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Chapter 1015:The Origin of Burning Heat

    Chapter 1015:The Origin of Burning Heat




    When Lin Ming first arrived at Fire Spirit Star, his comprehension of Fire Laws was still inferior to that of Huo Yanguang. He hadn’t even been able to reach the third level of the 18 Hells of Flame. But now, he had immediately broken through in a single go. The wild fire origin energy brushed past him like a cool breeze, not affecting him at all.

    The Chaos Laws were the source of all Laws. When Lin Ming was in Totem Tower, he had witnessed the creation and formation of the universe, and was able to understand the key material structure of existence. He knew the essence of the two yin and yang energies. Such a lucky chance was something that not even a World King might be able to obtain.

    Now, after having perceived the Great Dao of the universe’s source, Lin Ming needed to verify his Fire Laws once again. It was like the top imperial scholar returning to his province to take a local civil examination. It would naturally be easy after having mastered everything else!

    "So this is how it is… the first level of the Concept of Fire, Burning Heat, is not as simple as I thought it would be. I thought that my Concept of Burning Heat had already reached perfection, but now I understood that I had simply never understood the essence of the Concept of Burning Heat!"

    Before, Lin Ming had no idea just what burning heat was. He simply thought that it was a single type of energy.

    Burning heat could be conducted, it could breed fire, it could burn down all life, it could annihilate enemies. Lin Ming had once comprehended the Concept of Burning Heat to perfection in Timeworn Phoenix City, and had used that as the foundation to break through the first world of the God Transforming Mirror. But now, after looking back, he realized that his comprehension of the Concept was simply too crude and unrefined.

    Not to mention anything else, he hadn’t even been sure about what the essence of burning heat had been.

    In fact, it wasn’t just Lin Ming, but many powerhouses that excelled in the Concept of Fire didn’t understood what the essence of burning heat was. They merely thought it was the manifestation of one kind of energy.

    The so-called Concept of Burning Heat they comprehended was only something that they used. As for how it worked, they didn’t actually know.

    But now, after Lin Ming had perceived how matter and energy had been composed, he was able to look back at the Concept of Burning Heat and discover that it was the evolution of yin and yang energy.

    The essence of burning heat was the movement produced by the energies coming from yin and yang particles. The faster these particles moved, the higher the temperature would be. When the speed of these particles reached the limit, so would their temperature!

    There were even some Divine Transformation or Divine Lord powerhouses that had assumed they had comprehended the Concept of Burning Heat to perfection, that their understandings had reached the peak. But they never realized that above perfection was an even deeper meaning. That was… to comprehend the origin.

    If Lin Ming hadn’t been able to see the formation of matter then he would never have realized this. The source of burning heat stemmed from the twin energies of yin and yang. On the surface, there didn’t seem to be any connection at all.

    The mysteries of the universe’s Laws were difficult to imagine. Even after seeing it with his own eyes, Lin Ming still wasn’t able to fully become aware of it, so it was completely useful for him to tell others of what he knew. Even those World Kings who understood the composition of matter to a degree wouldn’t be able to pass these understandings to their disciples. This was because only by seeing the evolution of yin and yang energies, and seeing the movement and path of the particles, could one understand the inherent revolution of energy for the Laws. The rules of the Laws were nearly impossible to describe.

    Now that Lin Ming had entered the third level of the Hells of Flame, the temperature of the fire origin energy astral winds here was a hundred times the temperature of magma. Normally, if a martial artist needed to resist such a high temperature they would need to consume a massive amount of energy. But, after Lin Ming had comprehended the source of Burning Heat, all he needed to do was use a bit of his own energy and slow down the tiny particles of energy within the fiery astral winds to slow them down, lowering their heat and thus easily resist them!

