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Chapter 1031:The One Thousandth Person

    Chapter 1031:The One Thousandth Person




    No matter how powerful the opponents were that appeared after slaying 900 people, Lin Ming relied on his attainments in the Concept of Fire to tear that triple postcelestial dao diagram array formation apart!

    This self-created martial skill was called the Blue Lotus Flame Dance. It was a killing move that combined the first three Concepts of the Fire Laws:the Concepts of Burning Heat, Annihilation, and Creation. It was also Lin Ming’s current strongest attack.

    Once the nine essence array formation was shattered, it was much easier for Lin Ming to kill the others. This array formation attack method was no longer a threat to Lin Ming, and Lin Ming using the Blue Lotus Flame Dance was enough to instantly kill the martial artists that appeared.


    Lin Ming fell from the sky, and a torrent of flames engulfed the enemy’s sword light. A spear light thrust out like a viper and tore a blue-clothed martial artist’s dantian to shreds, immediately killing him!

    At the same time, the martial artists near the one that had died raised their weapons, ready to take advantage of this moment to attack. Unfortunately, now that the dao diagrams were broken, their attacks were no longer able to seal off all of his escape routes. Lin Ming used his extreme speed and cut through all the incoming attacks like a bird through a storm of blades.

    He flash stepped in front of a purple-robed martial artist, and before that purple-robed martial artist had time to respond, the Phoenix Blood Spear was already sweeping outwards. 999 small spears shot out, filling the purple-robed martial artist with holes!

    Another two enemies had died!

    The more opponents Lin Ming killed, the faster he was able to kill them and the easier it became. At the end, he casually slaughtered them. Finally, these 27 people had been completely cut down by Lin Ming!

    Finished! Lin Ming let out a deep breath, and at this time, light shined in front of him, signaling the approach of new opponents.

    This group was comprised of 27 people, and the postcelestial dao diagrams had been swapped for another version. Moreover, 12 of these people possessed a Ninefall cultivation!

    Every new batch of enemies in the Illusionary God Combat Array would be stronger than the last!

    The disciples outside sucked in a breath of cold air. This was simply too abnormal. There wasn’t even time for Lin Ming to catch his breath!

    "This is simply an unreasonable and impassable test. And if Lin Ming is having so much trouble, how can the average person withstand it?"

    "No joke. Is this really a trial meant for humans? I couldn’t even defeat one of them, much less when they form an array formation together!"

    "It can only be said that there is always a higher heaven, a higher existence. 40,000 years ago, wasn’t there also a senior known as the Battle King who passed this trial?"

    A Divine Transformation realm martial artist suddenly said. Not many people knew the real name of the Battle King. In fact, most disciples only knew that there was some top character that had managed to complete the Thousand Slaughter 40,000 years ago. But as for what that person’s name was, it was simply a mystery to most of them.

    "So the senior was called Battle King? Where is he now? If he was so kick ass 40,000 years ago, then he must have been some extreme character, but the current Patriarch isn’t him, right? I have never heard the Patriarch being referred to as the Battle King before. If this Battle King was so awesome, how come he wasn’t able to become the Patriarch?"

    A disciple suddenly asked. Indeed, this question also echoed in everyone’s heart. Why did the Battle King not become the Patriarch?

    Moreover, over these last tens of thousands of years, no one had heard of any other achievements of the Battle King, nor did they see any totem stones that he had left behind. Did this person perish somewhere? If such a stupendous genius were to have fallen, then that would truly be a pity.

    As the three branch palaces’ disciples discussed, Monarch Sweetyfox and Duke Golden Sword were listening in with strange and uneasy complexions.

    In truth, the Battle King was indeed rarely mentioned in the history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, and this was because there had been a deliberate effort to dilute and erase his name.

