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Chapter 1087:Dragon Bone Relics

    Chapter 1087:Dragon Bone Relics




    After Mo Riverbliss received the supreme dragon bone, she formed dozens of seals and sent them out. In the blink of an eye, the space around her and the spirit artifact furnace was isolated from the outside. A strange space barrier came falling down. On the walls of this space barrier, there were countless faint traces, as if they were made of water.

    Lin Ming recognized that these were the traces of the Time Laws. Mo Riverbliss sectioned off a space around her using the power of the Time Laws, in order to speed up the passage of time. Looking at the fluctuations of energy coming from the patterns, he estimated that the time inside was a few dozen times faster.

    In other words, one day outside would mean around one month inside.

    From this, Lin Ming could see that refining the dragon bone essence was more difficult than he had imagined. Even with the assistance of Mo Riverbliss, it would still take a long time.

    Accelerating time couldn’t be considered some profound use of the Concept of Time. Geniuses of large sects didn’t use this to train often; they would only occasionally use it for specific circumstances.

    This was mainly because accelerating the time within wouldn’t extend one’s life. If ten years passed inside the isolated time space, one would age ten years. There wasn’t much meaning in doing this. Another reason was that there would also be slight distortions in the Laws due to the different flow of time, and meditating in there on the Laws would have minor errors. Doing this for a short period of time was okay, but meditating on these distorted Laws for an extended period of time wouldn’t provide any benefits.

    As Mo Riverbliss was refining the dragon bone, Mo Eversnow turned to Lin Ming and said, "Lin Ming, I’ve said that the essence gathering system and the body transformation system are two inherently contradictory cultivation systems. This is particularly true in the Life Destruction realm. To dual cultivate body and energy is to defy the will of the heavens. If you absorb half of this dragon bone and also open the sixth of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the difficulties you will face in crossing Ninefall will rise to yet another level! You must be aware of this."

    "I understand."

    "Mm, also, this dragon bone is 1000 feet long and is as heavy as a mountain range. Even if the essence is refined from it, there’s no way for you to fully absorb it. I estimate that absorbing a third of it will be your limit. As for the remaining two thirds, I will use that to create medicine for you to use as the foundation to open the last two of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. They are the most difficult gates to open–the Gate of Life, and the Gate of Death."

    Lin Ming nodded. It felt extremely good to have someone teach him and not have to stumble through everything himself. In the past, when he first touched upon the body transformation system, if he had someone at his side informing him of the horrifying dangers he would experience in the Life Destruction stage, he might not have chosen to dual cultivate body and energy.

    If no one was here to teach him, then although he might be able to strike luck once or twice, eventually he would definitely have to take a great deal of detours.

    "Listen carefully. I will teach you the words to the Celestial Tyrant Manual. This is a completely new body transformation law formula. The Celestial Tyrant Manual details the three great boundaries of the body transformation system; the seven initial stages of body transformation with Tempering Marrow included, the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. But its greatest advantage manifests itself in the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Compared to the Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians, it is several times better. This law formula is something that my grandfather found in a mystic realm along with the Magic Cube. The reason that I chose to dual cultivate in body and energy is also because I had this body transformation law formula as my foundation. However, in the past I wasn’t able to fully complete the Celestial Tyrant Manual. Now, my mortal body has been destroyed and all of that has been lost. I currently do not have the ability to fully engrave a complete Celestial Tyrant Manual jade slip for you; I can only temporarily teach you a part of it. As for the rest, you will have to obtain the Celestial Tyrant Manual jade slip to learn it."

    As Mo Eversnow spoke to here, Lin Ming was startled. The Celestial Tyrant Manual was actually discovered together with the Magic Cube? Mo Eversnow had said that the mystic realm where the Magic Cube was discovered was hidden in an extremely hard to find spot. Besides those from the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, no one knew of it. To think that this mystic realm had not only the Magic Cube but also the Celestial Tyrant Manual. Just how were the two related?

    Lin Ming didn’t have time to think about this. Mo Eversnow already started to repeat the words of the Celestial Tyrant Manual. In front of Mo Eversnow, heaven and earth origin energy currents began to gather up, swirling and forming into all sorts of strange runes under the control of her mind. These runes contained mysterious Laws, each marked with the energy revolution pathways of the body transformation system. A cultivation method’s contents were extremely broad and profound; it wasn’t something that could be covered with mere words. Rather, it was composed of all sorts of things. Engraving all of this onto a jade slip was far harder than perceiving it through meditation.

    Lin Ming started to revolve the energy within his body according to Mo Eversnow’s instructions. Like this, three and a half days passed. Lin Ming only glimpsed at the initial wonders of the Celestial Tyrant Law when the space barrier around Mo Riverbliss opened up.

    An exhausted looking Mo Riverbliss walked out; she had clearly consumed a great deal of energy. Beside her, the spirit artifact level furnace slowly revolved, spilling forth with a dazzling golden light.

    For a worldly existence like a God Beast, if it were living, even if it stood still and didn’t resist, a half-step World King still wouldn’t be able to kill it. Naturally, refining its remains was also difficult.

    "It’s done."

    Mo Riverbliss whispered. She waved her hand and the spirit artifact furnace popped open. A string of jade-like spirit beads shot out from the furnace, floating in the air. These jade beads linked together in the sky. They were large and small and floated high and low, as if they naturally revolved according to the mysterious paths of the celestial bodies that floated in the universe.

    There were a total of 108!

    After carefully calculating it, Mo Riverbliss had entered into that separate time-space for a total of 108 days, refining a total of 108 spirit beads.

