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Chapter 1030:The Power of Laws

    Chapter 1030:The Power of Laws




    After reaching the 900 Slaughter, 27 opponents appeared. And, among these opponents, a third of them were ninth stage Life Destruction masters. If they were placed within the 72 branch palaces, their talent would far surpass that of Lu Xiaoyun!

    With their domains, top grade saint artifacts, and combat experience that lay at the pinnacle, when all of these conditions were added together, the difficulty of overcoming them could be imagined!

    And after these 27 people appeared, light began to shimmer beneath their feet. This light formed a series of strange symbols that linked up into a pattern, like ripples across a lake surface.

    Underneath the feet of these 27 people, there were actually three postcelestial dao diagrams that had formed!

    These three dao diagrams were divided into three different parts. They were the pillars of a giant sphere that surrounded Lin Ming. Each dao diagram had a total of seven sections, and the shining runes that lay at these seven directions were red, yellow, orange, green, cerulean, blue, and purple. And, in the center was a white and black yin yang symbol, forming a complete eight trigrams design.

    The 27 people were divided into three groups of nine and were surrounding Lin Ming.

    Red, yellow, orange, green, cerulean, blue, and purple represented seven different types of origin energy:the elements of fire, earth, metal, wood, water, thunder, and wind.

    Red was fire, yellow was earth, orange was metal, green was wood, cerulean was wind, blue was water, and purple was thunder!

    In addition, with the black and white in the center, black represented yin and white represented yang!

    Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, yin, and yang were nine different energies. Nine symbolized the extreme of all numbers, and three diagrams represented the truth that three gave birth to all life, three was the beginning of all existence!

    Lin Ming was instantly vigilant, his expression solemn. These people at 900 Slaughter were actually so powerful! All of them were geniuses with talent far beyond White Daohong and Lu Xiaoyun, and they had also formed a great formation, multiplying their attack power!

    And above Totem Tower’s square, the disciples of the three branch palaces could see for themselves just how terrifying this sort of battle formation was.

    Even though they didn’t know how Lin Ming would manage to break through this giant battle formation, just thinking back to 40,000 years ago aroused a deep respect in their heart, respect towards the Battle King who had completed the Thousand Slaughter.

    "This is simply a hurdle that no person can pass!"

    "It is indeed too difficult. But, 40,000 years ago, wasn’t there a senior that managed to rush all the way through? I really have no idea just how he accomplished that!"

    "I also thought that Lin Ming completing the Thousand Slaughter would be no different from playing a game, but now I know just how freakishly difficult the Thousand Slaughter actually is!"

    As the disciples of the three branch palaces were talking, Lin Ming had already started fighting with the 27 enemies.

    The 27 people each displayed their own cultivation method. Lin Ming then discovered that each person’s cultivation method matched with the rune element underneath their feet on the postcelestial dao diagrams. The one that trained in fire-attribute cultivation methods stood on the corresponding fire rune and the one that trained in thunder-attribute cultivation methods stood on the corresponding thunder rune!

    "This is…"

    Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. As he saw these three postcelestial dao diagrams rush towards him, he poured his true essence into the Phoenix Blood Spear and thrust out!

    A dark crimson blood stream emerged from the Phoenix Blood Spear. This crimson blood stream swirled up into a massive red storm formed of 999 small crimson spears. Each small spear contained near-infinite infernal energy and heavenly glory!


    The small blood spears gathered into a great surging torrent that smashed into the three postcelestial dao diagrams. Blood red light and infernal energy erupted, but the postcelestial dao diagrams didn’t shake at all. The 27 people still shot towards Lin Ming!

    "How fierce! They actually managed to block the attack of the Phoenix Blood Spear!"

    "This is bad for Lin Ming. The Phoenix Blood Spear is a top grade saint artifact nearing a transcendent saint artifact! Its striking power is equivalent to an extreme master’s, but now, the Phoenix Blood Spear is useless against the array formation created by these 27 people. In order to kill them he will need a far greater strength!"

    "If even the Phoenix Blood Spear’s nine through nine return to one array formation isn’t enough, just what can Lin Ming still do?"

    The disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace were worried for Lin Ming. A top grade saint artifact was enough for a martial artist to use until the late Divine Transformation realm; their strength was incomparable. When Lin Ming had defeated Huo Yanguang, he had relied on the power of the Phoenix Blood Spear.

    Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. The Phoenix Blood Spear was indeed powerful, but even though he galvanized this weapon with all his strength, he still didn’t manage to break through the three postcelestial dao diagrams. This wasn’t because he lost in strength, but because he lost in Laws. These three postcelestial dao diagrams were simply far too exquisite. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, yin, yang, these nine different Concepts complemented and supported each other, their might multiplying!

    And on Lin Ming’s side, the Phoenix Blood Spear’s nine through nine return to one array formation that formed the crimson storm actually required comprehension of the Concept of Blood to fully utilize it. However, Lin Ming’s understanding towards the Concept of Blood was lacking, thus it was inevitable that he couldn’t break through the postcelestial dao diagrams.

