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Chapter 1099:Sitting Back and Waiting

    Chapter 1099:Sitting Back and Waiting




    Waiting four hours was quite comfortable for Lin Ming and the others. They all rested in meditation, restoring their strength to their peak condition.

    As for Lin Ming, he also sifted through the spatial rings left behind by the Splintersoul Mountain and Occult Bone Clan disciples. Unfortunately, their spatial rings didn’t have many resources. This group had only been a small one sent mainly to eliminate Lin Ming, and the majority of the gathered resources should be with the main team.

    "Really too poor."

    Lin Ming shook his head. For someone like him, who had seen so many rare heavenly materials, the wealth of these disciples couldn’t be considered much. As for their cultivation method jade slips, they were also useless. Splintersoul Mountain practiced soul attack type cultivation methods and the Occult Bone Clan practiced sexual cultivation methods, where they meditated on the Laws of Life through sex.

    As for cultivation methods, Lin Ming had no lack of them now. The Magic Cube had an immense number of soul fragments within it, containing a trove of memories. It was just that these people couldn’t be considered as being at the peak for the current Lin Ming.

    And, Lin Ming’s spiritual sea had a limited holding capacity. If he had to absorb the memories of a top powerhouse, they would have to have a transcendent divine might, or at least a peak heaven-step cultivation method. As for those martial artists that couldn’t even become Holy Lords, Lin Ming had no interest in their cultivation methods.

    As Lin Ming and the others were resting, far away, the disciples of Carefree Island and White Mirrorjade had fallen into a bitter struggle!

    Although battle arrays were able to provide protection for the weaker disciples, it was impossible to maintain them forever. After another half hour, the battle arrays began to break down.

    Three quarters of an hour later, half of the disciples had died.

    Two hours later, most of the disciples had died. Although White Mirrorjade had the thunder pearls, he didn’t have an infinite supply of them. At this time, he had already used them all up.

    However, White Mirrorjade was extremely strong to begin with, and the more he fought, the fiercer he became. After two hours of continuous combat, he still managed to maintain most of his strength. As for the Occult Bone Clan’s Gongyang Bonesmash and Splintersoul Mountain’s Soul Thousandmile, both of them were finding it difficult to continue!

    "This brat, how can he be so strong!" Soul Thousandmile breathlessly said.

    "Dammit! Where is the unit that was sent to the mountain and how come they haven’t returned yet? Could there have been some accident?"

    "Impossible. The sub team of Carefree Island disciples shouldn’t be their match, and we also verified the information beforehand, so it shouldn’t be wrong."

    According to the plan, the other teams of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan should have completed their mission and rushed over here as soon as possible. But, the battle had continued to such a miserable degree and yet not even their shadows had appeared; there hadn’t even been a single sound transmitting talisman sent their way.

    "At this point in the battle we’ve already lost over half of our disciples. If we can’t obtain victory in the end then there won’t be any way we can make up for our losses. The sect will definitely punish us once we return! We have so many more people than Carefree Island and yet we still can’t win!"

    Now, Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash had already gone past the point of no return. They didn’t think that White Mirrorjade would be so ruthless.

    "Concentrate all of your strength! Kill White Mirrorjade first! Once we kill White Mirrorjade, the rest will fall!"

    Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash both had such thoughts. But, White Mirrorjade was also thinking in a similar fashion. Every move he used placed Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash in a deathtrap.

    Another quarter hour passed. Over 75% of the disciples had died!

    Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash both had less than 20% of their true essence remaining; they weren’t able to continue for much longer.


    With a loud ringing sound, Soul Thousandmile trembled and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    A cold light flashed in White Mirrorjade’s eyes, "Die!"

    White Mirrorjade had also consumed a great deal of his energy. But compared to Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash, he was much better off. He had been biding his time and waiting for this chance. At this moment, he was finally ready to reveal his last trump card. Sealed within his sword blade was the source strength of an ancient supreme elder. This source blood essence was the same as the source blood essence of the old Palace Master sealed within Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear.

    This source blood essence could be burned. However, because far too long of a time had passed and it wasn’t White Mirrorjade’s own strength to begin with, the power of it wouldn’t be too great. But at a time when both sides were nearing exhaustion, this was enough to serve as the final strike to tip the balance.

    In that moment, White Mirrorjade’s sword light instantly doubled in intensity!


    "This is bad!"

    Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash were alarmed. At this time, they both chose to decisively burn their own blood essence. From the start, even though they were in a critical life or death battle, they didn’t want to burn their own blood essence. However, they no longer had a choice.

    The two masters burnt their blood essence. Their strength also immediately rose.


    A fierce explosion rocked the world. Soul Thousandmile’s body was sent flying backwards and Gongyang Bonesmash was in an even more miserable condition; one of his arms had been sheared off.

    However, White Mirrorjade wasn’t much better. Facing two enemies who burnt their blood essence, he had been heavily wounded in return.

    "We’re retreating!"

