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Chapter 1034:Scorching Blood VS Phoenix Blood

    Chapter 1034:Scorching Blood VS Phoenix Blood




    The technique Crimson Strifecloud used just now was called the ruling spirit art. It was a type of martial skill that was trained with a battle spirit.

    Battle spirits also had corresponding martial skills. The world of the Sky Spill Continent had its legacies and inheritances cut off 100,000 years ago. Because of that, there was an extremely small number of people that possessed a battle spirit. Thus, most people of the Sky Spill Continent only used their battle spirit as an auxiliary attack. This was because they didn’t know of any special martial skills that corresponded to them.

    But in the Divine Realm, there were inheritances that had been passed down for hundreds of millions or even billions of years. In terms of battle spirits, they also had developed martial skills that utilized them. The ruling spirit art was one of the broadest and most important types.

    The so-called ruling spirit art was a technique that used a battle spirit to rule a weapon, controlling it and sending it to kill others. There were also different ranks and grades within the ruling spirit art. If one could cultivate it to small success, then they could use a mere thought to kill someone over a thousand miles away. If one cultivated this ability to the limit, they could even use a weapon to pierce through a planet and kill someone on the other side.

    The ruling spirit that Crimson Strifecloud cultivated was of an extremely high rank and grade. His usual fighting method was to use his extreme speed to confuse and mislead his opponent. Then, he would use the ruling spirit art and control the seven swords to kill his enemies. This attack was virtually impossible to predict or guard against. But now, Crimson Strifecloud’s attack was directly stopped by Lin Ming’s thoughts!

    "Gold battle spirit, a seventh stage Life Destruction martial artist like you actually has a gold battle spirit?"

    Crimson Strifecloud was inexplicably horrified. When he had rushed through the Illusionary God Combat Array, his battle spirit had only been at the formative silver level. That had already been amazing enough. But now, his battle spirit was an entire large boundary lower than Lin Ming’s!

    Lin Ming didn’t clearly didn’t practice the ruling spirit art, but even so he was able to suppress Crimson Strifecloud. This was the disparity from the difference in their levels of battle spirits!

    If Lin Ming one day practiced a type of high grade ruling spirit art, he could use his battle spirit to control weapons and kill others. Or, he could even fuse Concepts and Laws into his attacks before he did so. This would cause Lin Ming’s combat strength to rise to yet another level!

    "For someone to possess a gold battle spirit at the Life Destruction realm, that is indeed unbelievable. It seems that I really did underestimate you. Since that’s the case, let me show you my true strength. As a mere mortal, you should be proud for having pushed me to this step!"

    Crimson Strifecloud wildly laughed. However, this wild and crazy tone caused Lin Ming to frown. "You really are boastful. Just where does this confidence of yours come from? Do you think just because you come from a World King Family you are a cut above everyone else? Do you think just because of that you can display such a arrogant and cocky attitude?"

    "Hahaha! Yes, what you said is correct! Indeed, my bloodline is truly a cut above all others. In other words, we are a Divine Blood Family! There are countless people within the Divine Realm and they are also divided into all sorts of classes! There are mortals, royals, divine beings, and even a God Clan! Although your Ancient Phoenix Clan is called the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the truth is that you are not genuine descendent of phoenixes. If there really were 100 billion true descendants of phoenixes, then how could that still be manageable! The entire Divine Realm would likely have been occupied by your Ancient Phoenix Clan! No, you are nothing but people with the phoenix bloodline transplanted into your body. In the end, you are nothing more than mortals!"

    There were certainly differences between a true phoenix descendent and someone that had the phoenix bloodline transplanted into their bodies. Ignoring the density of bloodline, a true phoenix descendant’s flesh, skeleton, muscles, organs, blood, and even their hair and nails would also originate from a true God Beast. That would be a true Divine Body. If such people established a clan and multiplied, then their bloodline would never diminish. They would forever have bodies of a true God Beast.

    But, having a transplanted bloodline was different. As those with transplanted bloodlines multiplied, the power of their bloodline would also gradually dilute and weaken with time. When two people with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline married and produced children, those children might not have the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. As for their grandchildren, their bloodlines would be even lighter.

