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Chapter 1053:Sneaky

    Chapter 1053:Sneaky




    Rumble rumble rumble!

    With Dragon One in the lead, the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples rushed over in a blazing surge of light. Every breath of time, a dozen mystic realm demons would be torn to nothing by their rainbow-colored corona!

    Of course, such a savage killing method required the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples to expend a great deal of their source strength as the foundation. These disciples had all burnt a portion of their life’s blood essence!

    Moreover, the closer they got to the Asura King, the greater the pressure they felt!

    They had already reached a distance where there were mystic realm demons that had lived for thousands or even for 10,000 years. The mystic realm demons violently impacted against the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples!

    And, as the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples were braving their way towards the Asura King, the other clans’ disciples were all taking different actions.

    The three great clans each had their own small core group. The Ancient Phoenix Clan took Xiao Ping as the head, the Kirin Clan took Jiang Bai as the head, and the Roc Clan took their own eldest disciple, Argent Gale, as their head. With these three acting as the center, and with the God Beast Clan disciples that were familiar with ancient array formations supporting them, they also rushed over towards the Asura King, wanting to claim their own portion of the plunder!

    With such a massive lucky chance splayed out in front of them, no one was willing to give up just yet.

    However, their speed was far slower than the Ancient Dragon Clan’s. As they fell into the swarm of mystic realm demons, every step forwards they took was done with extreme difficulty.

    As for the other edge disciples that didn’t understand or know how to coordinate battle array formations, they began to escape!

    They were weak, alone, and besieged on all sides by this demonic army. If they were fully sucked into this army of 100,000 mystic realm demons, then that meant certain death! Even if they somehow managed to approach the Asura King, they still knew that it was impossible for them to obtain the supreme dragon bone. Although they loathed abandoning such a tremendous lucky chance, they were also well aware that blindly rushing towards the supreme dragon bone in such conditions would only mean their death.

    Thus, their only choice was to escape. But even if they wanted to escape, there were nine chances of death and only one chance to make it out alive!


    With a miserable cry, a Kirin Clan disciple’s spiritual sea was drilled into by a mystic realm demon!

    Mystic realm demons excelled in will attacks. Once they invaded a martial artist’s spiritual sea, they would desperately attempt to swallow up that martial artist’s will. In normal times, with this Kirin Clan disciple’s willpower, he would certainly be able to engage in an epic struggle and finally extinguish this mystic realm demon that had penetrated into his body.

    But, within this swarming army of 100,000 mystic realm demons, how would the other mystic realm demons possibly give this Kirin Clan disciple a chance to kill their comrade?

    Dozens of mystic realm demons plunged forwards!

    In just the blink of an eye, two dozen mystic realm demons broke into that Kirin Clan disciple’s body like wolves to the slaughter.


    The Kirin Clan disciple issued heart-rending screams. His face violently twisted, with pain, despair, and madness flashing across his features. Blood flowed out of his eyes and his body suddenly swelled up. Then, with a loud explosion, his body burst apart into a fog of blood with bits of bone and flesh spraying out into the world. These leftover pieces of flesh were quickly eaten clean by the countless mystic realm demons. Finally, all that was left of that Kirin Clan disciple was a bit of unnoticeable residue…

    This was the first genius disciple who had been killed by the mystic realm demons. As the other disciples that were running away saw this person’s death, all of them felt sadness and also fear. Such a horrifying way of dying caused their scalps to tingle with creepiness. Which one of them wasn’t a talented genius of their sect? In the future they were bound to rise into glory, so who would want to die here?

    "Let’s run away together!"

    "We have to fight!"

    "Join together and let’s break our way out of here!"

    The survivors began to gather together. However, in just several breaths of time, two more disciples were possessed by mystic realm demons. Their bodies exploded into a fog of blood!

    The flesh and blood essence of geniuses was originally a greatly nourishing substance to mystic realm demons. And now that they were stimulated by all the blood essence, the mystic realm demons became even more rapid as they crazily charged forwards!

    The pressure on the disciples that were escaping suddenly rose to another level!

    And at this time, Xiao Ping, Jiang Bai, and Argent Gale weren’t much better off!

    Each of them only had six or seven disciples in their group forming an array formation, so just how powerful could it be? And, with so few people, these array formations weren’t even complete. The further they rushed in, the greater the pressure was!

    However, they had already made it halfway in. Even if they decided to turn around now, they would also have to bitterly struggle on their way out! But above all, they were not willing to do so!

    In order to not be surrounded on all sides, the three groups finally joined together. However, as they joined together, their presence became an even larger target, attracting far more mystic realm demons!

    This caused their speed to drop considerably. Every step they took was made through brutal and savage carnage!

    Of the four clans’ disciples, only the Ancient Dragon Clan had a momentum like a surging beam of light. The 36 of them attracted nearly half of the mystic realm demons!

    Underneath the control of the Asura King, countless mystic realm demons ignored their lives and rushed at them. There were even 10,000 year mystic realm demons that transformed into all sorts of vicious beast phantoms in the air, hurtling towards them; this was similar to martial skills and Law attacks!

    Mystic realm demons had developed for several hundred million years already, slowly fumbling their way forwards. They now had their own rudimentary martial arts civilization. Although they couldn’t compare with humanity’s splendid and majestic martial arts history, they were themselves pure forms of energy. Once they displayed their own abilities that were similar to martial skills, their strength doubled!

    "How amusing. That one called Dragon One is truly not some common nobody. He clearly knows that I intend to lure them in and hunt them and yet he still rushes my way. He truly has the capital to do so!"