    Soul Thousandmile grit his teeth and decided as he saw Gongyang Bonesmash’s ruined appearance. If they continued to fight then there really would be a chance of them dying here. He never imagined that this White Mirrorjade would be such a hard bone to chew.


    Although the disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan couldn’t finish off Carefree Island, they still occupied the advantage, so retreating wasn’t a problem at all for them.

    At this time, Carefree Island only had around 20 people left over. Originally, they had more than 100, and now four fifths of them had died and the rest were wounded.

    Three quarters of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan’s disciples had decided; now they had less than 40 people remaining.

    As those from Carefree Island saw the disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan retreating, they had no way to stop them or chase them down, especially since their enemy’s strength was greater.

    White Mirrorjade let out a long breath and then took out a healing pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it. The thick killing intent in his eyes began to slowly dim down. "What a pity!"

    He felt a bit regretful that he wasn’t able to kill Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash. But, the truth was that this situation was already much better than what he expected it would be like. He originally thought that all of the direct disciples would die and he would have to flee by himself, but more than 20 of them had survived and there was also a great deal of resources that had been gathered. This was truly a great accomplishment!

    "That’s strange, Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan should have more than two peak late Divine Sea masters in Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash. They should still have one or two more, but how come they haven’t shown up? Could it be that Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan don’t have enough violet sun stones to support transmitting so many people?"

    White Mirrorjade thought. He didn’t know that Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan had split up their forces for a future pincer attack, and thus he also naturally wouldn’t think that the troops that had been sent to kill Lin Ming and the others had been annihilated instead. There hadn’t even been any news relayed back. This result was just too ridiculous.

    At this time, a thousand miles away in an outcropping of rocks, Lin Ming suddenly stood up. He said to everyone around him, "Let’s go!"

    "Mm? Weren’t we waiting for four hours? Well, this is fine too, I’m getting a bit restless here." Ye Rosewater looked at the time and discovered that just over two hours had passed. But, she was also feeling a bit uneasy sitting here. She was afraid that the disciples of Carefree Island would be completely wiped out.

    Lin Ming smiled, "There’s no need to wait any longer. Come with me, we’re following the usual rules. Everyone restrain your senses so that you aren’t discovered!"

    Since the battle had ended earlier than he anticipated, he naturally wouldn’t wait much longer.

    Lin Ming brought the group quickly flying away. In the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, the sandstorms came in ordered intervals. After one ended, another wouldn’t appear immediately afterwards. Thus, Mo Eversnow was able to completely see the situation happening a thousand miles away with complete clarity.

    "Mm? Didn’t Junior-apprentice Brother Lin say the battlefield was in that direction? How come we’re headed somewhere else?"

    Xiao Raingem couldn’t help but ask Ye Rosewater when she noticed the direction Lin Ming was going in was a bit off. Ye Rosewater shook her head, not asking Lin Ming. She had already accepted Lin Ming as the de-facto captain of their group and she also had complete faith in him, thus there wasn’t any need to question him.

    After flying several hundred miles, the group arrived at another outcropping of rocks.

    "Everyone restrain your aura. We’re going to wait in ambush in these rocks. On my order, attack together!"

    The rock outcropping that Lin Ming chose this time was much more hidden and crowded than the last one. With the divine sense isolating effects of the red sand and stone, if they were hiding here it would be extremely difficult for anyone to discover them.


    To Lin Ming’s order, although the disciples of Carefree Island were confused, they didn’t hesitate at all. Each one of them quickly followed his commands. They had spent some time restoring their strength and they were at their peak state. Not only did they not fear the forces of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain, but they were also itching to fight.

    After a quarter hour passed, an extremely haggard and injured group of disciples flew towards this outcropping of rocks.

    These people were the remnant forces of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan.

    There were only 36-37 of them left and they were all in a terrible state.

    Their path of retreat had been completely seen through by Lin Ming. Along their way they would definitely pass by this outcropping of rocks, thus he had chosen to lay in ambush here.

    "Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, there are some rocks up front. Let’s go there and recover for a bit."

    Some people from the Occult Bone Clan group asked Gongyang Bonesmash.

    At this time, Gongyang Bonesmash was carrying his severed arm and his face was incomparably pale. He truly needed to stop by somewhere and meditate to restore his wounds. But, as he looked at that outcropping of rocks, he shook his head.

    "No! It’s too near the battlefield. White Mirrorjade might catch up to us. That boy has too many hidden secrets, we cannot be too careless against him. Let’s hurry up and continue onwards!"

    "Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is being a bit too careful. Carefree Island is far inferior to us. They are already lucky enough that we retreated, so how could they even dare to chase after us?" Some disciples whispered. But honestly speaking, they really did think it was best if Gongyang Bonesmash went to that rock outcropping. His wounds were too horrible and he desperately needed to rest.

    "Mm? They aren’t stopping?" Lin Ming was a bit surprised as he hid in the rocks. But none of this mattered; a sneak attack in the air was also the same.

    When Lin Ming had killed the previous group, they hadn’t had many resources at all. It was clear that the majority of the resources had been left with the main force.

    Lin Ming naturally couldn’t miss out on such wealth.

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