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Chapter 1059:Change In the Dragon Bone

    Chapter 1059:Change In the Dragon Bone




    "Die for me!"

    The Asura King shouted out, its voice thick with ice. As its claw grasped downwards, Lin Ming could feel the heaven and earth origin energy around him flee, and even the power of space seemed to freeze. There was nowhere for him to hide.

    "How can it still be so strong!?"

    Lin Ming grit his teeth. By relying on the Gate of Healing to support himself as well the grandmist battle armor that wrapped around his entire body, he had dove 300,000 feet underground, consuming 70% of his true essence to do so. But, before this, the Asura King had experienced its demonic tribulation and it had even engaged in a brutal battle with the Ancient Dragon Clan, receiving multiple wounds in the process. Even so, as the Asura King chased him all the way down here, not only had its speed not diminished, but its moves were still so powerful. It was like it had an immortal body!

    Such formidable endurance and tolerance for pain was inconceivable!


    The claw reached down for Lin Ming, surging with killing intent and demonic flames. This was a strike from the Asura King. Even though the Asura King was in an extremely poor state, this attack was absolutely still equal to a strike from a normal Divine Transformation realm martial artist.

    And, martial artists that could reach Divine Transformation were at Eightfall or above, the same level as someone like Yang Yun. In other words, Lin Ming was facing the all-out strike of a Divine Transformation realm Yang Yun!

    In this moment of life or death, Lin Ming didn’t dare to hold anything back. He burnt the Ancient Phoenix blood essence in his body. This was not the ordinary Ancient Phoenix blood, but that single drop of Ancient Phoenix blood essence!

    Ancient Phoenix blood essence inherently contained the incomparably formidable essence of a God Beast. Moreover, as phoenix blood, it wouldn’t reduce no matter how much he burned it.

    In that moment, Lin Ming could feel his body surge with energy. Blue lotuses began to blossom beneath his feet as a countless amount of fire origin gathered by his side, condensing into flowers and birds, insects and beasts. This was impressively an understanding of Laws nearing small success of the fourth level Concept:Manifestation.

    When Lin Ming was at the Revolving Core realm, he had been able to manipulate flames into all sorts of shapes. For instance, chains, clothing, and so forth. The items he formed from fire couldn’t be distinguished from material objects in terms of appearance. But, that was not the Concept of Manifestation. That was only giving fire origin energy shape. But as for the Concept of Manifestation, that was to give life to fire, to give it intelligence of its own. The power of a flame with spirituality of its own was 10 times stronger than a flame without.

    To burn the drop of Ancient Phoenix blood essence to serve as the foundation for manifesting fire, just how powerful was that? Moreover, in that moment, Lin Ming also summoned the Purple Lion Thunder Source that was slumbering in the Heretical God Sprout.

    The power of thunder and fire instantly twined together!

    By burning the Ancient Phoenix blood essence and releasing the power of thunder, this was absolutely Lin Ming’s strongest strike yet!

    The power of thunderfire clashed together with the demonic claws released by the Asura King. For a time, it was like a giant underground volcano had erupted!

    Rumble rumble rumble!

    The earth shook and magma billowed upwards. The world around Lin Ming completely collapsed!

    The pressure of the collapsing earth 300,000 feet underground was extremely terrifying; even the Asura King’s expression discolored.

    As for Lin Ming, who had released such an earth-shaking strike, he was caught in the explosive shock waves. He felt a sweet and coppery taste in the back of his throat as he spat out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, he plummeted straight down into the roiling magma!

    Rumble rumble rumble!

    Countless rocks weighing thousands and tens of thousands of jins fell into the great river of magma. As magma wildly surged all around, it was like the scene of the apocalypse!

    But even so, the Asura King still kept its sense locked onto Lin Ming, chasing straight after him!

    In that collision just now, the Asura King hadn’t been injured. Instead, its origin energy began to slowly recover.

