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Chapter 1080:Simulation Mystic Realm

    Chapter 1080:Simulation Mystic Realm




    Lin Ming wanted to take away the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. This more than affected the benefits of Carefree Island’s disciples; it was the same as holding a saber to their chest. How could he not draw their hatred in such a situation?

    If Lin Ming had the strength of a half-step World King, then although they might be dissatisfied, that was still a level of power that they could not question, thus they naturally wouldn’t say anything. But, Lin Ming was only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction. The eighth stage of Life Destruction was far lower than most of the direct disciples’ cultivations. For instance, Liu Yun himself was at the early Divine Sea. Now that everyone knew Lin Ming was only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction and was also coming to steal away their lifeblood, it was inevitable that there would be trouble stirring up around him.

    White Mirrorjade faintly smiled as he saw Liu Yun’s aggrieved and angry expression. He absolutely would not surrender the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. He had ambitions of becoming the next Island Master. In other words, the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree would be his in the future, so how could he give it up to some outsider?

    But when Xiao Skywhite ended the Council of Elders, the final warning he gave had caused White Mirrorjade to feel some fear. Otherwise, he would have already united the three Great Elders together and killed Lin Ming before he had a chance to grow.

    Currently, White Mirrorjade didn’t believe Xiao Skywhite’s words. He only thought that Xiao Skywhite was trying to threaten them with baseless lies.

    But, he also didn’t dare to put himself in danger. Thus, he tossed out a testing stone. This sort of testing stone was far too easy to find. As long as he described Lin Ming’s cultivation and also mentioned his goal in coming to Carefree Island, White Mirrorjade wouldn’t even need to act; there would be a mob of people picking up pitchforks to go after Lin Ming themselves.

    For instance, this Liu Yun.

    Ye Rosewater had participated in the Council of Elders and had also followed White Mirrorjade here. She certainly could see through his plans. But now that she saw Liu Yun’s current agitated state, she knew that he wouldn’t believe her no matter what warning she gave him, so she simply shook her head and remained silent.

    "Fuck, isn’t this just some descendant that is separated by countless generations from that mysterious person? That person has likely died already, otherwise why would they wait until now to send a little shit like this to take back the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree? Perhaps that brat wasn’t even related from the start and he just happened to come by some sort of record that was left behind, then he thought to come to my Carefree Island and trick all of us. Does he think we’re idiots or something?"

    Liu Yun’s words became uglier the further he spoke, but it was also what everyone else was thinking. Lin Ming’s appearance here was far too strange. If one didn’t know of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, they would inevitably be suspicious of Lin Ming’s identity. Just coming back after 50,000 years to take back the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree didn’t make any sense at all.

    Ye Rosewater found it hard to continue watching, "Liu Yun, although I also don’t wish for Carefree Island’s benefits to be damaged, your words are far too disgusting. Lin Ming is not as simple as you think he is. His talent is high and there is surely some super influence supporting him from behind, otherwise it’s impossible that such a genius could be trained."

    "Haha! His talent is high? How high could it possibly be? Did you know that he simply underwent Carefree Island’s entrance examination? That is an examination prepared by outer court disciples, in other words, nothing more than a pack of nobodies. If I chose to participate in the entrance examination I could also sweep them all away like nothing!"

    As Liu Yun spoke, he had already arrived in front of Free Ming Pavilion. At this time, Lin Ming was training in the hot springs in the back. He didn’t care what they were speaking of, but he could feel that these people had come looking for him.

    Lin Ming languidly stepped out of the spirit spring. The spring water slowly rolled down his smooth skin. This was a result of his body’s boundary having reached a certain realm. After obtaining the perfect spirit body of legends, after bathing, the water simply wouldn’t wet the body, so one didn’t need to dry off at all.

    With a wave of his hand, all of the remaining drops of water evaporated off of his body. Then, fire origin energy spontaneously gathered to form red clothes that draped and twisted around him.

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin." Ye Rosewater smiled as she saw Lin Ming appear. White Mirrorjade also smiled and nodded, hiding all of his hostility towards Lin Ming.

    Only Liu Yun didn’t bother hiding his overbearing and arrogant expression. His eyes were filled with provocation as he glared at Lin Ming.

    "Mm?" Lin Ming frowned. He didn’t seem to know this fellow, so how could he have randomly made another enemy?

    "You’re Lin Ming?"

    Liu Yun sized up Lin Ming, his eyes like an officer looking at a criminal, scrutinizing and filled with disdain.

    He didn’t wait for Lin Ming to answer before jeering and saying, "I’m Liu Yun. I heard that your results at the entrance examination were quite good! At that time, you seemed to ask the examiner what the qualifications were to become a top direct disciple, right? It seems like you meant as if you could achieve such a point easily?"

    As Lin Ming heard these words, he was left flummoxed. But what he did know now was that this Liu Yun was clearly looking for trouble.

    Just when did he manage to annoy such a person? Ever since he arrived at Carefree Palace, he had stayed at his residence. Besides Mo Riverbliss, the Island Master, and a few others, he basically hadn’t seen anyone at all. He had spent the majority of his time training in the spirit spring, and even so, he had managed to attract trouble. Really, he could be lying on the ground and still be hit by marrows.

    At this time, Ye Rosewater’s true essence sound transmission echoed in Lin Ming’s ears, "Sorry… Junior-apprentice Brother Lin. Liu Yun has been striving to obtain some Ten Severing Dao Fruit for these past years so he’s a little bitter towards you."

    "Ten Severing Dao Fruit?" Lin Ming was startled. "What is a Ten Severing Dao Fruit?"

