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Chapter 1032:Old Sorrows, New Hate

    Chapter 1032:Old Sorrows, New Hate




    "What!? Crimson Strifecloud!?"

    "The Battle King! He is fighting the Battle King!?"

    As Huo Violentstone spoke, the jaws of the all the martial artists present dropped to the floor, greatly shocked.

    "I never thought that Lin Ming’s opponent would actually be Crimson Strifecloud!" Huo Violentstone stared at the phantom figure of the Battle King reflected in the fire spirit mirror. His eyes shot open, and fire seemed to pour out from his heated gaze. He never thought that everything would line up in such a coincidental manner!

    "Yes… in the past when Crimson Strifecloud rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array, he was also 29 years old. That is why he has appeared as Lin Ming’s opponent!"

    A rookie disciple could attend their first Ancient Phoenix smelting trial anytime before they were 33 years of age. But, the most common age was between 28 and 31 years. This was because at that period of time, most martial artists were beginning to form their comprehension of the Fire Laws, and their cultivation would also be at the seventh, eighth, or ninth stage of Life Destruction. If they attended the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial in this period, it would have the best effects in enhancing their comprehensions of Laws.

    If they came too early, their comprehensions would be lacking and the benefits they gained would be limited. However, if they came too late, their foundation would be far more settled and the benefits they gained would be far less.

    Thus, Crimson Strifecloud and Lin Ming had both rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array at the same time. It could be called a coincidence, but also the truth.

    And the Illusionary God Combat Array would record the information of every person that entered, and would then be able to produce a perfect energy form simulacrum of them. Lin Ming and Crimson Strifecloud were of the same age, so it was natural for them to encounter each other.

    This was an unrivalled powerhouse of 40,000 years in the past, duking it out with the current top talent!

    "Who is Crimson Strifecloud? He was the Battle King of 40,000 years ago, the son of a World King, the current Crimson Dragon Envoy of Crimson Light World! His status, his power, his influence, all of it surpasses the current Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan! When such a character was young, just how powerful would they have been?"

    It had to be known that many of the current high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan had once been rolled over by the Battle King. The disparity was far too obvious!

    "Can Lin Ming win? His opponent is the Battle King!"

    "I think it’s over. This Battle King is too kick ass, he is the son of a World King!"

    "It really is hard to win, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance. For better or worse, Lin Ming is still the best talent to appear in my Ancient Phoenix Clan for the last few tens of thousands of years!"

    "How laughable. I once thought that Lin Ming would be able to smoothly complete the Thousand Slaughter, but now I can see just how abnormal the difficulty of it is. Moreover, Lin Ming’s Thousand Slaughter is far harder to complete than the Battle King’s Thousand Slaughter from 40,000 years ago!"

    40,000 years ago, Crimson Strifecloud was someone who had defeated his opponents to achieve the Thousand Slaughter. But now, Lin Ming had to face Crimson Strifecloud himself; the difficulty was certainly higher!

    "Looking at the results, this should be an equal battle between a dragon and a tiger! If Lin Ming can really win then he will be even more freaking amazing! Even if he can’t win, if he can fight with Crimson Strifecloud for several dozen rounds, that will still be enough to etch his eternal name down in the annals of history!"

    As people were discussing, Lin Ming couldn’t hear them within the Illusionary God Combat Array. Instead, he was carefully observing his opponent.

    "Eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation?"

    Lin Ming was surprised. He thought that his opponent now would be a Ninefall master, or perhaps even a Divine Sea master. He didn’t think that they would only be at the eighth stage of Life Dsetruction!

    An eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation at 29 years of age wasn’t considered too fast for an extreme cultivating talent.

    But, Lin Ming didn’t underestimate his opponent. Cultivation speed wasn’t everything. In this world there were countless extreme geniuses that would intentionally suppress their cultivation at the eighth stage of Life Destruction, staying there for several years. This was in order to further increase their comprehension of Laws and consolidate their foundation, so that when they stepped into Ninefall, they would undergo a greater baptism of Laws. Then they would truly be a dragon that ascended to heaven!

