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Chapter 1067:Leaving the Mystic Realm

    Chapter 1067:Leaving the Mystic Realm




    "Yan Littlemoon’s memories of this have all been erased by me. We may leave now. If I don’t have a body to possess, then my combat strength will be much lower than it is now. You will have to rely on yourself in the future."

    Mo Eversnow softly said. In terms of the soul, she was absolutely a peak master. Otherwise, doing something as reckless as erasing someone’s memories or possessing their body might cause damage to their soul. But in Mo Eversnow’s hands, there was no danger of any of that happening.

    "Mm, I understand." Lin Ming also didn’t plan to rely on Mo Eversnow to help him fight. What he could truly rely on in the end was his own strength.

    "That’s right, concerning your grandmist space and the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, in the future I will teach you an auxiliary cultivation method. Not only will it increase your strength, but when you use martial skills, this cultivation method will activate and it will conceal special energy fluctuations. Even if someone has seen the grandmist space with their own eyes, it will be impossible for them to recognize it. Moreover, those that have seen the grandmist space are far too few. Those that have are either Empyreans or World Kings. And even amongst World Kings, only a truly small minority of them have been able to witness the grandmist space with their own eyes. In the past, Empyrean Primordius was an extremely secretive character."

    As Mo Eversnow spoke, Lin Ming was overjoyed. Lin Ming truly did have a great headache over the grandmist space. A great portion of his combat strength relied on the grandmist space, but on the other hand he was also afraid that some wondrous character would be able to discern clues from it. If that happened then he would truly be in danger. After all, there were too many variables when it came to something like a transcendent divine might.

    Thus, when Lin Ming fought others, he wasn’t able to utilize grandmist space in its purest form. If he had some special method to hide the grandmist space’s energy fluctuations then he would be much better off. He wouldn’t need to be so cautious and timid about his combat methods in the future.

    Like this, Lin Ming brought Yan Littlemoon and left the sea of magma underneath the mystic realm. He deliberately chose another route to leave through. When Lin Ming finally emerged from the ground, he felt the pressure on him reduce by a great deal. He let out a deep breath, his tight nerves finally relaxing.

    "It’s over. This could be called a full harvest!"

    Lin Ming said with zest. And at this time, he could feel that next to him, Yan Littlemoon’s eyelids moved. She was finally regaining consciousness.


    Yan Littlemoon rubbed her own forehead, her mind a bit pained and fuzzy.

    "Mm? Lin Ming…" Yan Littlemoon was stunned as she first opened her eyes and saw Lin Ming. Then, she twisted her eyebrows together as if she were trying strenuously to recall something. She remembered that after the 100,000 mystic realm demons attacked, Lin Ming had received her into his Extreme Violet Ring. But, she didn’t know what happened after that which had left her unconscious.

    "You’ve woken up. I ran into a 20,000 year cultivation mystic realm demon during the chaos and my ring was destroyed in the process. During the destructive space vortex, you were knocked unconscious by the mystic realm demon."

    Lin Ming had already thought of the words to say. And, vague hints and conjured scenes were placed into Yan Littlemoon’s mind by Mo Eversnow. As long as Lin Ming mentioned this, Yan Littlemoon would indeed have such an impression.

    As for the Extreme Violet Ring, that had already been taken into the Magic Cube space by Lin Ming. Now he wore an ordinary spatial ring.

    "I have to apologize… I’ve burdened you again."

    Yan Littlemoon discovered that Lin Ming was in a bit of a pitiful state at the moment. Large holes had been burnt all over his clothes and he seemed exhausted. He had clearly fought through a violent battle just now.

    As Yan Littlemoon realized that she would have been torn to shreds and eaten without even any bones left by that army of 100,000 mystic realm demons, she felt extremely grateful, but at the same time she also felt very guilty. She had done nothing to help, and had instead only added to his troubles. When the Extreme Violet Ring had broken, if it hadn’t been for Lin Ming saving her from the space storm then he probably wouldn’t look so miserable.

    "Thank you…" Yan Littlemoon whispered.

    Lin Ming shook his head and said, "It’s no problem."

    He continued, "Alright. We don’t have much time until the God Beast Mystic Realm closes. Let’s go and look a bit for some more lucky chances and prepare to leave."

