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Chapter 1085:Traitor

    Chapter 1085:Traitor




    In the early morning of Carefree Pavilion, the heaven and earth origin energy was especially rich. The faint rising mist and the light of dawn flooded the mountain valley. The scenery was like a paradise on earth, with thick spirit energy that could extend the life of a mortal by a hundred years just by drinking it.

    In Free Ming Pavilion, Lin Ming was completely immersed within the spirit spring, naked. Water flowed into his mouth and nose, throughout his entire body and out his pores, a faint trace of essence staying behind in his body.

    Currently, Lin Ming’s foundation had already reached an unbelievably solid degree. In truth, if he wanted to and decided to give up the path of dual body and energy cultivation and solely focus on the essence gathering system, he wouldn’t need any heavenly materials to break into Ninefall. If he further decided to give up perceiving the Laws, he could easily rely on his own passive accumulation and break into the Divine Sea, Divine Transformation, and even Divine Lord realm with utter ease and speed. But this would also be where he stopped. He would encounter another bottleneck, one he wouldn’t able to pass.

    Lin Ming naturally wouldn’t choose to do something like that. The path he chose was a difficult one full of pitfalls and traps. He needed to consume a massive amount of resources and time in order to continue on this road, but if he did, his future achievements would be endless.

    "Lin Ming."

    As Lin Ming was bathing in the spirit spring, a pleasant voice sounded out in his ears. It was Mo Eversnow.

    Lin Ming opened his eyes. With a wave of his hand, clothes wrapped around his body and he jumped up from the spirit spring. "Miss Mo."

    Light flashed and the white-clothed Mo Eversnow appeared in front of Lin Ming. For these past days, Mo Eversnow stayed at Carefree Palace.

    "Lin Ming, aunty has already agreed to give you the Ten Sovereign Dao Fruit Tree. In addition, she will also give you 500 million violent sun stones. However, she only needs you to do a little favor for her first."

    In the Divine Realm, violet sun stones were one of the main types of currency. Besides acting as a power source, the other main reason was that they were used to open up transmission arrays for divergent mystic realms. Divergent mystic realms happened to be a great source of resources and status for many sects in the Divine Realm.

    As long as one had enough violet sun stones, they could purchase many valuable things in all the various city squares and auction houses of the Divine Realm.

    "Miss Mo, please feel free to speak."

    Mo Eversnow reiterated her conversation with Mo Riverbliss in Carefree Palace to him, and Lin Ming immediately agreed. In his mind, he felt nothing but grateful toward Mo Eversnow. Without Mo Eversnow helping him pass his difficult early days, Lin Ming would likely still be at the Sky Fortune Kingdom; he would never have seen or experienced such a vast world.

    Of course, in return, Mo Eversnow was also grateful toward Lin Ming. Although the time that the two truly met was very short, the trust between them was actually very strong and reliable.


    Two days later, in the Red Desolate Sea territory, news spread out of Carefree Island exchanging their spare resources for a massive amount of violet sun stones.

    For a divergent mystic realm, the more disciples that were sent and the higher their cultivation was, the more violet sun stones needed to activate the transmission array.

    If Carefree Island exchanged a great number of their sect’s reserve resources for violet stun stones, that undoubtedly meant they were about to make a massive move.

    At this time, in the Red Desolate Sea, there was a spirit island. In a beautiful mountain valley of this island, there was a gushing hot spring. The waters of this hot spring carried a faint hint of red that smelled like blood. But it was different from the viscous and coppery tang of blood. Rather, it tasted refreshing and smooth, just like a wonderfully aged wine.

    Within this light red spirit spring, there were over a dozen young women wearing veils that were playfully frolicking about. Each one of them was slender with round waists and perfect bottoms, completely proportional to their heart. Not just that, but at the edges of their flirtatious crescent eyes, there was a thin layer of scales. It was clear they weren’t pure blooded humans.

    Between these young women, there were four tall and burly young men. Their bodies were wrapped in solid muscles and there was not a single hair on their bodies. They had strange runes carved onto their head and also a pair of small horns; they were young disciples of the Occult Bone Clan.

    The Occult Bone Clan focused on the Laws of Life, and especially the Concept of Flesh and Blood. They primarily trained through double cultivation the disciples of their clan indulged in all the sensual pleasures of life. The men and women would slowly enlighten themselves on the mysteries of life through endless amounts of sex.

    In addition, their natures were gluttonous. This sort of gluttony was not referring to sex, but to eating up all types of heavenly materials. They would even eat metal ores to further perfect their living bodies and perceive the Laws of Life.

    As they said, "appetitive for food and sex was natural." The most primal desires of life were to reproduce and eat, and the Occult Bone Clan believed that these two points were the most essential characteristics of life. Only by displaying these two sorts of desires to the extreme could one become aware of the source rules of life.

    A young man hugged a pretty young girl that swam up to him to his chest and began to knead his arms all over her body. He said, "I heard that Carefree Island is exchanging for a massive amount of violet sun stones. Those fellows, are they planning to send out a large number of disciples to the Red Desolate Mystic Realm to rigorously gather materials?"

    This young man’s name was Gongyang Bonesmash. The Occult Bone Clan had their own language, so their names sounded a bit crude and strange in the common language of the Divine Realm.

