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Chapter 1063:Another Dual Cultivator

    Chapter 1063:Another Dual Cultivator




    "Mo Eversnow…"

    Lin Ming was dazed for some time.

    Ever since he had obtained the Magic Cube, there had been countless riddles he couldn’t figure out. He had sought the blood essence of increasingly powerful martial artists for the Magic Cube to swallow, in order to not just obtain the memory fragments within, but also because he subconsciously desired to know the secrets that surrounded the Magic Cube.

    The Magic Cube was the most fundamental cause of Lin Ming’s rise!

    Although, after reaching the Xiantian and Revolving Core realms, the Magic Cube in truth wasn’t too helpful to Lin Ming. A great portion of why Lin Ming had his current achievements was because of his own hard work, effort, and perseverance. But, it was undoubtedly true that if he didn’t have the Magic Cube, he would likely still be a small martial artist in the Sky Fortune Kingdom. His cultivation would at most be at the Pulse Condensation or Houtian realm; that would have been his limit.

    It was the Magic Cube that had given Lin Ming the initial boost he needed to overcome the most difficult early times and also his lack of martial talent.

    Lin Ming could confirm that the Magic Cube was one of the most priceless treasures of the universe. What he had been trying to answer all this time was what the Magic Cube was and also what other functions it had besides preserving memory fragments. Why had it attracted the attention of so many Divine Realm supreme elders to fight for it?

    Many of these questions circled in Lin Ming’s mind, but he didn’t open his mouth to ask. This was because he didn’t know what Mo Eversnow’s plans were. Although she had borrowed his strength to restore her consciousness, he had no idea just what she would do now. Perhaps she would even just occupy Yan Littlemoon’s body and take away the Magic Cube.

    If this was what she planned to do then it would be stupid for Lin Ming to ask about the Magic Cube’s origins. She might try to silence everyone that knew about the Magic Cube, and Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to resist her. He wasn’t even able to deal with the Asura King, much less Mo Eversnow.

    Mo Eversnow seemed to see the fear and dread in Lin Ming’s heart. She said in a soft and calming voice, "You do not need to be nervous. Although I have been slumbering in the Magic Cube for 50,000 years, my consciousness has still had a spark of wakefulness. I have already been aware since you first touched the Magic Cube. My divine soul has been grievously wounded, and I need the power of blood essence to restore myself. I can only hope that a powerhouse will help me seek blood essence to help restore the strength of my divine soul. Of course, if it is a powerhouse that I raised myself, then that would be the best. Only then would I be able to trust them. I have been satisfied in your actions and character so far. You move courageously and you can also kill decisively. You do not make mistakes, nor are you soft when you shouldn’t be. At the same time, you aren’t heartless either. You know to repay graciousness, and you have your own bottom line. And most importantly, your will is firm and you seek the peak of martial arts with your entire heart and soul. You’re quite good!

    "Originally I didn’t have much hope in your talent. But, I never thought you would give me such a wonderful surprise in this aspect. For you to reach this step as a martial artist from the lower realms, that is simply a miracle."

    As Mo Eversnow spoke, Lin Ming was able to glean a great deal of information from her words. Every time he entered the space within the Magic Cube to absorb a soul fragment, that had been because Mo Eversnow had led him in and guided him to the Magic Cube, as a way to have him search for the blood essence of masters.

    "Now that Miss Mo has awoken, may I inquire as to your plans…" Lin Ming tentatively asked.

    After he said these words, Mo Eversnow took a deep breath. In that moment, an icy chill spread out through the air, even stopping the magma around them as if the entire surrounding area would be sealed in ice.

    "I will rebuild my flesh and blood body and completely restore myself. In addition, for all of those that dared to move against my Verdant Feather Holy Lands, I will kill every single one of them! And that Tian Mingzi! I will destroy his soul and scatter it to the wind!"

    As Mo Eversnow spoke, her two beautiful pupils gleaned with thick killing intent.

    Lin Ming felt his heart skip a beat. Although Mo Eversnow was ethereal and lofty, as if she had never been tainted by the world, the truth was that she was actually ruthless and decisive, a person who distinctly knew grudges and gratitude!

    This was also an understandable matter. The past Verdant Feather Holy Lands was likely commanded by Mo Eversnow. Even if it wasn’t, she was at least one of the high level figures there.

    "Tian Mingzi, he… how strong is he?" Lin Ming couldn’t help but ask. Without a doubt, Tian Mingzi was that black-clothed man that had led 10,000 Divine Realm supreme elders to assault the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. Finally, Mo Eversnow had been forced to sacrifice her own soul to make a final strike with the Magic Cube. One could see from this alone just how strong he was.

    "Early World King!" Mo Eversnow slowly and clearly said. But as these words fell into Lin Ming’s ears, he sucked in a deep breath in response. Although he had already faintly guessed this, he was still truly shocked at hearing Mo Eversnow’s confirmation.

    A World King powerhouse. Between a Holy Lord and a World King, there was a nearly impassable divide. Within the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan’s 100 million years of history, there had never been a World King!

    Of course, this was ultimately because the Ancient Phoenix Clan was only a human sect with the Ancient Phoenix bloodline transplanted within them; they were not true descendants of the phoenix. A true God Beast descendent… who knew how many of these characters existed in the entire Divine Realm? There weren’t many God Beasts to begin with, and each one was an incomparably proud and haughty existence. How could they possibly deign to mate with a human? And if there truly was a child born from such a union, this sort of person could truly be called the most terrifying talent in the world.

    This was because a God Beast symbolized the strongest physical body and compatibility with Laws. But humans had a deep and profound ability to learn and also the ability to study and train in martial arts. Such a person would have unimaginable achievements!