    "Mm, that sounds good." Yan Littlemoon quietly said.

    After obtaining the supreme dragon bone, Lin Ming experienced several more situations. However, his harvests were much smaller. They were around the same as the black coral he had obtained before.

    Like this, they continued all the way until the time within the mystic realm had run out. Each person was only allowed to stay within the God Beast Mystic Realm for 96 hours. Afterwards, they would all be transmitted away, regardless of where they were…


    Ancient Dragon Clan:Celestial Dragon World.

    On the small planet that the God Beast Mystic Realm transmission array was located at, many martial artists had gathered. Among these people were Elders of the four great clans and even Highest Elders.

    These people had all come to greet and receive their returning disciples.

    Normally, after the disciples of the four clans entered the God Beast Mystic Realm, they would return with some harvests. The best treasures amongst these would even tempt a Holy Lord. In this case, it was certainly safer to have an Elder come and escort them away.

    And on the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s side, the Elder who came was surprisingly Huo Violentstone.

    "Haha, isn’t that Elder Huo? Isn’t this just a smelting trial for junior disciples? To think that even you would be bothered to personally come." On the Ancient Dragon Clan’s side, a middle-aged man laughed as he spoke. Generally, this sort of trial wouldn’t be enough to alarm someone on the level of a Highest Elder.

    Huo Violentstone looked up at the man speaking and said, "There is a junior disciple that went in this time that I appreciate and am quite concerned about, so I thought that I would come and take a look since I’m free. Gold Evenmoon, didn’t you personally come here too?"

    "Hehe, is that disciple you’re speaking of Lin Ming? I’ve already heard that in the Illusionary God Combat Array, he managed to complete the Thousand Slaughter, and even defeated Crimson Strifecloud in a vivid battle. Not bad. But what a pity, his cultivation is too low and there are many dangers in the God Beast Mystic Realm. I want to see just what sort of lucky chances Lin Ming managed to obtain this time, hahaha!"

    Hearing Gold Evenmoon imply that Lin Ming would have encountered some catastrophic danger in the God Beast Mystic Realm, Huo Violentstone was a bit annoyed. He had never gotten along well with this Gold Evenmoon. This was also unavoidable. They came from different factions and certainly had to compete with each other. Moreover, Huo Violentstone had always been wild and hot-tempered in how he acted, so there were far too few people that were able to get along peacefully with him. "Humph, an extreme talent has a destiny that soars like a rainbow. Even if they encounter a calamitous situation filled with dangers, they can still manage to escape. It isn’t easy for them to perish anywhere!"

    "Haha, you may say that, but each one of those disciples that enter the God Beast Mystic Realm is an extreme genius of their era. Even so, there are still losses every time. This is an indisputable truth! Even though this is the first time for my Gold Family’s top junior disciple Gold Skyedge to enter the God Beast Mystic Realm, he is still at the middle Divine Sea realm!" As Gold Evenmoon mentioned Gold Skyedge, he stroked his beard, a smug expression blooming on his face.

    "Gold Skyedge…" Huo Violentstone echoed. Normally, geniuses of the Ancient Dragon Clan would be ranked on the Divine Fate List and then be called Dragon One, Dragon Two, or Dragon whatever, based on their corresponding rank. For him to suddenly hear this name, he really had no idea who it was. The four God Beast Clans had a new batch of junior disciples every 20 years or so anyway, and it was impossible for someone like Huo Violentstone to pay attention to all of them.

    "It looks like you came this time for that little fellow called Gold Skyedge. I wonder what rank he is on the Divine Fate Decree?"

    "Haha!" As Gold Evenmoon heard Huo Violentstone ask about Gold Skyedge of his own volition, he was extremely satisfied and proud. This was exactly what he hoped for. He said, "The first time that Skyedge participated in the Ancient Dragon smelting trial, he managed to take first place on the Divine Fate Decree. Luckily, he’s managed to maintain that spot."

    First place on the Divine Fate Decree? Huo Violentstone’s eyebrows arched up. That must be the so-called Dragon One then. This person must have quite the skill to be ranked that high. After all, there were just far too many competing disciples in the Ancient Dragon Clan.

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