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Chapter 1077:Reunion

    Chapter 1077:Reunion




    Lin Ming followed the gray-clothed man into Carefree Palace, all the way forwards. Lin Ming could feel the countless array formations layered upon every inch of Carefree Palace. There were numerous time and space tunnels leading to other zones and pathways just like an endless labyrinth. If these array formations were activated and managed by a powerhouse, even a late Divine Lord master would be instantly twisted to death.

    The gray-clothed old man brought Lin Ming flying into Carefree Palace for some time before finally stopping at the entrance doors of a hall. He gestured forwards. This gray-clothed old man was only able to send him this far.

    Lin Ming thanked the old man and then pushed the doors open, walking inside. As he looked behind these doors, he was surprised to find what seemed like another world through them, incomparably broad, as if it were a separate space and time. Lin Ming could even hear the roars of massive ancient vicious beasts in the distance. He didn’t know whether these roars were sounds produced by the array formation or if they were true great beasts that were raised in this spirit artifact; it was truly shocking.

    In this world, there was a green-clothed young woman already waiting. She faintly smiled as she saw Lin Ming and said, "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I am a disciple of Carefree Island, Ye Rosewater. Please wait here. The Island Master will soon arrive."

    The young woman formed a seal and sent it out with a sound transmitting talisman. This was clearly a message to the Island Master. Lin Ming looked over the green-clothed woman again. She had a late Divine Sea cultivation and her talent was also quite good. For her to appear in Carefree Palace and in this place, that was enough to prove she was an important figure of Carefree Island, and her status was higher than that gray-clothed old man that led him here.

    Not long after the sound transmitting talisman was sent out, ripples began to appear in the space around them. A white-clothed youth with a long sword strapped to his waist languidly strolled out from the void.

    This person wasn’t tall and his aura was completely collected. His eyes were bright and profound, like a lake without a bottom.

    Without a doubt, this young man was Carefree Island’s Island Master. From his appearance alone he seemed to be less than 20 years old. Of course, for this person to reach the level of Carefree Island’s Island Master, it was no longer possible to judge his age by his appearance.

    As Lin Ming stood in front of Carefree Island’s Island Master, he didn’t feel any pressure from any kind of aura at all. Instead, he felt as though this young man were quite friendly and amiable. If Lin Ming didn’t know of his status ahead of time, he might have even thought him to be a common mortal scholar.

    "Rosewater, you may leave." The white-clothed youth said, waving his hand towards Ye Rosewater.

    "Yes, Island Master."

    Ye Rosewater bowed, excusing herself. In this world, there was only the white-clothed youth and Lin Ming left behind.

    The white-clothed youth deeply glanced at Lin Ming. As their eyes met each other, the white-clothed youth’s aura suddenly changed. His bright and deep eyes seemed to connect to the endless void of space, as if they were trying to suck Lin Ming in. In that moment, Lin Ming felt as if he had been completely seen through without any secrets remaining.

    Lin Min was startled. His thoughts focused on his spiritual sea and his gold battle spirit shook, his mind stabilizing along with it. After experiencing the aura of Huo Violentstone, a Holy Lord level powerhouse, Lin Ming was just barely able to deal with the aura released by this white-clothed youth.

    "Eh…?" The white-clothed youth was stunned. His eyes flashed with a trace of disbelief. "Your battle spirit actually reached such a boundary at such an age! Just who are you?"

    "I am Lin Ming. I have a matter that I wish to speak to Senior Mo Riverbliss about."

    "Mo Riverbliss!" Although the white-clothed youth already expected this from the start, his pupils still shrank upon hearing Lin Ming speak out this name. "The keepsake! Have you brought it?"

    The keepsake that the white-clothed youth mentioned was naturally the Riverbliss Jadeheart, Mo Eversnow’s Riverbliss Jadeheart. In truth, that keepsake had already been destroyed 50,000 years ago. Just as Lin Ming was wondering how to answer, a long sigh echoed through the vast space. "Skywhite, there is no need to ask any further, bring him to see me. I sense a familiar aura around him, it shouldn’t be wrong."

    As this voice sounded out, Lin Ming could clearly feel Mo Eversnow’s divine soul in his body tremble. Without a doubt, the one who spoke was Mo Riverbliss.

    "This… I understand." The white-clothed youth sent out a wave of light that covered Lin Ming. Lin Ming felt a bit dizzy before suddenly arriving at a spring paradise.

    The scenery here was like a landscape painting, with majestic mountains and rivers drawn throughout. Spirit flowers bloomed everywhere. It looked like a fairy tale come to life. In this paradise, there was a green bamboo house. Although the bamboo had been cut down a long time ago, they were still clear and hard like exquisite jade. They seemed moist and vivid, with a light fragrance that gladdened the heart.

    A white-clothed old woman stood before this bamboo house, holding onto a long peach walking stick that was as high as a man. Her eyes locked onto Lin Ming.

    Before Lin Ming spoke, a beam of white light shot out from his body and turned into the silhouette of a woman. The image solidified, arriving before the old woman’s body like the wind and bowing.


    50,000 years had passed. The Verdant Feather Holy Lands had long ago turned to dust that was swept up by history. Upon seeing her dear family again, Mo Eversnow could feel the roiling emotions underneath her veneer slowly gush over. Her beautiful eyes trembled. Originally she had even steeled herself to learn that Mo Riverbliss had died. But now that she saw her aunty well and alive, her heart filled with a palpable excitement.

    The white-clothed old woman had only felt a familiar aura from Lin Ming’s body. She never imagined she would see Mo Eversnow, her niece that she thought had died long ago. But before she had time to bask in her happiness, she saw that Mo Eversnow had no mortal body, and all that was left of her was her divine soul!

