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Chapter 1062:Mo Eversnow

    Chapter 1062:Mo Eversnow




    "Just who are you, why are you doing this to me!?" The Asura King wildly ranted. It could feel that it was already completely covered in the woman’s world of will. In this world of will, every drop of magma could turn into an incomparably sharp killing weapon and also into an inescapable cage. There was truly no path to heaven nor gate to hell!


    The Asura King suddenly felt an agonizing pain. A surging flow of magma had turned into a large spear that thrust through its chest, causing it to vomit a mouthful of blood!

    "Ahhhhh! Flesh and blood sacrifice!"

    The Asura King raved, its eyes filled with an explosive color. This time, it exploded its complete right arm, using it as a sacrifice. This right arm burst apart into countless motes of flesh and blood essence energy that flew towards the Asura King. The Asura King intended to absorb this essence energy, transform it into usable energy and then convert that into a last desperate blow.

    But at this moment, the Magic Cube Saintess spoke out another word. The flowing magma from all around gathered into a massive ball that smashed into the Asura King’s chest, causing its ribs to break in and blood to cover its entire body.

    And after the Asura King’s right arm exploded and turned into bits and pieces of flesh and blood, it was actually pulled away by the Magic Cube Saintess and turned into a blood bead that spun around in her palm.

    The Asura King had sacrificed a part of its physical body that it had formed with bitter effort and attempted to use that flesh and blood to increase his strength. But, after it burst it apart, he wasn’t even able to absorb it. Instead, it was stolen away by the Magic Cube Saintess!

    Just what sort of grievance was that!

    The Asura King’s eyes turned blood red, nearly popping out from anger! It had already completely fallen into a maddened state, and now it flushed towards Lin Min and the Magic Cube Saintess like an injured animal that was cornered!

    Puff puff puff!

    The woman’s eyes flashed and in that moment countless flows of magma turned into spears under her will and thrust through the Asura King’s body, causing a shower of blood where they passed.

    And as this blood rained down, all of it was taken away by the Magic Cube Saintess, without a single exception!

    All of the blood formed into blood beads that floated over the slender fingertips of the Magic Cube Saintess. In addition with the previous blood bead formed by the Asura King exploding its right arm, there were now seven or eight of them spinning around.

    Lin Ming was flabbergasted as he looked at the Saintess from behind. The Asura King was actually beaten into such a state. Its body’s flesh and blood essence energy were actually turned into blood beads by the Magic Cube Saintess. These blood beads were wondrous treasures! They didn’t even evaporate in the sea of magma a million feet underground!

    And the Asura King had only formed its mortal body after absorbing almost half the dragon marrow in the supreme dragon bone. This meant that every inch of its body was a heavenly material. Originally, Lin Ming had only obtained the supreme dragon bone. As for the Asura King’s flesh and blood as well as the incomparably pure mystic realm energy within its body, he could only look on with regret. He didn’t even dare to think of killing it. But now, it seemed likely that the Asura King itself would be completely melted away and refined by the Magic Cube Saintess.

    At this time, the Asura King was injured from top to bottom. But, its life force was still vibrant. This was clearly the vitality brought about by the Azure Dragon blood marrow; it was not something that Lin Ming’s Gate of Healing could compare with!

    As the Asura King looked at those seven or eight blood beads swirling above the Magic Cube Saintess’ fingers, its face twitched and it began to maniacally laugh.

    "Hahaha! I never imagined that a King like me would be beaten into the ground like this! I even cut off my own flesh to feed others! Since I am doomed to die here, you can give up any further thoughts of obtaining my essence energy!" The Asura King’s eyes flashed with a ruthless and savage light. Then, it concentrated its thoughts, focusing everything on the core of its source energy in its body. At that moment, the Asura King burst out with a blinding black radiance!

    "Shit! He’s going to explode!"

    Lin Ming was shocked. An existence like the Asura King was completely composed of energy. With a thought, it could blow itself up, and the speed of this was extremely quick. There wasn’t even an instant to react; this was impossible to guard against!

    But at this critical moment, the Magic Cube Saintess’ eyes shined with a severe light. All around the Asura King, time began to wind down. Sound, energy, everything began stretching out to infinity.

    Time Laws:Concept of Stagnation!

    Under the control of the Magic Cube Saintess, for a short period of time she could display the Concept of Stagnation to the extreme, causing time to nearly come to a standstill!


    The Magic Cube Saintess waved her hand and translucent white ripples appeared around her. At this moment, she finally used true essence. This true essence was not earth-shattering in any way; it was only the true essence of the seventh stage of Life Destruction, and also the limit of the energy contained within Yan Littlemoon’s body. Regardless of how powerful the Magic Cube Saintess’ divine soul was, how incredible her battle spirit was, or how profound her comprehension of the Laws was, she could only draw out true essence from the body she was possessing. This was because her own mortal body no longer existed and her soul could not contain heaven and earth origin energy. This was the reason that her strength was doomed to be greatly affected.

    Puff puff puff!

    Ripples of white energy slashed down on the Asura King’s body, sending flesh and blood flying everywhere.

    At the same time, the Magic Cube Saintess’ battle spirit fused into the surrounding magma, turning it into countless swords that pierced through the Asura King’s body. This was truly what one called torn to shreds by 10,000 swords!

    In that moment, the Asura King’s mortal body was like a ripped bag of blood. It continued to profusely bleed, and all of this blood was gathered up by the Magic Cube Saintess and turned into blood beads.

