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Chapter 1017:Bloom For Me, Heretical God Sprout!

    Chapter 1017:Bloom For Me, Heretical God Sprout!




    "He broke through! He has surpassed Yan Littlemoon!"

    As everyone watched Lin Ming rush forwards with unstoppable momentum, no one suspected that he wouldn’t be able to break through the fifth level 6000 mile distance. Even so, as they watched him break that marker, all the martial artists felt as if they were caught up in a dream. Yan Littlemoon had the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline and had meditated on the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal. In their eyes, she was a nearly insurmountable existence. Even so, such a person was brutally flung behind by Lin Ming!

    Moreover, after surpassing Yan Littlemoon, Lin Ming’s speed was still 10 times the speed of sound!

    As Yan Littlemoon saw Lin Ming shatter the fifth level 6000 mile distance, she suddenly began to tremble. She bit her lips. In that instant, a strange feeling began to swell up in her heart. Although she was well aware that her talent wasn’t amazing when placed within the entire Divine Realm, she still couldn’t bear that the record she just set had been mercilessly broken by a youth that was around the same age she was. And a year ago this youth was still far behind her!

    Yan Littlemoon could accept it if she was inferior to others from the start, but she couldn’t accept that she had been overshadowed by someone who had been far weaker than she was a year ago. This severely crushed and ruined her glory and pride!

    This sort of situation caused even her own confidence to waver. She inevitably developed suspicions about herself. She suspected, was she really a proud daughter of heaven within her generation? If she was, then how could she be so different from others?

    Fifth level 7000 miles, fifth level 8000 miles, Lin Ming flew deeper and deeper down, passing 20 miles with a single breath of time. In an incense stick worth of time, that was 2000 miles!

    At 8000 miles into the fifth level, the surrounding temperature suddenly shot up to 200 times the temperature of magma. Not just that, but as Lin Ming passed through the wild friction of the fire origin energy within the Hells of Flame at breakneck speed, it was a pressure that even a top grade saint artifact would find difficult to withstand!

    But Lin Ming was able to withstand it. It wasn’t that his defensive ability was tougher than a top grade saint artifact’s, but he used the Fire Laws to continuously resolve the burning power of fire.

    All of the martial artists present were already left speechless. This momentum… was he really going to break through to the sixth level?

    A genius that could break through to the sixth level of the 18 Hells of Flame only appeared within Fire Spirit Star once in every 1000 years! In the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan with the three great families and the 72 palaces combined, that meant that such a talent would appear every 20-30 years. These people had an extremely high hope of becoming a Palace Master in the future!

    And, those geniuses had only passed through the sixth level at the end of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial.

    As for now, the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial was only half finished. Yan Littlemoon had only made it 6000 miles into the fifth level, but Lin Ming would soon enter the sixth level!

    If this continued, then there was a chance that Lin Ming could attack the seventh level before the smelting trial ended. This was simply an unimaginable feat!

    "The seventh level of the Hells of Flame is the legendary domain of god!" A disciple mumbled to himself. To a rookie disciple, the 18 Hells of Flame’s seventh level was called the domain of god. The reason it had such a name was that anyone who managed to step into the seventh level as a rookie disciple would have a high chance of becoming the Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan in the future. That was the same as a god to the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan!

    "The beast! The madman! I really can’t understand what just happened. How did he manage to perceive such exquisite Fire Laws from the chaos stones!?"

    "No wonder Lin Ming dared to ask about what the standards were for the phoenix blood essence. It seems that Lin Ming really has a high chance of completing the Thousand Slaughter! Even though he might not be able to do it now, a year from now he can achieve that goal at the end of the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial!"

    "Phoenix blood essence… I can’t even dream of that…"

    As the phoenix blood essence was mentioned, all of the disciples revealed expressions of desire and envy. Let alone phoenix blood essence, even a drop of phoenix heart blood would make them ecstatic with joy. Beyond that, for phoenix marrow blood and phoenix coronet blood, that was even more unimaginable. And for phoenix blood essence, that was no different from a fairy tale to them. It was the same as a common farmer looking up at the throne of the emperor; it would forever be a distant dream, always out of reach.

    As these disciples were speaking, Lin Ming finally broke through the end of the fifth level and flew into the sixth!

    In the sixth level the temperature of the flames soared up by a ridiculous degree, reaching 300 times the temperature of magma! And in the space of the sixth level, the fire origin energy actually condensed into tiny dao diagrams that were swept up in the astral winds and impacted towards Lin Ming.

    The fire origin energy in the sixth level was no longer simply blazing and tyrannical, but condensed into postcelestial dao diagrams that attacked all intruders!

    If the fire origin energy before the sixth level was a group of straggling and scattered soldiers, then from the sixth level, the fire origin energy turned into tight phalanxes, multiplying their power and rushing forwards!

    The pressure of the sixth level was incomparable to that of the fifth!

    Since ancient times, countless outstanding and extraordinary heroes of the Ancient Phoenix Clan had been stopped at the sixth level. There was only an extremely tiny minority that managed to break through to the seventh level. As for Xiao Daoji and Huang Yuefeng, both of them were at the eighth stage of Life Destruction when they just barely managed to break into the seventh level.

    Even Lin Ming now felt the pressure on his body double and triple and his speed plummeting.

    "The sixth level. Lin Ming’s speed has already slowed down to the speed of sound. He should be able to reach 1000-2000 miles into the sixth floor, but as for entering the seventh floor, that is simply impossible. However, he has a chance of accomplishing that before the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial ends. There really is a chance that he can obtain the drop of phoenix blood essence. Lin Ming has the capital to challenge the standards sent down by headquarters!"

