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Chapter 1043:12 People

    Chapter 1043:12 People




    "The God Beast Mystic Realm has God Beasts buried within its lands? And it was also once an ancient battlefield? Many powerhouses died in that mystic realm before?" As Lin Ming heard Huo Violentstone’s description of the God Beast Mystic Realm, he echoed the words out of surprise. He didn’t think that such strange and fantastical lands existed in the Divine Realm.

    "Didn’t Senior Huo say that those with higher cultivations have a harder time shifting through the space barrier? So how would there be so many powerhouses that died in the God Beast Mystic Realm?" Yan Littlemoon asked, puzzled.

    "That war was something that occurred far too long ago. The history of the Divine Realm is endless; there are many matters where the truth can no longer be found. Perhaps in the past this God Beast Mystic Realm was part of the Divine Realm but was later cut off, forming the current realm. What I must tell you two is that there are countless treasures littered throughout the mystic realm. However, it is a pity that we cannot take them. There are many treasures that are even more precious than phoenix blood essence! Of course, it is also extremely difficult to obtain them! This is an enormous opportunity for you. This will be a test of not just your strength, but also your destiny. If your strength is lacking then there will be no returning alive for you. If your destiny is lacking then even if you return alive, you will come back empty-handed."

    Lin Ming nodded. This was indeed a great opportunity for him. If he was to depend on just the support of the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s resources alone then it would be easy to become a Holy Lord level powerhouse, but ascending to a realm beyond that would be far more difficult. For instance, absorbing one or two drops of phoenix blood essence was the limit of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. If he absorbed several dozen drops then all the reserves of the Ancient Phoenix Clan would be sucked dry by Lin Ming.

    "I also have to warn you. After you enter the mystic realm, you must not only be cautious of the mystic realm’s dangers, but you also need to be wary of the others there. All methods of detection and surveillance will be cut off. There may be cases where people kill others to steal away their wealth. Although the four great God Beast Clans appear to be united on the outside, that is only a surface illusion. In the face of treasures, all else becomes for naught. There can be, and there will be people that will try and take advantage of you or murder you. You must not be soft-hearted. Make your kills clean, erase all evidence, and no one will be able to trace anything back to you."

    Huo Violentstone’s last words were spoken with a true essence sound transmission. Lin Ming wasn’t surprised at all. In his years when he wandered the world, he had experienced many frigid life or death battles, and he had also killed countless others. If someone tried to kill him, then he would retaliate without hesitation.

    However, Yan Littlemoon was different. As she heard Huo Violentstone’s true essence message, she was startled and her complexion changed.

    Most of her life had been spent diligently cultivating. Although she had also fought many times, most of that was dueling and comparing martial arts. She had yet to engage in a true life or death slaughterfest. Although she was well aware that murder and robbery happened all the time in mystic realm adventures, she still felt her heart tighten as she heard Huo Violentstone directly advise them to cleanly kill off their enemies and erase the evidence.

    Huo Violentstone had lived for tens of thousands of years. He only needed to look at Yan Littlemoon’s reaction to see what the problem was.

    This was the flaw of a flower that only grew in a greenhouse. In terms of the ability to survive in a mystic realm, even if she rode a horse she would never catch up to Lin Ming.

    "Lin Ming, look after Yan Littlemoon and don’t let anything too bad happen to her. Otherwise, it will truly be a great loss to my clan." Huo Violentstone suddenly turned and grinned at Lin Ming. "Moreover, she still hasn’t married yet and the bloodline strength in her body is very precious. Hehe, perhaps such a good thing might fall into your lap in the future, hahaha!"

    "Uh…" Lin Ming never thought that Huo Violentstone would actually say such crude and vulgar words. He was left speechless for a long time.


    Several months quickly passed. In this time, Lin Ming closed up in cultivation. As for Yan Littlemoon, she journeyed off to a forest mystic realm in order to experience true combat and slaughter.

