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Chapter 1096:Cut Them Down

    Chapter 1096:Cut Them Down




    With a twist of the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s ribs were completely broken apart. Fresh heart blood sprayed out over a dozen meters!

    The Splintersoul Mountain captain was cut down together with his top grade saint artifact ghost banner. And, the sounds of his screaming spread out far and wide, causing all of the disciples to glance in his direction.

    Everyone turned their heads to see the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s blood pouring onto the ground. But this wasn’t the end. With an explosive crackling sound, the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s protective true essence shattered. With his body covered by the grandmist space and all of his protective true essence gone, he now directly faced the annihilating Laws of the grandmist space. His flesh and blood began to break down!

    Haunting and painful groans issued from his tattered throat. An essence gathering system martial artist had a comparatively frail physical body to begin with, so without their protective true essence, how could they possibly resist the grandmist space and the invasion of that incomparably heavy elementary grandmist energy? With a popping sound, the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s entire body exploded into a burst of blood rain. As this blood rain splattered into the air, it was directly swallowed up by the grandmist space. Then, it immediately turned into tiny red particles, and after a few more breaths of time it was completely annihilated!

    Such a thorough method of dying caused a creepy feeling to crawl up the scalps of all the disciples from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan. This force field that annihilated all was simply too terrifying!

    The disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan looked at each other, fear and retreat in their eyes. And at this moment, the Occult Bone Clan captain felt a cold air shoot straight up his back and into the heavens, as if his spirit had fled him. He already wasn’t able to deal with a single Ye Rosewater, but the Splintersoul Mountain captain was even more incapable of dealing with Lin Ming. In just a dozen some breaths of time, he had been killed by Lin Ming!

    That meant there was only about five breaths of time until Lin Ming joined the battle again!

    "Run! Scatter and run!"

    The Occult Bone Clan captain slashed a sword at Ye Rosewater and then drew backwards. The other disciples hesitated for a slight moment before also retreating. In the past excursions into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, when the disciples of Carefree Island found they couldn’t continue, they also used such a method to escape. Those that were lucky enough to escape would survive.

    "You want to run? Dream on!" Ye Rosewater said, truly angered. This Occult Bone Clan captain had wanted to capture her and use her as a living furnace. If it weren’t for Lin Ming then their sneak attack would have succeeded, and she really would have ended up suffering a fate worse than death. How could she not avenge such hatred?

    Now they had gained the advantage in the battle. Even if she had to sacrifice her cultivation, Ye Rosewater wouldn’t allow him to escape!

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, you go and chase down the other disciples! I will slow down the Occult Bone Clan captain!"

    Ye Rosewater’s response was extremely fast. Her body turned into an afterimage as she moved over a dozen miles in a single step. Then, she lifted her sword and used a martial skill known for its speed, the Thousand Mile Thread. Highly compressed green wood-attribute sword energy shot out, just like a curving jade belt. Although it didn’t seem like sword energy, because it was such a highly compressed energy, it could still pierce through a hundred mile mountain top!


    The Occult Bone Clan captain was both surprised and angry as he saw that Ye Rosewater’s sword light was several times faster than his own escape speed. If he didn’t turn around right now then he would be cut in half from the waist. He could only bitterly turn around and cut down with his sword at Ye Rosewater’s approaching sword light!

    "Don’t force me!" The Occult Bone Clan captain savagely bit out.

    "Force you? Didn’t you plan on capturing me alive and using me as a furnace? I will kill you today and use your bones to make myself a set of bone armor!"

    Although Ye Rosewater usually had a gentle personality, the truth was that she was a decisive and ruthless person. Especially towards those that intended to harm her and those underneath her:she would show those people no quarter or mercy.

    The Occult Bone Clan captain’s defensive ability and physical strength were just a tad greater than Ye Rosewater’s. But in terms of his true essence intensity and true essence tenacity, he was far inferior to her. There was no way he could get rid of her!


    The Occult Bone Clan captain loudly shouted and spat a mouthful of blood essence onto his bone armor. In this life or death moment, he had chosen to burn his own blood essence!

    "Burning your blood essence is useless!"

    A thick killing intent burst out from Ye Rosewater’s eyes and her moves became increasingly dazzling. She had no intention of directly confronting the Occult Bone Clan captain. Instead, as her enemy was trying to escape, she would attack him from all angles, her sword striking towards his every vital spot like a viper attacking from the grass, sharp and threatening. Her true essence had a special characteristic of being especially tough; once it entered the body, it was extremely difficult to eliminate. Thus, even though the Occult Bone Clan captain burnt his blood essence, he was still unable to rid himself of Ye Rosewater. This left him feeling powerless.

    Lin Ming hadn’t even glanced in Ye Rosewater’s direction, but his senses had already caught onto the entire process of her battle with the Occult Bone Clan captain. He couldn’t help but admire her fighting method. After all, she was one of the strongest direct disciples in Carefree Island, so she naturally had to have her own methods and there was simply no need for him to worry about her.

    At this time, Lin Ming had already begun to hunt down the other disciples from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan!

    These people were all at the early and middle Divine Sea realm. With the level of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, if their early Divine Sea direct disciples gathered together to form a battle array formation then they might be able to pose a little threat to Lin Ming. But if they were facing Lin Ming one on one, then there was no choice but to be cut down in a second. Moreover, they were also injured!

    "All of you, hold down an enemy with a similar strength and leave the rest to me!"