    In the skies, Monarch Sweetyfox said out loud as her unblinking eyes were locked onto the fire spirit mirror.

    Monarch Sweetyfox had an extremely accurate grasp of the Fire Laws. When Lin Ming had been hiding his strength, she had managed to see through him. She didn’t speak out at the time because she couldn’t believe her own eyes. But Lin Ming wasn’t able to hide his strength any longer, because he was relying on the pressure of the Hells of Flame to fuse the three levels of Fire Concepts together.

    Monarch Sweetyfox also had extremely good judgment. To the present Lin Ming, the greater the pressure the better. If he hid his strength right now then the pressure on him would be insufficient and he would fail at his fusion attempts.

    He had already consumed a massive amount of energy. Even with the Gate of Healing supporting him, he was still reaching his limit. With a light crackling sound, breaches began to appear in Lin Ming’s protective true essence.

    "Mm? He still hasn’t slowed down?"

    Monarch Sweetyfox’s eyebrows shot up. Although the speed of sound wasn’t fast, the fire origin energy of the sixth level was extremely explosive and dangerous. Even at the speed of sound, the pressure he would have to withstand was tremendous. Lin Ming’s smartest move was to drop down to the speed of sound. Only like this would he be able to go further. Otherwise, Lin Ming wouldn’t have been able to even reach 1000 miles into the sixth level.

    "I understand now. Lin Ming’s fusion of Laws has reached the critical point. If he slows down now then he’ll fail, but if he continues at this speed then he won’t be able to withstand it either."

    If Lin Ming slowed down then the pressure on him would be reduced. But, his fusion of the three Fire Concepts was reaching the key moment. If he slowed down now then he would fail at the end. This was similar to turning down the fire right before a pot of water reached the boiling point!

    If he gave up now then all his previous efforts would be wasted!

    But wasn’t wanting to continue easier said than done?

    Now all that remained to be seen was whether or not Lin Ming could complete the initial fusion of Concepts before his protective true essence shattered. If he was able to fuse them together, then even if he failed immediately afterwards, he would still absolutely be able to break through to the seventh floor within the next year!

    If Lin Ming could then complete the Thousand Slaughter within the Illusionary God Combat Array, he would be able to obtain the drop of phoenix blood essence, a treasure that could cause the countless heroic young elites, Elders, and Palace Masters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan to go crazy with want!

    Ka ka ka!

    The cracks in Lin Ming’s protective true essence grew larger and larger even as more of them appeared. But, the fusion of Concepts was always a single step away from success. Monarch Sweetyfox sighed. "What a pity. He’s just a step away from success. The first attempt is always the best. If Lin Ming is able to succeed in fusing the Concepts on his first try, then he will be able to save a massive amount of time in his comprehension of Laws."

    Monarch Sweetyfox’s voice was slow and quiet. But now, because everyone was focused on watching Lin Ming rush towards the seventh level, all of them were silent. Thus, her voice was heard far and wide.

    As the martial artists present heard Monarch Sweetyfox’s explanation, only then did they figure out what Lin Ming was doing. As for Duke Golden Sword and Sun Cyprestar, they felt sorry for Lin Ming. Even so, in terms of achievements alone at this moment, Lin Ming was far beyond Xiao Daoji and Huang Yuefeng of the past!

    As everyone thought that Lin Ming’s attempt to fuse the Concepts would have a miserable end, he was focused on his own struggle. He completely converged all of his soul force, pouring his entire being into his dantian!

    Lin Ming’s star-like eyes blazed with a dazzling incandescence!

    "Bloom for me, Heretical God Sprout!"

    Wuu –

    Within Lin Ming, his spiritual sea began to violently seethe and tumble as his gold battle spirit roared out. All around Lin Ming, the fire origin energy astral winds began breaking into his body but were actually suppressed by a pale gold power. The wild and fierce fire energy was forcefully tamed as it rushed into his meridians, surging towards his dantian like a rising tide.

    The fire origin energy of the sixth level was too rich. It gathered together at a maddening speed, and within this raging inferno of energy, the Heretical God Sprout began to slowly stretch out its leaves.

    "What? What is that!?" Duke Golden Sword’s eyes widened.

    "Heavens! That is… that is a gold battle spirit!!? A sixth stage Life Destruction junior actually comprehended a gold battle spirit? That is simply… inconceivable!!!"

    A gold battle spirit was something that normally only a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse would be able to comprehend. Moreover, only an outstanding Divine Transformation genius would be able to do so. For instance, Phoenix Hall disciples, Phoenix Hall Protectors, and so forth.

    As for those worse Divine Transformation realm powerhouses, such as the Ancient Devil that had attached itself to Yang Yun, they only managed to comprehend a perfect silver battle spirit.

    Only a single step separated a perfect silver battle spirit and a gold battle spirit. But, this single step was as far away as the horizon:they simply couldn’t be compared!

    And at this time, as Monarch Sweetyfox closed her eyes, her voice actually had a faint tremble to it.

    "Not only is that a gold battle spirit, but within Lin Ming’s body there is also some kind of Law phenomenon!"

    Out of all the martial artists present, and in fact, out of all the martial artists and supreme elders that Lin Ming had ever encountered before, excluding Empyrean Primordius and the ancient goddess who had died, out of all the ones living, Monarch Sweetyfox was the person with the greatest comprehension of Laws. Her understanding surpassed even Fairy Feng’s!

    She could feel some sort of phenomenon occurring within Lin Ming’s body that belonged to the Fire Laws. Perhaps there was even another Law phenomenon within him! This sort of phenomenon was similar to the Blue Lotus Domain or Lotus Blooming Step by Step. But, the rank was far higher. In fact, there was no comparing them at all!

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