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Chapter 1098:Reap the Spoils From The Wearied

    Chapter 1098:Reap the Spoils From The Wearied




    In that battle just now, only a small number of Carefree Island’s disciples had received minor wounds. No one had died and none of them had been severely wounded. With a martial artist’s ability to meditate and recover, they could restore themselves to full strength in just two to four hours.

    And Lin Ming was even faster. With the dragon marrow blood supporting him, he simply hadn’t even used up any energy or strength just now; he was near his peak condition from the get go.

    "Let’s move somewhere else." Lin Ming said after he saw the Carefree Island disciples healed up.

    "Move somewhere else?" Ye Rosewater asked, a bit surprised. However, Lin Ming didn’t offer an explanation and simply led everyone in another direction.

    Imperceptibly, Lin Ming had already established himself in a position of absolute power in the team. Even if he issued an order without any reasoning given, no one would question him.

    Lin Ming took up all the spatial rings and identification tokens of the Splintersoul Mountain and Occult Bone Clan disciples. Then, he led the Carefree Island disciples to an area several hundred feet away.

    After a bit, Lin Ming stopped in an area thick with stone outcroppings and said, "We’ll stop here."

    "Why here?" Ye Rosewater looked around and found that besides the cover provided by the giant stone crags everywhere, there wasn’t anything too special about this place. And as for having cover, the mining pit from before was clearly better.

    "No special reason. If I’m closer to the battlefield it’s easier to keep track of what’s happening."

    Lin Ming casually shrugged. The only reason he came here was to find a place that was closer and more comfortable, so he could observe the battle.

    With Mo Eversnow’s soul force, she could easily probe out in a distance of a few hundred miles in the sandstorm. And in normal times, she was able to clearly see all things happening tens of thousands of miles away. To these direct disciples, this sort of observational distance was nothing but a myth.

    "This…" Ye Rosewater gulped, speechless. The other disciples were also left dumbfounded. Even if Lin Ming had some sort of hidden detection method, this was just far too absurd. They were so far from the main battlefield that there weren’t even any fluctuations of energy that could be felt, and yet Lin Ming could sense the situation occurring there.

    "Miss Mo, I’ll have to count on you."

    In the Magic Cube, Mo Eversnow was nothing more than a soul form. It was extremely difficult and troublesome for her to fight an enemy in this state. In order to truly display some level of combat strength, she would have to possess someone’s body. However, possessing someone’s body, even if it were for a temporary and short time, was a considerable burden on her soul. That sort of action would consume a great deal of her soul force. If she wanted to restore herself, she would need extremely precious blood essence.

    Thus, it was best for Mo Eversnow to avoid any situations in which she had to directly help.

    But, if it was merely investigating with her divine sense then there wasn’t any problem at all; she could do so however much she wished. The tiny amount of soul force she consumed from doing so could definitely be easily restored.

    Mo Eversnow’s sense formed a straight line that radiated outwards. Soon, everything that happened within a radius of 5000-6000 miles began to reflect in Lin Ming’s spiritual sea like dancing phantoms. Mo Eversnow was able to directly project these images into Lin Ming’s mind because their spirits were connected. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to do this.

    At this time, the disciples of Carefree Island had already begun fighting with Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan. As Lin Ming saw this scene, he was slightly startled. White Mirrorjade was depending on just himself to suppress the two top late Divine Sea masters from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan!

    Transmitting a late Divine Sea martial artist into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm consumed 10 times the resources of a middle Divine Sea martial artist! Thus, every sect tried to limit the number of late Divine Sea martial artists they sent to the lowest number possible. As for these two people, they must be peak talents, otherwise, the cost effectiveness would be too low!

    White Mirrorjade and Ye Rosewater were the same.

    Similarly, the late Divine Sea masters of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan were inevitably extraordinary.

    And now, White Mirrorjade was fighting against both of them. From this point alone, one could see that his strength surpassed even Ye Rosewater!

    "Mm? His strongest attack skills shouldn’t come from Carefree Island’s cultivation methods. This White Mirrorjade has quite a few secrets."

    Mo Eversnow’s voice sounded out in Lin Ming’s ear. She had a good understanding into the cultivation methods of Carefree Island, and what White Mirrorjade was using now was clearly not from Carefree Island.

    "Mm? It isn’t Carefree Island’s cultivation methods?"

    "It’s not too strange." Mo Eversnow lackadaisically said. "Many geniuses have their own destiny. It’s possible that they found the relics and treasures of Divine Realm powerhouses in some mystic realm. There are far too many hidden powerhouses secluded all over the Divine Realm. After they die, they often won’t destroy their own inheritance but instead leave it behind for those fated successors to appear in the future. It seems that this White Mirrorjade had his own number of lucky chances. I think that the inheritance he found was left behind by some Holy Lord level powerhouse, and not an ordinary Holy Lord level powerhouse at that."

    Just as Mo Eversnow finished speaking, Lin Ming saw a brilliant flash of light. In that moment, right after White Mirrorjade collided with the two late Divine Sea masters from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, he took advantage of the moment to toss out seven shining crystal beads. These seven beads formed a seven-star pattern in the sky before exploding!

    The power of these thunder pearls was terrifying. They were far stronger than the god slaying beads that Huo Violentstone had given Lin Ming in the God Beast Mystic Realm!

    These sorts of treasure beads didn’t need any true essence to activate them. A mortal could use these beads to commit suicide together with a Divine Sea master. Of course, that was on the premise that they could strike. These beads were extremely difficult to create, and for White Mirrorjade to throw out so many of them in a single go, he undoubtedly must have inherited the legacy of some mysterious powerhouse.