    "These are dragon bone relics, also known as dragon pearls. When a top powerhouse or a powerful God Beast’s bones are refined, it will form these sorts of bone relics. The more powerful the being was, the more bone relics that would be produced, and the higher the quality they would be too. From this dragon bone I was able to refine a total of 108 bone relics. Take then and use them well."

    As Mo Riverbliss spoke, the 108 bone relics all flew toward Lin Ming and he received them. As he grasped the bone relics, he could feel incomparably hot heat surging within them. They appeared to be very smooth but they were also extremely dense. It was clear that they was a tremendous amount of essence concentrated within.

    "Very well, Little Snow, aunty has done everything she can. I must go recuperate now. Everything else will be left to you."

    As Mo Riverbliss spoke, she casually stepped out and passed through the separate time-space of the Carefree Palace and left this mystic realm space.

    Mo Eversnow waved her jade-white hands and took 36 of the 108 dragon bone relics around Lin Ming. She said, "Lin Ming, revolve the Celestial Tyrant Manual according to what I taught you. I will fuse the dragon bone relics into your body."

    Mo Eversnow raised her palms flat and concentrated her battle spirit onto the dragon bone relics. In that moment, an incomparably powerful force erupted forth from the dragon bone relics. They shot forwards at a speed difficult to see with the eye, and their target was Lin Ming!

    36 dragon bone relics all aimed at the 36 acupoints in his body!

    If dragon bone relics were used to transform the body, the best method was not to swallow them but to directly thrust them into the skeleton!

    These extremely heavy dragon bone relics also had Mo Eversnow’s battle spirit poured into them; their penetrating power could be imagined. Even if Lin Ming’s defensive power was top notch, it was still nothing to these dragon bone relics.

    Puff puff puff!

    Blood splashed out and Lin Ming miserably coughed. His body was struck by a massive impact force and sent hurtling backwards. 36 points of agonizing pain broke out all around his body as the dragon bone relics drilled through his skin, muscles, organs, and finally sank deep into his skeleton!

    At that moment, Lin Ming’s entire body gushed red with blood. His acupoints were torn apart, his bones fractured, his joints torn, and his ligaments collapsed. He had lost all ability to move.

    "…So this is the method to absorb them…you could’ve said something in advance…"

    Lin Ming was left somewhat speechless by this. As he lay bleeding on the ground, he was unable to move. He could clearly feel the blood bubbling out from his wounds, but he was unable to lift so much as a single finger. It was obvious that Mo Eversnow had carefully chosen which 36 acupoints to strike at. Once she struck, all of Lin Ming’s ligaments had been completely torn apart.

    Mo Eversnow said, "You will need to lay down for some time. It won’t be easy for you to absorb the dragon bone essence. Luckily, you have a foundation of dragon marrow blood within your body; you shouldbe able to complete this in a month or two. I have only cut apart your ligaments, but your meridians are completely intact. You can now continue revolving the Celestial Tyrant Manual. Two months from now, after you have completely absorbed the dragon bone relics, you can take advantage of the momentum to break into the Gate of View."

    As Mo Eversnow finished speaking, she used the Time Laws to form a separate time-space, enveloping Lin Ming within it. This was a 10:1 time flow difference. As long as 5-6 days passed, Lin Ming would be healed.

    Lin Ming’s entire body was wracked with pain. This pain not only came from the fact that his body had been pierced through by the dragon bone relics, but because the dragon bone relics that were inserted within him were struggling with his skeleton.

    The dragon bone relics wanted to swallow Lin Ming’s bones, but Lin Ming’s bones also wanted to swallow the dragon bone relics. Such a battle was truly a pain as deep as the marrow; this time the battlefield was Lin Ming’s own marrow. Fortunately, Lin Ming was already used to such torturous pain and his will was also extremely firm, otherwise he would not have been able to withstand this agony.

    Lin Ming didn’t stop bleeding. It was only when Mo Eversnow placed medicinal powder on his 36 wounds that they slowly stopped bleeding. However, the wounds didn’t seem as if they would start regenerating at all. Rather, they seemed to become increasingly worse.

    With Lin Ming’s regenerative ability, even if he shattered his bones and tore his muscles, he would still be able to heal himself in 1-2 hours. But now, with the dragon bone relics within him swallowing his flesh and blood, he wasn’t able to heal himself in a short time. He would heal a little, the dragon bone would swallow that, and then he would heal a little more again, the process ever repeating itself.

    If the dragon bone was compared to mercury, then Lin Ming was using his own bloodline marrow to wear down this mercury, layer by layer. The difficulty of doing so could be imagined.

    Whether it was absorbing dragon bone or absorbing dragon blood, they did not replace the human body. Rather, with the human bones and blood as a foundation, they fused together and the human body would gain characteristics of a dragon’s body. This was definitely difficult.

    Like this, one day passed, two days, three days…10 days, 20 days, 30 days…

    Lin Ming continued to suffer the excruciating pain the entire time. At the start, the pain Lin Ming was in could already be called an exquisite torment. It was true that he was skilled at bearing pain, but to continuously bear such a pain for days and even weeks on end, even someone with a strong will would be close to collapse.

    But later, as Lin Ming continued to revolve the Celestial Tyrant Manual, completely focusing his mentality on revolving the energy within him and revitalizing his wounds, he slowly began to feel that it wasn’t as painful as before.

    After 20 some days passed, Lin Ming began to feel that the pain of his wounds turned into a numbing feeling.

    After 30 some days passed, even the numbness disappeared. His entire body felt comfortable, and his absorption of the dragon bone continued at a breakneck pace. If things continued like this, then forget one month, he wouldn’t even need 10 days to finish.

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