a disciple assigned to it.

    Of course, Lin Ming was an exception. The space he trained at had four chaos stones. They were the Yin Yang Chaos Stone, the Universe Space Chaos Stone, the Endless Years Chaos Stone, and the Five Elements Chaos Stone!

    The four chaos stones floated in the air, suspended around Lin Ming. His surroundings vaguely shined with a starry light. The place where Lin Ming stood now seemed to be somewhere in the empty boundless universe.

    With no sound around him, and an endless stretch of space extending past what his eyes could see, it was extremely easy to adjust his mental state in this environment to one of peace and serenity. He was able to wholeheartedly invest his mind in meditating on the Laws.

    Lin Ming separated out a part of his divine sense and touched it upon the Five Elements Chaos Stone.

    The grandmist battle spirit faintly trembled within Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. That boundless and simple aura that originated from the most ancient of times immediately reached into Lin Ming’s mind.

    When Lin Ming had been choosing the chaos stones, he already perceived them to a preliminary degree. He was able to vaguely feel the Concepts within the chaos stones, something that not even a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse could comprehend, and he had gained many benefits in the process.


    That still wasn’t Lin Ming’s limit!

    If he weren’t pressed for time and if he hadn’t also had to worry about Xiao Whitesnow’s presence, Lin Ming would have been able to perceive even more things.

    Lin Ming took a deep breath and sunk his mind into the chaos stone. In his spiritual sea, the spear-shaped battle spirit began to shine out with a silver gray radiance.

    A blood red lotus flower began blooming behind Lin Ming.

    Prime Emperor martial intent:grandmist space!


    In that moment, Lin Ming completely enveloped the four chaos stones around him with the grandmist space. A faint trace of elementary grandmist energy emerged, echoing through space. It was like a faint mist that slowly wrapped around the chaos stones.

    Grandmist space was the chaotic state that existed before the forming of the universe. And these chaos stones were formed at the beginning of the universe and were carved with the revolution of the universe’s source energy. Both of them complemented each other.

    Although Lin Ming couldn’t fully reproduce the chaos that existed before the universe formed, he could still rely on the grandmist space to stimulate the mysteries within the chaos stones. This was similar to waking up the ancient memories slumbering within them!

    Underneath the quickening effect of the elementary grandmist energy, the traces upon the chaos stones seemed to come to life. Law fragments slowly overflowed from within them, falling into Lin Ming’s mind and etching themselves on his consciousness.

    The Law fragments contained within the chaos stones were far richer in number than those in the totem stones!

    One reason was that the chaos stones were originally of a far greater quality than the totem stone tablets. Even the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal could not compare with the chaos stones.

    Another reason was that very few martial artists chose the chaos stones, and it was difficult for them to perceive them. It was difficult for them to even understand the most minute knowledge from them. Even if a Divine Lord powerhouse were to meditate over them for a long time, they still wouldn’t be able to perceive many of the mysteries within. Thus, the Law fragments they absorbed were also extremely limited.

    After accumulating for so many years, the Law fragments within each chaos stone were at a near-saturated state. Lin Ming was able to use the Primordius martial intent to freely extract them.

    Currently Lin Ming’s perception was at the peak of the highest echelons within all the geniuses of the Divine Realm. In addition, with his saint artifact bracer supporting him, Lin Ming’s speed of understanding the Chaos Laws could be said to be to be astronomical.

    Lin Ming unconsciously entered the ethereal intent state. He forgot the passage of time, forgot existence, and even forgot himself…

    Cultivating passed as if time didn’t exist. In the blink of an eye, three months had gone by.

    In Fire Spirit Star, all the disciples were busily training. Some disciples even left Totem Tower just two months in. This was because there were insufficient Law fragments in the totem stones for them to continue perceiving them. If they continued then their speed would be extremely slow. Thus, they entered the 18 Hells of Flame and withstood the baptism of the power of fire there, slowly tempering their learnings.

    Although training within the 18 Hells of Flame was worse than training within Totem Tower, it was still an important and indispensable part. The 18 Hells of Flame focused on practicality while Totem Tower focused on theory. Both of them complemented each other.

