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Chapter 1074:Carefree Island

    Chapter 1074:Carefree Island




    Every great world of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds had a central continent called the primary world. This primary world was a landmass of nearly unimaginable breadth, and was also considered the core of a Divine Realm great world. The heaven and earth origin energy here was the richest and the resources bred here were also of the highest quality. The number of people living on a primary world reached an incalculable number, the average strength of the martial artists was higher, and the inheritances they studied were also much better.

    Even the common people practiced martial arts. If one walked into the marketplace of mortal nations, they would see Altering Muscle and Bone Forging realm martial artists everywhere. Even Houtian and Xiantian martial artists were relatively common.

    If the foundation of people was excellent, then there would naturally be more masters and the sects would also be larger. Almost 90% of the Holy Lands were located on primary worlds.

    Far above the seas of True Martial World’s primary world, looking down, one could see vast and surging waves of mist with countless islands scattered all throughout. These islands came in various sizes. The smaller ones were a few dozen miles wide, and the larger ones were tens of thousands of miles wide, no smaller than a continent.

    There was a particularly large cluster of islands; this cluster of islands was a quasi-Holy Land sect called Carefree Island.

    The main island of Carefree Island was tens of thousands of miles wide, and there were also 36 branch islands. In this regard, it was similar to the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s 72 branch palaces.

    However, Carefree Island’s overall power was far worse than the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s. One was a peak Holy Land whereas the other one was a quasi-Holy Land.

    According to how sects were divided in the Sky Spill Continent, a Divine Realm Holy Land would be considered a ninth-grade sect. But, Carefree Island was only an eighth-grade sect.

    In other words, Carefree Island was two grades higher than the Demon God Imperial Palace of the past. Demon God Imperial Palace had taken Divine Sea realm powerhouses as Elders, whereas Carefree Island took Divine Lord powerhouses as Elders. But in the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Divine Lord realm powerhouses could only serve as branch palace Elders.

    At this time, on a branch island that was several thousand miles wide, many martial artists were gathered, loosely spread. The younger ones were in their teens and the older ones were 30-40 years old. They were all outstanding geniuses amongst their peers.

    They were on a blue stone road that curved up a mountain, slowly walking towards the entrance of a grand palace. Each of them had excitement written all over their face. If one walked amid this crowd, they would often hear conversations beginning with, ‘my blah blah cultivation method has reached a blah blah boundary’ or ‘my blah blah comprehension of Laws has reached an incredibly blah blah degree’. These words were spoken with vivid passion, and there was occasionally the sound of surprised acclaim.

    These young disciples were all preparing to cross Carefree Island’s entrance examination.

    As a sect, Carefree Island had to accept talented disciples from all walks of life. If they were a martial family then they would often only accept their own descendants and disciples. As for the Ancient Phoenix Clan and Ancient Dragon Clan, they were situated in between. As long as one had their respective God Beast bloodline and their martial talent wasn’t too poor, then they could join no matter what their last name was or where they came from.

    And in this group of people, there was a blue-clothed youth, calmly and firmly walking forwards, climbing the mountain with the many other young disciples.

    This blue-clothed youth was Lin Ming.

    On the journey here, he had followed Mo Eversnow’s directions and passed through several ultra long distance transmission arrays before finally arriving here:Carefree Island.

    Along the way, with the cost of powering the spirit ship and paying transmission array expenses, it had cost several hundred thousand violet sun stones to come here. Interstellar travel like this really wasn’t something that an ordinary martial artist could hope to withstand.

    Upon arriving at Carefree Island, Lin Ming wasn’t stupid enough to think he would be able to boldly saunter into their headquarters and take away whatever resources he needed. After all, these were the accumulated resources of a quasi-Holy Land level sect. How could they simply give everything away?

    Moreover, how to find Mo Eversnow’s aunt was another problem. According to Mo Eversnow, her aunt was the hidden Highest Elder of Carefree Island and she had never appeared in public.

    Let alone the common disciples, even most Elders of Carefree Island didn’t know that such a character existed. This was also a reasonable matter. Mo Eversnow’s aunt was the daughter of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands’ old Holy Lord; she was on the same rank as Tian Mingzi. The two of them might have even been fellow apprentices. It was impossible for Tian Mingzi not to recognize her. In this situation, Mo Eversnow’s aunt would have to remain hidden away and she certainly couldn’t reveal herself. Otherwise, if she were to be discovered by Tian Mingzi, then even this entire quasi-Holy Land level Carefree Island would be instantly razed to the ground.

