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Chapter 1050:You Two, Fuck Off!

    Chapter 1050:You Two, Fuck Off!



    In the blink of an eye, the several disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan spread out. Their locations complemented each other; they had formed a battle formation.

    There were many Ancient Dragon Clan disciples and their average strength was also high, much higher than that of the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

    The 12 disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were the greatest elites chosen from 100 billion clansmen. But, the 36 disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan were actually chosen from a trillion clansmen. Although they had three times the disciples chosen, the base number was 10 times that of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

    It was no wonder they were strong!

    And with such a group of disciples, especially with such an unfathomably deep character like Dragon One, the power of their great battle array formation could be imagined!

    Perhaps even an ordinary Divine Transformation realm powerhouse would be immediately killed by their explosive power!

    "Not enough! These people are not enough! Send out the Iron Dragon Command and have all disciples hurry up and join us. All 36 of us, it cannot be any less! This will be the greatest lucky chance that the 36 of us will ever encounter in our lives! As long as we can obtain this dragon bone, we will be able to soar into greatness! All other harvests are nothing at all. Even if headquarters gives us Divine Dragon blood essence, that still cannot compare with the supreme dragon bone in any way whatsoever!"

    Divine Dragon blood essence was certainly valuable, but there was just too little of it. How could a single drop of Divine Dragon blood essence compare with a 1000 foot long dragon bone? Moreover, what was most important was that all four God Beast Clans, including even the Ancient Dragon Clan, only had methods to obtain the God Beast bloodlines to improve the strength of their clansmen’s bloodlines. It was impossible for them to obtain something like a dragon bone. If they could obtain such a dragon bone and then obtain Divine Dragon blood essence after that, the advantages would be beyond imagination!

    "This time our enemy is powerful, powerful beyond reckoning! This Asura King has absorbed the power of the supreme dragon bone, and it is no longer an ordinary Asura King. I fear that it has already discovered us, and even then it dares to cross tribulation in our sight without any attempt to hide. It simply doesn’t fear us at all. It likely even wants us to come over and to swallow us up whole!"

    For Dragon One to arrive at this step and become the top disciple of the Ancient Dragon Clan, besides his own talent and destiny, he was also an extremely intelligent and cunning individual. Although the dragon bone was enough to drive him mad with want, he still wasn’t blinded without reason. In just a moment he had more or less correctly guessed the approximate situation.

    "Yes, Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One!"

    Dragon 12 waved his hand and a black light shot out, penetrating through the void like an arrow. This was a secret sound transmission technique of the Ancient Dragon Clan. Every Iron Dragon Command was an extremely precious treasure. One could cross the void to send messages and normal mystic realm array formations could not stop it. If a disciple was sealed into an unknown space, others could determine their position using this Iron Dragon Command.

    As Yan Littlemoon saw Dragon 12 sending out that light, she nervously said, "That is the Iron Dragon Command. Lin Ming, I fear the Ancient Dragon Clan is calling all of their other disciples to come here. They will form a great battle formation to struggle with the Asura King. We are simply not their match! Let alone us, even if all other disciples of the other three clans joined forces, we would still be inferior!"

    The Ancient Dragon Clan’s disciples had the highest average strength of the four God Beast Clans. Moreover, the other three God Beast clans only had a total of 32 disciples in this mystic realm, four less than the Ancient Dragon Clan. It was impossible to handle them in a frontal confrontation, and even less so now that the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples were forming a great battle array! That would multiply their combat strength!

    Lin Ming certainly knew this. He didn’t fear Life Destruction martial artists, and he could still contend with early Divine Sea martial artists. But, he had to admit that he was far inferior to this Dragon One, especially since he was supported by a battle array formation!

    But he wasn’t willing to give up like this. Yan Littlemoon probably didn’t know what sort of divine bone that was. She likely thought it was some extraordinary treasure, but as to exactly what it was, she was clueless.

    However, Lin Ming was different. He had a drop of reverse scale blood within him!

    Even though he didn’t have the secret technique of the Ancient Dragon Clan to absorb the drop of reverse scale blood, nor did he have a foundation of ordinary dragon blood, causing him to waste 99% of the blood’s essence, reverse scale blood was still reverse scale blood. It was one of the most precious types of blood in a Divine Dragon’s body and had also inherited the aura of a Divine Dragon. How could Lin Ming not know that the aura of the reverse scale blood was the same as that of the divine bone?

    Boundless, potent, vast, ruling over the world, overwhelming the heavens!

    This was a supreme dragon bone!

    If he could fuse this bone into his body, he could improve his own bones, causing his entire skeleton to take on the characteristics of a Divine Dragon’s bones. His bones would become as hard as divine iron, and his striking power and defensive ability would both take a qualitative leap forwards!

    Moreover, Lin Ming trained in the Divine Realm’s body transformation technique. He knew that the further one went in body transformation, the harder it would become. Just the Eight Inner Hidden Gates would cost so many resources that it would cause unimaginably wealthy martial artists to shrink back in fear. And, there was still the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, something that was infinitely more difficult!

    After being in the Divine Realm for such a long time, besides himself, he had never met a martial artist who dual cultivated in body and energy. Even extreme top characters like Xiao Daoji, Huo Burning Heaven, and Crimson Strifecloud, all of them walked the sole path of the essence gathering system!

    Any one of those geniuses was extremely proud and confident in themselves. And they had the right to be arrogant, because their talent allowed them to be so. But, they still didn’t cultivate in dual body and energy, because they knew just how difficult that road was to walk! If one couldn’t open the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, then all previous efforts would slowly become meaningless and they would have wasted all of their time in vain.