    Lin Ming quickly said with a true essence sound transmission. His voice contained an irresistible momentum. At this time, Lin Ming’s orders were much more useful than Ye Rosewater’s.


    "Let’s attack together! One for each of us! Don’t let any of these sons of bitches get away!"

    The disciples of Carefree Island shouted with gusto, their attacks becoming increasingly zealous as they fought. Although it wasn’t possible for them to quickly slay their opponent, it wasn’t difficult to drag down someone with a strength similar to their own. After all, they too trained in the Wood Laws, and their tenacity in battle was far greater than normal, especially when combined with their enemies’ wounds.

    There were a dozen plus disciples of Carefree Island, and they held down an equal number of disciples from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan. That left seven or eight disciples to run away.

    In front of Lin Ming, these seven or eight early and middle Divine Sea disciples were nothing more than sheep to a tiger!

    Gold battle spirit, will projection!

    Lin Ming gave a fierce shout and the gold battle spirit radiated outwards with the world of will projection. A battle spirit tracing mark attached itself to each of the seven or eight martial artists.

    Then, Lin Ming rushed forwards, passing several miles in a single step. He instantly appeared behind an early Divine Sea Splintersoul Mountain disciple.

    That disciple had already fallen into despair. He cried out hysterically and cut with a saber towards Lin Ming’s waist.

    However, in the moment when the saber slashed out, Lin Ming had already retreated backwards, but his spear light was still shooting towards the Splintersoul Mountain martial artist’s chest.


    The keen spear light passed through the disciple’s protective true essence, directly penetrating past his heart. The force ripped through his organs and flesh, and a massive hole appeared on the disciple’s back with flesh and blood spewing outwards.

    And in that instant, Lin Ming had already appeared several miles away, behind an Occult Bone Clan disciple. As the Splintersoul Mountain disciple’s vision dimmed, the last thing he saw was Lin Ming’s spear falling down and the Occult Bone Clan disciple’s body trembling. Then, a bright red splash of blood bloomed in the air like a flower, beautiful and glorious…

    What a demon…

    This was the Splintersoul Mountain disciple’s last thought before he died.

    With the deep true essence brought from the dragon marrow blood, and the extreme speed coming from the Gate of Wonder, Mystic Lightning Shade, and Golden Roc Shattering the Void, Lin Ming was no different from a god of death, killing his way through the battlefield. No one was able to maintain their life underneath the shadow of his spear!


    A fourth enemy disciple had his head pierced through by Lin Ming’s spear. At the same time, he launched the grandmist space and wrapped it around a fifth disciple.

    "Ahhh!" That disciple miserably screamed out, only feeling his strength rapidly leaving his body. And with a single step, Lin Ming arrived behind that person; the god of death had come for him!

    "I’ll die with you!"

    In his panic, the Occult Bone Clan disciple began to speak in his unique language. However, these were his last words. When he thrust his bone lance at Lin Ming, he could feel a strange and invisible power wrap around his wrist, causing his strike trajectory to veer off course and pass by Lin Ming’s neck. However, Lin Ming’s spear actually continued straight on, piercing through the disciple’s throat. This was the will projection formed by the gold battle spirit. It could be directly poured into the enemy’s body to impact their movements. It was nearly impossible for someone to guard against, and the greater the difference in battle spirits, the more influential it would be.

    Before long, the seven or eight disciples were completely cut down by Lin Ming. And after that, he turned towards the martial artists who were being held down by the disciples of Carefree Island. He was like the god of death, flitting through the night, mercilessly harvesting lives wherever he went, causing rivers of blood to follow his path.

    The disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan were on the brink of despair. They couldn’t continue fighting and yet they couldn’t run away either.

    Every four or five breaths of time, another disciple would die under Lin Ming’s hand. With the grandmist space combined with a gold battle spirit’s world of will projection, these early and middle Divine Sea martial artists had no ability to resist. Underneath the cover of Lin Ming’s grandmist space, the combat strength of these enemy martial artists was reduced to 30% of their original strength. And this 30% strength was then bound down by the will tentacles of the gold battle spirit, causing all of their attacks to miss. The result of this battle could be imagined!

    In just half an incense stick of time, the remaining 20 some martial artists of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain had all died. Four or five of them had died under the hands of the Carefree Island disciples, and the rest had been cut down by Lin Ming!

    From the start, the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain were destined to fail once Lin Ming had accurately determined the sneak attack. And in this fight, from beginning to end, their loss had been because of Lin Ming. Whether it was a tactical defeat or a combat defeat, both were so!

    On the side of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain, whether it was numbers or intelligence, they had occupied the advantage. Originally they had thought they would be able to ambush and then completely roll over the disciples of Carefree Island, but that scenario had been completely reversed. Instead, Carefree Island had been the one to roll over the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain. This unbelievable result was all because of Lin Ming!

    Lin Ming stood on the battlefield with bits and pieces of meat scattered all throughout the area. The red sand was bright and shiny with fresh blood, and as he looked towards the captain of the Occult Bone Clan, his spearpoint slowly dripped with blood, the sound echoing through the air. And yet, Lin Ming’s entire body was spotless, unstained by the tiniest bit of blood. His eyes were sharp like a bolt of purple lightning in the night, and his stare was enough to send cold chills down one’s back, making one lose all courage to resist.

    Facing Lin Ming, and in addition to being entangled by Ye Rosewater, the Occult Bone Clan captain’s mind completely collapsed!

    "I… I give up… don‘t kill me…"

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