    The Asura King was still crossing its tribulation. At this time, the teasing expression on its face slowly fell and it began to become more serious. This was because it was able to feel a faint power that could threaten it from the combined formation of the Ancient Dragon Clan’s 36 disciples. Especially since this was the moment it was crossing tribulation. For an Asura King, the weakest point of their entire life was during this process.

    "Slaughter them all!"

    A cold light flashed in the Asura King’s eyes with a thick killing intent accompanying it. The mystic realm demons in the sky began to rush towards the rainbow halo of the Ancient Dragon Clan without a care for their lives!

    From the distance, there were even more and more mystic realm demons that were catching up. This was because this Asura King was the ruler of all mystic realm demons in a million mile radius!

    During this ensuing chaos, no one noticed an ordinary-looking stream of light that was shuttling through the battle.

    This stream of light was Lin Ming.

    Grandmist space was an extremely good method to hide his own aura. With the grandmist space covering his body, all of his presence was broken down by the grandmist space without the least bit leaking out.

    In addition, the two forces of the disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan and the disciples of the other three clans were just too eye-catching. They shot out countless beams of wild energy, causing heaven and earth origin energy to tumble and surge. Thus, in this merciless melee, Lin Ming wasn’t noticeable at all.

    And then, Lin Ming simply sank into the swamp ground!

    With the grandmist battle armor protecting him, it was extremely easy for Lin Ming to drill into the swamp ground. The swamp was composed of the elements of earth and water. However, no matter what material it was, anything that entered into the annihilating grandmist space would be decomposed into elementary grandmist energy and completely destroyed. Even though the Laws of the God Beast Mystic Realm were slightly different, they still couldn’t escape such a fate.

    Thus, Lin Ming could drill into the swamp like a hot knife through butter. But, for the other disciples of the four God Beast Clans, digging their way in was far more difficult!

    The Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples would have to summon fire true essence to melt the ground into magma before drilling their way through. As for the other three clans, they would have to blow up the ground with their own strength, which was an even greater waste of energy. This was because none of them understood the Earth Laws. The Ancient Dragon Clan had no Earth Dragon in their history, the Kirin Clan had no Earth Kirin, and the Roc Clan definitely had no Earth Roc.

    On the ground, wind-attribute and thunder-attribute martial artists could display a mind-boggling speed. But below the ground, they simply didn’t have any advantages at all. Not only would they have to slowly move forwards, but they would also consume true essence at a tremendous speed. If they battled underground, they would truly be heading towards death. Every move they used would cost several times the amount of true essence.

    Even for Lin Ming, passing through the ground would cause his true essence consumption to rapidly increase. But, this was also the best method of concealing himself. With the grandmist battle armor to shield his own aura and then drill downwards, Lin Ming was able to hide his presence to the extreme.

    There were also mystic realm demons underneath the swamp. Because mystic realm demons had no physical body to begin with, it was definitely easy for them to pass underground. However, under the commands of the Asura King, nearly all of the mystic realm demons had gone to attack the Ancient Dragon Clan and the allied group of the other three clans. There was now an extremely scarce number of mystic realm demons underground. Lin Ming occasionally bumped into a straggler, but once they touched his grandmist battle armor, they still evaporated into smoke!

    Although these mystic realm demons were controlled by the Asura King, they only followed its orders through its voice and the transmission of will waves:their senses weren’t directly connected. When these mystic realm demons underground were instantly destroyed by Lin Ming, they didn’t even have a chance to send the Asura King a single thought.

    Like this, Lin Ming quietly made his way over to the supreme dragon bone’s position. And in the skies, the Ancient Dragon Clan’s 36 disciples finally killed their way to the front of the Asura King!

    The 36 Astral Heaven Formation, fused with a Celestial Dragon Rune that was formed by burning one’s blood essence as the price, now faced off against the Asura King, a being whose cultivation reached 100,000 years and who had also absorbed a massive amount of dragon bone essence!

    "Hahaha! Well done! Wonderfully so! For you all to arrive at this step, I have really looked down on your outsiders. I thought that you were only easily obtainable food to me, but now it seems that there is finally some meaning. You have aroused my interest enough for me to personally take action!" As the Asura King spoke in the common language of the Divine Realm, its voice was sharp and grating. It wasn’t strange that it knew the common language of humans. This was because after a mystic realm demon swallowed up a person’s spiritual sea, they would also be able to absorb a part of their memories. This Asura King had lived for 100,000 years. In the past, it had swallowed up a number of disciples from the four God Beast Clans and had inherited their memories. This included their martial skills and cultivation methods. However, it didn’t practice these cultivation methods because human cultivation methods simply weren’t suitable for a mystic realm demon.

    "Demon One! Demon Two! Demon Three! Go help my children kill the other group. I will personally deal with these Dragon Clan babies!"

    "Yes, my King!"

    From behind the Asura King, three mystic realm demons with cultivations surpassing 30,000 years rushed towards Xiao Ping, Jiang Bai, Argent Gale, and the other disciples of the three clans.

    These three demons had already begun to take human form. Their bodies shined with a brilliant blue light. It was obvious that the energy within them had condensed to a ridiculous degree.

    Each of them was a powerful and terrifying opponent!

    And now, they all rushed towards the allied group of the three clans that was already having difficulty surviving. Without a doubt, these three demons would cause tremendous damage to the disciples of the three clans. It was possible that they would even be directly routed and destroyed!

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