    Third level, 7000 miles…

    Third level, 8000 miles…

    Lin Ming continued to rush downwards. As time passed, everyone who had been laughing at Lin Ming had shut up. In truth, 8000 miles into the third level wasn’t much at all:it was similar to Huo Yanguang’s current progress. But, none of them forgot that Lin Ming’s comprehension of the Fire Laws had been extremely weak. Moreover, he had spent the last year in seclusion perceiving the chaos stones. The chaos stones did not discuss something as specific as the Concept of Fire, but were a general outline of the Laws within the entire universe. They were all-encompassing, holding all ideas, and yet being obscure and nearly impossible to discern. If one meditated on the chaos stones, just how much would they be able to enhance their comprehension of the Concept of Fire?

    If it was said that Lin Ming had meditated on the Extreme Dao Heaven Tablet to reach this depth then no one would have been surprised. But he had managed to make such progress after meditating on the chaos stones; it was simply beyond anyone’s understanding.

    "How could this be… Lin Ming has actually made so much progress in the last year? If he continues then he’ll break through to the fourth level and reach Xiao Whitesnow’s level." A Charming Phoenix Palace disciple said with incredulity in her voice.

    "Humph, Lin Ming is still the number one talent of Phoenix Cry Palace after all. Even if his enlightenment in Laws is lacking, he is still able to rely on his deep true essence to make up for that deficit. This doesn’t mean anything at all. Once he reaches the fourth level, the difficulty will shoot up to another level and he won’t be able to continue so languidly anymore. When Littlemoon came out of seclusion she also reached the fourth level!" Chu Redcloud sneered.

    At this time, Lin Ming had already traveled 9000 miles into the third level; he would soon pass into the fourth level.

    At this depth, Lin Ming began to slow down, he didn’t blaze downwards like before. After reaching 9500 miles, his speed was only 20% of what it was at the start. This was because he needed time to enlighten himself on the source of the Burning Heat Concept. He needed to reaffirm and sort out the understandings he had obtained from the Law fragments in Totem Tower.

    None of them had thought perfection was not the ultimate limit of Concepts. It was more precise to say that the comprehension of Laws never had a limit to begin with.

    Even though Lin Ming had comprehended the essence of burning heat, his understanding still hadn’t reached the limit. There were different particles and they all had different properties and moved differently, and all of them needed to be carefully thought over.

    The Laws of the universe were unimaginably vast. Even an Empyrean would never be able to comprehend one ten thousandth of their complete exquisiteness. The only thing that a martial artist could do was solidify their foundation as much as possible. Only when one’s foundation was solid would they be able to deduce and comprehend higher boundaries of Laws.

    "Honorable Mater was right. Lin Ming is really slowing down." Many Charming Phoenix Palace disciples echoed out. "If this continues then the fourth level will be his limit."

    Chu Redcloud stroked her hair as she looked at the fire spirit mirror in the sky. She muttered to herself, "This brat has quite the ability. He was able to perceive the chaos stones to such a degree and actually reach the fourth level."

    9500 miles…

    9600 miles…

    9700 miles…

    Lin Ming’s speed became increasingly slow. What he needed was not to break through in a single go, to demonstrate his strength, nor to bathe in the adulation and praise of others. What he needed was to use the 18 Hells of Flame to temper his understanding of Laws, precipitating everything he had accumulated and make a breakthrough!


    Lin Ming officially broke through the 9999 mile mark of the third level and entered the fourth level of the Hells of Flame.

    Then, fourth level 2000 miles, fourth level 3000 miles, fourth level 4000 miles! Without noticing it, Lin Ming’s depth had already surpassed Xiao Whitesnow’s! But, his speed also slowed down. Although he had become extremely slow, to the point that others would have thought he would stop at any moment, he still continued downwards without stopping.

    At this point, the martial artists present slowly turned from surprise to stunned awe. Lin Ming had actually surpassed Xiao Whitesnow?

    Xiao Whitesnow had meditated on the 90 Foot Burning Heaven Tablet, a totem stone that was only inferior to the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. Moreover, Xiao Whitesnow was a balanced genius:he was decent in both combat and Laws. But now, in terms of Laws, he had been surpassed by Lin Ming!

    How could this be? Lin Ming had clearly meditated on the chaos stones in Totem Tower for an entire year. Could he really have managed to perceive some things from the chaos stones?