    "Hehe, I think they are frightened by us so they’re now sending out more disciple to help guard the mining of resources. They don’t want us to kill them and steal everything again."

    Soon, another Occult Bone Clan disciple had the beautiful young woman in his chest quaking with moans of pleasure. Each one of their clansmen were considered masters in bed. Because they were skilled in the Laws of Life, they all had an intricate understanding in what actions to take. They could cause a woman to be far more sensitive and aroused. Not only was this pleasing them on a physical level, but also stimulating them on a spiritual level. They were even able to form true essence tentacles to directly stimulate a woman’s fires of life, making their desire and climax reach the peak of pleasure.

    It had to be known that these women were all captives the Occult Bone Clan stole away from the Jadescale Clan Branch of the Fey race. There were even some women with a noble status, and some of them even had a faint hint of the royal bloodline. From the start, they had resisted with all of their will. However, due to the stimulating technique from the Occult Bone Clan’s disciples, their bodies and minds were slowly worn away before finally fading to nothing. These captives naturally turned into drones that lost nearly all of their personality, becoming nothing but slaves to their own sexual pleasures.

    Because of this, the sects, clans, and families that had many beautiful women but were also not too strong avoided the Occult Bone Clan like a nest of vipers.

    "I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Although the Red Desolate Mystic Realm is rich in resources, the amount one can gather in a single time is limited. Moreover, no matter what boundary the martial artists are at, there usually isn’t too much of a difference in the amount of resources they can gather. Sending Revolving Core realm disciples into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm is the most cost-effective method; the harvests will be the highest. Low stage Life Destruction disciples that enter will barely be able to make up for their costs. As for high stage Life Destruction and Divine Sea realm disciples, their losses are great. If they send too many Divine Sea disciples and too few Revolving Core disciples, they’ll be unable to recoup the costs. I think that Carefree Island is planning to gather a massive amount of resources in a single go. They will likely send out several thousand Revolving Core disciples and a hundred or so Divine Sea disciples, enough so that they will only need to go gather resources once. And, the more Divine Sea disciples they send, the more difficult it will be for us to attack them. They want to engage us in a war of resources."

    "Haha! Carefree Island is wealthy, but our Occult Bone Clan isn’t much worse. On top of that, we have an ally in Splintersoul Mountain. With two against one, there is no way they can win. Since they want to compete with us in resources, let’s see just who can send out more and stronger Divine Sea disciples!"

    "Well said! I also can’t wait to start this battle! I’m interested in studying the flesh and blood of those geniuses! Hahaha!" Gongyang Bonesmash wantonly laughed and suddenly thrust up his pelvis, entering deep into the body of the woman on him and causing her to scream.

    While the Occult Bone Clan was discussing the situation, something similar was also occurring at Splintersoul Mountain. But what was different was that an unexpected visitor had come to Splintersoul Mountain.

    This stranger wore a demon mask. He was tall, with muscles wrapping around his body like the claws of a dragon. He stood on the ledge of a sea cliff. Below him, the tides beat against the reef, causing salt water to splash into the air.

    In front of this demon-masked man, there were two youths wearing cloaks. Their cloaks were long and tattered and they floated in the air as though they didn’t weigh anything at all. Because of the cover of their cloaks, one couldn’t see their feet. Looking closely made one doubt that they even had feet.

    These two youths were both as pale as death. One of the youth’s lips lifted up. The expression was strange; it was hard to tell if this was a smile or a twitch. "So you’re saying that Carefree Island really is planning on entering the Red Desolate Mystic Realm to gather reserve resources. If I understand this correctly, does this mean they are trying to stir up a war between the young disciples of our three sects?"

    This youth’s name was Soul Thousandmile. He was a core disciple of Splintersoul Mountain. His voice was thin and sharp and also grating to the ears.

    "The war was provoked by you lot to begin with. A struggle of the three sects will only allow someone to profit from the chaos," the demon-masked man coldly said. His voice was hard to hear, and there was also some faint underlying meaning to his words. He turned toward Carefree Island.

    "Hehe, did I hear wrong? The disciples of Carefree Island do have the right to say that, but you do not. If it weren’t for this war, how would Xiao Yanyu, the one with the qualifications to struggle with you for the throne of the Island Master, have died in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm? At that time, we received some anonymous information, ah, I think it was a detailed lists of the Laws that Xiao Yanyu excelled in as well as his weaknesses. Thinking about it, weren’t you the one that provided this information, Brother Mirrorjade?"

    The demon-masked man suddenly froze. Because of the mask, one couldn’t see his expression, but the temperature around him suddenly fell. His voice became extremely grim, "Don’t speak such nonsense or you’ll lose your life!"

    "Hehe, consider it done. I was just casually speaking. So, what did you come for this time around? Don’t tell me you came to deliver information that we already knew." Soul Thousandmile chuckled. Combined with his pallid face, this sort of humorous laugh left one feeling faintly scared.

    It wasn’t some great secret that Carefree Island was purchasing violet sun stones, and the use of violet sun stones was transparent. Although those from Splintersoul Mountain were only guessing, this guess was more or less correct. Moreover, when Carefree Island truly decided to enter the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, the other two sects would be able to feel the fluctuations coming from the portal of the divergent mystic realm. From these fluctuations, one would even be able to judge just how great the scale of people that Carefree Island was sending through was.

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