    "Today, there is no path to heaven and no gate to hell! I wonder just who will save you now!!"


    The Asura King also broke into the sea of magma!

    As Lin Ming and the Asura King rushed all the way down, Dragon One chasing after them was in a much more miserable state. He was stronger than Lin Ming, but that was only in his peak condition. Currently, he wasn’t much different from Lin Ming. And, the key problem was that he didn’t understand the Earth Laws, nor did he have the grandmist martial intent to break through stone.

    As the rocks collapsed below him, his body was squeezed by the pressure of the world 300,000 feet deep. He felt as if his entire body would be pinched into nothing! Luckily, as a disciple of the Ancient Dragon Clan, his body was extremely tough and formidable, thus he was able to withstand it. Unfortunately, the efficacy of the Nine Revolving Dragon Pill dissipated yet again because of this blow. Dragon One felt his old wounds reappearing and his true essence was in a tumultuous state. If he kept on chasing, then the chances of him catching up were extremely slim, much less for him to think about obtaining the supreme dragon bone.

    Humiliation, unwillingness, endless hatred, all of this swelled up in Dragon One’s heart!

    He had burnt 20% of his blood essence, he had swallowed two Nine Revolving Dragon Pills, he had even personally killed many of his own junior-apprentice brothers, but in the end he wouldn’t be able to obtain anything!

    If he returned like this, not only would he be punished by the clan, he would also be ridiculed and criticized! There were those that were jealous of his status and hostile to him. They would not miss this chance to suppress him. It was likely that he would suffer a major penalty from the clan! After all, he was the one in charge of making decisions, leading to such heavy losses for the Ancient Dragon Clan.

    If he had obtained the supreme dragon bone then none of that would have mattered. But if he couldn’t then there would be countless people looking at him with spite that would all line up to savagely step on him!

    He wanted to kill everyone. He wanted to tear apart the Asura King as well as that unknown existence that had stolen away the dragon bone. He wanted to pull out their souls and refine their marrow!


    Dragon One roared out with unwilling rage, his entire body shaking with anger. "Supreme dragon bone! You are mine! I will obtain you! There is already no road left for me to retreat! I refuse to give up like this!"


    At this time, deep within the ocean of magma, the Asura King was still chasing right behind Lin Ming!

    The energy contained within this mysterious planet was extremely astonishing. The temperature of this underground magma was no worse than Fire Spirit Star’s 18 Hells of Flame. Moreover, the deeper he went, the higher the temperature and the greater the pressure!

    Lin Ming had the advantage in such an environment. After all, he had already become used to the 18 Hells of Flame. It didn’t require too much true essence to pass through the molten magma and he was also able to supplement himself with the fire origin energy!

    On the other hand, the Asura King wasn’t too well off. It had to use its own energy to separate the magma, otherwise its physical body wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

    Even so, the distance between Lin Ming and the Asura King continued to lessen!

    The Asura King repeatedly attacked Lin Ming. But not only did its strength not decline, it actually gradually recovered.

    Even its wounds were slowly regenerating!

    "How is this possible!?"

    Lin Ming cast his sense on the Asura King to investigate it and was shocked by what he saw. In this ongoing fierce battle, not only was its true essence slowly restoring, but its wounds were regenerating. Just what sort of abnormal restorative ability was this!? This was above even the Divine Transformation realm! No wonder this Asura King was able to cross demonic tribulation and also resist the all-out attack of the Ancient Dragon Clan’s disciples at the same time, again and again!

    "Mm? Ancient Dragon Clan… dragon race…"

    Lin Ming was surprised and then he was hit with a sudden enlightenment.

    Yes, that was right, dragons!

    The Asura King had absorbed the supreme dragon bone!

    Of the four different God Beast bloodlines, each had their own unique advantage. The Ancient Phoenix Clan bloodline allowed them to burn their phoenix blood without it reducing. As for the Ancient Dragon Clan bloodline, that advantage manifested in their powerful physical strength, amount of true essence, and restorative ability.