    On Phoenix Cry Palace’s side, Sun Cyprestar was pleasantly surprised as he gazed at the fire spirit mirror in the air. Lin Ming’s performance was far better than what he had expected!

    "He actually surpassed Xiao Whitesnow. This brat Lin Ming, I wonder just what he was able to perceive in this last year. It’s really unbelievable. Even if he is defeated now, I’ll still be satisfied in his progress." Sun Cyprestar still couldn’t understand what was happening. Lin Ming had meditated over the chaos stones in Totem Tower for the last year, so how could he manage to comprehend any truths about the Fire Laws from the chaos stones?

    The scene that appeared within the fire spirit mirror was only a virtual projection. With Sun Cyprestar’s boundary, he wasn’t able to fully assess Lin Ming’s situation from this virtual projection. But high in the air, what Monarch Sweetyfox was able to see was a completely different scene.

    Monarch Sweetyfox also had the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Without a doubt, out of everyone present, she was the one with the deepest comprehension of the Fire Laws.

    She stared at Lin Ming, her thin eyebrows pressed together.

    "Am I seeing things? All the way until the fourth floor Lin Ming has only used the Concept of Burning Heat. He hasn’t even touched the Concept of Annihilation or the Concept of Creation."

    This was completely beyond common sense. Generally speaking, in the third level one had to face a temperature so high that it would instantly evaporate tempered gold. One had to use the Concept of Creation to transform that energy into something more palatable. If one used the Concept of Burning Heat and their control was lacking, then that would be adding fuel to the fire!

    "What’s wrong?" Duke Golden Sword casually asked as he saw Monarch Sweetyfox frown. He had always been a greenhorn when it came to Laws and Concepts. Even if he saw Lin Ming up close in person rushing through the 18 Hells of Flame, he would only be able to come up with some general observations. And now that he was looking at this scene from the fire spirit mirror, he could only be a spectator that was watching for fun.

    "No… nothing’s wrong." Monarch Sweetyfox shook her head.

    Duke Gold Sword thought that Monarch Sweetyfox was not too optimistic about Lin Ming. He chuckled and said, "Are you dissatisfied with Lin Ming’s results? This boy Lin Ming’s comprehension of Fire Laws is only ordinary. Of course he cannot compare to the past you. But that doesn’t matter. One’s true ability can only be seen in the heat of combat. That is the only strength that matters. This boy is exactly to my tastes. This time I will definitely give him some pointers. Perhaps in the future I can transfer him to my Disciplinary Enforcement Division."

    The Disciplinary Enforcement Division was a troop directly subordinate to the Disciplinary Elder. They were equal to the Nine Furnace Divine Kingdom’s Nine Furnace Guard. They wielded the authority of enforcing laws and their power and influence was terrifyingly great. In the Disciplinary Enforcement Division, every single member was a peak master that excelled in combat. Duke Golden Sword was the captain of the Disciplinary Enforcement Division and also the successor to be the next Disciplinary Elder. The Disciplinary Enforcement Division were treated exceedingly well and were provided with many, many resources. Duke Golden Sword had no reason to believe that Lin Ming would refuse his offer.

    "This is still ordinary?" Monarch Sweetyfox echoed Duke Golden Sword’s words. Her delicate and beautiful eyelids trembled for a brief moment as a ridiculous idea popped up in her mind. But she shook her head, immediately denying it. "I’m just imagining things."

    Time passed a minute and second at a time. After two hours passed, Lin Ming’s speed became increasingly slow. When he reached 7000 miles into the fourth level, he simply stopped where he was. It was unknown just what he was doing.

    He seemed to be accumulating his strength and perceiving something. A moment later, he even sat cross-legged in the air, his eyes closed in meditation!

    This left all the people waiting in the square flabbergasted. Just what was Lin Ming doing? Normally, a martial artist would take advantage of their momentum and rush down as far as they could in a single go. But Lin Ming had actually stopped where he was. Wasn’t he just wasting his energy?

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