    Perhaps this man in front of him was such a person!

    "Hahaha, I never imagined that after so many years someone would finally be able to reach this step! Ancient Phoenix Clan, you fellows aren’t as shabby as I thought you were!"

    Crimson Strifecloud looked at Lin Ming and guffawed. Lin Ming faintly frowned. This person’s attitude was arrogant enough, and listening to his words, he wasn’t from the Ancient Phoenix Clan either.

    "Speak your name, peasant! When I completed the Illusionary God Combat Array’s Thousand Slaughter in the past, all of the so-called ‘geniuses’ that attempted the same smelting trial as me were simply nothing more than a pile of unsightly garbage, nothing but a crowd of trash! To think that they dared to call themselves the chosen prides of heavens, how ridiculous! I left behind a wisp of my divine sense to see just what genius of the Ancient Phoenix Clan would barely be able to reach here. But, I was left disappointed. For 40,000 years no one appeared, until you. You just manage to qualify for the likes of I to remember your name. Now, tell me your name!"

    "Mm?" Lin Ming was surprised. From Crimson Strifecloud’s speech just now, Lin Ming was able to discern his identity. "You are the Battle King!"

    "Correct! I am the Battle King, Crimson Strifecloud!" Crimson Strifecloud heartily laughed. His laughter was filled with a wild self-confidence and rampant arrogance. But, he indeed had the capital to act so recklessly!

    At this time, outside of the Illusionary God Combat Array, Huo Violentstone’s hair nearly stood on end from anger! Even the air around him began to twist from a burning heat. This was the fire energy that he subconsciously released due to the extreme rage in his heart. This was a violent animosity worthy of his name!

    How could he not be angry!? What Crimson Strifecloud just said was, ‘in the past, all of the so-called ‘geniuses’ that attempted the same smelting trial as me were simply nothing more than a pile of unsightly garbage, nothing but a crowd of trash! To think that they dared to call themselves the chosen prides of heavens, how ridiculous!’

    And this clearly included Huo Violentstone in the same group!

    "Good! Good! Very good! In this old man’s life, this is the first time anyone has dared to call me trash! Very good! Crimson Strifecloud, you are a crazy bastard! I want to see just how kick ass you actually are! 40,000 years ago, you managed to trample all over our faces, but now I want to see if you still have this ability 40,000 years later!"

    Huo Violentstone seemed like an erupting volcano. At this moment, anyone or anything that dared approach within three feet of Huo Violentstone would have been instantly burnt to ash!

    It had to be known that the geniuses within the Illusionary God Combat Array were energy form simulacrums reproduced by the information recorded in the array formation. Even their intelligence was a copy. But, what Crimson Strifecloud had said was that he had left a wisp of his divine sense behind. In other words, the opponent Lin Ming faced was nearly the exact same as Crimson Strifecloud. And, the words he spoke also represented the true ideas of Crimson Strifecloud.

    How could Huo Violentstone not be enraged? Crimson Strifecloud had swept away not just countless resources of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, but also their little princess. At that time, numerous heroic young elites wished to cut down Crimson Strifecloud’s glory in the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. But, the result was that they had been beaten up so badly that their mothers and fathers wouldn’t have recognized them. And now, Crimson Strifecloud laughed in their faces and called them a crowd of trash.

    This was the same as poking at their reverse scale, the source of all rage!

    If this could be tolerated, what else could be tolerated!?

    At this time, behind Huo Violentstone, Monarch Sweetyfox and Duke Golden Sword were holding their breath as they teetered on edge, careful not to exacerbate the situation.

    As for Huo Highdragon and Huo Whitejade, they ruefully smiled at each other. This High Ancestor of the Huo Family was indeed just like his name. His anger was not ordinary anger!

    When he was angered, even the Elders of his own family would be publicly abused and scolded. He wouldn’t even care about maintaining face in front of the juniors. Now, the Crimson Strifecloud in the Illusionary God Combat Array could be described as having opened the forbidden box of shame and humiliation. How could Huo Violentstone not turn mad with rage!?

