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Chapter 1100:Sweep Away the Fallen leaves

    Chapter 1100:Sweep Away the Fallen leaves




    The resources excavated from the Red Desolate Mystic Realm were truly wealth that could be spent. Although violet sun stones weren’t comparable to top heavenly treasures like a supreme dragon bone, they were still indispensable items for all martial artists. And, it was also impossible for Lin Ming to exchange the supreme dragon bone for money.

    Before, Mo Eversnow had said that recorded within the Celestial Tyrant Manual, there were two pills that needed to be used in order to break through the last two gates of Life and Death of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. They were the Gate of Life’s Esoteric Immortality Pill and the Gate of Death’s Esoteric Mortality Pill. It would be impossible for Lin Ming to search for the ingredients to these pills himself. He would have to purchase them from a trading company or win them through an auction house. And to do all of this, he needed money.

    As the many Carefree Island disciples hid among the rocks, they followed orders and restrained their divine sense and aura. At the same time, they were also gathering strength in their bodies, waiting to make a sudden strike like a bolt of thunder.

    Hu:Hu –

    The movement of Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile and their squads caused a sharp whistling sound as they passed through the air. They recklessly radiated energy from all over their bodies; the Carefree Island disciples that were hiding in the rocks were certainly able to feel this.

    "People have come!"

    "It’s… it’s the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain! Why would they appear here? Moreover… they’re injured!"

    The Carefree Island disciples saw with their own eyes, just seven or eight miles away, there were nearly 40 Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain disciples headed their way. All of them were wounded, exhausted, and on the verge of collapse. It was clear that they had suffered a tragic battle just now!

    This was the best chance to ambush them!

    "Lin Ming, he…"

    Ye Rosewater, Xiao Raingem, and the others all glanced over at Lin Ming, not sure what sort of expression to use. It was clear that Lin Ming had accurately grasped their enemy’s every move, and thus he was able to arrive here ahead of time to ambush them.

    To have someone like Lin Ming as an enemy was too terrifying!


    Lin Ming indifferently spat out this word, suddenly rousing the Carefree Island disciples from their daze.


    Over a dozen Carefree Island disciples formed a battle array formation, erupting with the entirety of their strength. Sword light howled through the skies as beams of blue light pierced through the heavens!

    Lin Ming burnt all of the Ancient Phoenix blood in his body as he simultaneously opened the Heretical God Force.

    Blue Lotus Flame Dance!

    Seven or eight miles was far too short a distance. Gongyang Bonesmash and the others would never imagine that they would be ambushed right here. After all, their previous battle had been far too harsh. White Mirrorjade wouldn’t divide a part of his forces to lie in ambush for them, and it was also impossible for him to know just what direction they would escape in.

    "Be careful!"


    Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile both cried out at the same time. However, it was too late. Their disciples had exhausted far too much of their energy, so it was impossible for them to compare with Lin Ming and his group, who had gathered their complete strength. This strike was like a sudden bolt of lightning out of the blue!

    Moreover, this strike contained the attacks of Lin Ming and Ye Rosewater, two great masters. In particular Lin Ming:his striking power was able to cut down a late Divine Sea master.

    Bang bang bang!

    A terrifying explosion lit up the sky. In an instant, around 10 disciples that were originally severely wounded were suddenly blown to pieces by the barrage!


    Lin Ming took the lead and rushed to the front! At this time, the opponents he faced were even weaker than the last bunch. He was like a ferocious tiger running into a pack of debilitated wolves; the result of this battle could be imagined.

    With a sweep of the Phoenix Blood Spear, two martial artists were beheaded.


    Gongyang Bonesmash decisively ordered. Right now his combat strength was less than 20% of his peak state and he had also lost an arm. Now, he had even fallen for the enemy’s ambush. His opponents were clearly prepared for him. Trying to struggle with them would only result in death. This meant that the only slim chance of survival he had was to escape as quickly as possible.

    "Dream on!"

    Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a brutal light. The first six of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates opened together and the power of blood within his body flooded forth as if a dam had been released, waves upon waves of surging energy gushing outwards.

