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Chapter 1082:Easily Passing

    Chapter 1082:Easily Passing




    Liu Yun was aware of his own skills. He knew that it was impossible for him to pass the 30th level. As long as he wasn’t too miserably injured and lasted until the end then he would be fine.

    However, Lin Ming would be in a wretched state. He would inevitably be beaten until his bones were crushed and he might even be crippled. The simulation was extremely dangerous. Although the transmission array would save one’s life at the end, changes in a battle still occurred within the blink of an eye. It was normal for the weak to lose an arm or a leg.

    As Liu Yun thought of this he grinned, a sinister light flickering in his eyes.

    When Ye Rosewater saw Liu Yun’s smarmy smile, her eyes twitched. She didn’t think that Lin Ming would lack all understanding of the simulation mystic realm and would dare to challenge the 30th level of difficulty so casually. She had wanted to give him some advice, but from Lin Ming’s appearance he mostly wouldn’t listen to her. She could only tell him, "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin… don’t try to take the treasures, just wander around the edges, the pressure there is lesser too…"

    Liu Yun said, "Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, what are you trying to speak to him for, he clearly won’t listen to you. Open the array. You and Senior-apprentice Brother White can manage the array formation."

    Ye Rosewater and White Mirrorjade were far stronger than the other direct disciples present. It was naturally appropriate for them to manage the array formation.

    "Alright." Ye Rosewater glanced at Lin Ming one final time before opening the array formation.

    Rumble rumble rumble!

    The array formation opened. All of the disciples turned into beams of light that shot into the mystic realm. But, Lin Ming’s speed actually surpassed everyone present.

    "Nice speed! However, in the simulation mystic realm, what matters is your strength."

    White Mirrorjade crossed his arms against his chest, a satisfied smile on his face. To him, the 30th level of difficulty wasn’t anything at all.

    Bang bang bang!

    Sounds of fierce energy impacts were already sounding out from the simulation mystic realm. Lin Ming discovered that upon entering, he had been separated from everyone else. There were multiple parallel space layers in the simulation mystic realm; it was an incomparably complex area.

    Woosh woosh woosh!

    In front of Lin Ming, several dozen beams of light came shooting towards him. These were killing array beams. If he were hit by them, although it wouldn’t injure him, it would still consume a great deal of his protective true essence.

    Lin Ming’s feet turned as he stepped on Golden Roc Shattering the Void. His figure instantly vanished and those beams of light naturally struck nothing but empty air. But in that moment, with a loud roar, over a dozen ogre puppets rushed towards him as well as various vicious beasts of the mystic realm. These vicious beasts had already died, but underneath the manipulation of the array formation they were able to reproduce a part of their strength from when they were still alive.

    "Grandmist space!"

    Lin Ming didn’t hold back. With the special arcane skill that Mo Eversnow taught him, he was now able to hide all the energy fluctuations from his martial skills and thus he could use the grandmist space without scruples anymore.


    The gray grandmist space expanded outwards, immediately shrouding over the dozen plus ogre puppets.

    The Grandmist Laws with the power to annihilate all matter began to rapidly disintegrate their bodies and the energy within them. Even though they had an extremely high defensive power, it seemed as if they had fallen into a quagmire and their reactions had become dull and slow.


    Lin Ming swept out the Phoenix Blood Spear, and fire energy with the strength of manifestation gleamed on the spear edge. Wherever this spear went, ogre puppets would completely explode. These shattered bits would then completely break apart in the grandmist space, becoming a miniscule amount of elementary grandmist energy.

    Lin Ming killed over a dozen ogre puppets in a single move, each of them equal to an early Divine Sea martial artist. Yet, he didn’t feel as if he had used any energy at all. After absorbing the dragon marrow, his endurance had been enhanced to an unbelievable degree. Before this, he had trouble displaying the grandmist space for an extended period of time, but now he could definitely use it for a time long enough that it could be considered a passive skill.

    Chasing Thunder!


    A purple light flashed and two vicious beasts were seared into charcoal by the power of thunder. As for Lin Ming, he took advantage of Chasing Thunder’s extreme speed and rushed over a dozen miles away. Several divine killing lights of array formations flashed, but Lin Ming passed through the narrow gaps between them like a tiny fish in water!

    However, what he didn’t expect was that after passing through the gap between the killing lights, several hundred knives would shoot out from hidden array formations. These knives were all scattered over a wide range, extremely accurate. They blocked every possible direction that Lin Ming could evade in!

    "Mm? It can’t be dodged!"

    Lin Ming was surprised. This tricky and precise attack trajectory was actually quite exquisite. Moreover, these knives were sharpened with the energy of the array formation. If these knives were to strike an ordinary martial artist’s protective true essence, they would tear through it like waste paper. No wonder those disciples had paled upon hearing the 30th level of difficulty.

    But to Lin Ming, none of this was a problem. He had several methods to block these sharp knives.

    Just as these hundreds of knives were about to strike Lin Ming, the gold battle spirit in his spiritual sea howled out. The gold battle spirit split into dozens of copies, each of them attaching to a knife and causing them all to come to an immediate stop!

    Then, like an escaping rabbit, Lin Ming passed through the openings of these knives.

    With the sound of metal crashing on metal, those knives were twisted into pieces after he passed them.