    "Huh?" It was Ye Rosewater’s turn to be surprised. "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, didn’t you come to Carefree Island to take back the Ten Severing Do Fruit Tree?"

    Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree…

    Lin Ming pondered for a bit and vaguely recalled that he did read something about a Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree in one of the ancient texts he read. It was a type of heaven-step miracle medicine, and there was likely only one that existed in the world. Only when it died would another one be born.

    The medicines of the Divine Realm were divided into four levels:heaven, earth, mystic, and mortal. Heaven-step medicines were the highest, but above heaven-step medicines, there actually existed transcendent miracle medicines. These types of transcendent miracle medicines were on the same level as a transcendent divine might, something that could even make a World King go crazy with desire. Those were legendary medicines that could grow to even a hundred million years old. That was not an existence that Lin Ming or even a Holy Land level influence could grow. Only someone like Mo Eversnow’s grandfather would be able to accidentally stumble upon such a treasure. As for others, they wouldn’t know about nor would they understand it.

    Lin Ming quickly understood what was happening. "So that’s how it is. It seems I thought that things were simpler than they are. I thought that the resources Mo Eversnow left behind were all with Mo Riverbliss, and as long as I obtained Mo Riverbliss’ approval and passed her tests then I could take them. I didn’t actually think that those resources were currently being used by Carefree Island! If I want to take them now, the resistance would be tremendous!"

    In Lin Ming’s opinion, it was normal for Carefree Island to not want to return the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. Rather, he would find it strange if they smoothly gave it to him. This sounded shameless, but this was simply human nature. It was already an excellent result that Carefree Island didn’t try to kill him. This was likely due to Mo Riverbliss acting as a deterrent.

    "Brat, did you not hear what I said?" Liu Yun spat out angrily as he saw Lin Ming a bit distracted.

    After understanding the key points of what was going on, Lin Ming faintly smiled at Liu Yun and said, "And just what is it that you want to say?"

    Even a blind man could see what Liu Yun wanted. Liu Yun clearly wanted to make a show of his own power so that Lin Ming would back down. At the very least, Liu Yun would be able to vent some of his anger and feel better about himself.

    As White Mirrorjade saw the tense atmosphere between Liu Yun and Lin Ming, he stepped out to mediate the situation. "Junior-apprentice Brother Liu, what sort of attitude is this? This isn’t how my Carefree Island treats their guests. Junior-apprentice Brother Lin has just come to Carefree Island and he hasn’t been anywhere yet. How about we change the scenery a bit?"

    Lin Ming glanced at White Mirrorjade. He couldn’t feel any hostility from his expression, but he was well aware that he was the focus of hate for all the disciples of Carefree Island at the moment. He certainly wouldn’t believe that anyone would be treating him with kindness.

    Liu Yun was surprised for a moment. He looked at White Mirrorjade, puzzled, and said with a true essence sound transmission, "Senior-apprentice Brother White, what is the meaning of this? Why are you being so polite to this Lin boy?"

    In the end, Liu Yun didn’t know if there was anyone supporting Lin Ming, and he also didn’t know that Xiao Skywhite was fully supporting Lin Ming. This couldn’t be blamed on him. There was simply no way for him to imagine all the convoluted connections between Carefree Island and the Verdant Feather Holy Lands from 50,000 years ago. This caused him to be confused and also careful, lest he stumble into some pit.

    "What, did you want to fight with him right here?" White Mirrorjade countered.

    Liu Yun was surprised, and then he deeply said, "Well, I actually do want to kick his ass right now and beat him into the ground. But, my cultivation is a large boundary higher than his. If I beat him up like this then others will say that my victory wasn’t the martial path. Moreover… yes, this boy made such a ridiculous request and yet he can still stay at Carefree Pavilion. Is there someone in the sect supporting him?"

    Liu Yun suddenly realized that something didn’t seem right. White Mirrorjade said, "Mm… well, regardless of what it is, the old Island Master owes his graciousness to the mysterious person who left the divine tree here. We shouldn’t push this too far."

    "So it’s like that. Humph, the martial world is about the survival of the fittest. Things like grace and kindness can only be discussed between people of similar strength. If the difference is too great then there is simply no meaning at all! I fear that this mysterious person has already died!"

    As Liu Yun spoke, Lin Ming had been watching with bored eyes from the sidelines, obviously not caring too much about them. White M irrorjade thought little of this. He laughed and said, "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, your talent and cultivation are both amazing. This is an excellent time for you to enter a divergent mystic realm and gain experience. Have you gone yet?"

    "I have." Lin Ming nodded. He had only been to the God Beast Mystic Realm.

    "Haha, my Carefree Island just happens to preside over a divergent mystic realm. If Brother Lin has any time, feel free to go and have a look. You might be able to obtain some treasure there. Then again, there are always dangers when entering a divergent mystic realm. In order to reduce the casualties in such a divergent mystic realm, my Carefree Island has paid a great price to specifically create a simulation mystic realm. Brother Lin, do you have any interest in taking a look?"

    "Simulation mystic realm?" Lin Ming’s mind stirred. He was actually somewhat interested.

    At the side, Liu Yun’s eyes brightened. He obviously thought of something.

    "That’s right, a simulation mystic realm. There are all sorts of dangers in a simulation mystic realm, but you’ll be able to safely leave. And, the shorter your time within, the greater the value of the simulation treasure you will obtain, and this will also prove that you are much stronger! If you experience a simulation mystic realm for long enough, then once you enter a true divergent mystic realm, you will be able to deal with unexpected situations much more easily."

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