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Chapter 1066:Treasures of the Dead

    Chapter 1066:Treasures of the Dead




    Lin Ming hadn’t had enough time to explore the specific inventory within the spatial ring when all of Dragon One’s blood essence was formed into a blood bead underneath the towing of Mo Eversnow’s thoughts.

    Once a human martial artist absorbed the blood of a God Beast, it could no longer be purified and separated anymore. When a human absorbed the blood of a Dragon God Beast, it would directly fuse into that person’s bloodline. As for that person’s flesh and blood, it would be transformed, completely assimilating the dragon blood.

    However, the dragon blood that the Asura King absorbed was different. The Asura King was a higher form of a mystic realm demon. The core of its existence was a being of pure energy. Thus, the quality of the dragon blood wouldn’t be affected, nor would it assimilate the dragon blood.

    In fact, the Asura King actually didn’t absorb the dragon blood. And, after it died, its energy form could also be absorbed by a martial artist. If it had absorbed the dragon blood then that dragon blood would have melted and become one with the martial artist’s blood vitality.

    Dragon blood was a one-time use treasure for a martial artist. This was also reasonable. Otherwise, the bloodline strength within the four God Beast Clans could be recycled without end.

    Although this was so, there were still some martial artists with a very deep cultivation, or some genius disciples with a perfect God Beast bloodline, that had an extremely pure blood essence. Their blood essence would contain the source strength of a God Beast and had a similar effect to a God Beast’s blood.

    For instance, when Lin Ming obtained the Phoenix Blood Spear from Saint Artifact Pavilion, he had obtained the source strength left behind by the old Palace Master. Although this source strength couldn’t compare to the richness of the old Palace Master’s bloodline when he was alive, it was still extremely precious to a lower level disciple

    Dragon One had the perfect Dragon Clan bloodline. Thus, Mo Eversnow also conveniently took away his blood essence.

    This blood essence finally fully condensed into a shimmering red blood bead that fell into Lin Ming’s palm.

    Lin Ming already had the supreme dragon bone, and there was still a portion of the bone marrow blood remaining. In addition, there was also the blood marrow left behind by the Asura King; there was a bit over half of the original total left over. That was countless times more valuable than this blood bead. Even so, Lin Ming still planned to absorb this blood bead. This was because the only dragon bloodline that Lin Ming had obtained came from the drop of reverse scale blood that he had wasted 99% of. What he needed now was some lower level dragon blood to build a foundation for him. That would allow him to absorb the dragon marrow blood with the greatest efficiency.

    Moreover, what Lin Ming had obtained was the bone of an Azure Dragon. The bone of an Azure Dragon itself contained the Concept of Endlessness as well as an extremely powerful resilience and regenerative ability.

    As for Dragon One’s bloodline, that was the bloodline of a Dragon Turtle and a Five-clawed Golden Dragon. A Dragon Turtle excelled in its amazing defensive abilities, and the Five-clawed Golden Dragon was for fast and fierce attacks. Both of them had different Laws that followed them. It would always be best to fill in the blanks whenever possible.

    Then, Lin Ming immersed his sense into Dragon One’s spatial ring.

    As Lin Ming searched through the spatial ring, he sighed in praise. This Dragon One clearly came from a distinguished noble family of the Ancient Dragon Clan. He was near-certain that it was a family like the Huo Family or Xiao Family. This was a super family of their clan, and the Ancient Dragon Clan was itself 10 times greater than the Ancient Phoenix Clan to begin with. A super family of the Ancient Dragon Clan should have a much deeper background than the Huo and Xiao Families.

    As he opened Dragon One’s belongings, first were the violet sun stones. There were around 90 million violet sun stones. Violet sun stones were a common energy stone used in the Divine Realm. They were required to activate and maintain arrays, drive spirit boats, stimulate powerful magic weapons, and had all sorts of other uses. Because of this, violet sun stones were one of the most common currencies of the Divine Realm. Although Lin Ming’s net worth wasn’t low, he didn’t actually have many violet sun stones.