    Finally, all the disciples that were to enter the God Beast Mystic Realm gathered at a special meeting place on a far off planet. There was a total of 12 people!

    Of these 12 people, Lin Ming didn’t recognize any of them besides Yan Littlemoon. These were geniuses of the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters, the three great families, as well as the 72 branch palaces.

    As for Lu Xiaoyun and White Daohong, they did not have the qualifications to join. First, their talent was lacking. Second, and the most important reason, was that their cultivation was just too high. The energy required to push them through into the mystic realm was far too great.

    When Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon arrived, everyone’s eyes shifted to Lin Ming. Lin Ming didn’t recognize them, but all of them knew of Lin Ming. Lin Ming was the first disciple in 40,000 years to complete the Thousand Slaughter of the Illusionary God Combat Array. He defeated Crimson Strifecloud of the same age and he had even entered the eighth level of the Hells of Flame as a rookie disciple.

    No matter which one of these achievements was mentioned, any one of them was enough to shock and alarm the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan.

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I’ve heard so much of your great fame! And there is also Miss Littlemoon, I have also heard of your wonderful reputation. To see you two in the flesh today, I am truly honored!" As soon as Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon landed, a young man approached them, holding a folding fan in his hands. This young man was extremely handsome and his build was athletic. He was around the same height as Lin Ming. He wore all white clothes, and he had an elegant and noble bearing as if he were untouched by the world.

    "This senior-apprentice brother is…"

    "Haha, my name is Xiao Ping. I am the son of the Xiao Family’s Xiao Chuji." The man smiled as he spoke. His smile gave off a refreshing spring feel.

    Xiao Chuji!

    Lin Ming’s eyebrow arched up. 10,000 years ago, Xiao Chuji had attended his rookie disciple smelting trial and had reached the seventh level of the Hells of Flame. He was the Xiao Family’s most infamous figure at the moment, and also a powerful candidate to become the next Patriarch!

    It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that within the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan, besides the current Patriarch and the old monsters that were the Highest Elders, Xiao Chuji and Huang Yuefeng had the highest statuses!

    "Xiao Ping… he’s actually at the middle Divine Sea realm. His cultivation is really high!"

    Lin Ming glanced through the crowd. He discovered that Xiao Ping had the highest cultivation of everyone present. Besides him, there were two early Divine Sea martial artists and the rest were all at Life Destruction.

    The energy required to transmit a middle Divine Sea martial artist into the God Beast Mystic Realm was several times the amount it took to transfer a Life Destruction martial artist. If one didn’t have an exorbitant background and also the secret support of their family, then it was impossible for a disciple to have such treatment!

    "Middle Divine Sea cultivation. It’s assured that he has reached Ninefall, but I have no idea how many Layered Heavens he managed to produce. I am not this man’s match."

    Lin Ming secretly estimated in his mind. A martial artist could see if someone had reached Eightfall or Ninefall, but what they couldn’t see was how many Layered Heavens they gathered during their Ninefall process. But thinking about it, if someone like White Daohong could produce a Seven Layered Heavens, then this Xiao Ping should have reached at least Nine Layered Heavens!

    Nine Layered Heavens could be considered a qualitative leap! The baptism of Laws that Xiao Ping had to withstand was much greater and his cultivation was much higher than Lin Ming’s to begin with. Lin Ming was truly not this Xiao Ping’s opponent.

    "So it is Senior Xiao Chuji’s son, Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao. Your aura is indeed extraordinary!" Lin Ming complimented. Yan Littlemoon also curtsied.

    Of the 12 people present, only three of them were women. Yan Littlemoon received the most attention of the women present. She was the only one of the three to have a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline and she was also a virgin.

    In the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters and the three great families, there were also others with the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. But, among the juniors that were under 33 years of age, there was only Yan Littlemoon!

    After Xiao Ping, Lin Ming was introduced to the others. When meeting the others, Lin Ming discovered that only two of them came from the 72 branch palaces like him and Yan Littlemoon. The rest all originated from either the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters or the three great families!

