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Chapter 1007:Phoenix Blood Essence

    Chapter 1007:Phoenix Blood Essence




    As Chu Redcloud saw the current Yan Littlemoon, it was no longer possible for her to conceal her smile. Yan Littlemoon surpassed all her expectations. At this time, she no longer even cared about the bet; it was better to say that she assumed the bet was already won. Now, what she cared about was Yan Littlemoon’s results in this smelting trial. With such talent, it was possible for Yan Littlemoon to become a pivotal figure within the Ancient Phoenix Clan. If so, then at that time she would be able to rely on her relationship with Yan Littlemoon to obtain great benefits for the Chu Family.

    Compared to winning the Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron, this was far more valuable.

    After Yan Littlemoon left seclusion, she dove into the 18 Hells of Flame. In the first two levels, the fire origin energy heavenly winds breezed past her like gentle winds, unable to hinder her movement at all. She turned into a blue beam of light that shot 9000 miles deep into the third level. Here, her speed slowed down, but it was only by a little bit.

    She rushed through to the fourth level without pause. In the fourth level, the fiery wind became even stronger and the temperature rose by another level. But even this was not able to stop her!

    Fourth level 1000 miles, fourth level 2000 miles, fourth level 3000 miles…

    Yan Littlemoon rushed all the way to 5000 miles into the fourth level before she stopped and began training. There, she trained for an entire day!

    If Yan Littlemoon could stop 5000 miles into the fourth level to train, then that proved that distance wasn’t her limit. She was likely capable of reaching 7000-8000 miles deep into the fourth level; that was almost at the fifth level!

    In just half a year of practice, she was able to near the fifth level. This result was like a massive mountain that appeared in front of everyone else, making it so that no one could approach her.

    "She’s too strong… it’s hard for anyone to summon the courage to chase her."

    "Yeah, she has a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline and she even perceived the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. Compared to her, let alone us, even characters like Lin Ming and Xiao Whitesnow cannot compare to her. In fact, if Lin Ming and Xiao Whitesnow had come in past years, they would have already been considered peak talents. But now that this perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline Yan Littlemoon appeared during this smelting trial, both of them are destined to be overshadowed by her."

    As Lin Ming was mentioned, everyone’s thoughts changed. Lin Ming still hadn’t emerged from Totem Tower. He had actually closed up for almost half a year without a peep coming from him.

    In the fourth and fifth months, there were some lower ranking disciples that had already entered Totem Tower for the second time to perceive the Fire Laws again. But Lin Ming still hadn’t emerged.

    "Now that you mention it, Lin Ming still hasn’t come out of training. What’s going on with him?"

    Many disciples were confused. In their opinion, the longer someone stayed in, the more amazing their performance would be after coming out. But now Yan Littlemoon had already emerged and yet Lin Ming was still secluded within Totem Tower. This was an extremely mysterious situation.

    "Maybe he didn’t manage to perceive anything so he’s too embarrassed to come out?"

    "That might be true."

    "It might be another reason. Lin Ming chose four chaos stones to meditate on, but the power of the Laws within those chaos stones is very difficult to comprehend; even a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse would have to spend several years to do so. Even then they might not gain too much. Lin Ming has only been inside for five months. Do you think he really could have cleanly absorbed all the Law fragments in the chaos stones?"

    "Lin Ming is indeed a chosen pride of heaven, especially in the aspect of combat strength. With a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation he was able to defeat a four layered heavens Ninefall martial artist. That isn’t something that the average person could hope to accomplish. But, the choice he made this time is really puzzling. For these last months, just how much could he have perceived? I feel like he’s just wasting his time in there and wasting the chance that he’s been given. A rookie disciple only gets one chance. The next time he comes, he won’t be a rookie disciple, even if he isn’t 33 years old yet."

    "Who knows what these geniuses are thinking. It could be that Lin Ming did so because of the bet and because he needs to defeat Yan Littlemoon, thus he chose to take such a dangerous risk. The best 100 Foot Royal Skyseal was already taken by Yan Littlemoon, and she also has the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Her foundation is better than Lin Ming’s. If he chose the Extreme Dao Heaven Tablet then he would certainly lose. Maybe that’s why he took the chance and chose the chaos stones…"

    "Choosing the chaos stones is also a losing method, and a much uglier way of losing." The disciple that was previously speaking was interrupted. Indeed, the Laws contained within the chaos stones were simply too general and vague. It was impossible for lower realm disciples to perceive anything from them, and even if they did, it might not help increase their understandings of the Fire Laws.

    At this point, no one spoke about Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon’s bet anymore. To them, victory and defeat had basically been decided. Now, the topic that people were discussing was what rewards Yan Littlemoon would obtain for entering 5000 miles deep into the fourth level of the Hells of Flame!

    When Yan Littlemoon had entered 5000 miles into the third level, she had obtained a drop of phoenix plume blood and a high-grade saint artifact. To Yan Littlemoon, these rewards weren’t useful at all. They were simply garbage in her eyes.

    However, this couldn’t be helped. Because by the time the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial ended, many people would be able to reach that depth and obtain similar rewards. If the rewards for such levels were too precious, then even the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters would find that hard to withstand.

    But the fourth level was different. Starting from the fourth level, that was a domain that only peak talents could reach.

    As for the fifth level, that was a point which even Xiao Whitesnow might not be able to achieve at the end of the smelting trial. In the past 100 years, only White Daohong, Lu Xiaoyun, and Praying Phoenix Palace’s Fang Qiren had been able to reach the fifth level as rookie disciples. Fang Qiren had already reached 120 years of age and was no longer a disciple, instead becoming a Hall Protector.

