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Chapter 1070:Absorbing the Dragon Marrow

    Chapter 1070:Absorbing the Dragon Marrow





    Lin Ming’s eyebrows jumped up. After Mo Eversnow’s grandfather died, Tian Mingzi was actually able to tear apart the factions of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. This sort of plan had probably been percolating for a painstakingly long time, and he had likely even had the thought of revolting much earlier.

    It was difficult to ascertain all the different interests and conflicts within a super sect. Although Tian Mingzi was the direct disciple of Mo Eversnow’s grandfather, as time passed and his wings grew, he began to reveal greater ambitions. And, when Mo Eversnow’s grandfather felt this, he began to guard against it. Tian Mingzi then in turn discovered that Mo Eversnow’s grandfather was guarding against him and thus their conflicts would never be resolved.

    With Tian Mingzi’s strength and status, it was certainly easy for him to win over supporters. In the past, even though Mo Eversnow’s talent was beyond belief, she was still too young. After the old World King died, it was far too hard for her to manage affairs. Thus, the World King level Verdant Feather Holy Lands had been destroyed because of all these circumstances gathering together. It was a truly sad and mournful time.

    However, through Mo Eversnow’s description, Lin Ming also developed some vigilance towards Tian Mingzi. This sort of person was extremely talented, moreover he was someone that was ungrateful and had no virtues. He was cruel, merciless, and would resort to any means necessary to achieve his goal. He was a character who had even subverted a World King level Holy Land. Although he had managed to do so because he grasped the perfect timing, this still wasn’t something that an ordinary person could accomplish.

    "Enough. Let’s not mention the past for now. The reason we left is to help you absorb the supreme dragon bone. There is simply too much marrow in this dragon marrow, and it is also too pure. Normally, a general martial artist wouldn’t be able to swallow all of it. Even someone like Dragon One would have to slowly absorb the dragon marrow over an extremely long period of time."

    Let alone Dragon One, even the Asura King had used an exceedingly long time and only managed to absorb less than half of it. That was the same amount that Lin Ming was planning to absorb. Of course, that was the dragon marrow that was refined from the Asura King after it died.

    Mo Eversnow changed the topic and said, "I actually want you to absorb all of it at once! First you will absorb the dragon marrow. As for the dragon bone, that is mostly related to your body transformation technique, so you can take your time with that. Because you are about to cross Life Destruction again, the more dragon marrow you have within your body, the greater the advantage will be, otherwise a great portion of its effects will be weakened. You dual cultivate body and energy so your meridians, flesh, and bones:all of it far exceeds an ordinary person in terms of tenacity. If you can’t absorb the dragon marrow in a single breath then your dual body and energy cultivation can be considered wasted!"

    Mo Eversnow sounded indifferent, but her words actually left Lin Ming speechless. Having grown so much, he had nearly surpassed all other geniuses he had encountered on his road, wherever and whenever. He had received countless praises from countless people, but now with Mo Eversnow here, her strict instructions left him flabbergasted. Lin Ming only thought that he could meet her requirements; wanting to go beyond them wouldn’t be easy at all.

    This was also reasonable. Mo Eversnow was someone that could have easily become a World King and she also chose to dual cultivate in body and energy; her talent had reached an unimaginably high level. The standards that she set for herself were naturally the standards she set for Lin Ming.

    "Look for a place to absorb the dragon bone marrow first. Then I will lead you to find some more resources from the Verdant Feather Holy Lands in the past. And, although the Verdant Feather Holy Lands met great calamity in the past, they actually didn’t completely fall apart. There were still some factions that were left behind. This is also due to the planning of my grandfather; even Tian Mingzi doesn’t know if it. When my grandfather was on his deathbed, he revealed all of this to me. The majority of the wealth was taken away by my aunty so that she could integrate it into an influence somewhere. That influence should have slowly developed upwards by now. That influence should have completely cut off contact with the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, otherwise I fear that Tian Mingzi would have already eliminated them."

    As the saying went, even when a centipede was chopped up it could still move, much less a World King level Holy Land like the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. It wasn’t surprising that such a Holy Land saved up a great portion of its resources during its most glorious time so that they could have escape routes for the future.

    Lin Ming hesitated for a moment. He asked, "Is your aunty trustworthy? She might…"

    "She is trustworthy!"

    Mo Eversnow firmly nodded. "My parents died early on. Besides my grandfather, my aunty was the closest person to me."

    "Good. Then we’ll go look for your aunty. I hope that everything goes smoothly…"


    Half a month later, in the vast expanse of space, there was a common-looking planet. This planet was countless billions of miles away from the great primary worlds, and the planet was also a hundred thousand miles in diameter. In the great Divine Realm, there were countless planets like this.

    And at this time, deep within the planet, there was a hidden cave dwelling that had just been formed. This cave dwelling was layered with all sorts of clever concealing array formations. Even a Divine Lord realm powerhouse would have difficulty seeing through it.

    "This is good. Let’s have you absorb the dragon marrow here. I’ve scanned over the surrounding area and there are no martial artists that should be able to threaten you. In addition to my concealing array formations, nobody should be able to find you here. You should be safe."

    In the Divine Realm, one needed to be at least a Divine Sea powerhouse to go out and adventure. Otherwise, one could die countless times. This was because there were far too many Divine Transformation realm powerhouses in the Divine Realm. Even someone whose talent wasn’t all that great could still cultivate to the Divine Transformation realm. No matter how talented a Life Destruction genius was, if they ran into some garbage Divine Transformation martial artist, they would still be done for.