    Thus, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had to constantly transplant Ancient Phoenix blood within the bodies of their clansmen in order to guarantee the density of their bloodline.

    But Crimson Strifecloud was different. Their family was a Divine Blood Family. Although their bloodline couldn’t compare with the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix by far, his bloodline was inherently inherited through birth.

    As Crimson Strifecloud spoke, all the bones throughout his body began to emit crackling noises. His body began to rise up, and all the solids muscles beneath his red armor tightened and bulged outwards as if he were about to explode out from his armor.

    On his face, on his hands, everything was covered with red scales the color of blood. They shined with a cold light!

    "My Crimson Light World’s World King Family bloodline is called Scorching Blood, where our blood is like fire! After transforming our bodies, we can stimulate the bloodline of our family! Our combat strength can increase by multiple times! And as for you? Can you become a phoenix? Your Ancient Phoenix Clan has developed for all this time and yet you are still only a Holy Land level sect! A World King has never appeared within your clan, and they never will! Even extreme characters like Xiao Daoji or Huo Burning Heaven are only nearing the realm of a World King. In the vast Divine Realm, they are simply nothing to speak of at all! But me, I come from a World King Family! Our family has existed for several hundreds of millions of years and we have produced three World Kings! Your bloodline is doomed to forever be inferior to mine!"

    Crimson Strifecloud gave a loud shout and energy rapidly revolved through his entire body. He no longer relied on his speed and clever attacks. Now he would use his absolute strength, a strength that belonged to his bloodline!

    Everyone outside was watching the scene reflected within the fire spirit.

    Huo Violentstone’s face was calm like a placid like. Behind him, Huo Highdragon, Duke Golden Sword, and Monarch Sweetyfox were all suppressing a simmering rage in their hearts. As for the disciples of the three branch palaces, all of them were clenching their fists to the point of drawing blood.

    No one wished to be despised and disparaged by others, especially when it involved the glory of their people!

    However, if one wanted to counter these claims, they didn’t know how to do so. This was because their Ancient Phoenix Clan was indeed inferior to the Crimson Light World’s World King Family, and this had been the de facto situation for the last tens of thousands of years!

    It was simply impossible to refute these claims!

    They could only hope that Lin Ming could defeat Crimson Strifecloud and use absolute strength to shut him up!

    Lin Ming took half a step backwards, firmly rooting himself in the ground. He seemed like an ancient tree, solid and unmoving. The nine foot nine inch Phoenix Blood Spear lay in his hands, with 999 small blood spears spinning around the barrel. His aura began to rise without end!

    He faintly smiled and said, "Crimson Strifecloud, the history of my Ancient Phoenix Clan is indeed not wondrous or magnificent, but, that is not because the blood of the Ancient Phoenix isn’t strong, but because we do not have enough. Do you know how precious a single drop of phoenix blood essence is? Not even a Vice Patriarch can obtain a single drop. That is a luxury that only a Patriarch could possibly afford! If my Ancient Phoenix Clan’s clansmen were able to transplant 10 drops of phoenix blood essence each, just what degree would their bloodline reach? Do you think your so-called ‘Scorching Blood’ would be able to compare!?

    "And that is only ten drops. What if there was more? On the other hand, your bloodline has already reached the limits! You are already a descendent of the Scorching Blood bloodline family. Even if you transplanted 10,000 jins of this so-called ‘Scorching Blood’ blood essence into your body, it would all be wasted!

    "If you really disdain the Ancient Phoenix bloodline, then why would you specifically run over to my Ancient Phoenix Clan and marry the little princess with her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline!?

    "My Ancient Phoenix Clan has received the blood of a God Beast, so how could your variation bloodlines possibly compare? If my bloodline is inferior to yours now, that is only because the density of my bloodline is inferior to yours. But in terms of quality, the Ancient Phoenix bloodline is a thousand times better than your Scorching Blood bloodline. Although my bloodline is faint, it contains infinite potential! In the future, I could possibly obtain dozens of even 100 drops of phoenix blood essence! And in a future beyond even that, I might even achieve a Phoenix Divine Body! And you? How could you ever compare!?"

