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Chapter 1042:Ancient Dragon Clan

    Chapter 1042:Ancient Dragon Clan




    The eighth level of the Hells of Flame. Even when placed within the entire history of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, that was nothing less than a miracle!

    This depth could be called the birth of a new era!


    Huo Violentstone couldn’t help but uproariously laugh. He originally only wanted to see Lin Ming’s practice; he didn’t have any hopes that he would really be able to break into the eighth level.

    "The two of you, how about it? Hahahahaha!" Huo Violentstone clapped his hands together. He had a straightforward and bold personality. Now that he was so elated, he couldn’t conceal his satisfaction and pride, thus he laughed as he spoke to the two Kirin Clan envoys.

    The Kirin Clan woman gulped. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but eventually no words came out.

    Beside her, the man forcefully smiled and said with some stammered difficulty, "He’s quite… good!"

    The two envoys were well aware of what it meant for a seventh stage Life Destruction rookie disciple to break into the eighth level of the Hells of Flame. Although their Kirin Clan was overflowing with geniuses, when these geniuses were compared to Lin Ming, they couldn’t even stand up to half his height.

    Rumors were heard, but seeing was believed. When they heard that Lin Ming had defeated Crimson Strifecloud, they always had a question in their hearts. But now that they saw Lin Ming’s results with their own eyes, they were really left speechless.

    But after that…

    Lin Ming didn’t stop after reaching the eighth level!

    He released the Heretical God Force and continued to rush ahead. Then, he unexpectedly managed to reach the eighth level 1500 mile distance before arriving at his limit.

    Lin Ming’s final result was 1500 miles into the eighth level!

    This was a terrifying depth. The disciples of the three branch palaces were numbed with shock. To them, the seventh level was already a concept that was difficult to understand, much less the eighth level!

    Yan Littlemoon was also quite extraordinary; her final result was 5000 miles into the sixth level. If this result was announced in usual times it would have been enough to alarm the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters. But now, when compared to Lin Ming, this result seemed a bit dismal.

    "I really must congratulate Senior Huo, you have truly accepted a wonderful disciple this time."

    "Hahahaha!" Huo Violentstone happily laughed. "This old man’s luck could be said to be finally changing for the better. What about it. Do Lin Ming and this Yan Littlemoon have the qualifications to enter the God Beast Mystic Realm?"

    "Of course! However, there is some risk associated with entering the God Beast Mystic Realm. Senior Huo should form some contingency plans for emergencies." The Kirin Clan woman said, switching the topic.

    "Of course. Jade that isn’t cut and polished cannot be made into anything good. For a martial artist to grow, taking risks and suffering bitter dangers is normal. If there is no risk and a genius simply stays in the Ancient Phoenix Clan all year in seclusion, then they will never have any great achievements. A beast must return to the mountains in order to become the king of all beasts. If someone dies just because of a bit of risk then it can only be said that their destiny was lacking. If so, then death would be their inevitable fate to begin with!"

    As for the risks involved in the mystic realm, Huo Violentstone was extremely confident in Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon. He firmly believed that characters like them wouldn’t die in some mystic realm.

    "Mm. There are still some months before entering the mystic realm so we have to return to the clan and prepare. And Senior Huo, you should be aware that the Ancient Dragon Clan also has several extreme talents amongst their younger generation. I fear that there will be a collision amongst everyone in this adventure. I wonder just how Apprentice Nephew Lin will fare in the chaos…"

    "Hah, I also know of those little babies from the Ancient Dragon Clan. How could they possibly compare with this old man’s own disciple!" Huo Violentstone proudly said, taking a stance as if none of those Ancient Dragon Clan disciples could compete with Lin Ming.

    But, those words of ‘how could they possibly compare with this old man’s own disciple’ really left the two Kirin Clan envoys staring back, amazed.

    According to what they knew, it was only when Lin Ming defeated Crimson Strifecloud that Huo Violentstone had received him as a disciple. But listening to the meaning behind Huo Violentstone’s words, it was as if all of Lin Ming’s achievements were due to Huo Violentstone’s teachings.

    Of course, they only thought this. Neither of them dared to voice their thoughts out loud.