    This was also the reason why Huo Violentstone didn’t want Lin Ming to go out adventuring. But with Mo Eversnow accompanying him, none of that was a problem.


    Lin Ming sat down on a stone bed and took out the Extreme Violet Ring, directly entering it. Within the Extreme Violet Ring, the 1000 foot supreme dragon bone rose high into the sky. And around the supreme dragon bone floated a black red pill. This pill was the size of a pigeon egg and it was smooth as if it were carved from black jade. And on the pill’s surface, there was the image of an Azure Dragon. This Azure Dragon was the condensed dragon marrow essence of the dragon bone. Although it was faint, it actually contained inherent Space Laws that Mo Eversnow had placed within it. The dragon marrow essence was compressed in this space and the total quantity was extremely terrifying!

    Lin Ming took a deep breath but didn’t move the dragon bone. He instead grabbed the pill. This was a pill formed from the marriage of the 100,000 year old Asura King’s source energy and the supreme dragon bone’s dragon marrow essence. Regardless of which one, both were precious treasures. In particular, the dragon marrow essence. That was something that would even cause the envious rampage of a World King level powerhouse.

    As Lin Ming held the pill in his hand, he felt as if the pill itself was breathing, like there was a little living dragonling within it.

    Lin Ming had already absorbed some dragon blood as well as the source strength left behind by Dragon One. All of that had allowed Lin Ming to lay down a foundation and had helped his body adapt to absorb more in the future. Now, it was time to absorb the dragon marrow.

    Lin Ming directly swallowed the pill in his mouth. At that moment, he felt as if there was a tiny snake twisting around his tongue.

    "What mysterious dragon marrow essence. The Azure Dragon that left behind this dragon bone has already been dead for countless hundreds of millions of years, and yet its blood marrow still has so much vitality!"

    The ancient Azure Dragon, had a special characteristic, and that was that its energy had the attribute of endlessness. Its resiliency and vitality were powerful to an incredible degree. Thus, even though the Azure Dragon had been dead for so long, the dragon marrow it left behind still managed to maintain its vitality.

    As the dragon marrow entered his body, Lin Ming felt a flow of tyrannical and brutal energy surge into him, flooding through his meridian channels, bloodline, acupoints, and impacting through his entire body!

    Lin Ming had already expected this situation. After all, he was suddenly absorbing a great deal of dragon marrow, and the dragon marrow had an extreme amount of vitality left within it. After entering his body, the dragon marrow would definitely not be resigned to allowing itself to be assimilated. Thus it tried to resist, hence the beginning of the pain in his body.

    Lin Ming felt his body becoming increasingly hot, as if he were placed into a giant pot of boiling water. Although this heat was far from being comparable to the eighth level in the 18 Hells of Flame, when Lin Ming was there he at least was able to keep the heat away from his body by using the power of the Fire Laws and also his protective true essence, thus the true temperature he faced wasn’t high at all.

    But now, the situation was completely different. The heat was directly swelling up within Lin Ming’s body.

    A martial artist’s physical body didn’t have too great an ability to resist high temperatures. Even though Lin Ming dual cultivated in body and energy, he wasn’t that much different either. His entire body began to drip with sweat. Because of the blazing heat, even his thoughts became slow. Soon, his clothes began to burn until they were reduced to ash, leaving behind nothing but the top grade saint artifact Dragonscale Robe draped over his naked skin.

    Lin Ming took great breaths of air, and every time he breathed out, fire would follow. All of the acupoints of his body expanded, and faint red steam flowed out from his body, nearly gushing out due to the amazing heat.

    "Seal off your acupoints otherwise you will lose the power of the dragon marrow. That red steam escaping is the purest bloodline strength." Mo Eversnow said, standing beside Lin Ming. In the past, she had absorbed a great number of soul fragments, thus her experience was extraordinarily vast. She was able to guide Lin Ming so that he could absorb the dragon marrow to the greatest effect.

    "Seal off the acupoints…"

    Lin Ming shouldered the agonizing pain and forcefully moved his senses to seal off his acupoints. As he did so, he felt as if his entire body were about to explode. A brutal energy tore through all of his meridians and blood vessels. Even though he dual cultivated in body and energy and his meridians were far tougher than normal, they still couldn’t withstand such an overbearing energy.

    Puff puff puff!

    Meridians and blood vessels all over Lin Ming’s body burst apart from the energy. His skin ruptured, causing crimson streams of blood to flow out.

    In this current situation, the pain of his skin cracking apart wasn’t anything to Lin Ming at all. The true pain came from the dragon marrow that burned within his body. If Lin Ming’s will hadn’t been tempered for so long, if it wasn’t incomparably tough, and if his battle spirit hadn’t reached the gold level, his consciousness might have collapsed by now.

    "Do not worry. The blood leaving your body is common blood! Even though you condensed a spirit body after crossing Life Destruction and your every cell was tempered by energy, your flesh and blood is still your original flesh and blood; you cannot yet be considered as having been reborn, only transformed. And afterwards, when you absorbed the drop of phoenix blood essence, that may have been an incomparably precious treasure, but that was still a mere single drop! That is far too little! Now, for you to absorb this dragon marrow is for you to truly be reborn, discard your old blood and your old marrow!"

    Although Lin Ming looked like a fountain that was erupting with blood, Mo Eversnow was still calm as she watched this scene. She slowly explained the effects of the dragon marrow.

    In truth, at this time, every single tiny change in Lin Ming’s body was being covered by Mo Eversnow’s senses and was under her complete control. As long as the tiniest unwelcome change appeared in Lin Ming’s body, she could instantly respond and guarantee that his life wouldn’t be in danger.

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