    Ka ka ka!

    Lin Ming’s entire body emitted explosive crackling sounds as his aura began to rapidly climb and his strength continuously increased. After his momentum reached the peak, Lin Ming stepped several miles forward in a single step, his Phoenix Blood Spear causing the space around it to tremble.

    Celestial Tyrant Manual’s Hundred Layered Waves!


    With the sound of the world collapsing, Lin Ming used the Hundred Layered Waves technique to strike out with surging true essence in his body, pounding towards Gongyang Bonesmash like an unstoppable tsunami!


    In this life or death moment, Gongyang Bonesmash roared and thrust out his lance. However, his efforts were useless. He was directly struck by the violent Hundred Layered Waves in his right chest. The horrifying impact force completely crushed the right half of his body into nothing!

    Gongyang Bonesmash had died in a single attack!

    Although he had been injured, he had still been a late Divine Sea master. Even so, Lin Ming had slain him in the blink of an eye.

    Then, Ye Rosewater and the others finally caught up to Lin Ming.

    What a frightening attack!

    If even the disciples of Carefree Island thought Lin Ming’s attack was frightening, there was no need to mention what the disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan were thinking. Without the least bit of hesitation, all of them began escaping!

    "Kill them all! Leave no one alive!"

    Ye Rosewater didn’t go to finish off the last late Divine Sea master. Instead, she began to cut down the next strongest powerhouses. Her moves were fast and she was also strong, and most importantly, she was in her peak state. It was impossible for anyone from Splintersoul Mountain or the Occult Bone Clan to be a threat to her.

    And at this time, Lin Ming approached the second late Divine Sea master:Soul Thousandmile.

    Soul Thousandmile’s wounds were a bit better than Gongyang Bonesmash’s, but the result was the same. In a futile effort he sent out a soul attack towards Lin Ming, hoping to stop him. However, what goes around comes around. Soul Thousandmile was struck by a backlash as his soul attack failed, and as his face was pale and his eyes dazed, Lin Ming’s Phoenix Blood Spear had already pierced through his throat like a viper.

    The second late Divine Sea powerhouse had been smoothly eliminated!

    Lin Ming waved his hand and Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile’s spatial rings both flew into his waiting grasp.

    As he investigated the inside with his divine sense, there was indeed a massive amount of resources. In addition, there were also the Revolving Core disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan.

    Lin Ming planned to hand all of these people over to Carefree Island as prisoners. As for how Carefree Island dealt with them, it didn’t matter to him at all.

    To the side, Ye Rosewater and the others were winning with overwhelming momentum. Ye Rosewater naturally saw Lin Ming take up the spatial rings of Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash. She also guessed that there was a massive amount of wealth hidden within them.

    However, Ye Rosewater was smart enough that she didn’t say anything. She knew that without Lin Ming here, they would have already died without a burial ground, let alone obtaining any treasures.

    The battle proceeded astonishingly smoothly. In less than an incense stick of time, all their enemies had been swept away like old autumn leaves.

    All the disciples that had chased their enemies had already returned. 14-15 of them had died underneath Lin Ming’s hand alone. As for the disciples of Carefree Island, none of them had died and only several of them had been severely wounded due to a desperately suicidal counterattack by their opponents. But, these severely wounded disciples would be fine as long as they ate some pills and rested for some time.

    However, they weren’t able to completely eliminate the wounded disciples of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain. There had been too many of them to begin with and they had all scattered in different directions; it would be too troublesome to chase after all of them.

    In just several hours, they had won victory after victory against opponents who had outnumbered them. This caused their confidence to soar up into the sky.

    "Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, what should we do next?" Ye Rosewater asked Lin Ming. She had already decided to take Lin Ming as their de-facto captain, even if that meant blindly following. She admired him with her entire being.

    "Nothing much. Let’s go and meet back up with the main force." Lin Ming smiled as he spoke. If he delayed too long then White Mirrorjade would be able to recover from his wounds. Lin Ming naturally couldn’t allow that to happen.

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