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Chapter 1065:The Wicked Cannot Be Saved From Their Sins

    Chapter 1065:The Wicked Cannot Be Saved From Their Sins




    In the surging flows of magma, the passive Dragon One was like a tiny scurrying mouse. His protective true essence was lowered to the weakest state possible, and he didn’t produce the slightest sound or energy fluctuation as he went forwards. Even the red light of the magma twisted around him, causing him to be hidden in a constant blind spot.

    The Turtle Shrinking Art was truly the number one concealment technique of the Ancient Dragon Clan. It wasn’t much worse than Lin Ming’s own grandmist space.

    "I felt some intense true essence fluctuations before now. That should be an indication that the fight was very intense, but not they’ve slowed down and nearly stopped. I have no idea what the situation is like right now. That unknown existence must be weaker than the Asura King, otherwise it wouldn’t have hidden around waiting for its chance in the chaos. I estimate that its strength is much weaker than the combined strength of my Ancient Dragon Clan’s 36 disciples, much less something like the Asura King! However, since it decided to escape downwards and drill into the ground, that must mean that it has some sort of advantage in this environment where it complements the Laws here better. Since this is its own battleground, it must have some chance of contending with the wounded Asura King. If both of them have managed to wound each other then that’s my chance!"

    All sorts of thoughts passed through Dragon One’s mind. There were definitely certain parts of his analysis that were correct, but no matter how much he speculated, his guesses would never have wandered over to Lin Ming.

    Dragon One grit his teeth and ruthlessly swallowed down the third Nine Revolving Dragon Pill. This pill was a wondrous miracle pill meant to save his life. However, it wasn’t instant; it was a slow process that required time. If the healing process of the pill was interrupted, it would cause a great deal of the medicinal efficacy to fade away. When Dragon One had swallowed two of these pills, he had been injured afterwards, causing their effects to be majorly weakened.

    "I’ve already restored about 60% of my strength. If I burn another 10% of my blood essence, I can restore myself to my peak condition and fight with everything I have! However, the Asura King has already absorbed the Azure Dragon divine bone marrow, so its resilience and recovery ability is beyond extraordinary. I must be extra careful… mm? What’s that? Someone’s here?"

    Dragon One was shocked and he immediately focused all his strength on the Turtle Shrinking Art and hid himself. After hiding all of his aura fluctuations, he completely blended in with the magma around him.

    However, Dragon One’s immediate reaction fell into Mo Eversnow’s pupils where it was reflected for Lin Ming to see. Lin Ming felt as if Dragon One was nothing but a little mouse that was acting slightly cautious; it was a bit funny.

    "How do you want to deal with him?" Mo Eversnow asked. Although she had used the words ‘deal with him’, the truth was that the moment she spoke, the change in the air around her already indicated her intentions. Although Mo Eversnow was as lofty and high as a fairy from heaven, her heart was ruthless and decisive when it came to killing off any troubles that arose.

    Lin Ming thought for a moment. Facing Dragon One this time, he certainly wouldn’t speak of anything like kindness or benevolence.

    Earlier, if it hadn’t been for the disciples of the other God Beast Clans arriving, Dragon One would have already tried to kill Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon. Moreover, this person was too conniving and cruel. Although he seemed like an amiable and compassionate elder senior-apprentice brother on the surface, the truth was that he was sadistic and merciless, bold and with overly great ambitions. Dragon One was the type that would resort to any despicable method to achieve his own personal goals. This sort of person was the same as a rabid tiger and also a deadly viper; leaving him in this world would only mean disaster, and he might even try to bite Lin Ming in the future. After all, the past conflict had been remembered by Dragon One. Although Dragon One might say he wouldn’t bear a grudge, he would likely wait for some prime opportunity in the future to enact his revenge.

    Lin Ming had already learnt his lesson with Ouyang Boyan.

    After combining all of these reasons, Lin Ming certainly didn’t have any intentions of letting Dragon One go.

