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Chapter 1021:Ten Thousand  Flames Burning Sun

    Chapter 1021:Ten ThousandFlames Burning Sun




    The different types of phoenix blood that the three masters put forth floated in the air. The blood would be used when Lin Ming was crossing Life Destruction and his body was completely disintegrated, where they would be able to completely fuse into his bloodline.

    Transforming the bloodline also had to proceed in an ordered manner. Through this fusion, it would create a better foundation for Lin Ming’s bloodline to withstand absorbing the phoenix blood essence and the baptism that followed it in the future.

    At this time, on Phoenix Cry Palace’s side, Sun Cyprestar suddenly remembered something as he watched all of this. He glanced over at Chu Redcloud and smiled very widely as he said, "Fairy Chu, I remember that you made a bet and also owe me a drop of phoenix heart blood. That drop of phoenix heart blood was originally for Lin Ming, and since Lin Ming is crossing Life Destruction right now, it is the best moment to make up for his faint bloodline. You might as well take that drop of phoenix heart blood out right now."

    Sun Cyprestar’s words grated on Chu Redcloud’s ears like nails on chalk!

    Chu Redcloud’s body shook and her complexion became extremely ugly. The truth was that there was still a year before her bet with Sun Cyprestar came to a close, and it was far too early. Even so, even if Chu Redcloud was absolutely unwilling to acknowledge it, she also realized that it was likely impossible for Yan Littlemoon to ever catch up to Lin Ming.

    She had completely lost the bet. Not only had she lost the arctic ice immortal stamen and a drop of phoenix heart blood, but she lost her honor.

    "Sun Cyprestar, our bet still isn’t over yet, so what are you in such a hurry for!"

    "Hehe, I know that, but isn’t the result already obvious?" Sun Cyprestar was not some kind-hearted man. After being bullied by Chu Redcloud without the ability to retaliate, a fire had long been smoldering in his heart. Now that Chu Redcloud had suffered a bout of misfortune, why wouldn’t he take this chance to stomp on her a bit? "If you think that Yan Littlemoon can still catch up to Lin Ming after a year, then I’ll wait. Even so, how about you take out that drop of phoenix heart blood right now, and a year later, if Yan Littlemoon can catch up to Lin Ming, I’ll compensate you with 10 drops instead? That is if you believe in yourself so much!"

    Chu Redcloud’s face turned bright red. In front of so many people, she couldn’t find the words to refuse Sun Cyprestar. Otherwise she would develop a reputation that she was a person who couldn’t pay her debts.

    She suppressed the humiliation in her head and said in a grim voice, "I do not have any phoenix heart blood with me right now!"

    Chu Redcloud couldn’t pull out a drop of phoenix heart blood at the moment. She was different from Monarch Sweetyfox and Duke Golden Sword. They had brought their phoenix heart blood with them as a reward all along, but if Chu Redcloud had any phoenix heart blood she would have used it already, so how could she just casually keep some with her?

    "It doesn’t matter, you can borrow it from Yan Littlemoon. If I remember correctly, when Yan Littlemoon broke through the fifth level 5000 mile distance of the Hells of Flame, she also obtained some phoenix heart blood as a reward." Sun Cyprestar said, not caring if he sounded unreasonable.

    Chu Redcloud had never been so mortified before. She actually had to ask a junior to borrow the rewards she received in order to pay a bet she lost. This was simply her life’s greatest shame.

    "Aunty, let it go, we’ve really lost this time." Yan Littlemoon bit her lips as she spoke in a soft voice. She touched her spatial ring and threw out a jade bottle; this was the phoenix heart blood.

    Sun Cyprestar smiled as he received the jade box. With a flick of his fingers, he threw the drop of phoenix heart blood in the air. As Lin Ming was crossing Life Destruction this time, there were around 70-80 drops of phoenix heart blood worth of phoenix bloodline in the air. But, every drop of phoenix heart blood was extremely precious; every single drop would be able to give Lin Ming that much greater of an advantage.

    "Senior Ruby Sovereign, you may begin." Blackwood said.

    "Haha, good! What a luxurious bloodline power! Even a peak talent from a distinguished family of the Ancient Phoenix Clan might not have so much phoenix bloodline at their disposal. This is enough to lay down a solid foundation for Lin Ming. I believe that Lin Ming will also remember your kindness from today!"

    The Ruby Sovereign laughed and a beam of red light suddenly shot out from the depths of the 18 Hells of Flame. It wrapped around the phoenix blood and dragged it all downwards.

    There was 60,000 miles separating the surface from the seventh level that Lin Ming was located at. But with the supernatural powers of the Ruby Sovereign shifting space itself, the phoenix blood arrived in a mere blink of the eye.

    "We’re starting!"

    As the Ruby Sovereign spoke, a massive distortion occurred in the seventh level of the Hells of Flame. An immense amount of fire origin energy condensed, gathering and forming into the image of a fierce-looking man. This man had a face as wild as a lion; he was the artifact spirit of the 18 Hells of Flame, the Ruby Sovereign.

    The Ruby Sovereign had already existed for countless tens of thousands of years, and no one knew just how high his cultivation was. But, just from the fact that the Ruby Sovereign was able to split his divine sense into tens of thousands of strands to look after and secure the safety of every trial challenger in the Hells of Flame, one could approximate his strength. He was simply an unfathomably powerful old monster.

    As the Ruby Sovereign appeared, all of the fire origin energy of the seventh level turned docile as if it were soldiers greeting the general. No matter how high Lin Ming’s comprehension of the Fire Laws was, when it came to controlling the fire origin energy within the Hells of Flame, he couldn’t even compare to a single percent of the Ruby Sovereign. This was because the Ruby Sovereign was the true master of the Hells of Flame!