    However, Lin Ming did not panic. He didn’t decide to use the grandmist martial intent, but decided to use another method to deal with this challenge.

    He drew backwards and gave a loud shout as he opened the Heretical God Force to the limit! In that moment, the ubiquitous fire origin energy of Fire Spirit Star was gathered up by Lin Ming, forming a massive funnel. The fire origin energy gathered together, causing a dazzling blue lotus to bloom into full glory in front of Lin Ming!

    This was a move that Lin Ming had never used before, and also a killing move that he had created!

    Lin Ming had studiously meditated in Totem Tower for an entire year. Then, in the 18 Hells of Flame he had also mastered his insights. He had combined the first three levels of the Fire Concepts together and had deeply ingrained the Law runes and postcelestial dao diagrams into his very bones.

    After that, when he crossed into the seventh stage of Life Destruction he had withstood the baptism of Laws from a three mile wide origin energy cloud. Then, he had meditated for two days afterwards, thoroughly digesting these Laws.

    As he diligently perceived all of this, Lin Ming hadn’t been playing around, but had instead perceived a killing move based on the Fire Laws!

    Before Lin Ming had opened the Gate of Opening, he had already used the memories of the soul fragments he absorbed and combined his understandings from them to form his self-created style. And now, after opening the Gate of Opening, his perception had leapt into the top echelons of the Divine Realm, and it had become even easier to create his own techniques!

    The attack styles he created certainly couldn’t compare with those created by supreme elders, but they were absolutely more suited to himself. At this time, he slashed out with his spear and the earthshaking howl of a spear resounded through the world. A blinding, flaming beam of light shot up, lighting up the entire sky as if it were a pillar that supported the heavens. Then, this beam of light shot forth, piercing through the center of that vivid blue lotus.

    After Lin Ming understood how matter had formed, he fully grasped the essence of the first three Concepts of Fire. In terms of achievements in Laws, he was incomparable to how he was a year ago! Even Divine Transformation realm geniuses like White Daohong and Lu Xiaoyun could not compare with Lin Ming when it came to comprehension of the first three levels of the Concept of Fire!

    And comprehension of Laws was an extremely important standard in determining a martial artist’s potential strength. Since Lin Ming had comprehended the Laws to such a degree, it certainly wasn’t solely for bragging rights and to show off. Rather, he was able to clearly transform it into combat strength of his own.

    At that time, it was like another sun had appeared within the Illusionary God Combat Array, lighting up the entire world with a lustrous glow. The spear light brought with it an unstoppable momentum. It tore through the wild earth, cutting a massive canyon into the ground. Countless stones shattered into powder, filling up the air!

    This spear strike was the strongest attack that Lin Ming had displayed in his 14 years of cultivating martial arts!


    The spear light smashed into a postcelestial dao diagram. Although it had only struck a single postcelestial dao diagram, the impact was actually withstood by all three of them. In that moment, time itself came to a standstill. Between the heavens and earth, there was nothing but the endless sky above, the earth-rupturing spear light, and those three postcelestial dao diagrams.

    The rapidly spinning postcelestial dao diagrams suddenly trembled and came to an immediate stop. As for the point that Lin Ming attacked, that was the center of the formation, representing yin and yang of the primal chaos. The two martial artists standing there suddenly spat out great mouthfuls of blood. The shining runes underneath their feet flickered, as if the entire formation was also a little bit off from collapsing altogether!

    Lin Ming’s eyes condensed. The gold battle spirit sleeping in his spiritual sea shot outwards.

    "Break for me!"

    A strong will burst out, pouring into the yin and yang lights at the center of the formation, destroying the power of Laws there!

    With the blue lotus spear light attack, in addition to the will projection of his gold battle spirit, besides the grandmist space, Lin Ming had already displayed his greatest strengths!

    And this strength had finally torn apart the postcelestial dao diagrams, exposing Lin Ming’s opponents to his full attack power!


    How could Lin Ming let this chance go? He instantly opened the Gate of Wonder and used Mystic Lightning Shade, increasing his speed to the limit.

    The Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands thrust forth!

    Penetrating Rainbow!

    The power of fire formed from the fusion of three Concepts mixed together with the power of thunder. A furious and violent explosion broke out. The two martial artists that were already severely wounded by Lin Ming’s last attack didn’t have the ability to resist such an attack. They vomited one last mouthful of blood as their entire bodies were torn apart in the ensuing explosion, their bodies instantly disintegrating on the spot.

    Of the 27 people, two of them had been killed by Lin Ming. The grand formation of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder, and wind, was broken apart by Lin Ming!

    "He broke through!"

    "Too strong! Even the Phoenix Blood Spear’s own nine through nine return to one great array formation wasn’t able to do it! Lin Ming relied on just his own energy to break through! Now that two people have died, the array formation can no longer be maintained! Lin Ming has won!"

    "What Lin Ming used was the Fire Laws, and that is likely a move he created himself! That’s right, from the first moment Lin Ming entered the Illusionary God Combat Array, he hadn’t used the power of his true Fire Laws!"

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