    As for the sixth level, that was a legend. Someone entering that level as a rookie disciple might not occur even every one or two thousand years.

    From the fourth level upwards, the rewards became much richer.

    If one could enter the fourth level, they would obtain one top grade saint artifact!

    If one could reach 5000 miles into the fourth level, they could obtain a mortal-step Fire Elemental!

    As for the fifth level and the legendary sixth level, the rewards were even more terrifying. One could obtain a full set of top grade saint artifacts, or perhaps even spirit artifacts! There were even bottles of phoenix plume blood, phoenix heart blood, phoenix marrow blood, and maybe even phoenix coronet blood!

    In the legends, tens of thousands of years ago there was even a drop of phoenix blood essence given as a reward!

    Blood essence could not be compared with ordinary phoenix blood. A phoenix was thousands of miles long, even 10,000 miles long. If its blood were to fall it could drown entire cities and cause great rivers to overflow!

    If one could raise a phoenix, then it was possible to gather the extremely precious phoenix coronet blood every day, obtaining endless amounts of it.

    But, phoenix blood essence was different. That was a phoenix’s life blood essence. It was similar to a martial artist’s blood essence. Once it was lost, it was overly difficult to restore!

    Thus, the value of phoenix blood essence was impossible to measure!

    Even if Yan Littlemoon was able to produce the phenomenon of Lotus Blood Step by Step, if she wanted to produce an amazing heaven-shocking result that was able to qualify her for a drop of phoenix blood essence, that was far, far too difficult!

    As the young disciples saw Yan Littlemoon receive the rewards from the black-robed messenger, many of them were filled with envy. For them, even by the time they left Fire Spirit Star it would still be impossible for them to set foot in the fourth floor.

    "Incredible. Yan Littlemoon’s smelting trial might even alert the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters. Moreover, Yan Littlemoon has already reached the age of marriage. If she is willing to marry someone, then her wedding will become a grand and important event of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. I have no idea just how many handsome and heroic young elites will be chasing after her with dreams of marriage."

    "Yes, and I think that the Yan Family will marry Yan Littlemoon off to someone else who also has the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. That would be the best method of producing descendants that also have the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline.

    In the Ancient Phoenix Clan, great importance was placed upon the idea of bloodlines. Bloodline was often considered more valuable than talent or strength.

    This was because a strong martial artist might be strong only because of their destiny, and the children they had might not have the same strength they did. But, a martial artist with a pure and rich bloodline would definitely give birth to children with a similarly rich bloodline.

    The richer the parents’ bloodline was, the higher the chances that a child with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline would be produced.

    Unfortunately, the richer a martial artist’s Ancient Phoenix bloodline was, the more difficult it became for them to have children. Long ago, there had been a husband and wife that both had perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodlines and were also important figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. But, they still weren’t able to produce a child even after 10,000 years of attempts.

    The glory and dazzling radiance of Yan Littlemoon’s Lotus Blooming Step by Step completely covered the halo of all other geniuses. Xiao Whitesnow, Lin Ming, and even the Divine Transformation realm disciples, White Daohong and Lu Xiaoyun, were all cast away, only able to act as foils to her success.

    "Littlemoon, this time headquarters have rewarded you with a top grade saint artifact as well as a mortal-step Fire Elemental. The Fire Elemental can wait until you break through Ninefall and undergo a baptism of the Heavenly Dao before you absorb it. It will help you increase your understandings of the Fire Laws. As for the top grade saint artifact, that will increase your combat strength. The more the better, but don’t depend on them too much. In this smelting trial, the goal I’ve set for you is to become the top talent with the best results in the last 10,000 years! If that happens, I can represent Charming Phoenix Palace and apply for a drop of phoenix blood essence from the Ancient Phoenix Clan for you. That is the most vital goal!"

    Chu Redcloud said after Yan Littlemoon received her rewards.

    "I know Aunty. I will try my best." After Yan Littlemoon comprehended the Lotus Blooming Step by Step phenomenon, she was also very excited and giddy. This was affirmation and recognition of her talent towards the Fire Laws. Since she had reached this step, she naturally had to try and earn the reputation of the top genius of Fire Spirit Star’s last 10,000 years. She wanted to see whether or not she could earn a drop of phoenix blood essence!

    Yan Littlemoon already had the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Half of her blood was human and the other half was that of a phoenix. If her Ancient Phoenix bloodline became any richer, she would become a Fey.

    It sounded as if Yan Littlemoon’s bloodline had reached the peak, but that was in fact untrue. The perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline was also divided into different grades. If two people had the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, but one had ordinary Ancient Phoenix blood and the other had phoenix plume blood, would they still be the same?

    If she could use the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s special bloodline transplant technique, then she would be able to raise only the quality of her bloodline without affecting the quantity.

    In that way, let alone a single drop of phoenix blood essence, Yan Littlemoon would be able to absorb a hundred drops of phoenix blood essence without it affecting her bloodline density.

    As Yan Littlemoon, Xiao Whitesnow, and the others had all left seclusion and were dazzling others with their newfound abilities, deep within Totem Tower, Lin Ming’s training had entered into a critical period.

    At this time, Lin Ming was completely immersed within the grandmist space. A light fog floated around his body; this was the elementary form of grandmist energy.

    Lin Ming fluttered in space, motionless. His breath and his heartbeat had both stopped as if he had died, a stone carving that remained unmoved for a trillion years…

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