    For instance, when Lin Ming had absorbed a drop of ancient Azure Dragon reverse scale blood, his true essence had obtained the attribute of endlessness. His true essence had become more resilient, endlessly growing, was able to reform after being scattered, and even recovered quickly!

    And now, the Asura King chasing him also had all of these characteristics!

    "So that’s what it is! The Asura King has absorbed the supreme dragon bone essence and now its body has obtained the attribute of endlessness! Thus, its blood vitality, recovery ability, and endurance have all reached freakish levels! For me to try to exhaust its true essence was simply a ridiculous dream! I don’t have the abnormal attack power of the Dragon Clan’s 36 disciples and their giant array formation, and the Asura King has already completed its demonic tribulation. Not only will it no longer need to consume its strength, but it will instead grow stronger over time. As for me, I am continuously wasting my energy and my true essence is almost depleted! Even though this magma is my home ground, I will still lose in the end if this continues!"

    Lin Ming finally realized what was happening. Although he was in the burning hot magma, a cold chill still soared up his back. He never thought that death would be so close. When he recklessly went to steal away that dragon bone, he had truly underestimated the Asura King’s strength! This was an Asura King that had lived for 100,000 years! This was an Asura King that dared to challenge the many geniuses of the four God Beast Clans even as it went through its own demonic tribulation, making it have to fight in its weakest state! So how could he not have strength to back all of his actions up?

    Lin Ming felt his grasp on the Phoenix Blood Spear become wet with sweat. But what he didn’t know was that at this moment, in the Extreme Violet Ring, an unimaginable change was occurring…

    Since the supreme dragon bone fell into the Extreme Violet Ring, less than half an hour had passed. Yan Littlemoon sat down cross-legged before the supreme dragon bone, meditating on the Law runes on its surface.

    These runes were far too profound, but Yan Littlemoon’s perception was also extremely high. Unknowingly, Yan Littlemoon had fallen into a contemplative state. But then, as she was in a meditating condition, she was suddenly startled and woken up from her ethereal state. To her astonishment, she saw that the 1000 foot dragon bone was trembling!

    The trembling of the dragon bone had caused the space within the Extreme Violet Ring to oscillate!

    The 1000 foot dragon bone was extremely dense. When it casually fell it had pierced 500-600 feet deep into the ground:this clearly proved just how sharp and heavy it was! If it weren’t for the support of some minor array formations while it was in the black swamp, this supreme dragon bone would have sunk all the way to the bottom.

    Every inch of dragon bone was heavier than a boulder. A 1000 foot dragon bone was as heavy as a mountain ridge. When such a dragon bone trembled, the vibration force could be imagined!

    "What’s going on here?"

    Yan Littlemoon was stunned. She was afraid that her meditating on the dragon bone had caused some strange mutation to occur within it. If she had somehow damaged it then that would truly be bad. Lin Ming had rescued her. If she had then ruined this dragon bone, there really wasn’t any way she could explain it to him.

    Just as she wasn’t sure what action to take, a scene occurred that left her bewildered. The dragon bone was wrapped up by some unknown force and slowly dragged upwards!

    The rough dragon bone surface slowly revealed itself from the ground, causing countless bits of stone and dirt to fall down. Finally, the 1000 foot dragon bone that was as heavy as a mountain ridge floated in the skies, emitting a faint humming sound.

    "Could… could it be that this dragon bone has its own spiritual wisdom and has stored a wisp of the Divine Dragon’s soul, and is now awakening!?"

    Yan Littlemoon paled. If it really were some Divine Dragon awakening, then everything would be thrown into chaos. Who knew if this Divine Dragon was an enemy or a friend?

    And everyone, including Lin Ming, had been struggling for this dragon bone in order to obtain its strength. There was no way that any of them could have left a good impression on this Divine Dragon. If this Divine Dragon became angry, the consequences would be dire!

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