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Chapter 1088:Six Gates Opened

    Chapter 1088:Six Gates Opened


    As Lin Ming revolved the Celestial Tyrant Manual, he felt heat swell forth within his body as if he were soaking in a hot spring.

    Currently, Lin Ming could feel all of his torn ligaments and muscles beginning to repair and regenerate themselves. His flesh and blood became even more tight and compact. On the fifth day, Lin Ming’s entire body itched. As he slightly moved, his joints crackled, a strangely pleasing comfort.

    He could also feel the muscles within his body changing. Now he could alter them however he liked, making them as soft and malleable as a rubber band or as hard as divine iron.

    However, the 36 wounds on Lin Ming’s body still hadn’t completely healed. There were even some places without any feeling at all. It was obvious that the dragon bone relics hadn’t been completely absorbed yet. Even so, Lin Ming didn’t feel any pain at this time. In the end, pain was simply a response produced by the body. When one’s body transformation technique reached an extremely high boundary, one was able to control their body and thus control the pain they felt.

    On the 40th day, Lin Ming felt that all of his wounds were about healed. At this time, he felt that the energy within his body suddenly connected together, and the 36 wounds around his body seemed to resonate together, vibrating with a peculiar energy that united as one. Lin Ming couldn’t help but release a clear shout.

    "Attack the Gate of View!"

    Even with Mo Eversnow’s warning, Lin Ming was still able to realize that this was the perfect opportunity to break through the Gate of View.

    Lin Ming’s thoughts dove into his spiritual sea. He manipulated all of the energy in his body to rush towards the Gate of View.

    In that moment, all of the meridians throughout his body completely linked together. His flesh and blood essence gathered together, surging towards the Gate of View like a massive tsunami.


    With a loud crack, the flesh on Lin Ming’s back burst apart. The stone underneath Lin Ming’s body blew apart, causing rubble to fall everywhere.

    His entire body twisted, and the sounds of his joints popping were like the cries of dragons, reaching to the horizon.

    This sort of comfortable feeling left Lin Ming drunk on pleasure.

    The sixth of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Gate of View, had finally been opened!

    Years since opening the Gate of Opening, which was able to enhance perception, Lin Ming had finally opened the sixth of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates.

    The Gate of Healing, located between the collarbones, able to increase one’s endurance and recovery ability.

    The Gate of Limit, located at the spine, able to increase one’s strength and explosive force.

    The Gate of Wonder, located at the knees, able to increase one’s speed.

    The Gate of Pain, located at the fists, able to increase one’s striking power.

    The Gate of Opening, located in the brain, able to increase one’s perception.

    And finally, the last of the first six Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Gate of View, located at the back of the body, able to increase one’s defense.

    The first six of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates had been completely opened!

    And in the future, there was still the Gate of Life and the Gate of Death. Those two gates were called the true tests of life or death. Although they belonged to the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, they were actually equal to half a large boundary each. If one wished to rush through the Gates of Life and Death, that wasn’t something that was able to be accomplished overnight.

    In the Celestial Tyrant Manual, it was written that if one wished to attack the Gates of Life and Death, there needed to be two kinds of pills. To attack the Gate of Life, one required the Esoteric Immortality Pill, and to attack the Gate of Death, one required the Esoteric Mortality Pill.

    After training to this step, Lin Ming once again realized how difficult dual body and energy cultivation was. Up until now, he had used countless resources, many of them extremely precious. In particular, the supreme dragon bone. The supreme dragon bone was something that would be considered incredibly luxurious even if he used it to break into the Divine Lord realm.

    However, Lin Ming absorbed the supreme dragon bone not only to attack the next boundary, but also to improve his physical body, building a solid base for himself and building upon his foundations.

    Even without the supreme dragon bone, Lin Ming would still have been able to use some body transformation medicines to open the Gate of View. In the future he would even be able to break into the Gates of Life and Death. However, his chances of breaking into the heaven-defying Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were actually uncertain. Even Mo Eversnow of the past had been stuck at that bottleneck and she hadn’t been able to break through.