    Besides violet sun stones, there was also a massive number of saint artifacts and pills. The worst of the saint artifacts were still high-grade saint artifacts. There were even two top grade saint artifacts. When combined with the ones that Dragon One had been wearing, there was a total of five!

    These top grade saint artifacts were a pair of gloves, a vestment, a pill furnace, a necklace, and a pair of shoes.

    Dragon One’s combat method was extremely rare:he actually fought with his fists. An Ancient Dragon Clan disciple would normally use a spear. As they said, saber like tiger, spear like dragon; only a spear could display the greatest might of the Ancient Dragon Clan’s cultivation methods.

    However, Dragon One’s weapon choice should have been related to his Dragon Turtle bloodline. A Dragon Turtle had an incomparably hard body and their strength was without limit. So, using fists in this situation wasn’t a bad idea.

    "A disciple of a distinguished family is indeed wealthy. Everything that Dragon One wore is a top grade saint artifact, and they are even top grade saint artifacts that approach the existence of transcendent saint artifacts!"

    Of these saint artifacts, the one Lin Ming valued the most was the top grade saint artifact vestment, as well as the top grade saint artifact pill furnace.

    "Dragonscale Robes! Eightsplit Heaven Furnace! Good heavens, these two items actually have the source strength of an old Elder from the Ancient Dragon Clan. Their quality is no lower than the Phoenix Blood Spear’s!"

    Lin Ming’s robe and pill furnace were only ordinary high-grade saint artifacts he won from Huo Yanguang, so how could they compare with Dragon One’s! With this robe and pill furnace, Lin Ming’s defensive power and alchemical ability would increase by a great deal.

    Mentioning alchemy technique, because Lin Ming had been busy cultivating, he actually hadn’t had time to train his alchemy skills, thus they had fallen behind. Luckily, now that Mo Eversnow had awakened she should be able to help him with his alchemy.

    There was also that top grade saint artifact necklace. Although the quality was a bit lower, it was still a top grade saint artifact after all. And, an accessory-type saint artifact was much rarer than armor and weapon types.

    "Mm… it’s mainly used to defend against soul and will attacks." Lin Ming concluded after investigating the necklace a bit.

    Generally speaking, accessory-type treasures had a much less extravagant effect than weapons, armors, and pill furnaces. But, their value was actually much higher, because the difficulty in making them was also that much higher.

    Besides saint artifacts, there were also many pills that Lin Ming glanced over. Most of them were for healing wounds, recovery, or curing poisons.

    "Mm? This is…"

    Lin Ming pulled out a longan-sized pill from an exquisite wood spirit jade box. This pill was deep green like jade and had an incomparably rich medicinal fragrance to it. Lin Ming didn’t know that this was the Nine Revolving Dragon Pill of the Ancient Dragon Clan. Dragon One had brought four with him, but now there was only one.

    Mo Eversnow’s thoughts stirred and she added in, "Lin Ming, this is an extremely wonderful healing pill. It will have the best effect when used on martial artists below the Divine Transformation realm. It can probably heal even someone on the verge of death back to 80-90% of their peak combat strength in a quarter hour.


    Lin Ming was startled. If even Mo Eversnow said this was an extremely good medicine, then its effects could be imagined.

    After putting away all of the pills and saint artifacts, Lin Ming suddenly discovered that there were also several corpses in Dragon One’s spatial ring. Looking at their clothes, they were clearly disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan, and they had also died under the hands of the Asura King.

    Lin Ming didn’t believe that Dragon One was so kind-hearted to gather up the bodies of his fellow disciples that had died to bury them later. The greatest possibility was that Dragon One had gathered their corpses in order to extract and burn their blood essence at some critical moment.

    "This Dragon One is far too ruthless and cruel. Killing him is doing a favor for all the martial artists of the Divine Realm!"

    Since Dragon One brought so many corpses with him, Lin Ming wouldn’t be polite either. He took all of their spatial rings.

