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Chapter 1018:Fusing the Three Concepts

    Chapter 1018:Fusing the Three Concepts




    "What? Law phenomenon?" Duke Golden Sword was startled as he heard Monarch Sweetyfox speak. "What sort of phenomenon?"

    "I have no idea. I’ve never seen it before!" Monarch Sweetyfox shook her head.

    There were all sorts of phenomena that a martial artist could produce, and they were separated into many different categories. Among them were some directly related to combat, and some related to Laws.

    Martial artists had different bloodlines, talent, good fortunes, bad fortunes, destiny, physique, perception of Laws, cultivation methods, and thousands upon thousands of other variables that were always changing. Thus, there were countless different phenomena that could appear within a martial artist, so it wasn’t strange for Monarch Sweetyfox to encounter one she hadn’t experienced before.

    The Blue Lotus Domain and Lotus Blooming Step by Step could be considered types of phenomenon. The definition of a phenomenon was extremely broad, and even vague.

    Back on the Sky Spill Continent when Lin Ming fought with Situ Yaoyue, she had the Extreme Violet Dantian, thus she could form the Extreme Violet Domain. That could also be considered a type of phenomenon. When he fought with Whitedemon, Whitedemon had been able to use his hydra bloodline to form a hydra phantom; this was also a type of phenomenon.

    Phenomena were divided into varying quality, with those that were better and those that were weaker. A low level phenomenon wasn’t anything at all, but a high level phenomenon like Lotus Blooming Step by Step was impressive enough to amaze others.

    And above Lotus Blooming Step by Step there were even more extraordinary phenomena. For instance, some phenomena were directly involved with a martial artist’s inner world. There were some Divine Lord realm powerhouses that had a phenomenon where their inner world was 10 times greater and 10 times tougher than others’. And, the source of a Divine Lord powerhouse’s strength was the heaven and earth origin energy condensed within their inner world, as well as the worship of those existences within. If there was a 10 times difference in inner worlds, then the disparity in combat strength could be imagined.

    As for the phenomenon occurring within Lin Ming’s body, Monarch Sweetyfox had never seen or heard of it before. Even so, he was able to swallow the wild fire origin energy within the Hells of Flame’s sixth level, and he was even able to affect the surrounding revolution of Fire Laws around him. Thus, the rank of this phenomenon could be imagined!

    "Just what adventures has Lin Ming gone through, what experiences and what fortuitous encounters has he had? The strength of his bloodline is clearly so light, yet why was he able to comprehend such a formidable phenomenon?"

    Monarch Sweetyfox muttered to herself. "If it was said that Lin Ming has some amazingly powerful Law phenomenon within his body, then in addition to his marvelous perception, him obtaining such comprehensions is… no, I still can’t believe it. This can only be described as… a monstrous genius!"

    As Monarch Sweetyfox was marveling over the Law phenomenon within Lin Ming’s body, all of the other martial artists present were gawking at Lin Ming’s gold battle spirit. In truth, they simply weren’t able to feel or make out the phenomenon of the Heretical God Sprout.

    They knew that Lin Ming was a battle spirit genius. Moreover, he had used that as his foundation to perfectly open the Gate of Opening, gaining a perception that transcended common understanding.

    But, no one imagined that Lin Ming would be able to push his battle spirit into the gold level at just the sixth stage of Life Destruction!

    There was a fundamental difference between a gold battle spirit and a silver battle spirit.

    A silver battle spirit could be used to strengthen a martial artist’s attacks, but it wasn’t a decisive and direct factor in a martial artist’s combat strength. Its greatest function in a fight between martial artists of similar boundaries was to strengthen weapons, making them sharper and more durable. If two martial artists fought and one of them had their weapon cut off, how could the battle continue?

    However, if both sides had a high-grade saint artifact, then the effect of a battle spirit would be greatly weakened. This was because an ordinary Life Destruction or Divine Sea martial artist didn’t have the ability to destroy a high-grade saint artifact in a collision of weapons.