    Although Lin Ming had experienced numerous lucky chances, he still didn’t think he would be able to smoothly break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. According to Fairy Feng, the reason it was near-impossible to step into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was that the rules of the world had changed in ancient times. Now, wanting to step into that boundary was the same as defying the Heavenly Dao itself. The difficulty of attempting to do so could be imagined!

    But now that Lin Ming had already put forth the effort, he didn’t want to waste it. He had to constantly search for ways to improve his own physical body. Absorbing this dragon bone would transform his entire skeleton. It would provide unreal advantages to his body transformation technique in the future.

    The temptation was too great. The value of this dragon bone could not be compared to a single drop of phoenix blood essence!

    Moreover, a single drop of phoenix blood essence had already caused so much pain to the Ancient Phoenix Clan, much less this dragon bone! Thus, even if Lin Ming knew the difficulty of obtaining this dragon bone was beyond his imagination, he still wasn’t willing to give up and leave like this.

    However, at this time, a thick killing intent shrouded down on them along with a chilling voice.

    "Fuck off! You two, fuck off! Otherwise I will have you both die here without a grave!"

    This overbearing tone didn’t hide its thick killing intent, completely tearing apart all previous gentlemanly appearances. This was because Dragon One knew that being honorable or kind at this moment had lost all meaning. It was impossible for others to give up on such a lucky chance after a few polite words. Only absolute strength and the threat of certain death was enough to scare off people and make them vanish for good.

    Lin Ming frowned; this killing intent was clear and true. He didn’t doubt for a moment that Dragon One would slaughter them if they didn’t leave. And, he would do so without mercy. Even if this matter were found out, he still wouldn’t care about the disputes that the Ancient Phoenix Clan would raise with the Ancient Dragon Clan!

    Compared to the value of the dragon bone, what would the Ancient Dragon Clan care about such minor matters? The Ancient Phoenix Clan would absolutely not wage war for just for Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon!

    "Senior-apprentice Brother Lin, we…" As Yan Littlemoon heard Dragon One’s naked threat, she shook her fists, incensed. But, there was nothing she could do. In this world, strength was the only eternal truth. If one lacked strength then they could only allow themselves to be oppressed. Now with such a massive lucky chance placed in front of them, and with Dragon One holding the overwhelming advantage, everything he did was perfectly justified. No one would wish to be bothered by others at the final critical moment before they obtained the dragon bone. After all, the opponent they faced was simply far too formidable. It was possible that both sides would be grievously injured. At that time, any accident from some unknown variable could cause them to fail at the last moment.

    Lin Ming grimaced. He didn’t immediately leave.

    "It looks like you won’t cry until you see your own coffin! Do you really think I won’t dare to kill you? You two are indeed amazingly talented, but what a pity, your cultivation is too low!"

    Dragon One sneered. He had full confidence in himself. With 10 people on his side and also with them forming an array formation, the bombardment of attacks would rip Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon to shreds.

    "You really have no sense of death or danger. Let’s go, we’re killing those two first! I will take on all responsibility for this! I can guarantee that the clan will protect us at all costs, the Ancient Phoenix Clan can only swallow down their objections, and it isn’t even necessarily true that they will find any evidence! Oh yes, that’s right, leave that Yan Littlemoon alive. We can’t waste the virgin bloodline in her body. Since we’re going to do this, we’re going all in. We will take Yan Littlemoon’s primordial yin first before slaughtering her. Since ancient times, dragons and phoenixes have always complemented each other. The Ancient Phoenix bloodline will have great benefits to us."

    As Dragon One spoke, he even talked of taking Yan Littlemoon’s primordial yin without any emotion. In the face of a beauty like Yan Littlemoon, he was actually able to speak in such a cold and indifferent manner, taking her primordial yin with no obscene desire or meaning behind it. All he had was ice cold killing intent!

    In his eyes, Yan Littlemoon’s only value was her virginity and bloodline strength. As for her beauty, that was meaningless to him. For Dragon One to remain calm in such a situation, that was truly terrifying!

    As Yan Littlemoon heard Dragon One’s words, even though she was usually arrogant, she still paled. Lin Ming was also startled.

    "Senior-apprentice Brother Lin!" Yan Littlemoon cried out in alarm. This was a true life or death moment!

    Lin Ming took a step back and the Phoenix Blood Spear jumped into his hands. His eyes shined with a cold light. "Don’t worry too much yet. There are 100,000 mystic realm demons here and they are still dozens of miles away from us, with a massive number of mystic realm demons between us. Once they start their great battle array they will definitely injure some mystic realm demons. At that time, a complete war will break out. And beyond that, others have also arrived!

    Although Dragon One really intended to kill them, Lin Ming wasn’t afraid. In this situation, if they disregarded any price to kill them then it would be possible. But, would Dragon One dare to kill everyone else here?

    As Lin Ming spoke, three red lights flew in from the horizon. They were disciples of the Ancient Kirin Clan, from the Fire Kirin Branch!

    As Dragon One saw this, his complexion became much more grim. The momentum produced by the Asura King crossing his demonic tribulation was far too great. If this continued then more and more people would show up.

    The more people showed up, the more complex the situation would become!

    "Damn it all!"

    "What do we do, Senior-apprentice Dragon One? Should we kill them all off?"

    As the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples saw the three Kirin Clan disciples, they also felt that things had become more difficult. Killing Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon and offending the Ancient Phoenix Clan was something they could still live with, but if they slaughtered everyone that arrived then they really would arouse the anger of all. If they really managed to offend all three other God Beast Clans then even the Ancient Dragon Clan wouldn’t be able to bear the pressure.


    They killed off every single person!

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