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Chapter 1036:To Complete the Thousand Slaughter

    Chapter 1036:To Complete the Thousand Slaughter




    "I never imagined that not only did you have a gold battle spirit, but you even managed to comprehend such a bizarre and powerful martial intent force field, and you were actually able to jump ranks to wound me!"

    Crimson Strifecloud rose up from the ruins of his landing. He wiped the leaking blood from his mouth. As he recalled that strange martial intent force field just now, even he couldn’t believe it. Lin Ming had actually managed to comprehend such a mystical force field martial intent!

    A martial intent was illusive and impossible to clarify. Every person that comprehended one did so differently, and whether or not they managed to comprehend one, this wasn’t too related to their comprehension of Laws or their talent. There were some extreme geniuses that would never be able to comprehend their own martial intent.

    It could even be said that martial intents were a kind of manifestation of a martial artist’s destiny.

    "Lin Ming, your cultivation is lower than mine by a single stage of Life Destruction and yet you have been able to force me to this step. I really must praise you. I admit that your talent is no longer beneath mine. This next move is my strongest ace. Even 40,000 years ago when I completed the Thousand Slaughter here, I did not use this move.

    "Lin Ming, it is still not too late for you to admit defeat. Because once I use this move, even I am unable to control its strength. Even though we are in the Illusionary God Combat Array and you are nothing but an energy form, my attack will wound your divine soul. This is because this move is one that my father comprehended from a fragment of a transcendent divine might jade slip that he obtained in an ancient ruin. Although it is not a true transcendent divine might, it is actually quite close. And whilst I can only display the first attack of this ability, even so, the likes of you will not be able to resist it!"

    "Transcendent divine might?"

    As the martial artists present heard Crimson Strifecloud’s words, all of them were floored. A transcendent divine might was a peak top level ultimate ability of the Divine Realm! Only an extreme Empyrean level character, an existence that others called equivalent to a god, was able to create their own. Moreover, an Empyrean would only be able to create a single transcendent divine might, because a transcendent divine might was the complete accumulation of their entire life’s studies!

    Thus, in the entire Divine Realm, a new transcendent divine might would only be born every million or even several million years. In addition, there were many transcendent divine mights that were lost in mystic realms, causing transcendent divine mights in the Divine Realm to be extremely scarce. Normally only an Empyrean or extraordinary World King would experience a lucky chance and obtain one. As for a Holy Lord, there was no point in mentioning them.

    For instance, Crimson Strifecloud’s father had obtained only a fragment of a transcendent divine might. The amount that could be learnt from it was limited.

    Even so, that was still an amazing inheritance!

    "A transcendent divine might jade slip fragment! By the heavens! Crimson Strifecloud actually had the chance to learn such an ability!"

    "There’s nothing that can be done about it. That’s the background of a World King Family. The reason that Crimson Strifecloud’s family is so glorious is not just because of their bloodline, but also because their inheritances are far superior. For instance, our Ancient Phoenix Clan would never have something so mythical like a fragment of a transcendent divine might."

    "I fear Junior-apprentice Brother Lin won’t be able to stop him… what a pity, if only Crimson Strifecloud didn’t have a transcendent divine might then Junior-apprentice Brother Lin might have won."

    "There isn’t anything that can be done, this is the difference of background. There isn’t any shame for Junior-apprentice Brother Lin to lose like this. This battle is destined to be recorded in the grand history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!"

    As the disciples of the three branch palaces were feeling sorrow for Lin Ming, at this time, Lin Ming was facing off against Crimson Strifecloud, a dignified expression on his face. Even a transcendent divine might jade slip fragment couldn’t be underestimated. It had to be known that his own Heavenly Demon martial intent was only a minor portion of the complete Primordius martial intent, and yet it held so much power already.

    As for the Heretical God Force, that should be a complete transcendent divine might. But, the nature of this secret skill was focused on auxiliary cultivation, passive support, and helping to perceive the Laws; its striking power wasn’t its greatest strength. As for Crimson Strifecloud, from the meaning behind his words, what his father obtained was a fragment of an offensive transcendent divine might!

    A martial skill comprehended from a transcendent divine might jade slip fragment might not be a true transcendent divine might, but it was still recreated through the strength and understandings of a World King level powerhouse. Its might was absolutely powerful.

    At this moment, Lin Ming no longer held anything back. This was likely Crimson Strifecloud’s final attack. He needed to receive this attack, and his greatest dependence was the transcendent divine might level grandmist space. In other words, to release the grandmist space to the edge of its limits.

    Before this, because of all sorts of worries, Lin Ming had suppressed the grandmist space to about three feet around his body, and he also hid the phenomena of the grandmist space. But if he were to continue with this charade then he would likely lose here.

    "It looks you really want to fight to the death. Hehe, that is also what I expected. Otherwise, that wouldn’t be you, and I would lose interest in defeating you." As Crimson Strifecloud saw Lin Ming’s aura rapidly rising, he wasn’t surprised at all. He lifted his sword with both hands and his own aura also ascended into the heavens, turning into a billowing blaze that shot into the sky, dyeing the entire sky blood red!

    "Tyrant Ether Blood!"

    Crimson Strifecloud suddenly chopped down with his sword. At this time, he was like the world itself, wielding control of heavenly retribution, and his sword was the judgment of the Heavenly Dao!

    Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. In that moment, he once again combusted all of his Ancient Phoenix blood. His soul force and willpower completely erupted! Behind Lin Ming, in the midst of a blazing golden light and a fiery phoenix dancing in the sky, a blood red lotus began to slowly bloom!

    This was the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower. Only when this lotus flower bloomed would the grandmist martial intent reach the pinnacle of its strength!