    Those near him could feel that Huo Violentstone was a volcano ready to erupt at any moment. If they approached him at this time it was possible they would really eat shit; they might even become the target of some collateral anger. However, none of them dared to draw back. They could only stand where they were in utter silence.

    "I pray to the heavens that Lin Ming can contend with him. At least, the manner in which he loses cannot be too ugly. He needs to last at least several dozen moves, and it would be best if he could wound Crimson Strifecloud…" Huo Highdragon gulped as he spoke to Huo Whitejade with a true essence sound transmission.

    Huo Whitejade forced a smile, saying, "Yeah. Otherwise, once this old man turns angry, none of us will have a good time. Once he is angry, he doesn’t distinguish between right and wrong and vents his anger on anyone close to him. It is a 100% possibility that we will be the punching bags this time. Before, the two of us have already committed a number of mistakes and screwed up some matters. If the old man is happy then he won’t bother investigating these matters, but if he’s angry, then both of us are done for!"

    "Aiyaya, we can only hope that Lin Ming can claw back some honor for us so that the High Ancestor can calm his anger a bit. If he can do this then I’ll gift him some resources from the Office of Internal Affairs in the future." Huo Highdragon said. His position was that of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Internal Affairs Envoy.

    And at this time, within the Illusionary God Combat Array, just as Lin Ming was beginning to fight, an old voice abruptly sounded out from the skies.

    "Lin Ming! This old man is the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s Highest Elder, Huo Violentstone! I am also the Patriarch of the Huo Family! You listen well to me. In the past, this little bastard stole our resources and wrested away the little princess of our Ancient Phoenix Clan along with her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline! In this battle, you must do everything you can to win for me! Even if you have to risk your life, you have to win at all costs! Even if you must wrestle with Buddha for a single incense stick of time, that is what you must do! If you want to become an unrivalled genius, then you must sweep away all obstacles that block your path! You must kick that Crimson Strifecloud into the ground and beat him up so that his teeth scatter over the ground! I want you to slap him so hard that not even his parents will recognize him! If you can do this then I will immediately give you the phoenix blood essence! Not just that, but resources, phoenix blood, beautiful women with pure bloodlines, anything else you desire will be yours! I will even happily lend you the Sacred Flame Testament to perceive for an entire year! The Huo Family will support you with the entirety of our strength!"

    This sudden voice left Lin Ming in a daze. Ancient Phoenix Clan Highest Elder? Huo Family Patriarch, Huo Violentstone?

    How… how could such a top character suddenly appear in Fire Spirit Star, and also be observing his smelting trial? Moreover, his words just now had been extremely vulgar. Especially when he said he would gift ‘beautiful women with pure bloodlines’; Lin Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. In his impression, Highest Elders were noble and respected characters. They quietly sat atop their lofty thrones, looking down at others, so where would one appear that was so ribald. Did this Huo Violentstone have a deep-seated grudge with Crimson Strifecloud?

    But soon after, the Crimson Strifecloud in front of Lin Ming responded. He loudly laughed and said, "The one who spoke, aren’t you someone from 40,000 years ago, someone referred to as the Fire Lion or something like that? I also have a tiny impression of you. I never imagined that with your strength you could actually manage to become a Highest Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. It seems that the Ancient Phoenix Clan is really in trouble. Ever since those extreme characters like Huo Burning Heaven and Xiao Daoji appeared, your Ancient Phoenix Clan has become worse with every generation."

    As Crimson Strifecloud spoke, Huo Violentstone became even angrier. "Crimson Strifecloud, whether or not my Ancient Phoenix Clan is in trouble is not for the likes of you to say. Enough with the trash talk; fists speak the only truth. The opponent in front of you is my disciple. This father wants to see whether or not you will get beaten up so badly by my disciple today that not even your mother and father will recognize you!"

    Crimson Strifecloud’s current status neared that of a World King. Although Huo Violentstone was far inferior, his temper was hotter than flames, and he had a fearless disposition; he simply didn’t fear offending Crimson Strifecloud. He didn’t even ask for Lin Ming’s opinion and directly became Lin Ming’s cheap master.

    Lin Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

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