    Lin Ming didn’t stop. He continued to hurtle forwards, sending out his senses at the same time to search his surroundings.

    The treasure in the simulation mystic realm could appear anywhere. There was no fixed position and this position would also be hidden. This was to reproduce the situation within a divergent mystic realm. After all, when entering a mystic realm, nobody would be able to predict the locations of treasures.

    After an incense stick of time, Lin Ming had thrust forth his spear countless times, each spear strike bringing down a puppet. In Carefree Island, even if there was a massive number of ogre corpses supplied from the mystic realm, an early Divine Sea puppet was still considerably valuable. It was impossible to always activate this sort of simulation smelting trial.

    And at the same time, in a different parallel space, Liu Yun fell into a bitter struggle with the simulation mystic realm’s ogre puppets. If one didn’t kill these puppets quickly enough then more and more ogre puppets would be attracted to the fluctuations of energy from the battle. In the end, the trial challenger would fall into a complete siege of puppets and fail.

    "Shit, only a quarter hour has passed, but this simulation mystic realm will last for a whole hour; that is four quarter hours! If I can’t find the treasure during this time then that will be considered as a defeat. But, I’ve already given up on the idea of seeking the treasure. What I have to do is last for three quarter hours instead."

    Liu Yun estimated the time he could last depending on the rate he was consuming energy, and his complexion became ugly. This was the first time that he had attempted the 30th level of difficulty and he discovered that he had underestimated it.

    "Humph, the more difficult this is, the better it is. This is my test, a test to stimulate my physical strength to the limit. Moreover, that brat Lin Ming will surely be in a more miserable state than me!"

    As Liu Yun thought of this, he brought forth more true essence and vigorously fought. After striking down a puppet, his eyes brightened; he discovered that there was a gap in the encirclement of ogre puppets.


    Liu Yun launched his movement technique and flushed through in a single go. In the process of breaking through, he could feel a puppet savagely slash at his back with sharp claws, causing blood to spill forth.

    An agonizing pain spread out. Liu Yun stiffly coughed and forcefully left the siege of ogre puppets. But at this time, dozens of sharp knives shot out at Liu Yun from hidden array formations, blocking all of his escape paths.


    Liu Yun had rushed through this simulation mystic realm countless times, so he certainly knew how dangerous these knives that cut at all angles were. They were simply impossible to pass through.

    Liu Yun cried out and swung the heavy sword in his hand, knocking away seven or eight knives. Then, he lifted his hand and buried his head in his arms. He shrank his legs, found the area with the least amount of knives and then rushed through that spot.

    Although he had a battle spirit, it was far from reaching the gold level so he simply wasn’t able to form a world of will projection. It was no problem for him to pour his battle spirit into ownerless objects, but for him to control these extremely sharp energy knives was impossible.

    Puff puff puff!

    Blood shot out. Liu Yun’s protective true essence was pierced through as three knives stabbed into his arm, thigh, and stomach. His face became paler than paper, but for better or worse, no vital points had been pierced. After making it through this difficult pass he did not turn back; through paying the price of being wounded in several places, he had to escape these puppets that were chasing after him.

    And besides Liu Yun, the other disciples were in an even more pathetic state.

    Their strength was far inferior to Liu Yun’s. A disciple using a saber was struck by a vicious beast puppet in the chest. The beast’s horn gored the disciple, breaking several of his ribs and causing him to vomit a great mouthful of blood. The disciple crashed into the ground, his eyes filling with stars.

    But as he looked up, he could see the vicious beast lunging towards him.

    The disciple immediately cursed, "Fuck, my wounds are bad so how come I haven’t been transmitted out yet?!"

    In Carefree Island’s simulation mystic realm, one wasn’t able to withdraw of their own initiative. Only when one was seriously injured or had lost the majority of their combat efficiency would they be sent out. This was to cut off all paths of retreat for the disciples and force them to their limits. After all, in a true divergent mystic realm, there was only life or death.

    As the disciple saw the vicious beast rush at him, he began to panic in abject fear. He didn’t know what degree of wounds he would suffer at the claws of this beast; in the simulation mystic realm, there was no danger of true death.

    The disciple’s thoughts stirred and just as the beast was about to pounce on him, he gave a loud shout and slashed out with his saber. However, this saber was not aimed at the vicious beast, but at himself. If he fought the beast and was severely wounded in some vital spot, he might have to recuperate for half a month in bed. But, if he injured himself, he had a much firmer grasp of being able to recover quicker.


    Blood flew out. In the next moment, a light flashed and the disciple was kicked out of the simulation mystic realm.

    At this time, a quarter hour had passed. Just as Lin Ming pierced through another vicious beast puppet, he suddenly perked up. A trace of a smile curved up his lips. He had found the position of the treasure!

    The treasure was hidden below a large, rolling hill. It seemed to be a type of earth-step miracle medicine.

    "There are also array formations on the hill? But, that’s useless against me."

    Lin Ming’s thoughts touched upon the Heretical God Sprout. The power of thunder and fire erupted as he thrust his spear outwards.

    Penetrating Rainbow!


    With a loud explosive sound, the hill completely blew apart. In the next moment, Lin Ming had already taken away the simulation treasure and had flown out of the flames and wreckage, headed straight towards the simulation mystic realm’s exit.

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