    In fact, only an extremely small minority of high level figures at Carefree Island knew of Mo Eversnow’s aunt. If Lin Ming wanted to reach her, he would naturally have to go through some detours. But, with his current eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation, it wasn’t easy for him to see the current Elders of Carefree Island. The only way to do so was to stir up trouble at Carefree Island. However, if he really did that then even a Divine Transformation realm talent of a large sect would be able to capture him. If he were to ask to see an Elder at that time then his requests would definitely not be accepted.

    Thus, Lin Ming had to remain a bit more low-key. He would honestly enter Carefree Island and then raise his reputation. If he did that then he naturally would be able to contact the high level figures of Carefree Island.

    "Eh? Hey there friend, you seem to come from a scattered martial family, your foundation is very solid! For you to have such a foundation coming from a random martial family isn’t easy at all!" A sixth stage Life Destruction martial artist gaily said as he looked over Lin Ming.

    As Lin Ming glanced back at this person, he could see that this youth also came from a free roaming background. In this way, the Divine Realm was similar to the lower realms. If one didn’t have the support of a large sect then it was nearly impossible to cultivate to a high boundary.

    The people that had come to participate in Carefree Island’s entrance examination all had tremendous differences in their cultivation. The lowest were at the Xiantian realm, and the higher ones were at the seventh or eighth stage of Life Destruction. There were even several that were at a half-step Divine Sea.

    However, the scene was a bit unusual. The Xiantian realm youths were all in high spirits and were calling out to each other like long acquainted friends, their expressions filled with glee and elation.

    But as for those high stage Life Destruction martial artists, they didn’t seem happy at all. Some of them even glared at those Xiantian realm disciples with envy on their faces.

    This was because these Xiantian realm disciples were mostly outstanding juniors from martial families. Thus, while they were in their teens they decided to try and enter into Carefree Island. By seeking the support of a large sect they would be able to learn a better inheritance and also have a brighter future.

    As for those high stage Life Destruction and half-step Divine Sea martial artists, they were mostly wandering martial artists. They had participated in this type of large sect entrance examination in their youths but were eliminated. Then, they wandered and wandered and eventually wandered their way into the higher stages of Life Destruction and then decided to test out their luck once again. Although many sects weren’t willing to raise martial artists with low natural martial talent, they didn’t mind accepting these high stage Life Destruction martial artists into their sects; they had considerable war strength.

    Lin Ming had restrained his aura at this moment and his cultivation was also at the eighth stage of Life Destruction, thus he was naturally thought of as a wandering martial artist. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to enter a large sect at such a late cultivation.

    Lin Ming smiled, cordially responding with a few words. He didn’t speak much. He continued to follow the group towards the summit of the mountain where everyone had stopped before the entrance.

    Lin Ming swept his eyes around and discovered that several divine senses had covered over the group. He followed them back to their source and discovered that they originated from a group of five or six Divine Sea martial artists that were standing around 10 miles away. These Divine Sea martial artists were observing the group and commenting on them.

    "It’s about time. The examination can start now. But the ones entering this time don’t seem too spectacular. Besides some martial family juniors, there are a few wandering martial artists that are acceptable…"

    "Mm… there’s nothing we can do about it. These are orders from above. We have to loosen restrictions this time and accept an additional 30% of disciples. Half a month ago, Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao was attacked in the divergent world mystic realm. Over a dozen fellow apprentices went there but only six managed to make it back alive. Moreover, they were all severely wounded. As for those Revolving Core realm martial artists that were responsible for gathering the materials, most of them died. Currently, many of the disciples are too afraid to enter the divergent world mystic realm. We have to search for some fresh meat."

    "Humph, those gutless cowards. When the island sends the resources, each of them has eyes redder than a rabbit. But when it’s time to risk their lives, all of them shrink back in fear. Where is there such a good deed in this world? Let’s go! Let’s test these disciples and see if there’s anyone here that gives us a pleasant surprise."

    As these Divine Sea realm disciples spoke, they flew towards the entrance.

    Shua shua shua!

    Six shadows fell in front of the crowd, giving the younger martial artists a good scare.

    Looking at these six people, their cultivations were all at the middle Divine Sea realm. There were even several among them with a Ninefall Divine Sea cultivation!

    For these wandering martial artists and martial family juniors, a Ninefall Divine Sea master was a shocking strength! This was also the symbol of a large sect. It had to be known that when Lin Ming entered the Divine Realm and joined Phoenix Cry Palace, even though there were several hundred million Ancient Phoenix Clan clansmen that served as a base, there were only 20 Ninefall martial artists that were below 100 years of age. Huo Yanguang and Huang Yuegong were both considered ordinary amongst Ninefall martial artists, but their status was exorbitantly high in Phoenix Cry Palace!

    And that was Phoenix Cry Palace. There was no need to mention those sixth and seventh-grade martial families. To them, a Ninefall talent was something that occurred every several hundred or even thousand years.

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