    For instance, there was a Highest Elder’s great-great-grandson, a daughter of a Vice Patriarch, grandson of a Vice Patriarch, and so forth.

    This caused Lin Ming to sigh. The Ancient Phoenix Clan was really a pyramid in which those at the top enjoyed the greatest amount of resources!

    As for such wonderful opportunities like entering the God Beast Mystic Realm, they were also mostly given to these individuals. Their relations were solid, their backgrounds were deep, their bloodline was powerful, and their martial talents were extremely high. These were geniuses that had been meticulously raised since birth. With such great talent, why wouldn’t it be their turn to enter the God Beast Mystic Realm?

    He and Yan Littlemoon also stood here, but that was because their talent was too outstanding and they had forcefully struggled for the spots.

    "So he’s the Lin Ming I’ve heard about. Brother Xiao, if he goes together with us into the mystic realm then I fear he will take away a good part of our benefits. Moreover, that fellow is also part of the Huo Family, so he is a natural enemy to your Xiao Family. If this boy manages to grow in the future then he will likely be able to threaten your father for the position of Patriarch! During this adventure in the God Beat Mystic Realm, of the Seven Riverflame Sons, only four of us have come. We will do everything we can to support Eldest Brother. Although this brat Lin Ming has amazing talent, his cultivation is just too low. Even I will be able to deal with him. And, there is also that little beauty Yan Littlemoon. She’s quite the looker and she also has the perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. Perhaps we should…"

    Behind Xiao Ping, a young man smirked as he spoke with a true essence sound transmission. His name was Huang Tidemark and he came from the Huang Family. He was known as the Little Tornado of the Riverflame Sons, and he was extremely infamous amongst the young masters for being a playboy. But this nickname not only included his talent, but also his dark and heinous reputation.

    Xiao Ping frowned and grimly said, "Tidemark, what nonsense are you spouting this time! Although there are countless disputes between our three great families, we must appear united on the outside. The Ancient Phoenix Clan is a unit where everyone’s glory is connected. Harm to one family means harm to the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan. Destroying a genius that my clan has spent so many resources and time to train is a capital crime! If this sort of matter happens then sooner or later my Ancient Phoenix Clan will decline and finally perish. Moreover, before we enter the mystic realm we will also have a spell placed within our bodies. We must make an oath that we cannot kill each other!"

    "Haha, I was just joking around, right? I’m not speaking of killing Lin Ming, but causing him to eat some losses isn’t too bad. Or else I fear that most of our potential gains will be swallowed up by him." Huang Tidemark laughed as he saw Xiao Ping’s stern and grim face, no longer bringing up the matter.

    Lin Ming certainly didn’t know what these young masters were speaking about with their true essence sound transmissions. But whether or not he knew didn’t matter, because he wasn’t someone to easily believe others to begin with.

    At this time, he was calculating his own cards.

    As he prepared to enter the God Beast Mystic Realm, Huo Violentstone had given him three god slaying beads as well as a single divine protective talisman. All of these were single use treasures that served as a contingency measure for emergencies.

    As for the guardian jade slip that Fairy Feng had given him, he couldn’t use that anymore. This was because that guardian jade slip contained Fairy Feng’s incarnation that had been condensed with several hundred years of her cultivation. Thus, it was also subject to the limitations of the space barrier. If he wanted to transmit this jade slip into the God Beast Mystic Realm then he would need to use up a massive amount of violet sun stones.

    "Everyone has arrived. Fellow junior-apprentice brothers and sisters, it’s time to head off."

    Xiao Ping waved his hand and everyone flew onto a spirit ship. First, they had to fly to a planet that held a transmission array, and then they would have to pass through this hidden transmission array to the God Beast Mystic Realm.

    The 12 heroic young elites boarded the spirit ship. The spirit ship ascended to the skies. After combusting a massive amount of violet sun stones, the ship broke through the void, moving towards the planet with the transmission array…

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