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Chapter 1028:Source of Phoenix Blood

    Chapter 1028:Source of Phoenix Blood




    18 figures, underneath the support of their domains, simultaneously displayed the power of their top grade saint artifacts!

    Woosh woosh woosh!

    The sound of splitting air filled the skies. The multiple domains superimposed on each other and countless wonderful phenomena appeared. The fiery ground underneath Lin Ming’s feet ruptured from the oppression of energy and main domains together. The earth shattered, becoming powdered stone. The magma that was flowing underneath shot up to the heavens!

    18 different attacks combined together and came falling down like a great net!

    In that moment, Lin Ming suddenly condensed his aura. He opened the Gate of Wonder and revolved the Mystic Lightning Shade, his speed instantly reaching the limit!

    On the screen of light, one could also see blurry after shadows.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Three true essence attacks fell onto nothing!

    With an incredible angle, Lin Ming passed through space like a nimble little fish, searching for a breakthrough in this net of attacks!

    He thrust the Phoenix Blood Spear forwards!


    In that instant, a straight beam of blood red light shot into the heavens, condensing into an explosion of energy that dyed the entire world sanguine.

    A resonant phoenix cry echoed outwards as an endless blood light surged out from the Phoenix Blood Spear, forming a crimson storm. This storm tore apart all of the overlapping domains around Lin Ming; even the space around him trembled!

    This was the power of the Phoenix Blood Spear. As a divine weapon that neared a transcendent saint artifact, its strength was originally that of a top master. When combined with Lin Ming’s strength, it was able to instantly detonate with an incomparable might that flooded the world!


    Two shadow figures were swallowed up by the crimson storm and torn into pieces of flesh, instantly killed.

    However, Lin Ming didn’t relax. Just as he killed those two, a saber light seemed to cut through space and appear in front of him. It carried with it a large success bronze battle spirit, overwhelming all!

    A bronze battle spirit wasn’t much at all, but these attacks originated from a top grade saint artifact; they were no laughing matter! Even someone like Lin Ming would be severely wounded and vomit blood if he were to be simultaneously struck by these attacks.

    Without looking, Lin Ming instantly turned into blue smoke. This straight and seemingly unavoidable saber light fell onto nothing. In that moment, Lin Ming’s shadow seemed to be like a stream of water without figure or substance, dizzying to the eyes.

    The Phoenix Blood Spear’s spear light swept out once again. The keen blood light formed a straight line that shot outwards, sweeping through the skies!

    Three figures were split in half by this spear light!

    In that brief moment, Lin Ming had dodged the attacks coming from all sides and had also killed five opponents. In the blink of an eye, not only did Lin Ming avoid the combined attacks of 18 people, but he also tore through their combined domains!

    From start to finish, Lin Ming had only used the strength of the Phoenix Blood Spear; he hadn’t even poured much true essence into his weapon. The might of the Phoenix Blood Spear was already freakish enough!

    "Two have died:no, five have died!"

    In Totem Tower’s square, everyone watched as Lin Ming faced 18 powerful geniuses. Even so, with just the spear in his hand he had killed five people! The changing situation on the battlefield had surpassed everyone’s expectations!

    These seemingly strong opponents had been cut down by Lin Ming like mere fodder. The process happened so fast that most of the disciples couldn’t even follow it!

    As for the top grade saint artifacts, they might be powerful but they weren’t able to touch Lin Ming.

    And, the numerous domain force fields superimposed on top of each other had been broken apart by Lin Ming using absolute strength!

    Out of the 18 people, five had died. With their combined fighting technique broken through, everyone else lost their coordination and more gaps appeared in their defenses. As for the superimposed domains, they also lost a great deal of power.

    "Damn, how could this be!"

    The leader of the 18 martial artists was enraged. He never imagined that in just a single exchange of moves his entire party would be routed like this!

    And at this time, Lin Ming shot forth once again!

    Lin Ming was clear that rushing through the Illusionary God Combat Array would be an enormous challenge. He was only at 600 people slain and yet his opponents were already so formidable. If White Daohong and Lu Xiaoyun were at his age, then it would be impossible for them to pass this step! Not just that, but there was still the 700 mark, 800 mark, all the way until the Thousand Slaughter. What sort of scene would that be?

    Moreover, it couldn’t be forgotten that he wouldn’t have any rest time at all. As the fight continued, his true essence reserves would be rapidly depleted.

    If this were so, Lin Ming naturally couldn’t drag things on, nor could he underestimate his opponents. He had to utilize the smallest amount of energy possible to settle these battles as quickly as possible!


    Spear light surged forth and a bloody light rained down on the world. Above the Phoenix Blood Spear, 99 miniature blood spears condensed!

    This was the special technique laid down by the ancient senior supreme elder that had forged the Phoenix Blood Spear. That senior supreme elder had fused 999 drops of phoenix blood into the Phoenix Blood Spear. Every drop of phoenix blood was capable of transforming into a spear, finally forming a great array with the principles of nine through nine returning to one. This was also the Phoenix Blood Spear’s greatest killing move. When Lin Ming had been at the fifth stage of Life Destruction, he had relied on this move to jump ranks and defeat the Four Layered Heavens Ninefall Huo Yanguang.

    However, in order to save strength, Lin Ming had only used 99 of these blood spears. As these 99 small spears swirled together, they formed a crimson storm. Wherever this storm visited, a deluge of infernal energy would appear!

    Puff! Puff! Puff!