    However, Lin Ming didn’t dare to allow just the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower to bloom. Although Crimson Strifecloud or Huo Violentstone were both characters that were far from the level of an Empyrean, and it was also impossible for them to ever see someone like Empyrean Primordius, Lin Ming still didn’t look down on their experience. As he released the blooming blood red Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, he used the Blue Lotus Flame Dance once again!

    The first three Concepts of the Fire Laws condensed into a blue lotus and fused together with the Prime Emperor red lotus, causing a lotus flower to appear that was a strange blue-red!

    But, Lin Ming wasn’t done yet. He poured his grandmist battle spirit into this blue-red lotus flower. The gold battle spirit was capable of forming a world of will projection into reality. It changed the appearance of the Prime Emperor red lotus again, covering it with a dark gold!


    Ka ka ka!

    Crimson Strifecloud’s sword cut into the grandmist space. The deep red energy violently collided with the grandmist space. Then, the strands of elementary grandmist energy were forcefully sheared off by Crimson Strifecloud. At the same time, Crimson Strifecloud’s Tyrant Ether Blood also weakened. A thick red energy washed out in all directions, dyeing the grandmist space crimson, as if the endless heavens were crying tears of blood!

    "Just what kind of force field is this?! It’s actually so powerful!" Crimson Strifecloud was stunned. He felt his own strength being rapidly sucked away. "Break for me!"

    Crimson Strifecloud erupted with a bellowing roar. His body suddenly bulged out. The blood vessels underneath his skin all burst open, and blue veins stuck out from all over his body. He pushed the strength of his body to the limit and forcefully tore away the elementary grandmist energy in front that was hindering him!

    However at the same time, most of the strength of his Tyrant Ether Blood had been used up!

    "Heretical God Force, explode!"

    Lin Ming’s thoughts reached towards the Heretical God Sprout. The Heretical God Sprout’s six leaves released a brilliance as bright as a noon sun. In that moment, behind Lin Ming, the blue-red lotus flower appeared once again, shooting straight forwards!

    Blue Lotus Flame Dance!


    In the violent collision, the Tyrant Ether Blood and the Blue Lotus Flame Dance smashed against each other. The blue-red lotus was ripped apart, but Crimson Strifecloud’s Tyrant Ether Blood was also mutilated until it exploded!

    Wild shockwaves of energy swept outwards. Lin Ming’s protective true essence shattered and his meridians were torn apart by the energy. He vomited a great mouthful of blood.

    As for Crimson Strifecloud, a third of the scales around his body had been torn off by Lin Ming’s attack. His entire body was dyed with blood!

    However, the two of them did not retreat. They both wanted to use this moment when their opponent was severely wounded and their attacks would be at their weakest to deliver a fatal blow!

    Tyrant Ether Blood!

    Crimson Strifecloud wanted to display the Tyrant Ether Blood once more. But with his current condition, he was barely able to use this move and the burden on his body was great.Also, even though he was barely able to use this move, the power would be incomparable to the last time.

    But, just as Crimson Strifecloud was about to strike, he could hear a sound of rolling thunder roaring at him. From Lin Ming’s body, a purple lion tore towards him!

    "Purple Lion Thunder Source, explode!"

    Lin Ming crazily shouted out. The Purple Lion Thunder Source dashed into the great currents of flame that still surged about. The power of thunder and fire wove together, creating a riotous explosion.


    The heavens and earth trembled. Explosive origin energy burst out in all directions. Crimson Strifecloud didn’t have time to condense his sword energy before he was swept up by the frenzied thunderfire energy. His stance broke and he was sent flying backwards. All of his scales were ripped off, scattering across the world as his blood shot into the wind.

    Lin Ming’s final strike nearly took all of his energy. As he slaughtered his way to this step, every opponent he faced had been a genius of their own era. Moreover, he had faced groups of them that had joined together in formations. The consumption of his energy could be imagined.

    Even if Lin Ming had the Gate of Healing supporting him, it was still difficult to make up for the stress of his mind in the mere quarter hour of time given to him before he fought Crimson Strifecloud.

    Because he had erupted with too much strength in that last attack and he had also suffered a backlash from the explosive true essence, 30% of Lin Ming’s meridians had been torn and he was in a critically injured stage. He didn’t have much combat efficiency left. If Crimson Strifecloud still had strength remaining, then he could only admit defeat.

    However, the truth was that Crimson Strifecloud was in an even worse state.

    In Lin Ming’s final strike, he had used the Purple Lion Thunder source to detonate the remnants of the Blue Lotus Flame Dance. Crimson Strifecloud had withstood the greatest impact. If it weren’t for his Scorching Blood Battle Body, the scales that covered him, as well as his amazing defensive power, then Lin Ming’s strike would have torn Crimson Strifecloud to pieces!

    "You…!" Crimson Strifecloud’s voice was hoarse as he glared at Lin Ming. Every time he spoke a word, blood would gush out from his mouth. "Lin Ming, right? I’ll remember you!"


    As Crimson Strifecloud finished speaking, his body turned into beams of red light that faded away, soon completely vanishing altogether.

    Lin Ming… had defeated Crimson Strifecloud!

    This also meant that he had completed the final stage, the Thousand Slaughter!

    "Lin Ming has defeated Crimson Strifecloud! Heavens!"

    "Thousand Slaughter! The madman did it, he completed the Thousand Slaughter!"

    As the disciples of the three branch palaces saw Lin Ming finally defeat Crimson Strifecloud, all of them were first struck dumb. They thought that Lin Ming originally had a ray of hope to achieve victory, but after Crimson Strifecloud had pulled out that attack that was perceived from a transcendent divine might jade slip fragment, everyone had felt that final ray of hope disappear.

    But, the true result had defied all of their expectations!

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