    The two envoys cautiously peeked over at Huo Violentstone. They feared that Huo Violentstone would be sullen at hearing discussion of the Battle King. This was because the Battle King had extremely poor relations with many high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, and this included even Huo Violentstone. This was also the reason that the two of them found it taboo to speak of the Battle King…

    But, they didn’t think that Huo Violentstone actually wouldn’t avoid this matter. Instead, the Highest Elder coldly coughed and spoke with a caustic and derisive tone, "Crimson Strifecloud cannot be considered someone of our Ancient Phoenix Clan, so he certainly would not succeed the position of Patriarch. He is the 196th son of the Crimson Light World’s current World King. That person has had an extremely high compatibility with the Fire Laws since the day he was born. 40,000 years ago, in order for our Ancient Phoenix Clan to curry favor with the Crimson Light World’s World King, the Patriarch chose his most outstanding daughter, a little princess with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, and married her off to Crimson Strifecloud. Afterwards, Crimson Strifecloud stayed in the Ancient Phoenix Clan for a period of time, and even participated in the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial at headquarters. At that time, when Crimson Strifecloud rushed through the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial, all other geniuses of my Ancient Phoenix Clan were completely swept away by him! No one was able to come close to comparing with him! It might as well have been described as a crane amongst chickens!

    "Can you imagine that? In the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan, out of 100 billion people, there was not a single genius that was able to stand tall and proud in front of Crimson Strifecloud, because they did not have the courage or qualifications to do so!"

    As Huo Violentstone spoke to here, he seemed to reminisce about the past, a bit emotional. The Crimson Strifecloud he spoke of was the true name of the Battle King.

    40,000 years ago, Huo Violentstone had also been one of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s geniuses. But, to achieve the Thousand Slaughter within the Illusionary God Combat Array… such a feat left him feeling impotent and frustrated. He couldn’t imagine just how Crimson Strifecloud had managed to pass it!

    He took a deep breath and humorlessly said, "And, the greatest mockery of all is that all the high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan at that time actually constantly praised and kissed the ass of that Crimson Strifecloud as he went through the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. They personally delivered the primordial yin and bloodline strength of our little princess to him, and then cheered as he stepped over all of the geniuses of our clan. Finally, they also gave him a massive amount of resources. So, tell me, isn’t that just so cheap and pathetic?"

    No one ever imagined that Huo Violentstone would suddenly say such words. The high level figures of 40,000 years ago had a background that could scare everyone else to death. Who would dare agree with Huo Violentstone’s words?

    "Hehe, it was truly pathetic. In fact, even they thought they were pathetic themselves. But, there was nothing that could be done. He was the son of the Crimson Light World’s World King! The Crimson Light World’s World King, do you know who that is? The Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters are based at the Crimson Light World. Since they are in the Crimson Light World, they naturally must lower their heads and bow before him; that is all normal! And now, there are many high level figures in the Ancient Phoenix Clan that were once the pursuers of the little princess. None of you can imagine just how beautiful and talented she was! Not even calling her a 10,000 year proud daughter of heaven would do her justice! But… all of her courters were only able to stare on helplessly as she was married to Crimson Strifecloud! And, in a bridal chamber that the Ancient Phoenix Clan specially prepared themselves, he obtained the little princess’ primordial yin as well as the power of her bloodline, hehehahahaha!"

    Although Huo Violentstone was laughing, his laughter was actually cold and maddening. The martial artists around him all shuddered in fear. All of them couldn’t help but wonder, was Huo Violentstone also one of the little princess’ pursuers? Of course, asking this was the same as asking to die.

    Huo Violentstone was silent for a moment, then he said, "Crimson Strifecloud received all the wealth and resources he could hold, he received glory and honor, and then he proceeded to run away without wiping his ass. All of those people that had been trampled by Crimson Strifecloud slowly became the current high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Don’t you think that’s pathetic? Don’t you think that’s miserable? Don’t you think that’s unbelievable? How about it, do you feel the grand image you’ve built up of all those extreme top characters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan loudly toppling in front of you?"

    Huo Violentstone spoke without reserve or care. Indeed, there was nothing he needed to worry about. With his rank, besides some Highest Elders that had once been the Patriarch, no one would dare to say or do anything to him.