    When cutting the weeds, he had to tear out the roots.

    Lin Ming said, "I would like to ask Miss Mo to assist in killing him. My current condition is only 10% of my peak state. Even if Dragon One is exhausted, I am still not his match. Since I’ve already stepped on his face, I might as well crush him to death in the meantime!"

    "Good, that’s also my intent." Mo Eversnow waved her hand and a ray of bright light wrapped around Lin Ming. Both of them flew straight towards Dragon One.


    "Mm? They’ve discovered me!? That’s impossible!!" Dragon One frowned. He had 120% confidence in his Turtle Shrinking Art. Unless one had a Divine Lord realm cultivation, it was impossible to discover him.

    "Eh… it isn’t the Asura King! Their true essence fluctuations are very weak… both of them are at the seventh stage of Life Destruction? Life Destruction realm… humans! They must be disciples of the other three clans, but how would they appear here? Were they also planning to try and profit in the chaos?"

    As Dragon One realized this, he immediately became incensed. These bastards actually dared to come and steal food from the tiger’s mouth and pass his own bottom line! The supreme dragon bone was something he must possess at all costs. If these people tried to steal it away from him, that was the same as trying to take his own life!

    "If you were Xiao Ping, Jiang Bai, or Argent Gale then I might fear you a bit because I would worry that you would alert the Asura King. But since it’s just you two seventh stage Life Destruction nobodies, I will just solve both of you right here lest you ruin my work."

    As Dragon One thought to here, a ferocious light flashed on his face. He didn’t retreat and instead flew straight towards Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow.

    He soon discovered that there were only two people, a young man and woman, both wearing garb of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

    "Lin Ming! Yan Littlemoon! So it was you two!" Dragon One didn’t discover anything strange about ‘Yan Littlemoon’. This was because Mo Eversnow had completely adapted to Yan Littlemoon’s body and the terrifying aura she revealed before was no longer as evident. Moreover, Dragon One had already seen Lin Ming and Yan Littlemoon travelling together. And now, seeing them appear together, no matter how rich his imagination was he wouldn’t ever think that the Yan Littlemoon in front of him was no longer the Yan Littlemoon of the past.

    Dragon One no longer hid his appearance. He only hid his aura and appeared right in front of Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow. Even though Lin Ming could clearly see Dragon One in front of him, he still wasn’t able to find him with his divine sense! Lin Ming couldn’t help but praise this type of exquisite camouflage technique.

    "I never thought I’d bump into the two of you here. You two really have some ability. Not only did you fellows manage to live through the chaos of that battle, but you even have the guts to chase me down here!" Dragon One’s eyes swept over Lin Ming before focusing on Yan Littlemoon. A sinister smile crept over his face. Before, he had been continually rolled over by the Asura King, now he got to experience rolling over others himself. "Hehe, since you’ve come, you two can forget about leaving. Yan Littlemoon, I really must thank you. You personally delivered to me your perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline and primordial yin! I will kindly accept your good intentions. Since ancient times, the union of a dragon and phoenix has always been an auspicious sign. Pillaging all of your energy will be a great benefit to me!"

    In truth, Dragon One himself had a perfect Dragon Clan bloodline, but his primordial yang was long gone. Even if it wasn’t, the bloodline strength he gave away wouldn’t be too much. Moreover, Dragon One was the aggressor in this situation. As long as he locked in his own yang essence and used special techniques designed to ravage others and steal away their primordial yin, the advantages he obtained would be far greater than the negligible dragon bloodline he would lose.

    As Lin Ming heard Dragon One speak, he shivered. His gaze on Dragon One became the same as if he were looking at a dead man walking. Although Dragon One’s words were aimed at Yan Littlemoon, Mo Eversnow was currently occupying her body. Dragon One’s words were the same as profaning Mo Eversnow.

    Wasn’t that just asking to die?

