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Chapter 1049:Supreme Dragon Bone

    Chapter 1049:Supreme Dragon Bone




    Was there a Divine Dragon here?

    That was impossible!

    Dragon One’s eyes widened. The majesty and absolute dignity contained in this echoing roar could not be wrong! As this sound fell into his ears, it even caused a faint trace of awe and reverence to appear in his heart. These were the most ancient memories of his bloodline resonating with this roar.

    Although Dragon One had the perfect dragon race bloodline, this bloodline had been transplanted into his body after birth. And, the so-called ‘perfect dragon race bloodline’ only meant that half of his blood was dragon blood. Even then, the quality was actually relatively low.

    In front of a true Divine Dragon, the blood within his body would give birth to fear and awe, as if his entire being were worshipping the ancestral gods.

    "That is a dragon’s cry, there can be no mistake! How could this be!? Although the God Beast Mystic Realm is said to have once had God Beasts, that is a matter from countless hundreds of millions of years ago. The Laws of this universe have already collapsed, turning this place into a completely different space, and with the new Laws that followed after, it became impossible for any God Beast to be born in these lands ever again."

    "It shouldn’t be a God Beast, but…"

    Just as Dragon One was alarmed, he suddenly saw a blue beam of light shoot up into the sky. The dragon’s roar became even more clarion!

    At this time, a massive phantom appeared in the sky, tens of thousands of feet long. The incomparably pure energy of the mystic realm constantly transformed, gathering together! As it gathered, countless bolts of thunder formed in the sky, chopping straight down!

    This was thunder tribulation. When a mystic realm demon was evolving into an Asura King, it needed to cross thunder tribulation!

    Dragon One looked up. That massive phantom in the air had been manifested by the Asura King. And, what left Dragon One incomparably shocked was that this great phantom had clearly evolved into a dragon-like shape!

    There was a dragon head, dragon horn, even a dragon body!

    This mystic realm demon was actually manifesting into a dragon in the skies!?!?

    Of course, it was not a True Dragon, but there was clearly the aura of a dragon coming from its body. That dragon roar was clearly emitted by this creature!

    "How can this be?"

    It wasn’t just Dragon One, but everyone from the Ancient Dragon Clan was stricken! They completely did not understand what was happening!

    At this time, within the countless arcs of lightning in the far off distant sky, there was a group of shadows that were speaking to each other in some strange language. And, in the center of these shadows was someone that looked like a naked man with long hair hanging to his knees.

    This man’s face constantly changed. Sometimes he was handsome and heroic, sometimes he was grim and fierce, sometimes he was ordinary and common, and sometimes he was ugly and grotesque. There were even times when he appeared to be like a beautiful woman or a wild beast.

    This was the Asura King that was undergoing demonic tribulation. It already had an essential difference from ordinary mystic realm demons. It had condensed a body of flesh and blood, and this body seemed no different from that of a human. In fact, its stature and form were even more perfect and handsome. However, its arms and ankles were actually covered with blue scales. They seemed like… dragon scales!

    A mystic realm demon was a life form of energy, a being with no physical body. However, if it had the chance to swallow up a massive amount of life force and blood energy then it could condense its own mortal body.

    "Great King, those lowly and pathetic beings have already come. They are spying on you!" A vague and blurry voice sounded out from beside the man, in words that martial artists of the Divine Realm would not be able to understand.

    "Of course I know, hehe… these beings from the outside world wish to take advantage of my weakest point as I undergo tribulation and kill me! But, what they don’t know is that I have already long discovered them and am still crossing tribulation to draw them near!

    "These beings actually think as if they are the infallible masters of this mystic realm. Every period of time they will send people here to plunder our wealth and hunt down my Hallowed Demon race! In their eyes, we are nothing but prey! How ridiculous! But what they do not know is that my Hallowed Demon race is under the care and holy protection of the Heavenly Demon God! After constantly developing for hundreds of millions of years, our wisdom and strength have already improved beyond their reckoning. We are no longer unconsciously wandering around like before! Since they think of us as prey, we also treat them as tasty food. During my tribulation I just happen to lack some flesh and life force. I will make them come to me and help me complete my final step!

    "Send out the orders. Hold the troops, do not have them move! They will take advantage of the last moment of my tribulation to begin their attack against me. Stay at the periphery and when that happens, block off the entire surrounding area of a hundred miles and completely kill all of them! All of them shall become my nutrition!"

    As the Asura King spoke, it emitted a dreadful demonic energy that blotted out the heavens. And not only that, but there was even the aura of a dragon emitting from him!

    "Yes, Great King."

    The several shadows respectfully said. They held incomparable admiration towards the Asura King, as if it were no different from their one and only god.

    The Asura King’s aura became increasingly intense. Endless bolts of thunder fell down, setting the swamp underneath the Asura King into a blazing fire. Mud evaporated, burnt, and then even heated up into molten magma before evaporating once again!

    This process happened extremely fast. In just the blink of an eye, a massive stretch of the black swamp had disappeared!

    And in the distance, Dragon One, who had been lying unmoving, actually frowned. He felt signs that there was something wrong about this!

    Before he came to the God Beast Mystic Realm he had only completely familiarized himself with the ‘God Beast Mystic Realm Compendium’. And, the Ancient Dragon Clan’s version of the ‘God Beast Mystic Realm Compendium’ was far more comprehensive than the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s. According to the records left behind, an Asura King of the mystic realm demons shouldn’t be so powerful.

    This sort of thunder tribulation was too terrifying. And within this tribulation the Asura King was adamantly withstanding it, without seeming as if it were having any troubles.

    Dragon One had a very bad feeling!