    When a master had briefly exhausted their strength and wasn’t yet able to summon new strength, that was when they were at their weakest. White Mirrorjade used this time and exploded the thunder pearls. They immediately created a great deal of trouble for the two late Divine Sea powerhouses. And around them, three middle Divine Sea martial artists were caught up in the explosive shock waves and were blown into pieces!

    Three middle Divine Sea powerhouses had been instantly slain!

    As this all happened, all the martial artists were shocked. The morale of the Carefree Island disciples rapidly rose. Originally, when they faced the forces of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, they had lacked the courage to do so. After all, the enemy was twice their size!

    But none of them imagined that the Elder Senior-apprentice Brother they so respected would actually turn out to be formidable beyond their imaginations. By himself, he had held off two late Divine Sea powerhouses and had even used his thunder pearls to wound them.

    "Brothers, we can do it! Don’t stop here! Dammit, where is Senior-apprentice Sister Ye and how come she hasn’t caught up to us yet!?"

    "Senior-apprentice Sister Ye? Humph! They probably fled already. They should have met with us over four hours ago and yet they haven’t come!" Some people that had always been doubtful of Ye Rosewater said.

    "Maybe there was an accident…"

    "What kind of problem could there be? We’re holding off the enemy’s main force right now and their position is also so safe! Fuck! The more I think about it the sicker I feel!"

    These disciples were mostly White Mirrorjade’s subordinates. They had exhausted themselves and suffered searching the wild red desert, but Ye Rosewater and the others had actually taken shelter in the mining pit.

    "Focus on the battle, do not split your attention or speculate on what others are doing. If Junior-apprentice Sister Ye can come, she will naturally arrive sooner or later." White Mirrorjade said with a true essence sound transmission as his sword repelled the captain of the Occult Bone Clan, Gongyang Bonesmash.

    The disciples quickly concentrated; they had already suffered too many casualties. "Senior-apprentice Brother White cares about others too much. Not only did us brothers suffer in the sandstorm, but we even have to bear the brunt of the enemy’s forces. As for them, they hide in the safest place possible and Senior-apprentice Brother White still speaks up for them."

    White Mirrorjade’s prestige was high to begin with, and now that he displayed absolute strength and also the moral character to not slander others behind their backs, his image became extremely tall in the eyes of others. Even if some of them were critical of him, they would still suppress this doubt and be willing to fight next to White Mirrorjade with all their heart.

    Carefree Island battled with Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, each one using every possible tactic at their disposal, clashing again and again. The fight became increasingly intense. However, because of the defensive ability of their combined array formations, less than a fifth of the disciples had died. In terms of overall battle strength, Carefree Island was a bit inferior. But, with White Mirrorjade’s thunder pearls supporting them, they were actually able to persist.

    "This White Mirrorjade, it seems he’s quite hard to kill."

    Lin Ming could clearly see that in this sort of situation, White Mirrorjade had the strength to save the lives of the Carefree Island disciples. And, if he tried to escape, no one would be able to stop him either. Even if those two squads that had tried to sneak attack Lin Ming returned on time to join the battle, they still wouldn’t have been able to stop White Mirrorjade. It was exactly because of White Mirrorjade’s absolute confidence in his abilities that he was willing to betray Ye Rosewater.

    As for those thunder pearls, although they were precious, White Mirrorjade would soon break into the Divine Transformation realm. At that time, these thunder pearls that could slaughter a late Divine Sea martial artist at best would be much less useful to him. Thus, it wasn’t too great a loss for him to use up the thunder pearls he had with him.

    It could be said that White Mirrorjade would suffer no losses in this battle. And if he was able to win, his fame would soar and he would be able to set himself up as an undeniably valorous hero in the eyes of all the direct disciples, someone capable of turning the tide at even the darkest of moments. At that time, inheriting the future position of Island Master would be nearly guaranteed.

    Stepping back 10,000 steps, even if White Mirrorjade was the only one to survive, it would be fine. It didn’t take a genius to guess that all the resources that the Revolving Core disciples gathered had been left with White Mirrorjade. If he brought back this massive amount of resources to the sect, then he would still be considered a hero who performed a great merit!

    "Junior-apprentice Lin, what’s the battle like?" Ye Rosewater nervously asked. Although she said that she wouldn’t go to help them, she was still anxious for the disciples of Carefree Island. She was afraid that they would suffer too grievous a loss and it would harm Carefree Island’s foundation.

    Lin Ming said, "I only have a general idea of what’s happening. White Mirrorjade’s hidden strength far surpasses what you’ve imagined!"

    In truth, with Mo Eversnow’s vision and clarity, Lin Ming was actually able to identify the exact number of people that died and the exact number of people that were injured. He estimated that if this battle continued on, in around half an hour the disciples of the three sects would soon exhaust their true essence reserves and no longer be able to maintain the array formation combat techniques they were using. At that time, the array formations would shatter and deaths would come even faster!

    Even though only a fifth of the disciples had died so far, in an hour, at least half would perish. And in two hours, maybe not even a third of the disciples would be left alive, and those surviving would also be in a miserable condition!

    "I’ve guessed about as much." Ye Rosewater wasn’t surprised. If it weren’t for today’s battle, she simply wouldn’t have understood White Mirrorjade, and she would have inevitably lost the struggle for the Island Master position in the future.

    "Then when should we go and support them?" Xiao Raingem asked, approaching Lin Ming. The fragrant scent of a woman drifted over.

    Lin Ming smiled. "There’s no need to worry. Their battle is still in full swing, and the disciples of Carefree Island aren’t in too great a danger right now. If we wait for another four hours or so then we should be good."

    "Ah? Another four hours? Well… okay." Xiao Raingem nodded. At this time, she could only listen to Lin Ming.

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