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Chapter 1060:White Light

    Chapter 1060:White Light




    As Yan Littlemoon was panicking, to her astonishment, she saw a pale gray light emerge out of nowhere and cover the entire dragon bone.

    Underneath this unknown energy, the strength of the dragon bone was rapidly pulled out!

    The strength of the dragon bone was being pulled out?

    Yan Littlemoon’s large eyes widened. Was this Lin Ming? No… if it were Lin Ming, then he would first enter the space within the ring before he absorbed the dragon bone. Moreover, absorbing the strength of the dragon bone was easier said than done. One would have to calm and still the mind to an extreme and adjust oneself to a peak condition before slowly absorbing the dragon bone’s strength, lest the body be unable to shoulder it.

    Perhaps… could it be that it wasn’t the strength of the dragon bone that was being pulled out, but that the consciousness of the dragon spirit within the dragon bone had awoken, and was gathering the strength within the dragon bone to form its own body…?

    Dragon spirit…

    As Yan Littlemoon thought of this, her heart began to race.

    "Do I need to warn Lin Ming of this? Does Lin Ming know?" Yan Littlemoon’s thoughts raced. She wanted to inform Lin Ming but she also feared that Lin Ming was in some dangerous fight at the moment.

    According to any common sense, if Lin Ming was indeed safe then his first action should be to enter the Extreme Violet Ring and look over the treasures he obtained. This was how human nature was after all. A supreme dragon bone was a treasure that could cause a World King to go crazy with envy.

    If Lin Ming didn’t come, that was proof that he was still in danger!

    Just as Yan Littlemoon was lost in her thoughts, a deluge of illusory motes of white light gathered in front of her. These white lights faintly trembled, like ripples on a lake, as if they were changing somehow.

    Yan Littlemoon couldn’t help but take several steps back. As she saw that white light constantly shifting, it gradually formed into a transcendently beautiful face. Blurry facial features revealed an indifferent and sublime inclination.

    "A human shadow? This white light is a woman? Is this a so-called dragon spirit?"

    A dragon spirit was the soul of a Divine Dragon. In truth, a dragon spirit didn’t have much combat strength. Whether it was a human or a God Beast, they both depended on their mortal body to serve as the carrier of energy, and their soul was the ruler of this energy. Without the mortal body there was no energy. If only the soul existed then one’s killing potential would be extremely limited. When Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Continent, this was also the reason why Demonshine’s combat strength was so utterly lacking.

    As Yan Littlemoon remembered this, she finally calmed down. She gripped the top grade saint artifact sword in her hand, her mind completely focused and on guard. She was prepared to deal with an outbreak of battle at any given moment. She guessed that this woman’s shadow in front of her was a wisp of a dragon spirit. When this being was still alive, she was likely at least a million times more powerful than her! But now she had died and all that was left was a tiny wisp of remnant soul; she wasn’t necessarily her match.

    As Yan Littlemoon was thinking, a sudden change occurred!

    That shadow woman hurtled towards Yan Littlemoon with near-unimaginable speed!

    "Mm!?" Yan Littlemoon’s pupils instantly shrunk to pinpoints. Without thinking, the top grade saint artifact sword pierced out like a viper towards that shadow’s head. However, in the split second before her sword was about to hit, she suddenly felt her entire body stiffen. A massive, undeniable strength pressed down on her body, leaving her unable to move!

    "What is this? How could this be? Is this will? Battle spirit!?"

    When one’s will reached a high enough boundary, it could change the hardness of matter, speed, sharpness, and so forth. But, if one’s willpower was used to affect a martial artist’s body, it would be greatly weakened. Yet now, this wisp of remnant soul was actually relying on just a projection of her world of will into reality to completely lock down Yan Littlemoon’s every motion. Just what sort of terrifying strength was this!?

    Yan Littlemoon could no longer produce another thought. That wisp of remnant soul had directly broken into her spiritual sea and completely suppressed her divine soul! In that moment, Yan Littlemoon felt herself falling into a deep sleep, never to wake again!

    Seize… seizing the body!?

    As Yan Littlemoon realized this, she felt her entire being plummet into the nine nether abyss, filled with nothing but despair and doom.

    Once her body was seized, that would be the same as death. She was just over 20 years old and still had so much time in front of her… how could she be willing?


    Yan Littlemoon struggled with everything she had, but it was all for naught. Compared to this wisp of remnant soul, her entire divine soul was nothing more than a fading candle in front of a brilliant full moon. She couldn’t even call herself a match. She felt her thoughts fading away, becoming increasingly weak, as if she were about to be sealed forever.

    "I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep…" Yan Littlemoon repeated to herself, all the way until the last bit of clearness dimmed to nothing.


    In the vast and bottomless magma, Lin Ming’s speed soon increased to twice the speed of sound.

    In truth, this magma was different from the 18 Hells of Flame. The 18 Hells of Flame was filled with only fire origin energy and heated astral winds. It wasn’t like this thick and solid magma with its immense resistance.

    Thus, in the 18 Hells of Flame, Lin Ming was able to increase his speed to several times that of sound. But here, just maintaining a speed of two times the speed of sound was extremely arduous!

    Normally, if a martial artist flew at more than the speed of sound in the skies, it would produce terrifying sonic booms that would consume a massive amount of energy to resist, much less in this thick and dense magma.

    At this time, Lin Ming had already penetrated a million feet deep into the earth. The temperature here and the wild fire origin energy was no weaker than at the fifth or sixth level of the Hells of Flame.