    The Ruby Sovereign pushed his hands out. Between his hands, a massive amount of the power of fire rushed out.

    When Lin Ming crossed the sixth stage of Life Destruction, he had done so with Fairy Feng’s help and the aid of the Nirvanic Sacred Flame.

    But now, the power of fire within the Ruby Sovereign’s hands was completely different. It wasn’t just a single Fire Elemental, but the strength of thousands of flames gathered together, all-encompassing!

    The 18 Hells of Flame was a fire-attribute spirit artifact. Every level had a Fire Elemental, or even multiple Fire Elementals on guard. Moreover, these Fire Elementals weren’t of an ordinary grade.

    The first six levels of the 18 Hells of Flame each had a single Fire Elemental, the next six levels had two Fire Elementals, and the last six levels had three fire elementals, for a total of 36 Fire Elementals!

    Besides Fire Elementals, the 18 Hells of Flames had a massive number of Flame Essences. Every level had hundreds of Flame Essences of different grades. With all of them added together, there was a total of 9999 Flame Essences!

    These Flame Essences and Fire Elementals were all born from Fire Spirit Star after billions of years of history. With a planet that was a giant conflagration of fire origin energy, after such a long time, the amount of Flame Essences and Fire Elementals born could be imagined! And most of these Flame Essences and Fire Elementals were gathered within the 18 Hells of Flame!

    The 18 Hells of Flame took myriad Flame Essences as soldiers, the 36 Fire Elementals as generals, and the Ruby Sovereign as an extremely magnificent spirit artifact!

    And now, around the Ruby Sovereign, flames of all colors shot out from every level of the Hells of Flame. Every single wisp of the power of fire was pulled out from the numerous Flame Essences and Fire Elementals by the Ruby Sovereign.

    9999 Flame Essences and 36 Fire Elementals, the power of fire was extracted from each one!

    When the power of these flames gathered together, fusing as one, it formed a massive sun that floated between the Ruby Sovereign’s hands.

    "Ten Thousand Flames Burning Sun!"

    The Ruby Sovereign directly poured this power of fire into Lin Ming’s body!


    No matter how tenacious Lin Ming’s body was, how tough his meridians were, or how much power of fire the Heretical God Sprout could absorb, it still couldn’t withstand such an instantaneous impact. Lin Ming’s physical body began to disintegrate. His skin, his flesh, his meridians, blood vessels, organs, muscles, bones, marrow, brain, all of it completely exploded! It turned into the purest and tiniest particles of flesh and blood that floated in the surrounding space.

    The process of crossing Life Destruction was extremely risky; it didn’t allow for the slightest disturbance. Crossing Life Destruction in the dangerous Hells of Flame was originally an impossible matter. However, with the Ruby Sovereign supporting him, this impossibility had become possible. Not just that, but the Ruby Sovereign had gathered the power of fire from all over to help temper Lin Ming’s body.

    At the moment Lin Ming’s body disintegrated, his spiritual sea was also torn apart. The feeling was like a million jin steel ball smashing into his head. Along with a fierce headache, Lin Ming could also clearly feel his own soul being decomposed by energy!

    The nine stages of Life Destruction were to cultivate a martial artist’s essence, energy, and divine. The first three stages tempered essence, the second three stages tempered energy, and the last three stages, the so-called ‘divine’, tempered the divine soul. The seventh stage of Life Destruction was the start of tempering the soul!

    No matter what sort of activity it was, anything that involved the soul was extremely risky!

    "This is the seventh stage of Life Destruction, shatter and reform the soul!" Although Lin Ming could feel his own soul disintegrating, his thoughts were still incomparably clear.

    At this moment, the faint voice of the Ruby Sovereign floated into his ears. This voice seemed to come from some distant and imaginary world, hazy and vague.

    "Lin Ming! Defend your mind! With your will as the foundation, shatter your soul. The more thoroughly your soul is shattered, the greater the baptism you will have to withstand and the greater the benefits you will receive in breaking through realms in the future! But, remember that you cannot lose yourself. There is a great risk in shattering and reforming the soul. If your soul is ruptured too greatly then your thoughts will fall into confusion and you may even lose your spirit mark, forever being lost in the maze of your mind, never to return! You have a gold battle spirit:this is your greatest capital. As for what degree you can shatter your soul to, all of that is up to you!"

    When a martial artist attempted to cross the last three stages of Life Destruction, the destruction of the ‘divine’, their body, dantian, and soul would completely disintegrate. But, there would be one thing that would not be destroyed; that was one‘s will!

    The will was the most tenacious aspect of a martial artist. After a Divine Transformation realm powerhouse died, their body would fully decay after thousands of years. But, their will would pass through hundreds of thousands of years without scattering.

    At the last three stages of Life Destruction, the soul would decompose but the will would not. When the soul shattered and swam through the endless void, the will was the lighthouse, the beacon that called to the soul. As long as one’s will didn’t disintegrate, the soul could be reformed.

    Lin Ming focused his mind. With a humming sound, the gold battle spirit hiding in his shattered spiritual sea came flying out. The dark golden light illuminated the surrounding space in the Hells of Flame. The world of will projected into reality, covering Lin Ming’s soul fragments.

    In this space, Lin Ming shattered his soul again and again without reservation!

    When Lin Ming was being enlightened on the forming of life within the chaos space, he came to understand that the soul and physical body were different. The mortal body was formed by yin and yang energies; it was a material existence composed of the tiniest yin and yang particles. But, the soul was a type of energy. It was a field of energy similar to a force field. When this force field was concentrated within a single area, that formed the soul.

    And now, Lin Ming was using his will to lock in this field of energy, decomposing it into the most fundamental soul waves. Then, he tempered it with energy and Laws, completing his own seventh stage of Life Destruction!

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