    "Lin Ming is truly fierce, but the Ancient Dragon Clan cannot be underestimated. This time, our Kirin Clan and the Roc Clan might have some difficulties…"

    The reason that the Ancient Dragon Clan was so strong was not just because of how widely spread their bloodline was, but also because they had over ten times the clansmen than the Ancient Phoenix Clan did.

    The Ancient Dragon Clan was comprised of over a trillion individuals!

    With such a massive base number of clansmen and such thick bloodlines, the Ancient Dragon Clan naturally had more heroic young elites appearing amongst their ranks. This was also the reason why the Ancient Dragon Clan was able to produce a World King. In normal years, even all the heroic young elites of the three other God Beast Clans combined couldn’t compare with those from the Ancient Dragon Clan! Correspondingly, most of the benefits from the God Beast Mystic Realm were also taken up by the Ancient Dragon Clan.

    And this time, with a monstrous freak like Lin Ming added into the mix, the Kirin Clan and Roc Clan would have a much smaller piece of cake to divide.

    As the two Kirin Clan envoys thoughts of this, all they could do was force a bitter smile.

    The final result of Lin Ming’s Ancient Phoenix smelting trial in which he broke into the eighth level of the Hells of Flame soon spread to the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters.


    At this time, within a grand immortal palace of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there was a dimensional realm filled with elegant and beautiful scenery.

    Here, there were stretches of celestial mountains, vast seas of clouds, glorious jade palaces, and lakeside pavilions scattered all over. Countless spirit birds soared through the sky. There were divine cranes holding wine, white monkeys presenting fruit:such imagery was truly too beautiful to behold!

    And in the center of this paradise was a towering parasol tree. Hundreds and thousands of people could hold hands and they still wouldn’t be able to wrap around the base of this parasol tree. And, underneath this giant parasol tree was a plain stone table. Sitting down at this stone table, a yellow-clothed old man and a middle-aged person with a long beard were playing chess. This old man was a Highest Elder of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, and as for that middle-aged man with a long beard, he was the current Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Gale Violetsun!

    "Mm? What is it?" The yellow-clothed old man looked up and asked. He noticed that Gale Violetsun hesitated for a moment just now.

    "It’s Lin Ming. He’s finally finished his test. He managed to reach the eighth level of the Hells of Flame. Or, it is more accurate to say he reached a depth of 1500 miles into the eighth level!"

    "Hoh!" The yellow-clothed old man put away the chess piece in his hand as a wonderful light bloomed in his eyes. "How incredible! Violetsun, didn’t you participate in the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial as a rookie disciple 50,000 years ago? If I remembered correctly, you reached a depth of 4000 miles into the seventh level! As for me, I participated 70,000 years ago and I was still worse than you by 1000 miles!"

    "That’s right. The eighth level… I never imagined that was possible! If there is no accident then Lin Ming will become a figure on the level of Xiao Daoji or Huo Burning Heaven in the future. Not just that, but besides Lin Ming there is also Yan Littlemoon. Moreover, in the Central Palace there is also someone who managed to reach the sixth level. But speaking of it, it is really a failure. The Central Palace has the most resources and the best conditions, and yet the disciples who are raised there are inferior to those from Fire Spirit Star!"

    "You can’t blame the Central Palace, their performance has been the same as usual. It’s just that the appearance of a monstrous once in 10 million year genius like Lin Ming is beyond anyone’s expectations. This time that old man Huo has really gained a great deal. But the Xiao Family and the Huang Family also had no way of competing with that old man Huo. It’s not like they could push aside all the geniuses of their own family in order to raise an outsider. Speaking of which, the God Beast Mystic Realm is about to open. Do you plan on sending Lin Ming there?" The yellow-clothed old man suddenly asked as he fiddled with the crystal chess piece in his hand.

    "Of course! We have to spend a billion violet sun stones to open the mystic realm so we certainly can’t have Lin Ming miss out on such a lucky chance."

    "Heh, a billion violet sun stones eh?" The yellow-clothed old man laughed. "Whenever this time comes around, the Internal Affairs Envoy is in such a frazzled state that he looks like a frosted eggplant. It truly is expensive, but also worth the cost. Our Ancient Phoenix Clan should be able to strive for over 10 spots this time!"