    These were also the reasons why dual body and energy cultivation had nearly disappeared from the Divine Realm.

    Mo Eversnow said, "Lin Ming, there is still a month or two until the foray into the divergent mystic realm. In such a short period of time, even if the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree were given to you, you could not break through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction. You haven’t been at Eightfall long enough, and your accumulations are insufficient."

    "Mm, I understand." Lin Ming nodded. In truth, if he wanted, he could attack Ninefall at this moment. But, in order to seek the true Ninefall, he had to experience the truths that existed at every stage of Life Destruction.

    Every stage of Life Destruction corresponded to a different field of vision. A martial artist needed to enlighten themselves on the Laws of the world in each boundary, allowing their foundations to constantly consolidate.

    Only like this could one truly become a dragon that soared to the heavens in Ninefall, and seek the Nine Divine Shifts.

    Thus, to a genius, breaking through boundaries was not a problem. What they were concerned about was not just speed, but many other aspects.

    After opening the Gate of View, Lin Ming felt weakness all throughout his body. After all, he had gone through dozens of days of having serious wounds all over his body, and his flesh and blood had been continuously regenerated and swallowed up. This was extremely taxing on Lin Ming. After opening the Gate of View, that also consumed the great deal of essence energy that Lin Ming had saved up within his body. Thus he didn’t dive into training, but began to meditate for a few days instead.

    With the support of the dragon marrow blood, Lin Ming’s resiliency was amazing. His body soon returned to its peak condition.

    In the darkness, Lin Ming’s eyes shot open and his aura burst out. His eyes were like twin bolts of lightning that pierced through the void, making people unable to look into his eyes.

    The lines of his muscles were far more perfect, flowing as smoothly and naturally as the mountains and rivers. Now, after taking a bath, Lin Ming didn’t even need to wipe down his body or use fire-attribute true essence to dry himself; the water would naturally roll down the beautiful and exquisite hard curves of his naked body, without the least bit remaining, as if it were the purest of glass. As for an ordinary person, after taking a bath, their body would be covered with drops of water.

    This was a high boundary found in the ancient texts:skin as fragrant as flowers, as pleasant as a lotus, untainted by water.

    After a martial artist reached this boundary, only when their life was coming to an end and the fires of their life were nearly extinguished and their appearance started to decline would this sort of phenomenon gradually fade away. This also meant that their body was aging and they would no longer have a perfect spirit body.

    For this time, Lin Ming continued to train in Carefree Palace.

    Not only did the Celestial Tyrant Manual contain body transformation techniques, but it also contained a combat technique, called Celestial Tyrant’s Hundred Layered Waves. It allowed a martial artist’s strength to multiply when they fought, and could be used with fists, swords, sabers, and spears.

    What Lin Ming naturally used was the spear.

    As he was practicing the Celestial Tyrant Manual, he certainly wouldn’t miss out on the specialty product of Carefree Island, the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Wine.

    After drinking the fruit wine, his dantian was filled with a hot energy that shot straight through his head. Lin Ming’s mind felt blurry as if he were drunk.

    However, under this half-sober and half-drunk state, where he was almost unconscious, his mind didn’t have a single distracting thought. It was a state similar to hypnosis, and all of the potential within his body that was normally suppressed was also released. This was the best time to practice martial arts.

    The mortal world’s ‘drunken fist’ also followed this principle.

    Without knowing pain, without knowing fear, without knowing sorrow, although one seemed crazy, they were actually able to explode with an immense potential at a critical moment, displaying a strength and speed far surpassing normal times.

    However, a martial artist was not suited for this type of boxing style. This was because a martial artist’s mental strength and soul force were far too powerful:they weren’t able to get drunk on one or two jars of mortal alcohol. But, this Ten Severing Dao Fruit Wine just happened to have such a wondrous effect.

