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Chapter 1027:How Hard Could This Be?

    Chapter 1027:How Hard Could This Be?




    Outside of the Illusionary God Combat Array, all of the disciples present had their gazes turned to the stars above the arch of the portal. As they saw the stars light up with astounding speed, all of them were thrilled.

    "This speed! It’s so fast!"

    Lin Ming hadn’t even been inside for an hour before so many stars had lit up. With such unstoppable momentum, how was this slaughtering geniuses? It was more like cutting down scattered soldiers!

    "It really is fast. It’s much faster than Yan Littlemoon’s performance. It shouldn’t be difficult for Lin Ming to complete the Thousand Slaughter!"

    "A bit more than three quarters of an hour has passed. In less than an hour, Lin Ming has slaughtered 500 opponents! Now, I fear that in another quarter hour he will finish killing 600 enemies. If that continues, then he should reach 800 enemies or even 900 enemies slain in four to six hours! Within eight hours the Thousand Slaughter might even be in sight!"

    "It shouldn’t be a problem for Lin Ming to obtain the phoenix blood essence anymore! With such irresistible momentum, he might kill 1100 enemies or even 1200 enemies!"

    "No kidding, just look at how fast Lin Ming is going. Even I want to give it a try!"

    "Yeah, for this last year we’ve either been meditating over the Concepts or been roasted in the Hells of Flame. I’m so bored that even my hair has grown long. I really want to go into the Illusionary God Combat Array and have a grand battle. Although I might not be able to complete the Thousand Slaughter, it shouldn’t be a problem to kill several hundred opponents. You know, thinking about it, I also excel in combat. Although I’m not some sort of master when it comes to perceiving the Laws, my true combat skills are definitely worth some merit!"

    "Haha, me too! My head hurts when I have to perceive all this nonsense about Laws. Combat is my true strong suit. Ahh, my hands are really itching for some action!"

    On Praying Phoenix Palace’s side, several genius disciples were whipped up. As they saw Lin Ming kill in such a hot-blooded manner, they were also stirred up into a frenzy. Their voices became increasingly loud as they impatiently wished to test out their own strength.

    Young disciples, especially those geniuses, always held a proud and arrogant mindset. When they met a challenge that the public regarded as impossible, they would invariably want to attempt it. There would always be a voice in their mind asking them, if they were so strong in this area, just how poor could their performance be?

    Of course, they also knew the limits of their own ability. Completing the Thousand Slaughter was impossible, but maybe slaughtering 600 or so opponents was a possibility.

    They had never rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array before, so they simply didn’t understand just how difficult it was. They had only seen Yan Littlemoon attempt it once, and Yan Littlemoon was also a genius who excelled in the aspect of Laws. For most of her life, she had been closed up in cultivation. She hadn’t gone out adventuring many times and hadn’t been tempered through trials of actual combat. Moreover, to these geniuses, Yan Littlemoon was also a woman. There were many young disciples present that were renowned for their combat abilities. They had journeyed into mystic realms before and killed hundreds and thousands of opponents, undergoing countless life or death tribulations. None of them believed they were weaker than Yan Littlemoon when it came to combat. At least, they weren’t too far off.

    But what they didn’t know was that the difficulty of the Illusionary God Combat Array’s Thousand Slaughter had far surpassed their wildest imaginations.

    The echoes of these discussions naturally fell into the ears of the Highest Elder Huo Violentstone.

    "To take four to six hours to kill 800 people, or 900 people?

    "To near the Thousand Slaughter in eight hours?

    "They all want to go into the Illusionary God Combat Array to fight, and even though completing the Thousand Slaughter is impossible, killing several hundred opponents isn’t a problem?

    "Lin Ming has unstoppable momentum? He can slaughter 1100, or even 1200 opponents?"

    As Huo Violentstone heard these disciples talking, he sneered. This bunch of stupid pigs, they knew nothing!!!

    They only knew that the Thousand Slaughter was difficult, but as to how difficult it really was, they had no idea. They knew that it wouldn’t be easy for Lin Ming to complete the Thousand Slaughter, but as to how not easy it really was, they also had no idea!

    This was similar to a mentally handicapped retard not knowing how difficult a high imperial examination was. They didn’t know just how hard it was for others to score perfectly, because they didn’t even know that one plus one equaled two!

    As a Highest Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Huo Violentstone had also rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array in the past, and had managed to kill 700 enemies as his limit. Afterwards, he stumbled upon a massive fortuitous encounter in the Divine Transformation realm. He returned to the Illusionary God Combat Array after that and killed a total of 882 opponents.

    Although Huo Violentstone was only 18 away from reaching 900 enemies slain, those enemies that appeared after 900 people had already appeared, and he was able to personally witness just how terrifying they actually were!

    If any single one of those geniuses were picked out then they could be a 100 year ranked talent of the 72 branch palaces. If 27 of them joined forces, their combat strength was impossible to estimate.

    When Huo Violentstone encountered those enemies, he felt as if an insurmountable mountain had appeared in front of him. Not just that, but if he managed to kill them, there would still be increasingly powerful opponents that appeared, all the way until the mythical Thousand Slaughter!

    That was already an existence that Huo Violentstone found hard to imagine. He really couldn’t imagine how the man known as the Battle King from 40,000 years ago had managed to break through the Thousand Slaughter! That was simply a feat found in legends!

    Huo Violentstone highly suspected that once one approached the Thousand Slaughter, any one of those 27 people that would appear had the ability to sweep away all of the so-called ‘geniuses’ present.

    As Huo Violentstone heard the excited discussions of the disciples behind him grow ever louder, with many of them saying that they would participate in the Illusionary God Combat Array tomorrow, his frown became increasingly deep.