    "Mm, that’s about right. We should have 12 spots. The Kirin Clan and Roc Clan should each have 10. As for the Ancient Dragon Clan, they should have 36."

    "36!" The yellow-clothed old man frowned. "That’s more than all other three clans combined!"

    The quota of people allowed into the God Beast Mystic Realm smelting trial was based on the quality of the geniuses in every young generation of the clans. The higher quality of geniuses that a clan had, the more spots they would be apportioned. Otherwise, they would receive fewer spots. These were the rules established by the Ancient Dragon Clan.

    The Ancient Dragon Clan had an immense population as well as many resources. Thus, they overflowed with talent. Every time they would obtain the majority of the quota of spots.

    Every single spot was extremely precious, because each time a person was sent through to the God Beast Mystic Realm, it required a massive amount of violet sun stones to be used up.

    This was because there was some strange energy barrier separating the God Beast Mystic Realm and the Divine Realm. As for what this barrier was or how it formed, no one knew. Perhaps it wasn’t even created by human hands, but rather formed naturally from the Heavenly Dao.

    A mortal could pass through this barrier, but for a martial artist to pass through they needed to consume a massive amount of energy. The higher their cultivation, the more energy was required!

    If one wanted to have a Divine Lord powerhouse pass into the God Beast Mystic Realm, then the amount of violet sun stones necessary to do so would be an unimaginable number. Perhaps even dozens or hundreds of billions of violet sun stones wouldn’t be enough!

    As for a Holy Lord level character, just forget it!

    There were countless treasures and lucky chances to be found in the God Beast Mystic Realm. Many of these lucky chances would even make Holy Lords and World Kings froth at the mouth. But unfortunately, these supreme elders actually weren’t able to go exploring because the costs were just too great.

    Every time the God Beast Clans sent people over, they could only send several dozen martial artists all at the Divine Sea realm or Life Destruction realm. The amount they could explore was highly limited.

    Thus, even though the God Beast Mystic Realm had been in the hands of the four God Beast Clans for over a hundred million years by now, to date, the treasures that the four God Beast Clans obtained from the God Beast Mystic Realm only amounted to less than a millionth of what was there!

    Inside was a massive amount of mysterious and fantastic collections of all sorts. If the entirety of the treasures were excavated then the total value of the wealth simply couldn’t be imagined.

    It would be enough to cause a massive war to rage throughout the entire Divine Realm!

    But, it was also this strange limiting rule of the God Beast Mystic Realm that allowed the four God Beast Clans to calmly and steadily secure the mystic realm for all this time. Otherwise, there might be some World King level influences that joined forces to struggle with the four God Beast Clans.

    The feeling of seeing a mountain of treasures in front of them and still not being able to touch it wasn’t much better. A mortal could consume a miniscule, nearly imperceptible amount of transmission energy to cross through, but mortals were just far too weak and fragile. They weren’t even able to withstand the power of tearing space of the transmission array, and would be reduced to ashes before anything happened. As for a Xiantian realm or Revolving Core realm martial artist, although they could manage to be transmitted to the God Beast Mystic Realm, they weren’t able to withstand the dangers there.

    They could go, but they could never return.

    It was because of all these various reasons that the best candidates to dispatch over were the most talented geniuses amongst the junior disciples.

    These junior disciples’ cultivations weren’t too high so the energy required to send them wasn’t too high. But, they were also individuals with extremely high combat strength. They could contend with Divine Sea martial artists at Life Destruction, or contend with Divine Transformation martial artists at the Divine Sea. Their ability to survive was high enough.

    Moreover, entering the mystic realm was a great lucky chance to begin with. Sending a top genius disciple there was the best use of a spot.

    "Humph, the Ancient Dragon Clan is too imperious. The number of disciples they send out is actually three times our own, and yet they only have to pay 1.5 billion violet sun stones; that isn’t even much more than what we pay. Every time we have to freely subsidize their disciples with our violet sun stones!"

    The yellow-clothed man said with angry indignation as he thought of this.

    Gale Violetsun shook his head. This was just how things were. The Ancient Dragon Clan was the most powerful, thus they were able to protect the total resources of the four great God Beast Clans. They played the role of deterrent to all other influences that would dare move against them. In brief, these violet sun stones were no different from a protection fee that the Ancient Dragon Clan received.

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