    "That was his cultivation 50,000 years ago? If it’s now, then shouldn’t it be even higher?" Lin Ming subconsciously asked.

    "Yes. But 50,000 years ago, Tian Mingzi didn’t have his own great world. He only controlled a peripheral medium world. He could not be called a true Great World King, but should be called an ordinary World King."

    As Mo Eversnow spoke, Lin Ming was surprised for a moment before immediately understanding. Although there were only 3000 Great World Kings in the Divine Realm, this was because there were only 3000 great worlds in the Divine Realm. In the vast Divine Realm, there were constantly new World Kings being born; they were almost always at a saturated state. But, a newly born World King wouldn’t necessarily be able to obtain their own world. They would have to wait for an old World King to die, or perhaps even simply defeat them and take over their lands.

    But wanting to defeat an old World King with a deep background was easier said than done. These World Kings had lifespans that were calculated using millions as the base unit. There were even some extremely powerful World Kings that could live for tens of millions of years!

    The reason the Divine Realm had so many World Kings was not that World Kings were like cabbages that could be bought on the street. Rather, it was because the Divine Realm was simply too broad and endless. The total number of lives in the Divine Realm was incalculable. Moreover, these World Kings all lived incomparably long lives, lives that were millions or even tens of millions of years. After accumulating for such a long period of time, this was why there were so many of them.

    "Then Miss Mo’s boundary is…" Lin Ming hesitated before asking this. He really did want to know this.

    "In the past I was only a half-step World King. All considered, I was only a Holy Lord. I was stranded in that realm for a long time and not able to break through for a reason, and that was because…" As Mo Eversnow spoke to here she looked towards Lin Ming. Her following words left him dumbstruck.

    "Because… I dual cultivated body and energy."

    "What? Dual… dual cultivated body and energy?" Lin Ming’s eyes widened and he gazed at Mo Eversnow with astonishment. She dual cultivated body and energy, just like him!

    Of the Divine Realm geniuses, even if one was an extreme talent of their generation, there was an extremely small number that would fumble their way through dual body and energy cultivation. This was because after the rules of the heavens and earth changed, it was simply far too difficult to follow this path. For many people, the gains just weren’t equal to the losses. Even if one were the chosen amongst all chosen prides of heaven, they still weren’t an exception!

    Xiao Daoji, Crimson Strifecloud, Huo Burning Heaven, and even the Ancient Dragon Clan’s two World Kings, none of them had dual cultivated body and energy!

    In fact, a major reason Lin Ming had stepped onto this road of dual cultivation was because he didn’t know just how difficult it would be at the start. By the time he began to realize it, it was already too late as he had begun to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

    However, it was impossible that Mo Eversnow didn’t know this!

    For those that knew just how difficult it was to dual cultivate in body and energy and still chose that route, there were only two possibilities.

    The first possibility was that they were an idiot potato who had bitten off more than they could chew.

    And the second possibility was… they were an unrivalled genius, with a talent so high that it was unbelievable!

    Without a doubt, Mo Eversnow belonged to the latter. Otherwise, there was no way she could have become the Saintess of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. From the way she spoke, this Verdant Feather Holy Lands was also an extremely high Holy Land, possibly even a World King level Holy Land!

    This was also reasonable. Otherwise, how could something like the Magic Cube fall into the hands of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands.

    And, the reason Mo Eversnow hadn’t become a World King before her physical body was destroyed was not that she lacked talent. but rather… it was because she was too young!

    She was the Saintess of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, not the ruler. The Verdant Feather Holy Lands should have had someone older and higher ranked as a decision maker, possibly even some Highest Elder. And, Mo Eversnow could only be considered a junior compared to them. But even so, a junior like her was able to cultivate to the half-step World King realm… her talent could be imagined!

    All of these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind.

    "I really wonder just what bloodline family background she originates from, or what type of special physique she had?" Lin Ming wondered. He didn’t believe that an ordinary bloodline could reach such a degree of talent. Lin Ming was also constantly searching for ways to improve his own bloodline and body.

    Mo Eversnow didn’t seem to have any intention of speaking about her glorious and wondrous past. She said, "Lin Ming, I never thought that you would also step onto the road of dual body and energy cultivation. Moreover, you’ve also managed to come this far. This road you have chosen will be extremely difficult. I only want to ask you a question:do you still intend to continue walking down the path of dual body and energy cultivation?"

    Lin Ming froze for a moment before firmly nodding. Giving up all of his previous efforts was not his style. Moreover, since Mo Eversnow had also chosen dual body and energy cultivation, that meant that this road was possible. And, the further one walked down this road, the more benefits there would be. The only problem was that it was an incomparably difficult path to take.

    Since there had been someone else that could try it, then why couldn’t he? Lin Ming wondered just what boundary Mo Eversnow’s dual body and energy cultivation reached. Had she managed to open the legendary Nine Stars of the Dao Palace?

    "Good! Then I will help you." Mo Eversnow said, short and to the point.

    Help me?

    Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. These words of Mo Eversnow’s clearly contained another meaning!

    She didn’t plan to take away the Magic Cube. In other words, she actually planned to stay with him for a very long period of time! Otherwise, how could she possibly help Lin Ming complete his dual body and energy cultivation?

    In addition, there was also another, more subtle meaning. The reason Mo Eversnow had helped Lin Ming in the past was to help restore her own consciousness. And now that she continued to help him, there was definitely some other intention.

    Lin Ming’s eyes widened. "Are you planning to have me help you take revenge?"

    Mo Eversnow was slightly stunned for a moment and then spared Lin Ming an appreciative look. "Smart boy. Good, you are correct. Do you have the courage to do so?"

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