    In such a state, Lin Ming used his spear skills with the Celestial Tyrant Manual, not knowing the passing of time or exhaustion in his body. Everything he did was based on his instincts to attack. Blood surged in his body like waves crashing upon the rocky shores, over and over again.

    Rumble rumble rumble!

    Lin Ming’s aura constantly gathered, his strength continuously rising. Suddenly, with a loud explosive sound, Lin Ming stepped forwards, his feet rupturing the ground, and a terrifying flux of energy burst out from the Phoenix Blood Spear, turning into a blazing beam of light that tore through the skies!

    With a distant ringing sound, the beam of light smashed into the space barriers of Carefree Palace’s dimensional realm, and this actually caused the skies to tremble. Following that, the entire dimensional realm shook. Deep cracks appeared in the ground and the rivers reversed their flow, as if an earthquake had happened.

    "What an amazing power!"

    Lin Ming looked at the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands. That spear strike did not contain the Concepts of Thunder or Fire:it had been his physical strength alone!

    In using the Celestial Tyrant’s Hundred Layered Waves, one’s strength could actually be superimposed, layered over and over on top of each other, constantly gathering until the last moment in a massive eruption!

    Superimposing strength sounded easy, but it was actually extremely difficult. This was because a martial artist needed to start the second attack before the first had even ended. Even if a martial artist was able to slash out 100 sword energies in a split second, this was only because they were too fast so it formed an illusion to the eyes of others. If one were able to look past this illusion and see its origins, one could see that every move was sent only when the previous one ended.

    Thus, wanting to superimpose one’s attacks was far too difficult.

    However, the Celestial Tyrant Manual used the absolute control over the physical body that a body transformation martial artist had to complete this nearly impossible superimposition of attacks.

    Just this point was enough to stun Lin Ming.

    If one’s bodily strength could be superimposed, then when he used the Concepts of Thunder and Fire, could fire true essence or thunder true essence also be superimposed?

    Lin Ming suddenly felt as if the Celestial Tyrant Manual had opened up a completely new mentality for himself.

    It had to be known that this wasn’t the true Celestial Tyrant Manual, but a portion reproduced from what Mo Eversnow had learnt herself. The true Celestial Tyrant Manual was naturally far more mysterious.

    That’s right, the Celestial Tyrant Manual was a body transformation law formula that was discovered together with the Magic Cube!

    As Lin Ming thought of this, something popped into his mind. He turned and asked Mo Eversnow, "Miss Mo, what rank cultivation method is the Celestial Tyrant Manual?"

    "I do not know." Mo Eversnow shook her head, "Besides the normal classifications for martial arts inheritances, the known transcendent divine mights are only focused on the essence gathering system; I do not know of a body transformation-based transcendent divine might. Thus, I cannot confirm what rank the Celestial Tyrant Manual is at. However, this body transformation law formula is truly incomparably mysterious. A great part of the reason that I decided to step onto the path of dual body and energy cultivation was that I was captivated by the Celestial Tyrant Manual. Unfortunately, the Celestial Tyrant Manual is also incomplete. It focuses mainly on the Eight Inner Hidden Gates without going too in-depth about the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace."

    "So that’s what it is!" Lin Ming sucked in a light breath. When Mo Eversnow had taught him the Celestial Tyrant Manual, she had done so in a very casual manner, so he hadn’t realized just how precious the Celestial Tyrant Manual was at the start. But as he thought about it some more, this manual was found together with the Magic Cube, so how could it be ordinary?

    During the following days, Lin Ming paid more and more attention to this cultivation method. Finally, the day to enter the Red Desolate Mystic Realm had arrived!

    Carefree Island had prepared 20 billion violet sun stones for this reason!

    To the geniuses of Carefree Island, entering the Red Desolate Mystic Realm was not about finding lucky chances, nor was it to hunt treasures. Rather, it was to engage in a life or death war that would be thick with the smell of blood.

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