    "Really, the wicked cannot be saved from their sins." Lin Ming whispered to himself. But at this time, Dragon One already moved.

    "I’ll send you off first!" Dragon One shouted out and thrust his palm forwards. Behind him, the phantom of a dragon turtle appeared. This dragon turtle had four thick limbs and bore a stone tablet on its shell. It gave off an incomparably heavy and solemn feeling, as if it were shouldering the stars.

    And in front of this dragon turtle was also a five-clawed golden dragon, its entire body shining with a golden light, making all who saw it be blinded by the brightness!

    This Dragon One actually had a mixed bloodline. He had a dual bloodline strength originating from both the dragon turtle and the five-clawed golden dragon. This was also the reason why the Ancient Dragon Clan martial artists were so powerful. It was because the dragon race was great and varied, and thus there was more bloodline diversity. By mixing these together, the martial artists of the Ancient Dragon Clan were able to obtain greater strength and more advantages.

    Dragon One punched out with his fists, causing the magma to roil around him. But at this time, Mo Eversnow’s eyes flashed with a chilling light!


    Lightly speaking this word, Mo Eversnow’s voice regained that feeling of coldhearted indifference, as heartless and emotionless as the Great Dao itself!

    This sonic wave carried with it the power of Mo Eversnow’s will. It smashed against Dragon One’s fist light. Without a single sound, Dragon One’s fist light seemed as if it were swallowed up into a black hole, vanishing without a trace!


    Shock and surprise flashed through Dragon One’s face. "How…!"

    He was floored in that moment. This aura, this feeling, this was absolutely not something that the seventh stage Life Destruction Yan Littlemoon could possess!

    In that split second, Dragon One no longer had time to think about all this. All he saw was Yan Littlemoon raise her hand and flick a finger at him. Although she wasn’t fast, her movements contained the profound mysteries of the Time Laws. In just this finger flick, time seemed to rapidly pass before his eyes; it was impossible for Dragon One to avoid it.

    What Mo Eversnow used was still Yan Littlemoon’s seventh stage Life Destruction true essence. But underneath the power of her battle spirit, it had condensed to an unimaginable degree. The lethality of this true essence had reached countless times what Yan Littlemoon could ever hope to accomplish.

    A beam of light passed through the air, beautiful and radiant. But, Dragon One could feel a thick aura of death coming from it!

    "This light will kill me!"

    This idea suddenly appeared in Dragon One’s mind, making him feel as if his soul had crashed into an icy lake!

    To an extreme talent like him, death was absolutely the most terrifying matter!


    In that life or death moment, Dragon One shouted out and punched at the beam of light. However, with a light popping sound, Dragon One’s fist was directly penetrated by that light! That beam of light shot back out of his fist, bringing with it a rain of blood as it continued towards Dragon One’s head!

    All of this happened in an extremely brief period. But as this scene fell into Dragon One’s eyes, this brief moment felt as if it had been extended to infinity. This was also the effect of Mo Eversnow’s Time Laws. For what seemed like countless years, Dragon One could clearly feel the god of death approach him a single step at a time. This sort of experience could drive anyone mad!


    The shining beam of light pierced through the point between Dragon One’s eyes!

    A fatal hole appeared in Dragon One’s head, gushing with blood. His eyes widened, filled with disbelief and unwillingness.

    "You… aren’t… Yan…Littlemoon?"

    Dragon One opened his mouth to say. But, with his brain twisted apart, his words came out completely distorted.

    Mo Eversnow waved her jade-like finger and Dragon One’s body shook before exploding into a fog of blood. His blood essence was completely taken away by Mo Eversnow.


    Dragon One’s spatial ring also flew out and fell into Lin Ming’s hand. As Lin Ming swept through it with his mind, he was impressed. The grade of this ring was no lower than that of the Extreme Violet Ring, and there were also countless resources piled up inside.

    This was the spatial ring of the Ancient Dragon Clan’s top number one junior disciple!

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