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Chapter 1083:The Sad Brother Liu

    Chapter 1083:The Sad Brother Liu




    At this time, outside of the simulation mystic realm, White Mirrorjade and Ye Rosewater were both managing the array formation. Suddenly, the simulation mystic realm’s array formation shuddered.

    "Mm? Someone came out?" Ye Rosewater said.

    Beside her, White Mirrorjade glanced at the time and faintly said, "There’s no way it can be so fast. Someone ís probably severely wounded and sent out. There are many of them that can’t pass through the 30th level; lasting for an hour is more than adequate."

    "Mm, that should be right." Just as Ye Rosewater nodded, a light flashed and a bloodied Carefree Island disciple was sent out.

    White Mirrorjade’s senses swept over the disciple’s body. This disciple hadn’t been injured too greatly; he would only need to spend a few days in bed. In the simulation mystic realm, as long as one didn’t surpass their own limits and run into a great deal of bad luck, there wouldn’t be any life-threatening injuries.

    "Here." White Mirrorjade tossed out a recovery pill from his spatial ring and the disciple caught it with a great deal of shame before swallowing it down. After getting into this sort of quarrel where his boasting had gotten him into such a situation, he certainly didn’t have any face remaining.

    After this disciple appeared, the array formation continued to shake. Several more disciples were kicked out, all of them heavily injured. But to a high level martial artist, as long as one didn’t lost an arm or a leg, they would be able to fully recover with enough medicine.

    "Two quarter hours have passed. There’s only four disciples that haven’t been sent out yet. Lin Ming is in there, and besides him, everyone else is at the early Divine Sea realm," White Mirrorjade said, stroking his chin. His eyes flashed with a bright light, but there was also a faint imperceptible chill in this light. "This Lin Ming’s talent is quite good. I wonder just how long he’ll be able to last for. If he can last as long as Liu Yun, that means his eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation is similar to an early Divine Sea genius. This sort of talent is even slightly better than Junior-apprentice Sister Ye of the past."

    As Ye Rosewater heard White Mirrorjade mention her, she didn’t respond. She naturally remembered the speech that White Mirrorjade gave at the Council of Elders. Letting Lin Ming go here was the same as letting a tiger return to the mountain.

    At this time, the simulation mystic realm’s entrance rocked once more, and a youth shot out like an arrow before slowly falling to the ground.


    White Mirrorjade’s eyes widened. From this person’s speed and steady movements, it seemed he hadn’t been injured at all.

    In the simulation mystic realm, if one wasn’t injured but also left before the allotted time, that meant they had completed their mission inside and had managed to obtain the simulation treasure.

    "Lin Ming, you…"

    Shock dawned on White Mirrorjade’s face as he saw this youth’s face. This youth was Lin Ming!

    "Lin Ming, you completed the mission?"

    Ye Rosewater was floored. She stared at Lin Ming in a daze. As for the martial artists that were recovering, they also stopped healing themselves and looked over at Lin Ming.

    Lin Ming slowly traced his spatial ring and took out some medicinal herbs that overflowed with rich origin energy. But after leaving the simulation mystic realm, these ‘medicinal herbs’ began to rapidly lose their spirit energy before completely vanishing. The medicinal herbs also changed their appearance, turning into a single token with the word ‘mystic’ written on it.

    This was truly the simulation treasure from the simulation mystic realm!

    "He really completed it!"

    Ye Rosewater’s eyes widened. Although she knew that it wasn’t impossible to finish the mission inside the simulation mystic realm and leave, as she saw Lin Ming pull out the simulation treasure with her own eyes, the shock was immense.

    Behind Ye Rosewater, the heavily wounded disciples all glanced at each other. They looked at their completely bruised and bloodied appearances, and then looked at Lin Ming’s immaculate appearance. They felt as if they had been slapped again in front of everyone. They wished that they could turn into ants and sneak away into some dark, unseen corner.

    They had risked their lives and crazily fought inside, but the result was that they were kicked out, not lasting very long. But not only was Lin Ming not wounded, he even completed the mission. As they recalled themselves laughing at Lin Ming, all of them wanted to smash their heads into a wall an die. They were simply too ashamed to be seen in such a situation, especially in front of Lin Ming.

    Lin Ming casually left the token on a table and looked up at Ye Rosewater. "Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, I will return to my residence to train first."

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, you…" Ye Rosewater gulped, at a loss for words.

    Like this, Lin Ming left. All of the injured disciples lowered their heads. It was only when Lin Ming completely left their sights did they let out a long sigh of relief. Because of their little argument from before, and the slight glance that Lin Ming had given them, all of them felt their faces burning red with shame. Now that he left, they finally began to relax.

    As for White Mirrorjade, he continued to stare at Lin Ming’s back until his figure faded away. His eyes flashed with an icy light.

    "How is this possible, this sort of talent is several times greater than me when I was at his level! Is this even human!?"

