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Chapter 1025:Rushing the Illusionary God Combat Array

    Chapter 1025:Rushing the Illusionary God Combat Array




    Fire Spirit Star’s Illusionary God Combat Array already had a history of a million years. After the supreme elder of the past laid down this array formation, it had recorded the countless heroic young elites that had passed through it. Then, a simulacrum of these heroic young elites was reproduced through the array formation and energy, forming a killing array. When a trial challenger rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array they would have to face the onslaught of these numerous geniuses.

    Lin Ming silently extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear and slowly flew into the Illusionary God Combat Array. It had already been over a full year since he had last had a hearty and fulfilling battle. Now, his body was bursting with energy, impatient to erupt!

    "I wonder how many people Lin Ming can slay. What happens if he surpasses the Thousand Slaughter?" Several young girls from Charming Phoenix Palace whispered to themselves, lost in a daze as they stared at Lin Ming’s fading back, dreaming of him.

    In fact, Lin Ming was indeed a peerless young heroic elite. Not to mention the great marvels that occurred when he crossed the seventh stage of Life Destruction or his handsome appearance and ethereal temperament, but just based on his talent, future, and also the possibility that he would be able to absorb a drop of phoenix blood essence and obtain the characteristics of a God Beast’s blood essence in his veins, that alone was enough for countless young beauties to wish that they could marry him.

    After having reached this step, it was normal for young girls to be captivated by him.

    "Who knows? No one has managed to complete the Thousand Slaughter in 40,000 years. To complete the Illusionary God Combat Array’s Thousand Slaughter is more difficult than reaching the seventh level of the Hells of Flame. Lin Ming is powerful, but wanting to accomplish this feat won’t be easy. Just a few days ago he had barely managed to reach the seventh level of the Hells of Flame too."

    At this point not many people doubted that Lin Ming would be able to obtain the drop of phoenix blood essence. They were only guessing on how far Lin Ming could go in his first attempt within the Illusionary God Combat Array.

    Hu –

    Lin Ming suddenly shot forwards. His body turned into a ray of light that directly broke into the Illusionary God Combat Array.

    When Lin Ming arrived within the Illusionary God Combat Array, he discovered that he had entered a very broad expanse of space.

    Lin Ming was in a land of fire. Beating flames surrounded him on all sides, dancing in groups around him. Besides that, there was nothing here but a vast, dark and deathly silent plain, incomparably quiet.

    Several hundred feet in front of Lin Ming, a dark gray-clothed person slowly surfaced from the ground. This person was eight feet tall and his features were fierce and demonic. He held a great curved knife in his hand.

    "Mm? This isn’t a human?"

    Lin Ming looked at this gray-clothed man. He had a fifth stage Life Destruction cultivation, two stages lower than Lin Ming himself. This was equal to the most ordinary standard for being a genius in the Divine Realm.

    According to age, as a 29 year old seventh stage Life Destruction martial artist, Lin Ming was considered a standard top talent of one of the 72 branch palaces. But, when placed within the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan, this wasn’t too amazing at all. For instance, Yan Littlemoon had a seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation and was two years younger than he was.

    In other words, once Lin Ming had slain around 500 or 600 people, he would begin to face groups of top seventh and eighth stage Life Destruction masters. When he neared a thousand people, he might even face large squads of ninth stage Life Destruction elites.

    Moreover, these people would not be normal ninth stage Life Destruction masters. That would be the true start of the battle!


    The gray-clothed man raised his curved knife and rushed forwards. This curved knife was a high-grade saint artifact. As the gray-clothed man slashed it down, a knife light shot out like a 10,000 foot bolt of white lightning, splitting apart the atmosphere.

    Lin Ming turned his hand. His body turned into a haze of blue smoke as the Phoenix Blood Spear shot forth like a laser beam!


    The 10,000 foot knife light was torn apart by the Phoenix Blood Spear’s spear light. The spear light continued forth unabated, piercing through that gray-clothed man’s protective true essence and stabbing through his heart.