    If he could persist a bit longer and reach a depth that was close to the seventh level of the Hells of Flame, he would have some ability to fight on more even ground. At least, he might manage to escape.

    But at this moment, the Asura King shot out with another attack, more crazy and fierce than the last!

    "I never imagined that you would only be a little disciple of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, and that your cultivation wouldn’t even be at the Divine Sea, and yet you managed to trick me! You think that if you enter deeper into the magma, I can’t do anything to you? Haha, indeed you would truly have the advantage there, but what a pity, you will never reach that far! I have nearly restored 10% of my strength! I will kill you with the Astral Quadra Dragon Formation!"

    The Asura King’s body burst out with endless beams of blue light. At the same time, it brought its hands together and formed hundreds and thousands of seals.

    This Astral Quadra Dragon Formation was one of the Ancient Dragon Clan’s Azure Dragon Faction’s array formations. The Asura King had inherited its understanding of this array formation from the previous Ancient Dragon Clan disciples it had swallowed up in the past. As a mystic realm demon, it didn’t yet have the ability to train in human cultivation methods. But, laying down array formations was possible. In particular, because of the massive amount of Azure Dragon essence within its body, learning this array formation was far easier.

    This Astral Quadra Dragon Formation wasn’t too high level an array formation. But, it had to be known that when the Asura King previously fought, it had nearly only relied on its own strength, without the use or support of array formations and martial skills. Even if this array formation only raised its combat strength by 30-40%, it was still enough to place Lin Ming in extreme danger.

    In the magma, there were azure seals flying everywhere. In terms of energy alone, the Asura King had 10 times more than Lin Ming within him!

    "Seal, kill him!"

    The Asura King brought its hands together and these azure seals gathered in the air, forming a massive azure seal hundreds of feet large that pounded towards Lin Ming!

    In that moment, Lin Ming felt all of the space around him being locked down; there was nowhere for him to run. His only choice was to forcefully resist this azure great seal’s attack. But, this strike would be several times stronger than the Asura King’s previous attacks. It was simply beyond Lin Ming’s ability to defend against.

    Even if Lin Ming was in his peak state, taking this strike would leave him severely wounded, much less now when he didn’t have much strength left in him. It was also near-impossible for him to continue burning the Ancient Phoenix blood essence; there was no way he could block this attack!

    At this critical moment, Lin Ming took out three purple beads from his spatial ring. He kept one in his hand and threw the other two at the azure great seal. At the same time, Lin Ming crushed a blue symbol paper in his hands, causing his entire body to erupt with a blazing blue light. His protective true essence instantly thickened to over 10 times what it had been!

    This was Lin Ming’s final life-saving card, he could only use it once. Before Lin Ming entered the God Beast Mystic Realm, Huo Violentstone had prepared some items for Lin Ming as a contingency measure. There were three god slaying beads and a single divine protective talisman.

    These items didn’t need any true essence to detonate. Even if a mortal used them there would be a similar effect. In other words, if a mortal used a god slaying bead, they could kill even a Divine Sea master. Of course, this was all based on the premise that it would successfully hit.

    Treasures like this that didn’t care about cultivation were extremely valuable. Lin Ming didn’t want to use these treasures until the last life or death moment, and now was the time to do so.

    Bang! Bang!

    Two god slaying beads blew up together. A strength that was capable of turning even extreme Divine Sea geniuses into ashes erupted. The azure great seal suddenly trembled as a large gap was ripped into it!

    As for the explosive shock waves, all of them were borne by Lin Ming’s divine protective talisman, with none of it damaging him. But after undergoing such an impact, most of the thick blue layer of light surrounding Lin Ming disintegrated, with only three or four inches of it left.

    The next attack would likely shatter the entire thing.

    "Mm? This brat!"

    The Asura King had been utterly confident that this strike would kill Lin Ming, but the damn brat had actually managed to block it. This young martial artist’s life was simply tougher than a cockroach. Even with the absolute disparity in their cultivation and having been chased down for almost an hour, he still managed to hang onto his final breath.

    "It seems you are a core disciple of the four God Beast Clans. Good! When I kill you, the treasures I obtain from you will also be considerable. You can avoid me now, but you can’t avoid me forever! The only way is if your clan has some great expert coming to rescue you, otherwise you are destined to die here! But oh, that’s right, this God Beast Mystic Realm is completely sealed up, it is impossible for anyone to come and save you! Hahahaha!"

    The Asura King madly laughed. Although its words were rampant, they were all facts. Underneath the absolute suppression of their cultivation difference, Lin Ming was pushed to the point of death!

    "Although killing you is as easy as catching a turtle in a jar, since this matter involves the supreme dragon bone, I will not give you any time to encounter some lucky chance and escape. To avoid problems popping up, I will completely finish you off here and now. You can forget about going any deeper into this magma!"

    The maniacal face of the Asura King filled with bloodthirst.

    "Flesh and blood sacrifice!"

    The Asura King’s right hand trembled before exploding into a rain of blood! This ruptured flesh and blood twisted in the air as if it had a life of its own. It undulated about before submerging into the Asura King’s body.

    The Asura King’s body suddenly turned a blood red, and his strength doubled! It had discarded a portion of its body that it had formed after so much painstaking effort, and then swallowed the flesh and blood essence, transforming that into energy and causing a brief eruption of strength!

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