    Although Dragon One knew that there was a massive lucky chance placed in front of him, he was still an extremely cautious person. For his talent and cultivation to reach such a degree, he understood his own destiny to an extent and was able to sense when impending catastrophes were around the corner.

    He had an extremely tough life. Normally when he was exploring a mystic realm and he was close to death’s door at every moment, he would still be able to emerge alive, and moreover he would even be able to obtain great benefits.

    And now, as Dragon One saw that the situation in front of him surpassed his every expectation, he had the idea of wholeheartedly retreating. To an extreme talent, if a lucky chance was placed in front of them, they had to go all out to obtain it even if the chances of survival were slimmer than a hair.

    But, sometimes, just sometimes, in a situation where one couldn’t grasp the circumstances and variables involved, one would need to give up. And giving up also took enormous determination.

    But just as Dragon One was thinking about whether to retreat, he saw another scene in front of him, one that caused his body to tremble and his eyes to shrink to dots before bursting out with a blinding light!

    As the black swamp was evaporated by the bolts of thunder, a massive pit appeared in the ground. And, Dragon One also saw something that wasn’t visible before.

    In this pit, there was actually a massive bone that was a thousand feet long. This bone was whiter than jade, and the top was narrow and seamless like a divine sword, piercing through the endless heavens!

    This bone looked like a fragment of an unimaginably massive skeleton. Perhaps it was part of a rib, or perhaps it was part of a femur. But no matter what it was, this bone had an unbelievable number of complex runes scattered all over it. There were large runes like buckets and small runes like grains of rice. They were endless!

    Every rune contained the Laws of this world!

    From this fragment of bone, an indescribably great pressure surged outwards. This pressure was unfathomably profound and also mixed together with an overwhelmingly pure yang energy. Even though he was hundreds of miles away, he could still feel the incomparably pure baptism of energy and even feel the power of the boundless vibrant ancient Laws!

    "This… this is…" Dragon One’s voice quivered. Although he had never seen one before, he knew that he wasn’t wrong. This fragment of bone in front of him was…

    "A supreme dragon bone!"

    Buried beneath the black swamp of the God Beast Mystic Realm there was actually a piece of dragon bone! A 1000 foot long dragon bone!

    What sort of concept was a 1000 foot long dragon bone?

    One just needed to think of the value of dragon marrow blood to understand this. Dragon blood and phoenix blood were of similar degrees of preciousness. Ordinary dragon blood was naturally the least valuable. Above that was dragon heart blood, dragon horn blood, dragon marrow blood, reverse scale blood, and so forth.

    Dragon marrow blood was similar to phoenix marrow blood in terms of value. When Lin Ming had broken through to the seventh level of the Hells of Flame, besides the phoenix blood essence which he hadn’t yet managed to reach the full standards for, he only managed to obtain three drops of phoenix marrow blood. A single drop of phoenix marrow blood was enough to cause a Divine Lord powerhouse to struggle for it. As for 10 drops of phoenix marrow blood, that was enough for a Divine Lord powerhouse to go all out.

    And this 1000 foot dragon bone was still complete, so there must be a massive amount of marrow inside. Just how much dragon marrow blood must there be within it?

    And that was only the dragon marrow blood. The value of the dragon bone itself wasn’t even mentioned.

    In fact, the dragon bone was even more valuable than the dragon marrow blood within it!

    This was because no matter which one of the four God Beast Clans it was, the clansmen only transplanted the bloodline of the God Beasts. This method would only transform their bloodline. As for their skin, flesh, bones, and tendons, those actually couldn’t be transformed.

    This was because they didn’t have the materials to do so!

    If Dragon One could obtain this piece of dragon bone and fuse it into his body, the advantages couldn’t even be calculated!

    Not only would the strength of his bloodline rise, but all of his bones would become near-indestructible because they would have fused together with the dragon bone. His physical strength and defensive ability would rise to a whole new level.

    At this moment, Dragon One turned into a zealot. Desire flashed in his eyes, an intensity of emotion he had never felt in his life before!

    If it was said that he had high hopes of becoming a Holy Lord in the future, then after obtaining this dragon bone he would be foreordained to reach the late Holy Lord realm or even the peak Holy Lord realm. Perhaps if he stumbled into more lucky chances in the future, he might even have a chance of becoming a World King!

    At that time he would become another World King of the Ancient Dragon Clan. He would be one of the top three existences to ever appear in the last 100 million history of the Ancient Dragon Clan!

    With such an impossibly great lucky chance in front of him, if he didn’t chase after it with everything he had just because of some worries, then he wouldn’t be Dragon One.

    It wasn’t just Dragon One, but the other Ancient Dragon Clan disciples also felt their blood boiling over with longing. Dragon One would assuredly obtain most of the benefits, but they too could share in some of the soup. After all, this dragon bone was 1000 feet long. It was natural that some part of it would be divided to them. This was a heavenly treasure that even a World King powerhouse would go crazy over. Even if they were given a tiny imperceptible amount, it would be more than enough for them to soar in the future.

    "Junior-apprentice brothers and sisters, form the formation, we’re going in together!"

    Dragon One shook with excitement, but his eyes were still terrifying calm. This was the most important moment of his life!

    In the skies, the phantom formed by the Asura King had reached 100,000 feet long. A terrifying aura showered down, enveloping the entire world. Without a doubt, this piece of dragon bone had been obtained by this Asura King that was currently crossing its demonic tribulation. It must have swallowed up the blood energy and pure yang energy of the dragon bone, thus developing some dragon-like characteristics.

    Because of this Asura King, the dragon bone must have lost a great deal of its energy essence. However, this didn’t matter. If they could slay this Asura King and refine it, they could equally make up for the losses.

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