    And beside Huo Violentstone, Duke Golden Sword, who was on full alert, also felt like he where standing on pins and needles. These geniuses were simply unaware of how difficult it was. In truth, they didn’t even possess the qualifications to attempt the Illusionary God Combat Array.

    Duke Golden Sword gulped. He stumbled through an explanation, "Highest Elder, please forgive these juniors your anger. These branch palace disciples have never attempted the Illusionary God Combat Array and they have never experienced just how wide the word is. Before this, Yan Littlemoon had gone through once, and although she is outstanding in comprehension of Laws, her true combat ability can’t be considered to be at the peak. Even then, Yan Littlemoon still managed to kill almost 600 opponents. They have no idea just how difficult it becomes after that."

    Huo Violentstone didn’t bother with Duke Golden Sword. Instead, he turned to the two middle-aged men behind him and said, "Highdragon, Whitejade, bring out a projection of the battlefield so that this crowd of small minded idiots can broaden their horizons, lest they think themselves infallible! Moreover, I also want to see just what sort of scene appears after 900 people, and what strength it will take to overcome that pass!"

    "Yes, Patriarch."

    Huo Highdragon and Huo Whitejade nodded. Then, they joined together and released thousands of array symbols that flew into the Illusionary God Combat Array. As two individuals skilled in ancient arrays, they were able to project the situation that was happening within the Illusionary God Combat Array.

    Soon after, a screen of light appeared above the Illusionary God Combat Array, as if phantom images were condensing. Duke Golden Sword’s eyes widened as he saw this and he locked onto the shining light screen above him. In the past, he had stopped short of killing 700 opponents. As for what the scene would be like after that, he wasn’t sure. He wished to experience it with his own eyes.

    "Whoa, look at that light screen!" Behind Huo Violentstone, the disciples of the three branch palaces were shocked as they saw a screen of light appear above the Illusionary God Combat Array. Then, their surprise turned to excitement.

    "That is a projection of the Illusionary God Combat Array that was formed by the supernatural powers of the honored lords present? Amazing! We can see Lin Ming’s killing fight within the Illusionary God Combat Array now!"

    "Haha, this is awesome! We don’t have to stare at those stars anymore, that simply isn’t any fun at all. You just can’t see anything from them and you have to rely on your imagination."

    "The scene of battle within the Illusionary God Combat Array must be very intense and very exciting!"

    As the disciples present spoke, they all turned their eyes to the screen of light above them. The images that appeared were dim at the start, as if it were a reflection in the water. Slowly, it became completely clear. They were even able to sense the fluctuations of energy coming from each person. It was no different from standing on the sidelines of the fight and seeing it in person.

    Following that, the disciples all watched with open mouths.

    One of the disciples that had been loudly wondering out how awesome the fight was within the Illusionary God Combat Array immediately shut up without a single word to say. His eyes were so wide it seemed they would nearly fall out from their sockets.

    He was able to see a black-clothed man that was clearly an opponent. In his mind, this opponent should have been the same as random cannon fodder that would be swept away by Lin Ming. But, they saw that this black-clothed man wielded a massive great sword, and with every slash of his sword, roaring flames would blaze into the heavens. And all around this black-clothed man for a radius of ten miles, the entire land was actually covered with life of all sorts. Insects, fish, birds, beasts, plants, all types of lifeforms were forming, and blue lotuses were constantly in bloom.

    "That… that… that is the Blue Lotus Domain? That person’s cultivation is at the eighth stage of Life Destruction?" The disciple stared with wide eyes. He could sense that that person’s aura and energy fluctuations were extremely deep. His foundation was solid and his strength was terrifying!

    And, the Blue Lotus Domain was something that this disciple hadn’t yet managed to comprehend. Although he had confidence in his combat prowess, he couldn’t summon the least bit of courage to face this single black-clothed man!

    And beside this disciple, another disciple was so shocked his voice trembled. "It isn’t just the Blue Lotus Domain, everyone else also has a domain! That is the Purple Light Electric Field of the Thunder Laws! It is a domain on the same level as the Blue Lotus Domain! Mm!?!? This… that is… look at their weapons!!"

    As this disciple cried out in alarm, all of the other disciples turned to the weapons that the energy body opponents held.

    "Heavens! They are actually top grade saint artifacts! 18 top grade saint artifacts! Top grade saint artifacts already have a tremendous strength by themselves. They are terrifying even without a martial artist needed to actively use them! And with 18 top grade saint artifacts combined together, this is… this is just…"

    Although many top grade saint artifacts had appeared around Lin Ming, that was because at Lin Ming’s level, many people he came into contact with were peak talents that were able to obtain top grade saint artifacts of their own. But, a common disciple often didn’t even have a high-grade saint artifact!

    For instance, even Ninefall geniuses that came from distinguished families like Huang Yuegong and Huo Yanguang also only used high-grade saint artifacts!

    Besides Lin Ming, only other monstrous geniuses like White Daohong, Lu Xiaoyun, and Yan Littlemoon were able to possess top grade saint artifacts in the Life Destruction realm.

    The Ancient Phoenix smelting trial rewarded top grade saint artifacts, but one needed to reach the fourth level 5000 mile distance. Out of all the other disciples present, besides Xiao Whitesnow, just who was able to accomplish such a feat?

    Thus, to the many young disciples, a top grade saint artifact was a treasure they could only yearn for in their dreams. To them, the existence of a top grade saint artifact had already left an indelible and great impression in their hearts. A single top grade saint artifact was worth at least 20 times the total wealth of one of these young disciples; they could forget about ever obtaining one until they reached the Divine Transformation realm.

    But now, by himself, Lin Ming had to face the siege of 18 top grade saint artifacts together!

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