    Blood splashed all around! The gray-clothed man flew backwards. He smashed into the ground, and then his body began to slowly fade away.

    Lin Ming effortlessly killed his first opponent. This was also a matter of course. Up to this point, Lin Ming had never yet met a genius at his level whose combat strength had surpassed his own. Moreover, this gray-clothed man had only been at the fifth stage of Life Destruction:he was two stages of Life Destruction lower. Killing him was as easy as turning his hand.

    At this time, outside the Illusionary God Combat Array, a star lit up on the arch of the gate. This star represented Lin Ming having slain the first opponent.

    Only two breaths of time had passed for Lin Ming to complete the first kill. No one was surprised by this. They waited for the other stars to start shining, especially the ninth star; that represented completion of the Thousand Slaughter.

    At this time, Monarch Sweetyfox’s thoughts moved. She looked up at the sky and mumbled to herself. "Mm? Some people have arrived. This aura is… high-grade spirit artifact?"

    Just as her voice fell, a rumbling sound filled the sky like endless thunderclaps. The skies above Fire Spirit Star were torn asunder, and a massive scroll flew out from that shattered space. It slowly unfurled in the skies, forming countless beautiful and exquisite images. These scenes were clearly part of the scroll, and yet when they were projected into the skies of Fire Spirit Star they seemed completely lifelike. They formed a separate domain of space in the skies.

    "That is the Sacred Flame Samsara Scroll! It is someone from the Huo Family, and someone extremely important at that!"

    Monarch Sweetyfox was surprised. The Sacred Flame Samsara Scroll was one of the Huo Family’s high-grade spirit artifact magic treasures. Not just that, but it was an outstanding existence amongst all high-grade spirit artifacts. To be able to activate the Sacred Flame Samsara Scroll and drive it through the void, only a high level figure of the Huo Family would be able to do that. "The news of this was just passed out and yet the Huo Family personally sent someone to Fire Spirit Star in order to win over Lin Ming? That’s a bit too much isn’t it? I wonder who came this time?"

    Monarch Sweetyfox glanced over at Duke Golden Sword. Duke Golden Sword shrugged. He had only sent the news, he didn’t know who had come from the Huo Family.

    The disciples of the three branch palaces as well as their leading Elders all stopped talking about Lin Ming attempting the Illusionary God Combat Array and looked up at the Sacred Flame Samsara Scroll in the sky.

    "That is actually a… high-grade spirit artifact?" Sun Cyprestar said, startled. There was an enormous difference in value between every small grade of spirit artifacts. His Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron was in truth only a top low-grade spirit artifact, and yet that was enough to cause Chu Redcloud plot to make a bet with him. As for the Samsara Scroll floating in the sky, that was something that his Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron could not hope to compare with.

    Without a doubt, whoever had come was a great figure from either headquarters or the three great families.

    As the Sacred Flame Samsara Scroll unfurled, three red-robed Elders slowly floated down, flanked by a pair of golden-armored warriors.

    As Monarch Sweetyfox, Blackwood, and Duke Golden Sword saw these three Elders, especially the one in front, all of their eyes widened to the point of nearly falling out. Their hearts nearly stopped beating in their chests.

    As for Sun Cyprestar and Chu Redcloud, both of them had a perplexed expression as they didn’t know who had arrived. But, this confusion only lasted for a brief moment before they were frightened out of their wits.

    This was because Monarch Sweetyfox, Blackwood, and Duke Golden Sword all deeply bowed to the red-robed Elder at the front.

    "Disciple Sweetyfox respectfully welcomes the Highest Elder!"

    "Disciple Blackwood respectfully welcomes the Highest Elder!"

    "Disciple Golden Sword respectfully welcomes the Highest Elder!"

    Highest Elder!?!?

    This red-robed old man was actually a Highest Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, someone whose status could compare with the Patriarch’s!? That was simply a god-like figure! Just what would he have come to Fire Spirit Star for?

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