    Each one of Lin Ming’s words was filled with energy and daring. The more he spoke, the louder his voice became, especially at the end, his voice was simply like beating great drums, the roar of a dragon! His words flooded through the world, piercing through the skies!

    These words entered the hearts of all the Ancient Phoenix Clan clansmen present, causing their blood to boil with fervor. Even Huo Violentstone was moved by Lin Ming’s words.

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, well said!"


    The disciples of the three branch palaces couldn’t help but shout out their happiness! Indeed, if Crimson Strifecloud really despised the Ancient Phoenix bloodline so much, then why would he marry the little princess of the Ancient Phoenix Clan?

    This was clearly because his family’s so-called ‘Scorching Blood’ bloodline was in truth inferior to the Ancient Phoenix bloodline. The only reason it seemed so fierce was because its density had long ago reached the limit. Thus, he needed the Ancient Phoenix bloodline to improve the quality of his own.

    Of the three branch palaces’ many disciples, their bloodlines were inferior to the Crimson Light World’s World King Family bloodline. But, this wasn’t because the Ancient Phoenix bloodline was of an inferior rank, but because their bloodline density was too low!

    If they could be like Lin Ming and display a heaven-shocking talent and constantly strive for their own lucky chances, then their futures would be filled with infinite possibilities!

    To a true martial artist, what they feared was not being weak in the present. Rather, what they feared was not being able to find a goal, and not being able to see what direction to go in. If they could see a bright future waiting for them ahead, they would courageously soldier onwards even if it meant untold misery and incomparable danger. They would continue with all their heart and soul, seeking out ever higher limits!

    "Good! Very good!" As Crimson Strifecloud looked at Lin Ming, his eyes flashed with a sharp light. "I was mistaken. Not only do you have extraordinary talent, but you also have the heart of a true unrivalled powerhouse. It is probably because your heart of martial arts is so firm and steady that you were able to obtain a gold battle spirit at the seventh stage of Life Destruction. Further words are useless. Let us fight and confirm the truth with our own bodies!"

    As Crimson Strifecloud spoke, his aura suddenly converged. Then, as if a dam had been broken down, thick killing intent surged out into the world!

    The suppressive atmosphere had transformed into a pure and rich killing intent.

    At this time, the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan held their breaths as they watched the fire spirit screen, their hearts filled with anxiousness. Let alone these disciples, even Monarch Sweetyfox, Duke Golden Sword, and the other high level figures were nervously sweating for Lin Ming.

    Now that the battle had reached this step, it was no longer about Lin Ming completing the Thousand Slaughter. Rather, this battle concerned the glory of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

    This even included Yan Littlemoon, who was conflicted about Lin Ming. As she looked at his figure in the fire spirit mirror, her eyes were wide and unblinking. Before this, she never had a good impression of Lin Ming. After all, ever since she was born, the greatest humiliation and defeat she suffered had been underneath Lin Ming’s hands. It was truly an experienced etched forever into her bones.

    But just now, the words Lin Ming spoke had roused a heroic spirit in her heart that shot into the heavens. She could faintly feel that her heart had been inexplicably touched by something.

    Now she also hoped that Lin Ming could win!

    However, she was also deeply aware of just how terrifying Lin Ming’s opponent was!


    Crimson Strifecloud’s body blazed with burning flames. After displaying the Scorching Blood Battle Body, his striking power, physical strength, all of it had risen to a completely different degree. The rocks and dirt underneath his feet instantly evaporated, and even the space around him twisted about.

    And around Crimson Strifecloud’s side, fire origin energy formed countless spiritual forms. There were birds, beasts, insects, fish, flowers, grass, and even spirit trees…

    This was the fourth level Concept of the Fire Laws:Manifestation!

    To comprehend the Fire Concepts to such a degree, this was a feat that all the rookie disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan could never compete with!

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