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Chapter 1076:Riverbliss Jadeheart

    Chapter 1076:Riverbliss Jadeheart




    Carefree Island was a quasi-Holy Land level sect. At the main continent of True Martial World, the Island Master of Carefree Island could be called someone that ruled over their own considerable dominion. In the eyes of Carefree Island’s ordinary disciples, he was a mythical existence, how could anyone see him just because they wanted to?

    The blue-clothed youth stared at Lin Ming, "Could it be you want to see the Island Master?"

    Lin Ming nodded without hesitation. He might not be able to reveal that he was searching for Mo Eversnow’s aunt, but there was no reason he had to hide that he wanted to see the Island Master.

    As Lin Ming nodded, the Divine Sea disciples present were shocked. This boy had certainly taken the wrong medicine. Just who did he think he was? He had only just arrived at Carefree Island yet already wanted to see the Island Master? The Island Master had gone into seclusion for such a long time that not even these disciples had seen him before.

    The blue-clothed youth looked Lin Ming up and down, frowning. "Not everyone can see the Island Master. Only those on the Council of Elders are allowed an audience with the Island Master. As for disciples, your only chance is if you become one of the top direct disciples. Only then will you have the qualifications to request an audience with the Island Master. You also must wait until the Island Master is out of seclusion."

    "Direct disciple? If my results on this entrance examination are good, can I become a direct disciple?"

    After being questioned by Lin Ming again, the blue-clothed youth became a bit annoyed. "We’ll speak again after you cross the entrance examination first! Listening to your words, it’s as if you don’t place this entrance examination in your eyes?"

    The blue-clothed youth was clearly unhappy. Lin Ming’s tone was far too casual. In truth, the entrance examination they presided over was for outer court disciples. Only those with outstanding results could become an inner court disciple. As for a direct disciple, the blue-clothed youth was also a direct disciple, but he wasn’t even at the higher ranks of direct disciples, how could he possibly have such authority?

    "This brat, I want to see just what capital you have." The blue-clothed youth’s thoughts moved and with a deep and bass roar, a wild ogre puppet rushed out from the black palace. This ogre puppet was half the size of the previous ones, and it held an axe in its hands instead of iron chains. Its entire body was covered with long hair and its killing intent was overwhelming!

    Although a red desolate ogre’s cultivation system didn’t include Life Destruction or the Divine Sea realms, if this ogre puppet’s strength was converted to a human’s, it would be equal to an early Divine Sea powerhouse. This was much more than three small boundaries higher than Lin Ming. The blue-clothed youth obviously knew that Lin Ming was extremely strong and didn’t appreciate his attitude either, so he wanted to have Lin Ming suffer a bit.

    Seeing this ogre puppet rush towards him, Lin Ming slowly raised two fingers as a spear and thrust them at the ogre puppet’s neck!


    The spear light extended into a beam of light that shot towards the approaching ogre puppet’s throat!

    This wasn’t a casual spot that Lin Ming chose to attack. He discovered earlier that this ogre puppet had a much stronger defensive ability than anticipated. If he used the Phoenix Blood Spear he could naturally kill it without any problems, but this was only a freehanded attack that used true essence to simulate spear light. If he wanted to pierce through the ogre puppet’s forehead or solid chests muscles, it wouldn’t be all that easy. Eventually he chose the throat in order to make this kill as fast as possible and with the least amount of strength.


    The spear light penetrated the ogre puppet’s throat, bringing with it a loose spray of blood. The ogre puppet continued to barrel towards Lin Ming with its momentum but it was easily dodged. It was already dead!


    A 15 foot ogre crashed down on the ground, causing a cloud of smoke and dust to rise up. On the side, the blue-clothed youth was shocked to the core and even the other martial artists participating in this entrance examination were dumbfounded. They thought Lin Ming would have to struggle with this ogre puppet so they wanted to see if he could last an incense stick of time. They never imagined he would clearly eliminate it, as if the ogre puppet was no different from a paper figurine.

    "Is that really an ogre puppet?"

    "Is the examination disciple purposefully helping him?"

    "How could that be? Did you not see how unhappy those senior-apprentice brother examiners were. I’m already surprised they didn’t try to ruin him from behind."

    Under the arena, many martial artists discussed. In fact, this ogre puppet’s strength had far surpassed the standard which was the reason why the several presiding disciples were even more stunned.

    "You! Are you really a wandering cultivator?" The blue-clothed youth stared at Lin Ming, a bit of dread in his eyes. He could absolutely confirm that Lin Ming would become a Ninefall master in the future, and not even a normal Ninefall at that. He had instantly killed a Divine Sea level ogre puppet while only being at the eighth stage of Life Destruction. If he became a direct disciple with this sort of talent, he would absolutely be one of the peak talents of Carefree Island.

    Such a person… the blue-clothed youth could not believe that such a person was a wandering cultivator.

    After entering the Divine Realm for so long, Lin Ming’s lower realm aura was already completely covered over. He didn’t answer the question but instead asked, "I would like to see the Island Master. This senior-apprentice brother, can I trouble you to inquire for me?"

    The blue-clothed youth fell deep into thought for a moment. He gazed at Lin Ming and said, "I can only notify an inner court Elder and ask if he can report this matter to the Island Master. As for whether or not the Island Master will see you, I can make no guarantees."

    The blue-clothed youth could see that Lin Ming didn’t come to pass the entrance examination from the start. If this sort of person went to any large sect, even a Divine Realm Holy Land, he would be able to easily become a direct disciple. Why would he join an entrance examination of Carefree Island?