    Six black-clothed men were slaughtered by these blood spears. After the encirclement was torn apart, Lin Ming’s killing speed rose to another level. He was able to kill a person in just three steps!

    After the six black-clothed men died, their blood was drawn out by the 99 small spears. Their energy seemed to have been sucked away by the Phoenix Blood Spear.

    Although they were all top grade saint artifacts, the might that Lin Ming’s spear was able to display in his hands was countless times more formidable than what those 18 people were able to do.

    In just several breaths of time, 11 out of the 18 people had been killed!

    "You damned freak…" The black-clothed man in the lead was actually able to produce a trace of fear.

    This caused Lin Ming to sigh at the reality that this Illusionary God Combat Array was able to reproduce. But, this was because this black-clothed man had once been a genius, a true powerhouse of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, and all of his information had been recorded in this killing array. The entirety of this simulacrum had come from a true living person.

    "Go die!" The black-clothed man actually combusted his blood essence as he prepared to release his final attack.

    However, Lin Ming was far faster. The Phoenix Blood Spear shot forwards and instantly pierced through the black-clothed man’s throat. With a sweep of spear light, the other six people were also killed!

    All 18 people were cleanly slaughtered.

    Lin Ming’s kill count had reached 616!

    "They’re all dead… they were all killed…"

    As the young disciples saw these 18 people die, some of there were stunned, unable to produce a response. They knew that it would be difficult for Lin Ming to rush through the Illusionary God Combat Array. They also knew that after killing 500 people, it would become more and more difficult. Still, this difficulty surpassed even their wildest imaginations. 18 people combining attacks, each with their own domain and each with their own top grade saint artifact.

    Even though it was already difficult to such a degree, Lin Ming had still killed them in a short period of time without the least bit of injury to himself!

    "If it is already so difficult after killing 600 people, then what about slaughtering 700 or even 800? What about slaughtering 900 or even completing the Thousand Slaughter? Is there anyone that can actually overcome that hurdle?" The Illusionary God Combat Array increased to another difficulty level every 100 people. This was because within this hundred, it was only the individual strength of the enemies that increased. But with every 100 enemies killed, that also meant that not only would their strength increase, but three more opponents would appear, and their combined attacks would become even fiercer.

    "I feel that any one of those 18 people that Lin Ming killed is likely to be stronger than me. I fear that if I tried this, I wouldn’t even be able to kill 300 opponents…"

    "How could headquarters set such a bizarrely abnormal standard. This is the same as them not wanting to give the phoenix blood essence to anyone!"

    In the view of the many disciples, if the Ancient Phoenix Clan set forth such a standard then that meant there would be a chance of completing it. But, the truth that they didn’t know was that the reason headquarters had put forth this impossible standard was because they didn’t wish to bestow upon anyone a drop of phoenix blood essence.

    There wasn’t anything that could be done about it:there was just too little phoenix blood essence. A God Beast was an existence situated between a World King and an Empyrean. As for the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan, they were only a Holy Land level influence; it was impossible for them to raise a true phoenix. All of the phoenix blood essence they had was obtained in the past. Before they were able to obtain more phoenix blood essence, every drop used was a drop less.

    As for how the Ancient Phoenix Clan gathered phoenix blood essence, that was the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters’ greatest secret. This secret was sealed deep within headquarters in order to prevent it being lost to time. In addition, only the current Patriarch and the previous Patriarchs that had abdicated and become a Highest Elder knew of it. Although Huo Violentstone was a Highest Elder, he hadn’t been Patriarch before so he didn’t know this secret either.

    Even so, Huo Violentstone was able to approximate enough information for a guess. The phoenix blood essence should come from the remnant body of a phoenix after it went through nirvana and was burnt down by the sacred flames. As for how the Ancient phoenix Clan determined when a phoenix nirvana happened and where the remnant body would be located, this was actually a mystery. This was the greatest capital that the Ancient Phoenix Clan had to survive, and also the reason they were able to multiply into a giant sect with 100 billion clansmen.

    It was more accurate to say that the Ancient Phoenix Clan weren’t true descendants of a phoenix, but rather a massive sect that originated from a small group of people that had obtained a tremendous secret.

    However, a phoenix’s nirvana occurred only every ten million or even tens of millions of years. As for blood essence, there would only be an extremely small amount within that remnant body. Just how much blood essence could possibly be extracted each time?

    Even so, this blood essence had to be saved for 10 million years and carefully divided amongst the countless true geniuses that emerged during that time. To the Patriarch, the degree of nervousness they felt when choosing who to grant a drop of phoenix blood essence to could be imagined.

    As Huo Violentstone watched the images in the sky, he was silent throughout. Up until now, Lin Ming still hadn’t shown a performance that was awe worthy.

    But as for Duke Golden Sword, he was actually bowled over by Lin Ming. When he had killed 600 people, every following battle afterwards had been extremely difficulty. He had never fought as relaxedly as Lin Ming did.

    After killing the 18 people at the start, there wasn’t anything surprising that came after them. Although the opponents were a tad more powerful each time, it wasn’t anything to Lin Ming. Lin Ming continued killing his way through them. Blood rained down and his kill count rapidly increased.

    As for Lin Ming himself, he didn’t use too much true essence. He only relied on the strength of the Phoenix Blood Spear and the small blood spears. He used 99 at the start, and then the number slowly increased to 360. At 360 small spears, the blood storm created by them was able to fill the skies, bringing with them enough power to tear apart the combined domains as well as kill off his opponents.

    As long as Lin Ming was able to kill one person, killing every person behind them was much easier.

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