    However, the disciples of the three branch palaces were left dumbfounded by these words. They didn’t even notice that Lin Ming had started to fight the second wave of enemies in the Illusionary God Combat Array.

    This period of unknown history that Huo Violentstone explained truly left these low level disciples shocked. In their minds, the top characters of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were supreme elders with the power to move seas and mountains. They never imagined that in their youth, there was also a time when they were as cowardly and shameful as turtles. And to them, the Ancient Phoenix Clan was vast and had an unfathomably deep foundation, able to pierce through the heavens themselves. But now, it seemed that in the face of a higher power, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had no choice but to grovel on their hands and knees.

    "No wonder we haven’t heard much about this Battle King. It’s because the current high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were stepped over by this Battle King, and the little princess they fancied was also taken away by him. How could they not hate him? If it were me, I wouldn’t want this issue ever mentioned again either."

    "No kidding. Crimson Strifecloud must have taken away a considerable amount of resources from our Ancient Phoenix Clan, enough that it can make anyone’s eyes turn red with envy!"

    Several disciples discussed in secret with true essence sound transmissions.

    "I wonder, just where is this Crimson Strifecloud person now?"

    Many disciples couldn’t help but wonder. And, Huo Violentstone seemed to see through their thoughts. He said, "Crimson Strifecloud is now the Crimson Dragon Envoy of the Crimson Light World. If he visited the Ancient Phoenix Clan now, even the Patriarch would have to personally welcome him. A Dragon Envoy can one day control a small world that belongs in the domain of the Crimson Light Great World. That is a truly extreme character!"

    Crimson Dragon Envoy, Crimson Strifecloud, son of a World King, also known as the Battle King!

    Moreover, he had once married the 10,000 year proud daughter of heaven of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

    All of this information left the martial artists present sick with envy, especially that he had married the little princess. Not only did she have the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline, but she was also beautiful. How could it not be a wonderful matter to take her primordial yin?

    Unfortunately, everyone’s destiny was different. Any envy they felt was useless.

    At this time, Lin Ming had actually reached the last wave in the Illusionary God Combat Array. After killing them, Lin Ming would finally face the Thousand Slaughter!

    "Shatter the formation!"

    This wave had 18 ninth stage Life Destruction masters. However, after their nine essence array formation was broken by Lin Ming, Lin Ming took this chance while the formation was disrupted and killed two enemies with lightning speed. After those two died, the overall situation was already decided!

    Lin Ming saved as much true essence as possible as he killed off the enemies in this wave one at a time.

    "It’s over!"

    "Now it’s time for the Thousand Slaughter. Will 30 opponents appear this time?"

    Everyone’s hearts were filled with anticipation. They wanted to see if Lin Ming could complete the Thousand Slaughter, and just how he would do so. But, what surprised them was that no enemies appeared. It seemed as if the Illusionary God Combat Array was giving Lin Ming a long period of time to rest, around a quarter hour.

    Lin Ming hadn’t used up too much energy to begin with, and he also had the Gate of Healing and Ancient Phoenix bloodline supporting him. In a quarter hour, he had more or less recovered most of his strength. And at this time, the space in front of Lin Ming twisted, and countless rays of light gathered together, forming into a man that was holding a great sword in one hand.

    This man wore red armor with a purple cape fluttering behind him. He was tall and his shoulders were broad, his aura filled with energy!

    "Mm? There’s just one opponent?"

    Lin Ming, along with everyone else watching, was stunned. They all thought that there would be 30 opponents; none of them expected that there would only be a single person!

    And in front of the disciples of the three branch palaces, Huo Violentstone suddenly shook. His eyes widened and a sharp light filled with naked hostility flashed in his eyes!

    "Crimson Strifecloud! That person is actually Crimson Strifecloud!"

    Lin Ming’s opponent was the Battle King of 40,000 years ago who had once completed the Thousand Slaughter!

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