    A silver battle spirit could be said to only be improving on perfection.

    But a gold battle spirit was different. Once one achieved a gold battle spirit, the battle spirit would be so powerful that it could form a projection of their world of will and affect the real world.

    From a silver battle spirit to a golden battle spirit, there was a great moat that separated them. And to cross over this moat, one needed to accumulate a massive amount of energy and experience. But Lin Ming had managed to form his gold battle spirit at the sixth stage of Life Destruction. How could this not cause the other young disciples who labeled themselves as geniuses to feel powerless and frustrated?

    In the sixth level of the Hells of Flame, a sea of fire filled the world. Lin Ming was completely unaware of everything happening in Totem Tower’s square as he focused his concentration on fusing the Concepts.

    Heretical God Sprout:!

    Three flame leaves!

    Three thunder leaves!

    Of the three flame leaves, one was shaped like a heart, one was shaped like a stone tablet, and the last was shaped like a blue lotus.

    Of the three thunder leaves, one was shaped like a sword, one was shaped like a golden tripod with a purple lion relief carved into it, and the last was shaped like a sovereign heavy sword.

    The six leaves each represented a different Law. At this time, all of these leaves emitted a luminous light, continuously swallowing up all the surging fire origin within Lin Ming’s body! At this moment, the fire origin energy that was able to destroy all life was nothing but fertile land to the Heretical God Sprout!

    The fire origin energy of the Hells of Flame’s sixth level was extremely fierce. But, underneath the dual suppression of the gold battle spirit’s world of will projection and the Heretical God Sprout, this formed a tentative balance within Lin Ming’s body. And the moment that this balance was reached, there was a change within the three levels of Concepts in Lin Ming’s body. In this blazing hot heat, there were all sorts of wondrous changes!

    If one used their senses to investigate Lin Ming’s body, then they would discover that there were runes appearing on Lin Ming’s skeleton. These runes began to shine. They symbolized the first three levels of Concepts of the Fire Laws!

    Originally, Lin Ming’s Laws were etched onto the Heretical God Sprout where they condensed into little totem runes. But now, Lin Ming had perceived the Laws and the Heretical God Sprout took a supporting role. Thus, the Law runes naturally inscribed themselves onto his body instead, where the formed mysterious marks on his bones.

    These runes were carved onto Lin Ming’s bones and flesh. But now it seemed as if they were melting together, fusing as one.

    The runes on his bones were of three different colors. The rune that symbolizing the Concept of Burning Heat was a vivid red, the rune that symbolized the Concept of Annihilation was black red, and the rune that symbolized the Concept of Creation was blue green. And now, these three runes were gathering on top of Lin Ming’s bones, fusing together as one. This was different from when Lin Ming created his martial skills in Thunderfire Annihilation and Penetrating Rainbow; they were only a combination of the Concepts of Thunder and Fire. But what was happening within his body, on his bones, was a true Law fusion!

    "Lin Ming, he… he succeeded!?"

    Monarch Sweetyfox sucked in a breath of cold air. From perceiving the Fire Laws, to impacting the sixth level of the Hells of Flame, and now where he began the preliminary fusion of three different levels of Concepts, everything that happened to Lin Ming today was simply a legend!

    Because of Lin Ming’s abnormally fierce perception, the Heretical God Sprout’s ability to control the power of fire, and also the effect that the Primordius martial intent had on the Chaos Laws that allowed Lin Ming to perceive the chaos stones and see the evolution of matter and energy, and also the forming of the universe, all of these powerful advantages had resulted in this present miracle.

    Of course, this was inseparable from Lin Ming’s solid foundation. If it weren’t for his impossibly deep true essence and his meridians that were tough to a ridiculous level that allowed him to withstand the violent and tyrannical power of fire, everything else would have been useless!

    After less than half an incense stick of time, the three different kinds of runes that were etched into Lin Ming’s body melted and reformed, slowly fusing into one.