    White Mirrorjade slowly clenched his fists, his nails digging into his palm. He felt a great and impending crisis creep over him. Lin Ming was simply an enigma. The birth of a true genius not only depended on their naturally born will, perception, martial talent, or even the struggle of their destiny. There was also the struggle of resources, background, and inheritances. Otherwise, no matter how talented a genius was, they would still be wasted if they weren’t cultivated. For Lin Ming to grow to this step, White Mirrorjade would not believe that there wasn’t some great influence supporting him from behind!

    But with such a great influence supporting him, why didn’t they send a master to retrieve the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree? The only reasoning was…

    White Mirrorjade’s eyes shot up in realization. There was indeed some great influence behind Lin Ming, but that great influence must not know of the matter concerning the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. They simply weren’t related to this whole debacle, and Lin Ming had come with his own private status to take back the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree.

    After realizing this, White Mirrorjade became enlightened.

    If this were true, he didn’t need to fear Lin Ming as Lin Ming hadn’t grown up yet. But this might not be true in the future!

    "This brat, if he is allowed to live, he’ll absolutely become Carefree Island’s enemy! The only chance is if he is given the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, but that is impossible!"

    White Mirrorjade thought, lost in his ideas. At this time, three quarter hours had already passed. There was only a quarter hour until the one hour time limit was over, and the three early Divine Sea martial artists were actually still persisting inside.

    After a small period of time, when there was only an incense stick of time left until the end of the smelting trial, the simulation mystic realm shook once again and two bruised and bloodied figures were shot out in succession. Neither of these two were Liu Yun.

    These two disciple had both reached their limits. Right after leaving the mystic realm, they fell into a half unconscious state. Ye Rosewater hurried up to help heal them.

    These two were considered quite good; they had nearly lasted until the smelting trial ended. They didn’t look around before starting to heal themselves. Before long, the sand in the hourglass completely flowed through, signaling the end of the smelting trial.


    The last person, Liu Yun, was kicked out by the array formation!

    His entire body was dyed in blood and his hair was ruined. He had consumed over 90% of his true essence and was only managing to support himself with a single breath. However, this sort of smelting trial where he had to walk on the thin edge of life or death was also greatly beneficial to him. He held himself up. Although his entire body was wracked in pain and he was exhausted to the extreme, he was still filled with joy and vigor.

    "Haha! One hour! I finally made it to the end! Hahaha!"

    Liu Yun was clearly the strongest of everyone present. When the other two martial artists came out, they didn’t even have the strength to speak, but he was still able to stand and laugh out loud.

    "Haha, a man’s potential is truly squeezed out when they reach their limits. I relied on my own will to last until the end! This feels awesome!" Liu Yun bellowed, his voice spreading out far and wide. However, as he didn’t hear the returning praise and exclaim, he felt something was off. He looked around and saw that the other disciples were all far more heavily injured than he was and they had also been sent out ahead of time; they clearly hadn’t managed to make it to the end. Even so, they were all looking at him with a strange light in their eyes. Even White Mirrorjade and Ye Rosewater were doing so.

    "Mm? What are you looking at? Where’s Lin Ming? Why don’t I see that brat here? I want to see just how miserable he was beat up after arrogantly challenging the 30th level, hehe!"

    After looking around and not seeing Lin Ming, Liu Yun wasn’t happy at all. In order for his success story to be complete, he naturally needed a beaten up Lin Ming to gloat over and serve as contrast. But Lin Ming actually wasn’t here at all.

    "He… already left." A recovering disciple couldn’t help but say as he saw Liu Yun’s happy appearance.

    "Left? Were his wounds so great he had to be lifted away to be treated?" Liu Yun frowned. If Lin Ming had been carried away, how could he still show off?

    "This…" The several injured disciples glanced at each other, none of them knowing what to say. They could be considered as being on Liu Yun’s team, and now that they saw Liu Yun making a complete clown of himself, none of them had the heart to be cruel and tell him the truth.

    At this time, Ye Rosewater glared at Liu Yun and snapped out, "Lin Ming wasn’t injured. He completed the mission and decided not to wait for you, so he left ahead of time.

    "Eh…?" Liu Yun froze where he was. After some time, he jumped up. "Wh-what?"

    Liu Yun’s eyes suddenly widened like two plates. "What sort of joke are you playing, how can that be possible!?"

    "I have no interest in joking around with you. Look over there and see for yourself. Do you recognize that?" Ye Rosewater testily said and pointed to the token on the table after being questioned by Liu Yun. No longer bothering to speak, she turned and left.

    As for White Mirrorjade, he let out a long sigh and patted Liu Yun’s shoulder, no longer speaking. But it was clear what this shoulder pat meant.

    This, this was impossible!

    "Brother Liu, it’s true." Several injured Life Destruction disciples said after White Mirrorjade left. All of them had morose expressions like their mothers and fathers had died.

    "Lin Ming left after half an hour, not injured at all. He didn’t seem as if he had used any energy at all. He laid the token on the table and left. We all saw it with our own eyes."

    "Brother Liu, don’t be sad."

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