    On the third month, many talented disciples such as Huo Yanguang, Zhou Fei, and some of the more amazing senior disciples left Totem Tower and entered the 18 Hells of Flame.

    This reflected the amount of benefits within the totem stones. The larger the totem stone, the more Law fragments that were condensed within. For instance, the Extreme Dao Heaven Tablet and the 90 Foot Burning Heaven Tablet both had more Law fragments within them than the ordinary totem stones. This also meant that the time a martial artist could meditate over them for was longer.

    This was the reason why Huo Yanguang, Zhou Fei, and other such talented disciples were able to last for three months before leaving.

    They had all obtained great benefits from this smelting trial. On the same day that they left seclusion and entered the 18 Hells of Flame, they were actually able to dive 9900 miles deep into the second level, almost breaking into the third level! And before now, 5000 miles into the second level had been their limit.

    However, before they could enjoy their happiness for too long, they came under tremendous attack. Praying Phoenix Palace’s most talented junior disciple, Xiao Whitesnow, finally emerged from seclusion after three months and broke through to the third level of the Hells of Flame in a single attempt. He even made it 3000 miles into the third level and cultivated there for an entire day before he exhausted his true essence. This caused all the other junior disciples to feel weak and frustrated. They had thought they were able to catch up to him a little bit, but they didn’t expect for the gap between them to grow even larger!

    However, this couldn’t be helped. Xiao Whitesnow was originally the number one talented junior disciple of Praying Phoenix Palace and the 90 Foot Burning Heaven Tablet he chose was only inferior to the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. With such an advantage, how could the speed of his progress be compared with other disciples’?

    After perceiving the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal for half a year, Yan Littlemoon finally left seclusion. At that time, she seemed to be an entirely different person. Her blue clothes fluttered in the wind, and with every step she took in the air, blue lotuses would bloom underneath her feet!

    The blue lotuses were formed by pure fire origin energy. After these lifelike replicas appeared in the sky, they didn’t fade away for a long time!

    This was a type of phenomenon, one called Lotus Blooming Step by Step!

    If a martial artist was able to comprehend the third level Concept of Fire, the Concept of Creation, to the peak of perfection, and if they could gather a great destiny onto themselves, then they would be able to comprehend the Blue Lotus Domain. But, Lotus Blooming Step by Step was actually on a higher level than the Blue Lotus Domain!

    This meant that she had completely fused together with the fire origin energy around her. She had reached a boundary in which her body was able to move the Laws itself. Every movement she took, every word she said was able to resonate with the Laws of the world and the origin energy around her.

    When Xiao Whitesnow first saw Yan Littlemoon again, he knew that the difference between them had grown even greater, to a point that it was impossible to ever overtake her. To a genius, the proud arrogance in their hearts was a vital aspect of themselves. They could lose everything else besides their arrogant nature, because if they did, they would also lose the courage to chase after others’ footsteps.

    But Xiao Whitesnow had no choice but to admit a truth, and that was that there was little hope that he would ever manage to surpass Yan Littlemoon’s shadow.

    The boundary of Lotus Blooming Step by Step was something that almost existed only in legends. Many of the present Elders, including Sun Cyprestar and Chu Redcloud, had never witnessed Lotus Blooming Step by Step before. But now this phenomenon had actually manifested within the body of a seventh stage Life Destruction young woman. This was simply unbelievable!

    "I never thought this was possible… that I would be able to witness Lotus Blooming Step by Step! This young woman is simply a monster! If I had to lose to such a phenomenon then that could only be the fate given to me!"

    Sun Cyprestar wryly shook his head and forcefully smiled. No matter how he calculated it, he never would have thought that Charming Phoenix Palace would actually produce such a monstrous talent with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. This sort of bloodline was not easily born even in the three great family clans.

    Moreover, even those with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline might not be able to comprehend Lotus Blooming Step by Step!

    Yan Littlemoon was originally beloved by the heavens to begin with. And with her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, it perfectly complemented her in perceiving the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. As long as she didn’t perish in the future, she would become an existence no less than a Palace Master!

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