    The blue-clothed youth understood this and the others present weren’t idiots either. They all looked at Lin Ming with incredulity in their eyes. They hadn’t imagined that such a powerful character would randomly come join an entrance examination. As for those genius disciples of sixth and seventh-grade martial families, they were nothing but jokes in front of such a true peak talent.

    "He can definitely become a Divine Lord in the future…"

    "Not just a Divine Lord. He might even have a faint chance of becoming the greatest character of Carefree Island!"

    Lin Ming ignored the discussions of these disciples. He said, "Ah, there’s also one more matter. If I could trouble senior-apprentice brother, when you report about this matter can you also include the name of a keepsake, Riverbliss Jadeheart."

    "Keepsake? Well, alright…" The blue-clothed youth’s thoughts stirred. He guessed that Lin Ming must have some sort of unknown relation with the Island Master. He might be the descendant of someone the Island master cared for, and because there was some problem in his family, he decided to come here to seek an audience with the Island Master himself. As he thought of this, his attitude towards Lin Ming shifted a great deal. This sort of person was related to the Island Master and was also a monstrous genius himself. He certainly didn’t want to recklessly offend such a person.

    "This junior-apprentice brother, the message has already been relayed. Perhaps you would like to step into the grand hall and wait there?" The blue-clothed youth said in a friendly manner. Lin Ming naturally understood why this youth’s manner towards him changed. He laughed and said, "Then I’ll have to trouble senior-apprentice brother."

    Underneath the envious gaze of the other martial artists, Lin Ming arrived in a grand hall with a Divine Sea disciple to await the summons of the Island Master.

    The truth was that the Riverbliss Jadeheart was a token that Mo Eversnow’s aunt had left with her. This was so that her aunt could recognize her and any of her future descendants. But Mo Eversnow’s body had been destroyed afterwards and all of her personal possessions were naturally destroyed in the proces. With everything turned to ash, the Riverbliss Jadeheart naturally wouldn’t exist anymore.

    Even Carefree Island’s Island Master didn’t know about the Riverbliss Jadeheart, the word Riverbliss was the given name of Mo Eversnow’s aunt, Mo Riverbliss. He should be able to make the association.

    Lin Ming didn’t worry. As long as the message was passed to the right people, the Island Master would meet with him.

    As they waited in the grand hall, Lin Ming could actually feel a trace of restless unease from Mo Eversnow’s soul fluctuations.

    In Lin Ming’s impression, Mo Eversnow was a decisive woman and every step she took she did with absolute resolution. She was an extremely cold and detached person, as if nothing much mattered to her at all. This was the first time Lin Ming sensed such intertwining and contradicting emotions within her; those of anticipation, anxiety, unease, fear, hope, and all sorts of other emotions.

    "Miss Mo?" Lin Ming gently called out. Indeed, seeing one’s loved ones after 50,000 years and after so much had changed would cause one to be filled with emotion. Moreover, Mo Eversnow didn’t even know if her aunty was still alive.

    "I’m fine. I was just thinking back of some events that happened in the past when we parted ways. I also don’t know where my little sister is…" Mo Eversnow’s eyes seemed to glaze over. In that great catastrophe, she had sent her little sister away and had bid her to live well. Would her little sister have come here to look for their aunt and stay?

    In all likelihood, her little sister didn’t even know that her soul form was saved from that disaster.

    As Mo Eversnow thought of this she shook her head, darkly sighing. It was hard to describe with words the feeling of meeting her loved ones again after such a long time. Even if her heart was as cold as a field of snow, it would still melt at this time.

    "Apprentice Nephew Lin?" After Lin Ming waited for an hour, a gray-clothed old man appeared in the grand hall. He already knew Lin Ming’s name.

    "That is this junior."

    "Haha, the Island Master has summoned you. Please follow me!" The gray-clothed old man sized up Lin Ming. He heard from the blue-clothed youth how great Lin Ming’s talent was and also that he had some unknown relationship with the Island Master. He naturally had a curious interest towards him.


    Lin Ming was ecstatic. He rose up and followed the gray-clothed old man. The two of them passed through a transmission array and arrived at the main island of Carefree Island.

    The total area of the main island was larger than the other 36 branch islands combined. Besides Carefree Palace, there were also a massive number of common mortals living on this island. These mortals were similar to Phoenix Cry Palace’s mortal disciples. They began training since childhood, and their training conditions were also quite good. The most excellent amongst them would be chosen to enter Carefree Palace.

    The ash-clothed old man flew through the air with Lin Ming in tow. The old man looked back at Lin Ming and casually asked, "Apprentice Nephew Lin, are you a descendant of someone close to Island Master Xiao?"

    Lin Ming responded, "This junior is a distant relative of Island Master Xiao. My family can be regarded as a collateral branch."

    This was the excuse he had come up with originally. He certainly couldn’t bring up Mo Riverbliss, so he decided to pose as the Island Master’s distant relative. Such an identity was reasonable while it also wouldn’t bring too much attention to him.

    "Haha, as they say, heroes come from the young. The Island Master’s relative is astoundingly strong." The gray-clothed old man praised. "Ah, we’ve arrived."

    The gray-clothed man pointed towards a massive floating palace in front of them. This palace was a deep blue crystal color, as if the entire structure had been carved from sapphire.

    Looking from afar, Lin Ming discovered that the entire palace was a magic tool, and it was also at the spirit artifact rank. It was similar to Phoenix Cry Palace’s Saint Artifact Pavilion. With this sort of spirit artifact level palace in play, if an enemy attacked, those within would hold the complete advantage.

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