    Due to the absolute suppression of Time Laws, the Asura King was unable to resist at all. In fact, even its thoughts were incomparably slow. It could only allow itself to be slaughtered on the chopping block.

    The Asura King was also completely cut off from contacting its core of energy within its body by the Magic Cube Saintess. Thus, it was also impossible for it to explode.

    The Magic Cube Saintess wiped her spatial ring and took out a top grade saint artifact furnace; this was Yan Littlemoon’s Fire Pattern Furnace. After her body was possessed by the Magic Cube Saintess, everything in her possession could also be used by the Magic Cube Saintess.


    The Magic Cube Saintess flung out her hand and the Fire Pattern Furnace spun outwards. The Asura King’s body and all of the blood beads were completely sucked into the furnace.

    Then, a vast amount of fire origin energy surged out from the surrounding magma, towards the Fire Pattern Furnace. For a time, great flames crested around the furnace!


    Faintly, very faintly, Lin Ming could hear the pitiful cries emitted by the Asura King. After absorbing the Azure Dragon marrow, the Asura King’s vitality was just far too powerful. At the same time that this brought it a greater combat strength, it also meant that it would have to suffer an even greater pain before dying.

    Within the conflagration of flames, the screams became quieter and quieter before completely vanishing. The Asura King’s physical body, and the flesh and blood essence it absorbed from the disciples of the four God Beast Clans, were completely melted away, leaving behind only the blood marrow of the supreme dragon bone. This blood marrow actually formed a small azure dragon within the Fire Pattern Furnace that flew around the flames, cute and lifelike.

    Besides the dragon marrow essence, there was also a dark red bead within the Fire Pattern Furnace. This was the purest mystic energy left behind by the Asura King condensed into pill form!

    Even an ordinary mystic realm demon had the unique Laws of the God Beast Mystic Realm inscribed into the mystic realm energy within its body. The first time that a genius like Yan Littlemoon had absorbed the energy of a mystic realm demon, it was equal to 10 days of meditating over the Laws. The older a mystic realm demon was, the more Laws it would have within it, much less something like the Asura King.

    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even if one completely disregarded the dragon marrow essence that the Asura King absorbed, just the mystic realm energy within the Asura King was already a priceless worldly treasure. This sort of mystic realm energy could not be found in the outside Divine Realm. But even though there were actually many Asura Kings that existed in the vast and boundless God Beast Mystic Realm, the problem was that only low level disciples were able to enter. It was simply far too difficult for them to stay alive in the presence of an Asura King, much less hunt one down.

    In just one incense stick of time, the Magic Cube Saintess had completely finished her process of refining. The Fire Pattern Furnace shot open and a black red bead shot upwards, forming a sparkling rainbow hued cloud around it that caused even the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy to be stirred up. Only the birth of a transcendent divine pill would produce such a phenomenon. But in truth, what the Magic Cube Saintess refined was not a pill, but the condensed form of the Asura King’s energy and the dragon marrow essence.

    After putting away the Fire Pattern Furnace, the Magic Cube Saintess took this black red pill in her hand. The smooth pill was like jade to the touch. On the surface of the pill was the image of an Azure Dragon that wrapped around the entire circumference until the head and tail met again. This was due to the condensed supreme dragon marrow essence.

    One couldn’t judge this Azure Dragon by how faint it was. The truth was that the space within it was extremely mysterious. The total amount of dragon marrow essence that was compressed into this space had reached an absurdly terrifying degree!

    The Magic Cube Saintess glanced over this pill for a moment and then tossed it backwards, throwing it directly towards Lin Ming.

    "For you."

    As the Saintess spoke these two simple words, they were completely different from her voice in the beginning. When the Magic Cube Saintess first spoke out, her words dripped with killing intent and her tone was callous and indifferent. It was similar to the Laws of the world that controlled heavenly retribution. Her words had given off a feeling like nature itself; unbiased, merciless, treating everything in this world as equal to ants.

    But as she spoke these two words now, her voice was actually as pleasant as a mountain stream, pleasant and delectable to the ears.

    Lin Ming quickly received the bead, feeling extremely flattered at the moment. Although he had always been together with this Saintess ever since he obtained the Magic Cube, he actually had no idea just how she viewed him. Towards this woman that knew all of his secrets and whose strength far surpassed his, he always felt a tinge of fear and awe.

    "I have absorbed 80% of the remaining supreme dragon bone marrow blood in order to regain consciousness. As for this blood marrow pill, you may take it as compensation. The amount of blood marrow is around the same. As for the strength of the Asura King itself, you can consider it interest."

    The Magic Cube Saintess had only absorbed the blood marrow within the supreme dragon bone; she hadn’t absorbed the bone itself. It had no use to her anyway, thus she didn’t bother with it. The dragon bone was left over to be fused into Lin Ming and used to strengthen his bones.

    The Magic Cube Saintess was a soul form. Blood essence and blood energy were useful in helping her recover. Before this, whenever the Magic Cube absorbed the blood essence of masters, that was all because of the Magic Cube Saintess. In other words, the Magic Cube itself did not need blood essence. The Magic Cube Saintess had used this method to tell and encourage Lin Ming to go and seek the blood essence of powerhouses. Of course, when he was in the lower realms, even the blood essence of Yang Yun only had a tiny, imperceptible use to her. But now, in the God Beast Mystic Realm, after obtaining so much dragon marrow essence, the Magic Cube Saintess had finally regained consciousness.

    "Lin Ming, right? This isn’t the first time that we’ve met. My name is Mo Eversnow. I am the Saintess of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands." The woman lightly said as she suddenly looked towards Lin Ming.

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