    Like this, he gained many more saint artifacts, pills, as well as several bottles of dragon blood.

    Lin Ming discovered that these Ancient Dragon Clan disciples all brought a great deal of dragon blood with them. There was ordinary dragon blood and even high quality dragon blood. Normally speaking, the disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan wouldn’t save up dragon blood, they would absorb it if given the chance. But, these disciples that entered the God Beast Mystic Realm were faced with immense dangers from all sides. If they encountered something strange and were somehow deeply injured, then they would be able to use this dragon blood to quickly recover. Or, they might come across some great lucky chance and would need to immediately make a breakthrough. If they absorbed this dragon blood, it would make their breakthrough smoother and more thorough.

    Thus, they were able to prepare for a number of exotic situations by gathering a massive amount of dragon blood. However, all of their efforts were taken in by Lin Ming.

    "I have the supreme dragon bone as well as Dragon One’s source blood essence. This other dragon blood can be left behind for Yan Littlemoon. Dragons and phoenixes together have always been a good sign. The dragon bloodline will be an enormous advantage for her. Moreover, this dragon blood won’t leave behind any signs from Dragon One or the others. It won’t be a problem for her to absorb it."

    This time, Lin Ming had indeed obtained a heaven-shaking advantage, but Yan Littlemoon had only managed to obtain a few pieces of black coral; it was indeed a sad harvest. Then again, when Mo Eversnow had saved him, she had relied on using Yan Littlemoon’s body to do so.From this alone, Yan Littlemoon had helped him a great deal. The dragon blood from the spatial rings of these people could be considered as her compensation.

    "Alright. Let’s leave now."

    Lin Ming organized everything. With the technique that Mo Eversnow taught him, he put everything that he could into the Magic Cube space to avoid unnecessary trouble.

    At this time, Mo Eversnow guided Lin Ming into the space of the Magic Cube. This was already the seventh time that Lin Ming had entered the Magic Cube space. He never imagined he would be re-entering under such circumstances.

    In the past, when Lin Ming entered the Magic Cube space, besides the glittering memory fragments that shined like countless stars, everything else was covered in a thick gray fog, blocking his sight. But as he entered this time, that fog had actually dispersed. Now, he could see that behind that fog was actually a vast and boundless expanse of starry sky.

    The space within the Magic Cube was as broad and vast as the universe itself.

    Lin Ming sighed with emotion. Then, as he looked ahead he could see that the 1000 foot supreme dragon bone was quietly floating in space, emitting a vast sublime aura. Most of the remaining blood marrow in the dragon bone had been absorbed by Mo Eversnow. She had used that to regain consciousness.

    However, the dragon bone itself hadn’t been reduced at all. To Lin Ming, the dragon bone was even more precious than the blood marrow. It could be used to directly enhance his body and lay a solid foundation so that he could break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace in the future.

    At this time, Mo Eversnow turned into a wisp of white light that departed Yan Littlemoon’s body and shot into the Magic Cube space.

    The soul form of Mo Eversnow that stood in front of Lin Ming was her true form.

    She was dressed in pure white, and her clothes flowed down the contours of her body like streams of water. Her curved eyebrows, her snow-white skin, her slender and curvy figure, her proud and tall form… she actually wasn’t much shorter than Lin Ming was.

    Her body fused into the very space around her, and her enchanting eyes seemed to contain the light of galaxies within them. From her head to her toes, every inch of her being exuded an inviolable and sacred flavor, a goddess descended from the highest heavens, an enthralling messiah. Just by standing still, the space around her seemed to be purified.

    This was Mo Eversnow’s original appearance. She had an immaculate and sacrosanct air about her that Yan Littlemoon could never hope to attain, as if she were the manifestation of etherealness itself’.

    Lin Ming stared at her in a stunned daze, nearly unable to stop his jaw from dropping. The Mo Eversnow that existed in reality was far more dazzling and appealing than anything he remembering seeing in his dreams. He stood there, speechless for some time.

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