    The three different levels of Concepts had finally completed their preliminary fusion.

    Lin Ming knew that this was only the start. The Laws of the universe were infinitely mysterious. In the future as his strength increased, his comprehension of the source of matter and the source of the universe would become increasingly deep, and this fusion would become increasingly thorough!

    Even so, among all the disciples of the three branch palaces present, including even the Divine Transformation realm disciples, in terms of just the first three Concepts of the Fire Laws, Lin Ming’s comprehension far surpassed all of theirs!

    In the 18 Hells of Flame, the crazy and violent fire origin energy astral winds gushed into Lin Ming’s body. They were first weakened by the dual Concepts of Burning Heat and Annihilation, then transformed into pure energy by the Concept of Creation before being easily absorbed. With the strength of the three fused Concepts, the fiery astral winds were easily melted away. Lin Ming continued shooting down the 18 Hells of Flame with a near-unstoppable momentum!


    In that moment, an intense explosion blew up around Lin Ming. The thick fire origin energy around him was savagely thrown away by the shockwaves. Lin Ming’s body shot down like a meteor, continuing to rush towards the Hells of Flame’s seventh level!

    The speed of sound…

    Two times the speed of sound…

    Three times the speed of sound…

    All the way until 10 times the speed of sound!

    Lin Ming’s speed once again increased to 10 times the speed of sound!

    Bang bang bang!

    Because Lin Ming’s speed was too quick and the dense fiery astral winds were crudely and rapidly separated by him, this caused rolling thunderclaps to fill the air, reverberating within the interior of Fire Spirit Star. Everyone standing on the ground could feel the earth beneath them tremble, as if an earthquake was happening!

    Sixth level 2000 miles, sixth level 3000 miles, sixth level 4000 miles, the depth rapidly increased!

    The three branch palace’s disciples, as well as the several Elders present, were completely dumbfounded, some of them panic-stricken. They didn’t know what sort of change had happened in Lin Ming’s body just now. All they saw was Lin Ming coming to a near standstill in the purgatory like flames of the sixth level. Then, his speed shot up and he began rushing towards the center of Fire Spirit star with unstoppable momentum!

    Fire Spirit Star was a massive planet that gathered an infinite amount of wild and raging fire origin energy from all over. Although it was a planet, the truth was that the temperature and intensity within the core was no less than that of a small sun. But now, Lin Ming was passing through the sixth level with monstrous speed, as if he were flying through the skies of a windswept prairie!


    "This defies the heavens! This goes against heaven’s will!"

    "Didn’t Lin Ming reach his limit? Why did he suddenly break out with such speed? Was he hiding his strength just now?" Many disciples didn’t know just what happened to Lin Ming.

    "That’s impossible… Lin Ming should have completed a breakthrough just now. He is truly a monstrous genius… in the trial of the 18 Hells of Flame, everyone is giving their all to go as deep as they can go. They already thank the heavens and earth if they can display their best results. But now, Lin Ming actually used this time to make a breakthrough in such a dangerous situation… monster… he is a monster!"

    The one who spoke was White Daohong. Towards this junior-apprentice brother of his, White Daohong had to admit complete defeat. After a few more years he would have to leave Phoenix Hall and become a Hall Protector. This would be his last Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. Even so, he had no regrets. He never imagined that during his last smelting trial he would be able to personally witness something that would be forever recorded in the annals of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s history.

    "Is he going to break through to the seventh level in a single attempt?"

    Lu Xiaoyun sucked in a cold breath as she mumbled to herself. And behind Lu Xiaoyun was Yan Littlemoon.

    Yan Littlemoon was pale and her lips were gently trembling. If there was someone present that had the strongest changes in emotions due to the miracles being created by Lin Ming, that would be Yan Littlemoon.

    Today would be a day that would be eternally engraved into Yan Littlemoon’s mind. She would never be able to forget it!

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