    For a time, countless conflicting emotions swelled up in Mo Riverbliss’s heart.

    50,000 years!

    Although this numeral seemed distant and strange, one only had to look at how often a mortal dynasty changed to see how significant it was. A mortal dynasty changed every 500 years. 50,000 years was 100 dynasties. That was enough for a mortal civilization to rise and fall!

    The passing of time, the tides of the years, things remain the same and yet people have already changed, everything seemed as if it happened a lifetime ago.

    Tears silently fell down Mo Riverbliss’s face. She stretched out her hand to touch Mo Eversnow’s face, but as she reached her cheeks she actually couldn’t touch anything at all. Such a desolate and empty feeling caused a pang of pain in Mo Riverbliss’s heart, as if someone had thrust a knife through her chest. She was unable to imagine what happened to Mo Eversnow and what she had experienced in order for her to turn into the current state, where she couldn’t even touch her!

    "Everything’s fine now that you’re back, everything’s fine now," Mo Riverbliss said, choking on her tears. She could imagine just what misery, pain, and suffering Mo Eversnow had gone through all this time. Her physical body, her divine form that was the envy of countless geniuses, was not lost. But as she thought back to how her niece had been chased down by Tian Mingzi and so many other Divine Realm powerhouses, how could she not be content that her niece had managed to keep her complete divine soul?

    "Brightmoon, what about Brightmoon?" Although all sorts of thoughts and feelings gushed out in Mo Eversnow’s heart, she had no mortal body so she didn’t have the ability to weep. She suddenly thought of her sister, Mo Brightmoon. In truth, when she saw Mo Riverbliss she didn’t see Mo Brightmoon. Mo Eversnow had an ominous and disappointed feeling in her heart, but she still had to ask even if there was no hope.

    "Brightmoon, she…" Mo Riverbliss shook her head, her eyes seeming bleak. "She last came back 30,000 years ago, and that was also the last time I saw her. She didn’t believe that you died. She said that even if she had to search to the ends of the heavens or the edges of the seas, she would still find you."

    Mo Eversnow felt her heart gripped upon hearing Mo Riverbliss’s words. Her eyes flashed with a brief confusion. She hadn’t come back for 30,000 years? Just where could she have gone to? Could she have experienced some kind of accident….?

    With aunty and niece meeting once again, there were countless things that needed to be said. However, none of them knew where to begin.

    Seeing this, the white-clothed youth sighed. He had also correctly guessed Mo Eversnow’s identity. If that were so, there naturally wasn’t any problem with Lin Ming himself.

    The white-clothed youth turned to Lin Ming and said, "Let’s leave. Let the two of them catch up after all this time."

    Lin Ming nodded. In the next moment, a white light wrapped around him and the two of them returned to the hall of Carefree Palace where Ye Rosewater was waiting for them.

    "Rosewater, go and help Lin Ming settle down. Prepare a long term residence for him at Carefree Pavilion."

    "Carefree Pavilion?"

    Ye Rosewater was slightly startled as she heard the orders. She turned to Lin Ming and said, "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, please follow me."

    As Ye Rosewater spoke she flew upwards, bringing Lin Ming to leave Carefree Palace. They passed through several mountain ranges before finally descending into a deep mountain valley.

    A thick mist filled the mountain valley. As Lin Ming stepped down, he could feel that the heaven and earth energy was extremely pure and rich here. The reason for the fog was that the heaven and earth origin energy was far too rich so it naturally condensed into tiny droplets.

    Compared to the wild and potent heaven and earth origin energy in most of the Divine Realm, the heaven and earth origin energy here was extremely calm and quiet.

    In this hazy mist, he could faintly make out rows of peach wood pavilions. They were ancient, courtly, and incomparably refined.

    "What a wonderful place. The land of Carefree Pavilion is where reclusive individuals would long to live for in their dreams."

    Ye Rosewater walked over to a peach wood pavilion. She turned and glanced over at Lin Ming, then said, "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, you will be staying here from now on. What do you think?"

    Lin Ming glanced at the pavilion and said, "The heaven and earth origin energy here is extremely rich and vibrant. I fear that even in the entirety of Carefree Island this is one of the best places to live. I have no idea how many disciples would dream of staying here. I’m flattered I’m allowed to live here, so there is nothing that I am dissatisfied about."

    "Great." Ye Rosewater chuckled. She raised her hand and the characters on the peach wood pavilion’s signboard changed. It had originally read ‘Free Jun Pavilion’, and now it read ‘Free Ming Pavilion’.

    Lin Ming was startled. He didn’t think that Ye Rosewater would suddenly place his name onto the pavilion signboard. But as he thought about it some more, every pavilion they passed just now likely had their own corresponding name.

    Ye Rosewater was clearly skilled in Wood Laws. Changing the characters on a signboard was a trivial task for her.

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, please stay here for now. There will be special maids sent to bring you any daily necessities and meals. If you have any matter to discuss with me, feel free to look for me; I live just next door." Ye Rosewater smiled. After Lin Ming nodded, she turned away. Her pale hands grasped each other, nearly touching her inky black hair that hung to her waist. She sashayed away at a brisk pace.

    Lin Ming walked inside the newly crowned Free Ming Pavilion and found the interior to be extraordinary. There were over a dozen rooms, each one was elegant and unique in their own away. There was also a spirit spring in the rear courtyard, with flower petals floating on the water surface. Thick and rich spirit energy filled the senses. If one could bathe here every day, the advantages to one’s cultivation could be imagined.

    "This Carefree Island is quite generous with me. Since Senior Mo Riverbliss was found here, Miss Mo will likely stay at Carefree Island for some time. Since I’ll have to stay here too, I should take advantage of this time and absorb the dragon bone."

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